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The state of being vacant, free, unoccupied: a term applied to an office or position devoid of an incumbent, as a vacant benefice, bishopric, parish, professorship, etc.
A titular see of Numidia, frequently mentioned by historians and ancient geographers
Discusses Diocese and University of same name
In Spain, comprises the civil Provinces of Valencia, Alicante, and Castellon
Valens Acidalius
Philologist, Latin poet, and convert to the Catholic Church, b. 1567 at Wittstock in the Mark of Brandenburg; d. 25 May, 1595, at Neisse
Valentin Grone
A Catholic theologian, b. December 7, 1817; d. March 18, 1882
Valentin Stansel
Astronomer, b. at Olmutz, Moravia, 1621; d. at Bahia, Brazil, Dec. 18, 1705
Valentin Thalhofer
German theologian, b. January 21, 1825; d. September 17, 1891
Valentine, Saint
At least three different Saint Valentines, all of them martyrs, are mentioned in the early martyrologies under date of February 14.
The name of three Emperors of the West
Valentinus and Valentinians
Valentinus, the best known and most influential of the Gnostic heretics, was born according to Epiphanius (Har., XXXI) on the coast of Egypt.
Roman emperor (253-60). Member of a distinguished family, he had held several offices before the army proclaimed him emperor in 253 at Rhtia
Valerian Kalinka
Polish historian (1826-1886)
Valerians Magnus
B. at Milan, 1586; d. at Salzburg, July 29, 1661
Valerius Maximianus Galerius
A native of Illyria, was made Caesar March 1, 293, by Diocletian, whose daughter Valeria he married and who in turn adopted her husband
Validation of Marriage
May be effected by a simple renewal of consent when its nullity arises only from a defective consent in one or both parties
Discusses Archdiocese and University of same name
Valley of Josaphat
Geographical territory mentioned in Scripture
Valliscaulian Order
Founded towards the end of the twelfth century by Viard, a lay brother of the Carthusian priory of Loubigny, in the Diocese of Langres
Vallumbrosan Order
Situated 20 miles from Florence on the north-west slope of Monte Secchieta in the Pratomagno chain
Titular see, suffragan of Dyrrachium, in Epirus Nova
A Germanic people belonging to the family of East Germans
Vasco da Gama
The discoverer of the sea route to the East Indies; b. at Sines, Province of Alemtejo, Portugal, about 1469; d. at Cochin, India, Dec. 24, 1524
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Discoverer of the Pacific Ocean from the west coast of Central America (1475-1517)
Vatican Council
The twentieth ecumenical council, opened on Dec. 8, 1869, and adjourned on Oct. 20, 1870
Vatican Observatory
The Vatican Observatory now bears the official title, 'Specola Astronomica Vaticana'.
Vatican, The
History, Description, Art, Science, Administration, Juridical, Business, and Legal Position of the Vatican.
A celebrated Cistercian abbey situated in the Diocese of Versailles, Seine-et-Oise
The sacred books of ancient India
Veit Amerbach
Humanist, convert from Lutheranism to the Catholic Church (1503-1557)
Veit Arnpeck
Bavarian historian (1440-1505)
Veit Erbermann
Theologian and controversialist, b. May 25, 1597, d. April 8, 1675
Veit Stoss
Sculptor, b. at Nuremberg in 1438; d there in 1533
Venantius Honorius Clementianus Fortunatus
A Christian poet of the sixth century, b. between 530 and 540 in Upper Italy, between Ceneda and Treviso
Veneration of Images
History and theory of the veneration of images
A republic formed out of the provinces which, under Spanish rule, constituted the captaincy general of the same name
Veni Creator Spiritus
'the most famous of hymns' (Frere), is assigned in the Roman Breviary to Vespers (I and II) and Terce of Pentecost and throughout the octave
Veni Sancte Spiritus et Emitte Coelitus
The sequence for Pentecost
Veni Sancte Spiritus Reple
A prose invocation of the Holy Ghost
The capital of a province in Northern Italy
Venturino of Bergamo
Preacher, b. at Bergamo, April 9, 1304; d. at Smyrna, March 28, 1346
Verax Deus Rector Potens
The daily hymn for Sext in the Roman Breviary
Verbum Supernum Prodiens
The first line of two hymns celebrating respectively the Nativity of Christ and the Institution of the Holy Eucharist
Bishop of Junca, in the African Province of Byzacena, in the middle of the sixth century, when the question of the Three Chapters was raised; d. at Chalcedon, in the beginning of 552
Vergilius of Salzburg, Saint
Irish missionary and astronomer, of the eighth century
The state
Veronica Giuliani, Saint
B. at Mercatello in the Duchy of Urbino, Italy, 1660; d. at Citta di Castello, July 9, 1727
Veronica, Saint
In several regions of Christendom there is honored under this name a pious matron of Jerusalem who, during the Passion of Christ, as one of the holy women who accompanied Him to Calvary, offered Him a towel on which he left the imprint of His face.
