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Titular see in Caria
A titular see in Africa Proconsularis
Tabernacle (in a church)
History of vessels for reserving the Eucharist
Tabernacle (Old Testament)
Treatment of the Old Testament predecessor to the Temple
Tabernacle Societies
Associations founded to promote perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Tabernacle Society
Group in Philadelphia devoted to perpetual adoration
Tacana Indians
Group of Indians in Latin America
Titular see of Tripolitana in northern Africa
A titular see in Mauretania Caesariensis
Tadeusz Kosciuszko
Polish patriot and soldier (1751-1817)
A titular see in Greece
Taensa Indians
Tribe living in North America
Tait Indians
Tribe living in North America
Group of Indians in North America
Collection of Jewish writings providing religious and legal norms as wellas commentaries on them
Tamanac Indians
Tribe living in Latin America
A titular see in Cyprus
Document of the Council of Trent dealing with clandestinely celebrated marriages
A titular see in Hellas
Prince of Antioch, b. about 1072; d. at Antioch, Dec. 12, 1112
A titular see, suffragan of Pelusium in Augustamnica Prima
Tantum Ergo
The opening words of the penultimate stanza of the Vesper hymn of Corpus Christi
The second of the three state religions of China
Taos Pueblo
Town in New Mexico
A fabric in which the two processes of weaving and embroidering are combined.
Tarachus, Probus, and Andronicus, Saints
Martyrs of the Diocletian persecution (about 304)
Tarasius, Saint
Patriarch of Constantinople, date of birth unknown; d. February 25, 806
Aramaic translation or paraphrase of the Old Testament
Tarkin, Saint
Bishop of Sodor
Tarsicius, Saint
Lived in the third or fourth century
A metropolitan see of Cilicia Prima
Tassach, Saint
Irish saint, b. in the first decade of the fifth century; d. about 497
A second-century apologist
Tatwin, Saint
Archbishop of Canterbury; d. July 30, 734
Tavistock Abbey
Benedictine abbey in England
A titular see in Galatia Prima
Taxa Innocentiana
A Decree issued by Innocent XI, Oct. 1, 1678 regulating epicopal chancery fees
Te Deum
Hymn in rhythmical prose whose opening words are Te Deum laudamus
Te Lucis Ante Terminum
The hymn at Compline in the Roman Breviary
Benedictine abbey of Bavaria
Teilo, Saint
'Archbishop' of Llandaff, d. probably before 560
Branch of philosophy which deals with ends or final causes
The ability of one mind to impress or to be impressed by another mind otherwise than through the recognized channels
Telesphorus of Cosenza
Name assumed by one of the pseudo-prophets during the time of the Great Schism
Tell el-Amarna Tablets
Collection of some 350 clay tablets found in 1887 amid the ruins of the ancient Egyptian city of Akhetaton
Titular see in Lycia
A titular see in Asia
One of the four cardinal virtues
Temperance Movements
Movements opposed to the use or abuse of alcohol
Treatment of temples in different times and religions
Temple of Jerusalem
Treatment of the Temple in Jerusalem
Incitement to sin
Temptation of Christ
As described in the Bible
Ten Thousand Martyrs, The
Group referred to in the Roman Martyrology
Name given to the service of Matins and Lauds belonging to the last three days of Holy Week
Tenebrae Hearse, The
The triangular candlestick used in the Tenebrae service
A titular see, suffragan of Rhodes in the Cyclades
Treatment of the American State
Seat of a titular suffragan see of Ptolemais in Thebaid Secunda
Teofilo Folengo
Italian poet, better known by his pseudonym of Merlin Coccalo or Cocal; b. at Mantua in 1496; d. at the monastery of Santa Croce in Campese in 1544
Titular see, suffragan of Ephesus in Asia Minor
A Premonstratensian abbey in the western part of Bohemia
Division of the day in the liturgy of the hours
Terence Albert O'Brien
Dominican; b. at Limerick, 1600; d. there, October 31, 1651
Titular see, suffragan of Antinoe in Thebais Prima
Teresa Lalor
Co-foundress, with Bishop Neale of Baltimore, of the Visitation Order in the United States, b. in Ireland; d. Sept. 9, 1846
Teresa of Jesus (Avila), Saint
B. March 28, 1515; d. Oct. 4, 1582
