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One of the twelve sons of Jacob and ancestor of the tribe of the same name
Son of Barachias, son of Addo, a Prophet who arose in Israel in the eighth month of the second year of the reign of King Darius, 520 B.C. (Zach., i, 1), just two months after Aggeus began to prophesy
Zacharias Chrysopolitanus
Famous exegete of the Premonstratensian Order; b. at Chrysopolis (Besancon); d. about 1155
Zahle and Forzol
A Greco-Melchite diocese
A diocese of Chaldea
Titular see of Numidia
A small island off the east coast of Africa
Zapoteca Indians
A powerful and numerous Mexican tribe located chiefly in Oaxaca and Guerrero, forming with the Mixteca and Mazateca the Zapotecan linguistic stock
Titular see of Numidia in Africa
Zbigniew Olesnicki
A Polish cardinal and statesman, b. in Poland, 1389; d. at Sandomir, April 1, 1455
A necessary effect of love, being the vehement movement of one who loves to [secure] the object of his love
Zeferino Gonzalez
Dominican, cardinal, theologian, and philosopher, b. at Villoria in the Province and Diocese of Oviedo, Spain, Jan. 28, 1831; d. at Madrid, in the Dominican Convent of La Pasion, Nov. 29, 1894
Zeger Bernhard Van Espen
Belgian canonist, b. at Louvain, July 9, 1646; d. at Amersfoort, Netherlands, Oct. 2, 1728
Titular see of Asia Minor, suffragan of Amasea in the Helenopontus
Zenaide-Marie-Anne Fleuriot
French novelist, b. at Saint-Brieuc, September 12, 1829; d. at Paris, December 18, 1890
Zeno of Elea
Greek philosopher, b. at Elea, about 490 B.C. At his birthplace Xenophanes and Parmenides had established the metaphysical school of philosophy known as the Eleatic School
Zeno, Saint
Entered in the Roman Martyrology on April 12 as a Bishop of Verona martyred under Gallienus. Probably, however, he was a confessor who governed the Church of Verona from 362-380
Zenobius Membre
Member of the Franciscan province of St. Antony, b. 1645 at Bapaume, Department of Pas-de-Calais, France
Zenobius, Saint
Bishop of Florence and one of the patrons of that city, b. there in the latter part of the reign of Constantine I; d. 337
Titular see of Asia Minor, suffragan of Seleucia Tracima in Isauria
A titular see in Cilicia Prima, of Tarsus
A titular see of Syria, suffragan of Hierapolis, in the Province of the Euphratensis
Followers of the movement to segregate the Jewish people as a nation and to give it a national home either in Palestine or elsewhere
A sect of visionary fanatics which flourished in the eighteenth century at Ronsdorf in the Duchy of Berg, now part of the Prussian province of the Rhine
Cistercian abbey, situated in the Diocese of Veszprem, Hungary
Zita, Saint
Model and heavenly patroness of domestic servants, b. early in the thirteenth century of a poor family at Montsegradi, a little village near Lucca, in Tuscany; d. at Lucca, April 27, 1271
A titular see of Palestina Tertia
Zoque Indians
A Mexican tribe of low culture dwelling in the western part of Chipas, north of the Sierra Madre, and part of Tabasco and Oaxaca
Byzantine historian of the fifth and sixth century; dates of birth and death unknown
The small, round skull-cap of the ecclesiastic
A territory in South Africa
Zuni Indians
A Pueblo tribe residing at Zuni on the bank of the Rio Zuni near the boundary of New Mexico, and in the adjoining villages of Nutria, Ojo Caliente, and Pescado
The capital of the Swiss canton of the same name
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