Versions of the Bible
Various versions and their origins
A celebrated Cistercian monastery and church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin
Roman Emperor, b. at Reate (now Rieti), the ancient capital of the Sabines, Nov. 18, A.D. 9; d. there, June 23, 79
Vespasian Kochowski
Historian (1633-1699)
Vespasiano da Bisticci
Florentine humanist and librarian, b. in 1421; d. in 1498
I. Vespers in the sixth century; II. The origin of Vespers: Period anterior to the sixth century; III. The Office of Vespers in the Middle Ages: Variations; IV. The latest changes; V. Symbolism: the Hymns; VI. Importance.
Vessels for Holy Oils
Treatment of vessels used to contain blessed oils
A hall projecting in front of the facade of a church, found from the fifth century both in the East and the West
By liturgical vestments are meant the vestments that, according to the rules of the Church or from ecclesiastical usage, are to be worn by the clergy in performing the ceremonies of the services of the Church, consequently, above all, at the celebration o
Vexilla Regis Prodeunt
This 'world-famous hymn, one of the grandest in the treasury of the Latin Church' (Neale), and 'surely one of the most stirring strains in our hymnology' (Duffield), was written by Venantius Fortunatus
The Catechism of the Council of Trent (De Euch. sacr., n. 3) says: 'Sacred writers call it the Viaticum as well because it is the spiritual food by which we are supported in our mortal pilgrimage, as also because it prepares for us a passage to eternal gl
Viatora Coccaleo
Capuchin friar (d. 1793)
In canon law, the representative of a person clothed with ordinary ecclesiastical jurisdiction
Vicar Apostolic
These prelates generally have the same powers that bishops have by common law in their own dioceses, and the Congregation of Propaganda also concedes to them various extraordinary faculties.