Teresian Martyrs of Compiegne
Guillotined in Paris, July 17, 1794
A titular see, suffragan of Perge in Pamphylia Secunda
Ternan, Saint
Bishop of the Picts, flourished in the sixth century
Name of two French brothers
Terrestrial Paradise
Name popularly given in Christian tradition to the scriptural Garden of Eden
Persons who live according to the Third Rule of religious orders
Ecclesiastical writer in the second and third centuries
Testem Benevolentiae
An Apostolic Letter of Leo XIII addressing controversies in America
A titular see in Libyan Pentapolis
Teutonic Order
A medieval military order modelled on the Hospitallers of St. John
A Welsh saint, flourished probably in the sixth century
Tewkesbury Abbey
Abbey in England
A titular see of Numidia
Thacia Montana
A titular see in Africa Proconsularis
Thaddeus Amat
Second Bishop of Monterey and Los Angeles, California, U.S. (1810-1878)
A titular see in Africa Byzacena
A titular see in Numidia
Titular see in Numidia
Thais, Saint
A penitent in Egypt in the fourth century
Historian, b. about the middle of the tenth century; d. after 1022
Thanksgiving before and after Meals
Historical treatment of saying grace at mealtime
Thanksgiving Day
A civil holiday observed annually in the United States of America on the last Thursday in November
A titular see in Byzacene Africa
A titular see in Macedonia
A titular see in Thessaly
The Social Contract
Work written by Rousseau and published in 1732
A religious order of men
Historical treatment of the drama
The upper part of the valley of the Nile
Thebes (Egypt)
Titular see of Thebais Secunda
Thebes (Greece)
Metropolitan titular see of Achaia Secunda
Thecla, Saint
Benedictine Abbess of Kitzingen and Ochsenfurt; d. about 790 or later
Thecla, Saints
The name of several saints
Secret taking of another's property against the reasonable will of the owner
Thegan of Treves
Chronicler, d. about 850
A titular see in Byzacene
A titular see, suffragan of Amasea in the Hellespont
A titular see in Phrygia Pacatiana
A titular suffragan see of Pelusium in Augustamnica Prima
Archbishop of Canterbury; d. April 18, 1161
Theobald Mathew
Apostle of Temperance, b. Oct. 10, 1790; d. Dec. 8, 1856
Theobald Stapleton
Priest, b. in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Theobald, Saint
B. in 1017; d. June 30, 1066
A form of civil government in which God himself is recognized as the head
Theodard, Saint
Archbishop of Narbonne, b. about 840; d. May 1, 893
Theodat-Gabriel Sagard
Recollect lay brother, missionary, and historian, b. in France at the end of the sixteenth century; d. towards the close of the seventeenth
Study of how the existence of evil can be reconciled with God's known attributes; more generally, the study of how we can have knowlege of God
Theodor Schwann
German physiologist and founder of the theory of the cellular structure of animal organisms; b. at Neuss, December 7, 1810; d. at Cologne, January 11, 1882
Theodore (Archbishop of Canterbury)
Seventh Archbishop of Canterbury, b. about 602; d. September 19, 690
Theodore (Bishop of Mopsuestia in Cilicia)
Bishop of Mopsuestia in Cilicia and ecclesiastical writer, b. about 350; d. 428
Theodore Abucara
A bishop of Caria in Syria; d., probably, in 770
Theodore Augustine Mann
English naturalist and historian, b. in Yorkshire, June 22, 1735; d. at Prague in Bohemia, Feb. 23, 1809
Theodore Balsamon
Canonist of the Greek Church (d. 1195)
Theodore Beschefer
Jesuit missionary (1630-1711)
Theodore Coelde
Friar Minor and missionary (1435-1515)
Theodore J Van Den Broek
Priest and missionary, b. at Amsterdam, Holland, Nov. 5, 1783; d. at Little Chute, Wisconsin, Nov. 5, 1851
Theodore James Ryken
Founder of the Xaverian Brothers, b. at Elshout, North Brabant, Holland, August 30, 1797; d. at Bruges, 1871
Theodore O'Hara
B. in Danville, Kentucky, U.S.A., February 11, 1822; d. in Guerryton, Alabama, June 6, 1867
Theodore of Amasea, Saint
Martyr of the fourth century
Theodore of Gaza
A fifteenth-century Greek Humanist and translator of Aristotle; d. in 1478
Theodore of Studium, Saint
