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Yakima Indians
A Shahaptian tribe formerly dwelling on the banks of the Columbia, the Wenatchee, and northern branches of the Yakima (Ya-ki-ma, runaway) Rivers, in the east of Washington
Yamasee Indians
A tribe of Muskhogean stock, mentioned frequently in the history of South Carolina, residing formerly near the Savannah River and in Florida
Yaqui Indians
A tribe of Cahita stock, formerly dwelling near the Rio Yaqui, and now dispersed throughout Sonora in Mexico
Yazoo Indians
A small tribe formerly living on the lower course of Yazoo River, Mississippi, in close connection with several other tribes, the most important of which was the Tonica
Year of Hebrew Jubilee
A special Israelite anniversary or the celebration of it
A sub-arctic Deng tribe, called the Copper Indians by Hearne and other early English writers, and Red Knives by Mackenzie and Franklin
Young Men's Institute, The
A Catholic fraternal organization, founded on March 4, 1883, at San Francisco, California
The Mission of Yun-nan includes the whole Province of Yun-nan which is situated in the southwestern corner of China.
Yuracare Indians
A Bolivian tribe living between Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Cochabamba in the wooded regions and plains adjoining the mountains, on the Eastern slopes of the Andes, close to the Rio Beni and Rio Marmore
Yves Marie Andre
Jesuit mathematician (1675-1764)
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