Vicar Capitular
The administrator of a vacant diocese, elected by a cathedral chapter
Vicar of Christ
A title of the pope implying his supreme and universal primacy, both of honor and of jurisdiction, over the Church of Christ
The highest official of a diocese after the ordinary
Vicariate Apostolic Fiji
Comprising the islands belonging to the Fiji Archipelago
Vicariate Apostolic of Aden
Comprises all Arabia
Vicariate Apostolic of Amoy
In China, created in 1883, and entrusted to the care of the Dominicans
Vicariate Apostolic of Anhalt
Comprising the territory of the German Duchy of Anhalt
Vicariate Apostolic of Antofogaste
In Chile
Vicariate Apostolic of Arabia
Made a separate prefecture Apostolic by Pius IX, 21 Jan., 1875
Vicariate Apostolic of Athabasca
Suffragan of Saint Boniface; erected April 8, 1862, by Pius IX
Vicariate Apostolic of Bagamoyo
German East African vicariate
Vicariate Apostolic of Brownsville
Church division in Texas
Vicariate Apostolic of Canelos and Macas
Vicariate in Ecuador
Vicariate Apostolic of Casanare
Vicariate in Colombia
Vicariate Apostolic of Central Oceania
The whole of Oceania had at first been entrusted by the Propaganda to the Society of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (1825)
Vicariate Apostolic of Changanacherry
In Travancore, British India
Vicariate Apostolic of Cooktown
In Australia
Vicariate Apostolic of Corea
Coextensive with the Empire of Corea
Vicariate Apostolic of Curacao
Includes the islands of the Dutch West Indies: Curacao, Bonaire, and Aruba; Saba, St. Eustatius, and the Dutch part of St. Martin (Leeward Islands)
Vicariate Apostolic of Dahomey
In West Africa
Vicariate Apostolic of Eastern Shan-tung
Located in China, includes the three civil Prefectures of Yen-Chu-Fu, Lai-Chu-Fu, and Teng-Chu-Fu
Vicariate Apostolic of Eastern Sze-ch' Wan
Ecclesiastical jurisdiction in China
Vicariate Apostolic of Ernakulam
In India
Vicariate Apostolic of Gaboon
Formerly called the Vicariate Apostolic of the Two Guineas
Vicariate Apostolic of Galla
Embraces the territory of the Galla or Oromo tribes in Abyssinia
Vicariate Apostolic of Gibraltar
A rugged promontory in the province of Andalusia, Spain
Vicariate Apostolic of Goajira
The most northern portion of South America
Vicariate Apostolic of Gulf of St. Lawrence
Erected September 12, 1905, and formed from the prefecture Apostolic of the same name organized May 29, 1882
Vicariate Apostolic of Hong-Kong
Vicariate based in Hong Kong
Vicariate Apostolic of intendencia Oriental y Llanos de San Martin
Ecclesiastical jurisdiction in Colombia
Vicariate Apostolic of Keewatin
Includes the northern half of the Province of Saskatchewan
Vicariate Apostolic of Kottayam
On the Malabar Coast; India
Vicariate Apostolic of Mackenzie
Ecclesiastical jurisdiction in Canada
Vicariate Apostolic of Marquesas Islands
Ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the Marquesas Islands
Vicariate Apostolic of Mendez and Gualaquiza
Established by Leo XIII on February 3, 1893, in the southern part of the province of Oriente, Ecuador
Vicariate Apostolic of New Caldonia
New Caledonia, one of the largest islands of Oceania, lies about 900 miles east of Queensland, Australia
Vicariate Apostolic of New Hebrides
In Oceania
Vicariate Apostolic of New Pomerania
The largest island of the Bismarck Archipelago
Vicariate Apostolic of North-western Sze-ch'wan
Ecclesiastical jurisdiction in China
Vicariate Apostolic of Northern Germany
Its jurisdiction covers the Grand Duchies of Mecklenbur-Schwerin and Meeklenburg-Strelitz
Vicariate Apostolic of Northern Shan-si
Faith was carried for the first time into the Province of Shan-si, Northern China, by the Jesuit and Franciscan Fathers during the sixteenth century
Vicariate Apostolic of Northern Shan-tung
Located in China, erected by Gregory XVI in 1839
Vicariate Apostolic of Northern Shen-si
Located in China, erected as a separate vicariate Apostolic in 1841
Vicariate Apostolic of Northern Victoria Nyanza