A zealous champion of the veneration of images and the last great representative of the unity and independence of the Church in the East, b. in 759; d. November 11, 826
Theodore von Scherer-Boccard
Swiss Catholic journalist and politician; b. at Dornach in the canton of Solothurn, May 12, 1816; d. at Solothurn, Feb. 6, 1885
Theodore William Achtermann
German sculptor, was born in 1799, died at Rome in 1884
Bishop of Cyrus and theologian, b. about 393; d. about 457
Theodoric of Chartres
A Platonist philosopher of the twelfth century
Theodoric the Great
King of the Ostrogoths, b. A.D. 454 (?); d. Aug. 26, 526
Theodoric Vrie
Historian of the Council of Constance. He describes himself as a brother of the Order of Hermits of St. Augustine, and a lector in sacred theology in the Province of axony
Theodorich Canisius
B. at Nimwegen, Holland, 1532; d. 27 Sept., 1606, at Ingolstadt
Theodorus and Theophanes, Saints
Champions of the veneration of images during the second Iconoclastic controversy in the ninth century
Theodorus Lector
A lector attached to the Church of St. Sophia of Constantinople in the early part of the sixth century
A. titular metropolitan see of Thracia Prima
Theodosius Florentini
B. May 23, 1808; d. Feb. 15, 1865
Theodosius I
Roman Emperor, b. about 346; d. January 17, 395
Theodotus of Ancyra, Saint
Fourth-century martyr
Bishop of Orleans, a writer skilled in poetic forms and a learned theologian, b. about 760; d. Dec. 18, 821
Theological Aspects of Avesta
Theological aspects of the religious and spiritual life of the ancient Persians
Theological Censures
Doctrinal judgments by which the Church stigmatizes certain teachings detrimental to faith or morals
Theological Definition
An irrevocable decision, by the supreme teaching authority in the Church, on a question appertaining to faith or morals; binds the whole Church
Treatment of the types of theology and their subject matter
Bishop of Alexandria from about 283 to 301
Theophane Venard
French missionary, b. 1829; martyred Feb. 2, 1861
Theophanes Kerameus
Archbishop of Rossano in Calabria (1129-52)
Theophanes, Saint
Chronicler, b. at Constantinople, about 758; d. in Samothracia, probably March 12, 817
Deistic sect formed in France during the latter part of the French Revolution
Theophile Raynaud
Theologian and writer, b. at Sospello near Nice, Nov. 15, 1583; d. at Lyons, Oct. 31, 1663
Theophile-Jules Pelouze
Scientist, b. at Valognes, La Manche, Feb. 26, 1807; d. in Paris, May 31 or June 1, 1867
Théophile-Louis-Henri Wyart
Abbot of Meaux and Abbot-General of the Order of Reformed Cistercians, b. at Bouchain, Department of Nord, France, Oct. 12, 1839; d. in Rome, Aug. 18, 1904
Theophilus of Alexandria
Patriarch of Alexandria (385-412)
Theophilus of Antioch
Bishop of Antioch in the second century
Theophraste Renaudot
B. at Loudun, 1586; d. at Paris, October 25, 1653
Theophrastus Paracelsus
Celebrated physician and reformer of therapeutics, b. at the Sihlbrucke, near Einsiedeln, in the Canton of Schwyz, Nov. 10, 1493; d. at Salzburg, Sept. 24, 1541
Theories of Population
Down to the end of the eighteenth century, very little attention was given to the relation between increase of population and increase of subsistence.
Term used in general to designate the knowledge of God supposed to be obtained by the direct intuition of the Divine essence
Thermae Basilicae
A titular see in Cappadocia Prima
A titular see and suffragan of Athens in Achaia Prima
Titular metropolis in Macedonia
Titular see of Numidia
Titular see in Byzacena (Africa)
Thibaut de Champagne
Count of Champagne and King of Navarre, a French poet, b. 1201; d. July 8, 1253
Thierry of Freiburg
Philosopher and physician of the Middle Ages, and a member of the Order of Saint Dominic
Thierry Ruinart
Church historian and theologian, b. at Reims June 10, 1657; d. at the Abbey of Hautvillers near Reims, September 27, 1709
Titular see in Numidia
Third and Fourth Books of Kings
Two books of the Old Testament (also known and First and Second Kings)
Third Orders
Men and women who do not necessarily live in community and yet can claim to wear the habit and participate in the good works of some great order.
