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Xantes Mariales
Dominican, b. about 1580; d. at Venice in April, 1660
Xaver Ehrenbert Fridelli
Jesuit missionary and cartographer, b. at Linz, Austria, March 11, 1673; d. at Peking, June 4, 1743
Xaverian Brothers
An institute of lay-men, founded under episcopal approbation by Theodore James Ryken, in Belgium, in the year 1839
Xavier Barbier de Montault
Historiographer b. at Loudun, February 6, 1830; d. at Blaslay, Vienne (France), March 29, 1901
Xavier de Maistre
French novelist, b. at Chambery, Savoy, in 1763; d. at St. Petersburg, June 12, 1852
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