The Mission of Victoria Nyanza, founded in 1878 by the White Fathers of Cardinal Lavigerie, was erected into a vicariate Apostolic May 31, 1883
Vicariate Apostolic of Nyassa
In Central Africa
Vicariate Apostolic of Orange River and the Prefecture Apostolic of Great Namaqualand
In South Africa
Vicariate Apostolic of Sahara
Vast desert of northern Africa
Vicariate Apostolic of Senegambia
Located in in French West Africa
Vicariate Apostolic of Shire
Located in Nyassaland Protectorate, Africa
Vicariate Apostolic of Siam
Situated in the south-eastern corner of Asia
Vicariate Apostolic of Sierra Leone
Comprises the English colony of that name and the surrounding territory from French Guinea on the north and east to Liberia on the south
Vicariate Apostolic of Southern Shan-Si
Located in China, erected in 1890
Vicariate Apostolic of Southern Shan-tung
Located in China, was erected in 1886
Vicariate Apostolic of Southern Shen-si
Entrusted in 1885 to the Seminary of Sts. Peter and Paul, established at Rome by Pius IX, 1874
Vicariate Apostolic of Southern Sze-ch'wan
Ecclesiastical jurisdiction in China
Vicariate Apostolic of Southern Victoria Nyanza
Erected from the mission of Nyanza, June 13, 1894, lies north of the Vicariate of Unyanyembe
Vicariate Apostolic of Stanley Falls
Located in the Belgian Congo
Vicariate Apostolic of Sudan
Ecclesiastical jurisdiction in Africa
Vicariate Apostolic of Tahiti
Ecclesiastical jursdiction in the South Pacific
Vicariate Apostolic of Tarapaca
Ecclesiastical jurisdiction in Chile
Vicariate Apostolic of Temiskaming
Ecclesiastical jurisdiction in Canada
Vicariate Apostolic of the Gilbert Islands
Comprises the group of that name
Vicariate Apostolic of the Marshall Islands
Ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the Marshall Islands
Vicariate Apostolic of the Sandwich Islands
Comprises all the islands of the Hawaiian group
Vicariate Apostolic of the Transvaal
In South Africa
Vicariate Apostolic of Trichur
In India, one of the three vicariates of the Syro-Malabar Rite
Vicariate Apostolic of Ubanghi
Formerly part of the Vicariate of French Congo, erected on Oct. 14, 1890
Vicariate Apostolic of Unyanyembe
In German East Africa
Vicariate Apostolic of Upper Nile
Separated from the mission of Nyanza, July 6, 1894, comprises the eastern portion of Uganda
Vicariate Apostolic of Zamora
In South Ecuador
Vicariate of Kimberley in Orange
Ecclesial territory in South Africa
Vicariates Apostolic
Recenty erected vicariates Apostolic as of 1913
A habit inclining one to sin
Vicelinus, Saint
Bishop of Oldenburg, apostle of Holstein, b. at Hameln about 1086; d. Dec. 12, 1154
Vicente Espinel
Poet and novelist; b. at Ronda (Malaga), Spain, 1544; d. at Madrid, 1634
Vicente Ferre
Theologian, b. at Valencia, Spain; d. at Salamanca in 1682
Vicomte de Eugene-Melchior Vogue
Critic, novelist, and historian, b. at Nice, Feb. 25, 1848; d. in Paris, Feb. 24, 1910
Victimae Paschali Laudes Immolent Christiani
The first stanza of the Easter sequence. Medieval missals placed it on various days within the octave, but the Roman Missal assigns it daily from Easter to the following Saturday inclusively
Bishop of Tunnunum in Northern Africa and zealous supporter of the Three Chapters; d. about 569, probably in confinement at a monastery in Constantinople
Victor Augustin Isidore Dechamps
Cardinal, Archbishop of Mechlin, and Primate of Belgium; b. at Melle near Ghent Dec. 6, 1810; d. Sept. 29, 1883, at Mechlin
Victor de Buck
Bollandist, b. at Oudenarde, Flanders, April 21, 1817; d. June 28, 1876
Victor de Laprade
French poet and critic, b. at Montbrison in 1812; d. at Lyons in 1883
Victor IV
Two antipopes of this name
Victor of Capua
A sixth-century bishop about whose life nothing is known except what is found in his epitaph (C. I. L., 4503), which has been preserved, though the tomb itself has disappeared
Victor Vitensis
An African bishop of the Province of Byzacena (called Vitensis from his See of Vita), b. probably about 430
Victor-Alexandre Puiseux