Thirty Years War
European war fought between 1618 and 1648
A titular see in Augustamnica Prima
Thomas à Jesu
Discalced Carmelite, writer on mystical theology, b. 1564; d4 (or 27) May, 1627
Thomas a Kempis
Author of the 'The Imitation of Christ'; b. in 1379 or 1380; d. July 25, 1471
Thomas Abel
Priest and martyr, b. about 1497; d. July 30, 1540
Thomas Abington
An English antiquarian, b. 1560; d. 1647
Thomas Alfield
Priest; martyred July 6, 1585
Thomas Anderton
English Benedictine (1611-1671)
Thomas Andrew Becker
Sixth Bishop of Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A. 29, 1899
Thomas Aquinas, Saint
Philosopher, theologian, doctor of the Church, patron of Catholic universities, colleges, and schools, b. 1225 or 1227; d. March 7, 1274
Thomas Arthur
Physician (1593-1666)
Thomas Arundel
Sixtieth Archbishop of Canterbury (1353-1414)
Thomas Arundell
First Lord Arundell of W Wardour (1560-1639)
Thomas Ashby
English martyr, suffered at Tyburn, March 29, 1544
Thomas Atkinson, Venerable
Priest, martyr (d. 1616)
Thomas Augustine Arne
English composer (1710-1778)
Thomas Bailey
Controversialist (d. 1657)
Thomas Baily
Catholic clergyman; b. in Yorkshire, England; d. at Douai, France, October 7, 1591
Thomas Bakocz
Cardinal and statesman (1442-1521)
Thomas Becket, Saint
Martyr, Archbishop of Canterbury, b. Dec. 21, 1118 (?); d. Dec. 29, 1170
Thomas Belchiam, Venerable
Franciscan martyr (d. 1537)
Thomas Belson, Venerable
English martyr (d. 1589)
Thomas Bouquillon
Belgian theologian (1840-1902)
Thomas Bourchier
Cardinal (1406-1486)
Thomas Bracken
Poet, journalist, politician (1843-1898)
Thomas Bullaker, Venerable
Friar Minor and English martyr, b. at Chichester about the year 1604; d. at Tyburn, October 12, 1642
Thomas Burke
Bishop of Ossory, b. at Dublin, Ireland, about 1709; d. at Kilkenny, September 25, 1776
Thomas Canon Flanagan
B. in England in 1814, though Irish by descent; d. at Kidderminster, July 21, 1865
Thomas Carve
Historian, b. in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, 1590; d. probably in 1672
Thomas Ceva
Mathematician, b. at Milan, Dec. 21, 1648; d. there, Feb. 23, 1737
Thomas Chisholm Anstey
Lawyer and politician (1816-1873)
Thomas Christians, Saint
An ancient body of Christians on the east and west coasts of India, claiming spiritual descent from the Apostle St. Thomas
Thomas Codrington
Catholic divine (d. 1691?)
Thomas Conecte
Carmelite reformer (d. 1433)
Thomas Cottam
Martyr, b. 1549; executed May 30, 1582
Thomas D'Arcy McGee
Editor, politician, and poet, b. at Carlingford Co. Louth, Ireland, April 13, 1825; assassinated at Ottawa, Canada, April 7, 1868
Thomas de Lemos
Spanish theologian and controversialist, b. at Rivadavia, Spain, 1555; d. at Rome, Aug. 23, 1629
Thomas de Vallgornera
Dominican theologian and ascetical writer, renowned for his learning and piety, b. in Catalonia about 1595; d. Sept. 15, 1665
Thomas Dease
Priest; b. in Ireland, 1568; d. at Galway, 1651
Thomas Dempster
Savant, professor, and author; b., as he himself states, at Cliftbog, Scotland, August 23, 1579; d. at Bologna, Italy, September 6, 1625
Thomas Dorman
Theologian, b. at Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England, date uncertain; d. at Tournai, 1572 or 1577
Thomas Downes
Jesuit and chaplain to the Duke of York b. in 1617; d. December 21, 1678
Thomas Dwight
Anatomist, b. at Boston, 1843; d. at Nahant, Sept. 8, 1911
Thomas Ebendorfer
German chronicler, professor, and statesman, b. August 12, 1385, d. Jan. 8, 1464
Thomas Edward Bridgett
Priest and author (1829-1899)
Thomas Ewing
Jurist and statesman, b. in West Liberty, Virginia, U.S.A., December 28, 1789; d. at Lancaster, Ohio, October 26, 1871
Thomas Eyre
First president of Ushaw College; b. at Glossop, Derbyshire, in 1748; d. at Ushaw, May 8, 1810
Thomas Falkner
Surgeon; b. Oct. 6, 1707; d. Jan. 30, 1784
Thomas Fitz-Simons
American merchant, b. in Ireland, 1741; d. at Philadelphia, U.S.A., Aug. 26, 1811
Thomas Fitzherbert
B. 1552, at Swynnerton, Staffs, England; d. Aug. 17, 1640, at Rome
Thomas Fleming
Archbishop of Dublin, son of the Baron of Slane, b. in 1593; d. in 1655
Thomas Ford
Martyr, d. May 28, 1582
Thomas Francis Meagher
Soldier, politician, b. at Waterford, Ireland, August 3, 1823; accidentally drowned in the Missouri River, U.S.A., July 1, 1867
Thomas Garnet, Venerable
Protomartyr of St. Omer and therefore of Stonyhurst College; b. at Southwark, c. 1575; executed at Tyburn, June 23, 1608
Thomas Godden
B. 1624, d. 1688.
Thomas Goldwell
Last survivor of the ancient hierarchy of England; b. between 1501 and 1515; d. 1585
Thomas Grant
First Bishop of Southwark; b. 1816; d. 1870
Thomas Griffiths
B. June 2, 1791; d. August 12, 1847
Thomas Harding
Controversialist; b. at Combe Martin, Devon, 1516; d. at Louvain, Sept., 1572
Thomas Holland
English martyr, b. 1600, at Sutton, Lancashire; martyred at Tyburn, December 12, 1642
Thomas Hussey
Bishop of Waterford and Lismore, b. at Ballybogan, Co. Meath, in 1746; d. at Tramore, Co. Waterford, July 11, 1803
Thomas Ignatius Maria Forster
Astronomer and naturalist, b. at London, Nov. 9, 1789; d. at Brussels, Feb. 2, 1860
Thomas Johnson
Carthusian martyr, d. Sept. 20, 1537
Thomas Joseph Lamy
Priest, biblical scholar and orientalist, b. at Ohey, in Belgium, Jan. 27, 1827; d. at Louvain, July 30, 1907
Thomas Joseph Talbot
B. February 14, 1727; d. April 24, 1795
Thomas Kilby Smith
Major-General for gallant and meritorious military service, journalist, b. at Boston, Mass., Sept. 23, 1820; d. at New York, Dec. 14, 1887
Thomas Lewis Brittain
Catholic convert, Dominican (1744-1827)
Thomas Linacre
English physician and clergyman, founder of the Royal College of Physicians, London, b. at Canterbury about 1460; d. in London, October 20, 1524
Thomas Lister
Jesuit writer, b. in Lancashire, about 1559; d. in England, probably shortly before 1628
Thomas Louis Green
English priest and controversialist; b. 1799; d. 1883
Thomas Malvenda
Exegete and historical critic, b. at Jativa, Valencia, 1566; d. May 7, 1628
Thomas Maria Mamachi
Dominican theologian and historian, b. December 4, 1713; d. June 7, 1792
Thomas Maxfield
English priest and martyr, b. about 1590, martyred July 1, 1616
Thomas Messingham
Irish hagiologist, probably died in 1638
Thomas Moore
Poet and biographer, b. May 28, 1779, at Dublin, Ireland; d. February 26, 1852, at Devizes, England
Thomas More, Blessed
Knight, Lord Chancellor of England, author and martyr, b. February 7, 1477-1478; executed July 6, 1535
Thomas Morton Harper
Priest, philosopher, theologian and preacher. Born in London Sept. 26, 1821, of Anglican parents, his father being a merchant of good means in the City; d. Aug. 29, 1893
Thomas Murner
Greatest German satirist of the sixteenth century, b. at Oberehnheim, Alsace, Dec. 24,1475; d. there, 1537
Thomas Netter
Theologian and controversialist, b. at Saffron Walden, Essex, England, about 1375; d. at Rouen, France, Nov. 2, 1430
Thomas Nicholas Burke
Dominican orator, b. September 8, 1830, in Galway; d. July 2, 1882
Thomas O'Hagan
First Baron of Tullyhogue, b. at Belfast, May 29, 1812; d. February 1, 1885
Thomas O'Herlahy
Bishop of Ross, Ireland, d. 1579
Thomas Occleve
Little is known of his life beyond what is mentioned in his poems. He was b. about 1368; d. in 1450. The place of his birth and education is unknown
Thomas of Beckington
Bishop of Bath and Wells, b. about1390; d. Jan. 14, 1465
Thomas of Bradwardine
B. about 1290; d. August 26, 1349
Thomas of Cantimpre
Medieval writer, preacher, and theologian, b. 1201; d. May 15, 1272
Thomas of Celano
Friar Minor, poet, and hagiographical writer, b. about 1200; d. about 1255
Thomas of Dover, Saint
Martyr; d. 2 or Aug. 5, 1295
Thomas of Eccleston
Thirteenth-century Friar Minor and chronicler, dates of birth and death unknown
Thomas of Hereford, Saint
B. about 1218; d. August 25, 1282
Thomas of Jesus
Reformer and preacher, b. 1529; d. April 17, 1582
Thomas of Jorz
Theologian and cardinal; d. December 13, 1310
Thomas of Strasburg
A fourteenth-century scholastic of the Augustinian Order; d. 1357
Thomas of Villanova, Saint
Educator, philanthropist, b. 1488; d. Sept. 8, 1555
Thomas Palasor, Venerable
English martyr, b. at Ellerton-upon-Swale, parish of Catterick, North Riding of Yorkshire; d. at Durham, August 9, 1600
Thomas Percy
Earl of Northumberland, martyr, b. in 1528; d. August 22, 1572
Thomas Percy Plowden
Jesuit; b. at Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England, 1672; d. at Watten, Sept. 21, 1745
Thomas Pickering, Venerable