French mathematician and astronomer, b. April 16, 1820, at Argenteuil (Seine-et-Oise); d. September 9, 1883, at Frontenay (Jura)
Victorinus, Saint
Ecclesiastical writer, flourished about 270, suffered martyrdom probably in 303, under Diocletian
The capital of Austria-Hungary, the residence of the emperor, and the seat of a Latin archbishopric, is situated at the north-east end of the Alps, mainly on the right bank of the Danube
Bishop of Tapsus
Vigilius, Saint
Bishop of Trent, martyr, patron of Trent and of Tyrol, B. C. 353i d. June 26, 405
Vincent Baron
Dominican theologian and preacher (1604-1674)
Vincent Barzynski
B. at Sulislawice, Sandomir, Russian Poland, 1838; d. at Chicago, May 2, 1899
Vincent Canes
Friar Minor and controversialist, b. on the borders of Nottingham and Leicestershire, date uncertain; d. in London, June, 1672
Vincent Caraffa
Seventh General of the Society of Jesus, b. at Naples, May 5, 1585; d. at Rome, June 8, 1649
Vincent Contenson
Dominican theologian and preacher (1641-1674)
Vincent de Paul, Saint
B. at Pouy, Gascony, France, in 1580, though some authorities have said 1576; d. at Paris, Sept. 27, 1660
Vincent de Valverde
B. at Oropesa, Spain, towards the close of the fifteenth century; d. at the Island of Puna, near Guayaquil, Oct. 31, 1541
Vincent Ferrer, Saint
Of the Order of Preachers, famous missionary, b. at Valencia, Jan. 23, 1350; d. at Vannes, Brittany, April 5, 1419
Vincent Houdry
Preacher and writer on ascetics; b. January 22, 1631, at Tours; d. March 21, 1729, at Paris
Vincent Kadlubek, Blessed
Bishop of Cracow, chronicler, b. at Karnow, Duchy of Sandomir, Poland, 1160; d. at Jedrzejow, March 8, 1223
Vincent Louis Gotti
Cardinal and theologian, b. at Bologna, Sept. 5, 1664; d. in Rome, Sept. 18, 1742
Vincent Mary Pallotti, Venerable
Founder of the Pious Society of Missions (q.v.), b. at Rome, April 21, 1798; d. there, Jan. 22, 1850
Vincent of Beauvais
Priest and encyclopedist. Little is known of his personal history. The years of his birth and death are uncertain, the dates frequently assigned being 1190 and 1264 respectively
Vincent of Lerins, Saint
Ecclesiastical writer in Southern Gaul in the fifth century
Vincent, Saint (Deacon of Saragossa)
Deacon of Saragossa, and martyr under Diocletian, 304
Vincent, Saint (Maldegarius)
Founder and abbot of the monasteries of Hautmont and Soignies, b. of a noble family at Strepy les Binche, Hainault, early in the seventh century; d. at Soignies, July 14, 677
Vincenz Hasak
Historian, b. at Neustadt, near Friedland, Bohemia, July 18, 1812; d. September 1, 1889, as dean of Weisskirchlitz, near Teplitz
Vincenzo da Filicaja
Lyric poet; b. at Florence, Dec. 30, 1642; d. there Sept. 24, 1707
Vincenzo Danti
Two brothers, Ignazio and Vincenzo, in 16th century Italy
Vincenzo de Vit
Latinist, b. at Mestrina, near Padua, July 10, 1810; d. at Domo d'Ossola, Aug. 17, 1892
Vincenzo Filliucci
Jesuit moralist; b. at Sienna, Italy, 1566; d. at Rome, April 5, 1622
Vincenzo Gioberti
Italian statesman and philosopher, b. 1801; d. 1852
Vincenzo Gravina
Italian jurist and litterateur; b. 1664; d. 1718
Vindicianus, Saint
Bishop of Cambrai-Arras, b., if tradition is to be believed, perhaps at Beaulaincourt, near Bapeaume, about 620; d. March 2, probably between 693 and 712
Vineam Domini
An Apostolic Constitution issued by Clement XI against the Jansenists on July 16, 1705
Vinzenz Eduard Milde
Prince-Archbishop of Vienna, b. at Brunn, in Moravia, in 1777; d. at Vienna in 1853
An impulse from without tending to force one without any concurrence on his part to act against his choice
Virgilius, Saint
Archbishop of Arles, d. c. 610
Virgin Birth of Christ
The dogma which teaches that the Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ was a virgin before, during, and after the conception and birth of her Divine Son
Virgin of Cuyo
At Mendoza, Argentine Republic
The state
Morally, virginity signifies the reverence for bodily integrity which is suggested by a virtuous motive.