Lay brother and martyr, a member of an old Westmoreland family, B. C. 1621; executed at Tyburn, May 9, 1679
Thomas Pilchard, Venerable
Martyr, b. at Battle, Sussex, 1557; d. at Dorchester, March 21, 1586-7
Thomas Plowden
B. in Oxfordshire, England, 1594; d. in London, Feb. 13, 1664
Thomas Pormort, Venerable
English martyr, b. at Hull about 1559; d. at St. Paul's Churchyard, Feb. 20, 1592
Thomas Pounde
Lay brother, b. at Beaumond (or Belmont), Farlington, Hampshire, May 29, 1538 or 1539; d. there, Feb. 26, 1612-13; eldest son of William Pounde and Helen, sister or half-sister to Thomas Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton
Thomas Preston
Benedictine, d. in the Clink prison, April 5, 1640
Thomas Rolph
Surgeon, b. 1800; d. at Portsmouth, Feb. 17, 1858
Thomas Sanchez
Jesuit, b. at Cordova, 1550; d. in the college of Granada, May 19, 1610
Thomas Scott Preston
Vicar-General of New York, prothonotary Apostolic, chancellor, distinguished convert, author, preacher, and administrator, b. at Hartford, Connecticut, July 23, 1824; d. at New York, Nov. 4, 1891
Thomas Sedgwick
Regius professor of divinity at Cambridge, 1557, rector of Stanhope, Durham, and vicar of Gainford, Durham, both in 1558; d. in a Yorkshire prison, 1573
Thomas Sherwood
Martyr, b. 1551; d. February 7, 1578
Thomas Slythurst
English confessor, b. in Berkshire; d. in the Tower of London, 1560
Thomas Somerset
Confessor, b. about 1530; d. in the Tower of London, May 27, 1587
Thomas Sprott
English martyr, b. at Skelsmergh, near Kendal, Westmoreland; suffered at Lincoln with Thomas Hunt, July 11, 1600
Thomas Stapleton
Controversialist, b. at Henfield, Sussex, July, 1535; d. at Louvain, Oct. 12, 1598
Thomas Stephen Buston
Jesuit missionary and author, b. 1549, in the Diocese of Salisbury, England; d. at Goa, 1619
Thomas Stephens
B. about 1549; d. in 1619
Thomas Tallis
English composer, b. about 1514; d. Nov. 23, 1585
Thomas Tamburini
Moral theologian, b. at Caltanisetta in Sicily, March 6, 1591; d. at Palermo, 10 October, 1675
Thomas the Apostle, Saint
Thomas Thwing
Martyr, b. in 1635; suffered Oct. 23, 1680
Thomas Tichborne
B. 1567; martyred April 20, 1602
Thomas Tunstall, Venerable
Martyred at Norwich, July 13, 1616
Thomas Vane
The place and time of his birth and death are not known; but he was educated at Christ's College, Cambridge, and took the degree of Doctor of Divinity in that university
Thomas Vavasour
English Catholic physician, pensioner of St. John's College, Cambridge, b. about 1536-7; d. at Hull, May 2, 1585
Thomas Vincent Faustus Sadler
Convert, Benedictine, b. 1604; d. at Dieulward, Flanders, Jan. 19, 1680-1
Thomas Walsh
B. in London, October, 1777; d. there, February 18, 1849
Thomas Walsingham
Benedictine historian, d. about 1422
Thomas Ward
B. at Danby Castle near Guisborough, Yorkshire, April 13, 1652; d. at St-Germain, France, 1708
Thomas Welbourne, Venerable
Martyred at York, Aug. 1, 1605
Thomas Whitaker, Venerable
B. at Burnley, Lancashire, 1614; martyred at Lancaster, August 7, 1646
Thomas Whitbread
Alias Harcourt, b. in Essex, 1618; martyred at Tyburn, June 30, 1679
Thomas White
B. in Essex, 1593; d. in London, July 6, 1676
Thomas William Allies
English writer b. 12 February, 1813; d. 17 June, 1903
Thomas William Croke
Archbishop of Cashel, Ireland, b. near Mallow, Co. Cork, May 24, 1824; d. at Thurles, July 22, 1902
Thomas William Marshall
Controversial writer, b. 1818; d. Dec. 14, 1877
Thomas Wingham
B. in London, Jan. 5, 1846; d. there, March 24, 1893
Thomas Wolsey
Cardinal, Archbishop of York, b. at Ipswich, the usually accepted date, 1471, being probably three or four years too early; d. at Leicester Abbey, November 29, 1530
Thomas Wood
Priest and confessor, b. about 1499; d. in Wisbech Castle before 1588
Thomas Woodhouse
Martyred June, 1573
Thomas Worthington
Third President of Douai College, b. 1549 at Blainscough Hall, near Wigan, Lancashire; d. at Biddulph Hall, Staffordshire in 1627
Thomas-Marie-Joseph Gousset
French cardinal and theologian; b. 1792; d. 1866
Treatment of the theological and philosophical system stemming from St. Thomas Aquinas
The name of two English converts Thompson
Thompson River Indians
Tribe in North America
Thorney Abbey
Abbey in England
Three Chapters
Propositions anathematizing: (1) the person and writings of Theodore of Mopsuestia; (2) certain writings of Theodoret of Cyrus; (3) the letter of Ibas to Maris
Seat the bishop uses when not engaged at the altar
Thuburbo Minus
A titular see in Africa Proconsularis
Titular see of Numidia
Thundering Legion
Legendary expedition in the second century
The name given to a large part of Central Germany
Thurstan Hunt
An English martyr (March, 1601)
A titular suffragan see of Sardes in Lydia
A titular see, suffragan of Nicomedia, in Bithynia Prima
Thyrsus Gonzalez de Santalla
Theologian and thirteenth general of the Society of Jesus; b. at Arganda, Spain, January 18, 1624; d. at Rome, October 27, 1705. He entered the Society of Jesus March 3, 1643, and taught philosophy and theology
The papal crown formerly used
Titular see in Israel
Titular see in Phrygia Pacatiana
The second Roman emperor (A.D. 14-37)
A vast plateau in Asia
Tiburtius and Susanna, Saints
Roman martyrs
Titular see, suffragan of Cyrene, in the Libya Pentapolis
An African Donatist writer of the fourth century
Ticuna Indians
A tribe in Lain America
Tighernach O'Braein
Irish annalist and Abbot of Roscommon and Clonmacnoise, d. 1088
Tigris, Saint
Irish saint, sister of St. Patrick
Tillmann Riemenschneider
One of the most important of Frankish sculptors, b. at Osterode am Harz in or after 1460; d. at Wurzburg, 1531
Tilmann Pesch
A Jesuit philosopher, b. at Cologne, Feb. 1, 1836; d. at Valkenburg, Holland, Oct. 18, 1899
A titular see in Pisidia
Treatment of the concept
Timoleon Cheminais de Montaigu
Jesuit; pulpit orator (1652-1689)
Timotheus and Symphorian, Saints
Martyrs during the pontificate of Melchiades (311-13)
Timothy Warren Anglin
Canadian journalist and member of Parliament (1822-1896)
Timucua Indians
Tribe in North America
A titular see of Mauretania Tingitana
Tintern Abbey
Abbey in England
A titular see of Numidia
Generally defined as the tenth part of the increase arising from the profits of land and stock, allotted to the clergy for their support or devoted to religious or charitable uses
Venetian painter, d. Aug. 27, 1577
Titular see, suffragan of Seleucia Trachea in Isauria
Titular Archdiocese of Nicosia
In the Province of Cyprus
Titular see of Birtha
Ecclesial territory near Euphrates River
Titular see of Bodone
Ecclesial territory in Albania
Titular see of Bothrys
Ecclesial territory in Phoenicia
Titular See of Sitifs
Located in Mauretania Sitifensis
Form of ecclesiastical jurisdiction
Titus (Bishop of Bostra)
Bishop of Bostra, b. about 362-371
Titus (Roman Emperor)
Roman Emperor 79-81
Titular see, suffragan of Claudiopolis in Honorias
Former diocese of the colony of New Spain
Titular see in Lycia
Toba Indians
Tribe in Latin America
The name of several persons in the Bible
Tobias Lohner
Writer and preacher, b. March 13, 1619, d. 26 (probably) May, 1697
Tokyo (Tokio)
Diocese in Japan
Tomas Camara y Castro
Bishop of Salamanca, Spain, b. at Torrecilla de Cameros, Logrono, September 19, 1847; d. at Villaharta, May 17, 1904
Tomas de Berlanga
Bishop of Panama (d. 1551)
Tomas de Torquemada
First Grand Inquisitor of Spain, b. in 1420; d. Sept. 16, 1498
A memorial for the dead at the place of burial
Tomb of Saint Peter
History of the relics of the Apostles Peter and Paul
Tomb of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Venerated in the Valley of the Kidron at Jerusalem
A titular metropolitan see in the Province of Scythia, on the Black Sea
Tommasina Vernazza
B. at Genoa, 1497; d. there, 1587
Tommaso Badia
Cardinal, b. at Modena, 1483; d. at Rome, 6 September, 1547
Tommaso Cajetan
Dominican cardinal, philosopher, theologian, and exegete; b. 20 Feb., 1469 at Gaeta, Italy; d. 9 Aug., 1534 at Rome
Tommaso Campanella
Dominican philosopher and writer, b. 5 Sept., 1568, at Stilo in the province of Calabria, Italy; d. at Paris, May 21, 1659
Tommaso Giordani
Italian composer, b. 1738; d. 1806
Tommaso Maria Zigliara