I. Definitions; II. Subjects; III. Divisions; IV. Causes; V. Properties.
Virtue of Religion
A virtue whose purpose is to render God the worship due to Him as the source of all being and the principle of all government of things
One of the two principal branches of the Goths
This article will deal not with natural but with supernatural visions, that is, visions due to the direct intervention of a power superior to man.
Visit ad Limina
The obligation incumbent on certain members of the hierarchy of visiting, at stated times, the 'thresholds of the Apostles', Sts. Peter and Paul, and of presenting themselves before the pope to give an account of the state of their dioceses
Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Mary left Nazareth at the end of March and went over the mountains to Hebron, south of Jerusalem, to wait upon her cousin Elizabeth
Visitation Order
The nuns of the Visitation of Mary, called also Filles de Sainte-Marie, Visitandines, and Salesian Sisters, were founded in 1610 at Annecy in the Duchy of Savoy
Visitors Apostolic
Officials whom canonists commonly class with papal legates
Vitalis and Agricola, Saints
Martyred at Bologna about 304 during Diocletian's persecution
Vitalis of Savigny, Saint
Founder of the monastery and Congregation of Savigny (1112), b. at Tierceville near Bayeux about 1060-5; d. at Savigny, Sept. 16, 1122
Vitalis, Saint
Vittore Carpaccio
Venetian painter whose real name was Scarpazza, b. at Venice about 1455; d. in the same city between 1523 and 1526
Vittoria Colonna
Italian poet (1490-1547)
Vittorino da Feltre
15th century Italian educator and exemplary Catholic layman
Vittorio Alfieri
Greatest tragic poet of Italy; b. at Asti (Piedmont), 17 January, 1749; d. at Florence, 8 October, 1803
Vitus Miletus
Catholic theologian, b. at Gmund, Swabia, 1549; d. at Mainz, Sept. 11, 1615
Vitus Pichler
Distinguished canonist and controversial writer, b. at Grossberghofen, May 24, 1670; d. at Munich, Feb. 15, 1736
Vitus, Modestus, and Crescentia, Saints
According to the legend, martyrs under Diocletian
A family of Italian painters. Alvise, b. in 1446 or 1447; died in 1502
Vladimir the Great, Saint
Grand Duke of Kieff and All Russia, grandson of St. Olga, and the first Russian ruler to embrace Christianity, b. 956; d. at Berestova, July 15, 1015
Volksverein for Catholic Germany
A large and important organization of German Catholics for the purpose of opposing heresies and revolutionary tendencies in the social world, and for the defense of Christian order in society
In the modern metaphysical sense is a theory which explains the universe as emanating ultimately from some form of will. In a broader psychological sense the term is applied to any theory which gives prominence to will (in opposition to intellect)
Wilful, proceeding from the will
Wise woman, to whom is assigned a role similar to that of the Sibyl in early Christian literature
Votive Mass
A Mass offered for a votum, a special intention
Votive Offerings
The general name given to those things vowed or dedicated to God, or a saint, and in consequence looked upon as set apart by this act of consecration
Votive Offices
A votive office is one not entered in the general calendar, but adopted with a view to satisfying a special devotion.
A promise made to God
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