Cardinal, theologian, and, philosopher, b. at Bonifacio, a seaport town of Corsica, toward the end of October, 1833; d. in Rome, May 11, 1893
Tonica Indians
Tribe in North America
Tonkawa Indians
Tribal confederacy in North America
Rite instituted by the Church by which a baptized and confirmed Christian is received into the clerical order by the shearing of his hair and the investment with the surplice
The Law of Moses or first five books of the Bible
Toribio Alfonso Mogrovejo, Saint
Archbishop of Lima; b. 1538; d. March 23, 1606
Toribio de Benavente Motolinia
Franciscan missionary, b. at Benavente, Spain, at the end of the fifteenth century; d. in the City of Mexico, August 10, 1568
Torlogh O'Carolan
Usually spoken of as the 'last of the Irish bards', b. in the County Meath, Ireland, in 1670; d. at Ballyfarnon, 1737
Titular see in Macedonia
Torquato Tasso
Italian poet, b. in 1544; d. in 1595
A compilation of halakhic-haggadic character, which judged by its contents belongs essentially to the era of the Tanna'im (Teachers), and which is modeled on the plan of the Mishna
The group of superstitions and customs of which the totem is the center
Totonac Indians
One of the smaller cultured nations of ancient Mexico
Tower of Babel
The building mentioned in Gen., xi, 1-9
Tradition and Living Magisterium
Tradition (Greek paradosis) in the ecclesiastical sense--which is the only one in which it is used here--refers sometimes to the thing (doctrine, account, or custom) transmitted from one generation to another, sometimes to the organ or mode of the transmi
A philosophical system which makes tradition the supreme criterion and rule of certitude
The doctrine that, in the process of generation, the human spiritual soul is transmitted to the offspring by the parents
Emperor of Rome (A.D. 98-117), b. at Italica Spain, September 18, 53; d. August 7, 117
Trajanopolis (titular metropolitan see of Rhodope)
Titular metropolitan see of Rhodope
Trajanopolis (titular see of Phrygia Pacatiana)
Titular see of Phrygia Pacatiana
A titular see, suffragan of Ephesus in Asia Minor
As a rule, that which is antithetical to experience or the empirical order
A rectangular space inserted between the apse and nave in the early Christian basilica
The Transfiguration of Christ is the culminating point of His public life, as His Baptism is its starting-point, and His Ascension its end.
The south-eastern part of Hungary
A titular see in Phrygia Pacatiana, suffragan to Laodicea
The common name by which the Cistercians who follow the reform inaugurated by the Abbot de Rance (b. 1626; d. 1700) in the Abbey of La Trappe, were known; and often now applied to the entire Order of Reformed Cistercians
Trasilla and Emiliana, Saints
Aunts of St. Gregory the Great, virgins in the sixth century
A former abbey of Cistercian nuns, situated north of Breslau in Silesia
Titular see, suffragan of Salamis in Cyprus
Titular see, suffragan of Larissa in Thessaly
Titular see, suffragan of Caesarea in Palaestina Prima
A time frequently chosen for prayer or for other devout practices, whether by individuals in private, or in public by congregations or special organizations in parishes, in religious communities, seminaries, or schools
I. Dogma of the Trinity; II. Proof of the Doctrine from Scripture; III. Proof of the Doctrine from Tradition; IV. The Trinity as a Mystery; V. The Doctrine as Interpreted in Greek Theology; VI. The Doctrine as Interpreted in Latin Theology.
Trinity College
An institution for the higher education of Catholic women, located at Washington, D.C.
Trinity Sunday
The first Sunday after Pentecost, instituted to honour the Most Holy Trinity
A name given along with several others (e.g. reed, tricereo, arundo, triangulum, lumen Christi) to a church ornament used only in the office of Holy Saturday
A Maronite and Melchite diocese, in Syria
Heretics who divide the Substance of the Blessed Trinity
A suffragan of Cyzicus in the Hellespont
Titular see of Galatia Secunda, suffragan of Pessinus
A collective name which, since about the close of the Middle Ages or a little later, has been applied to texts of great variety (in both poetry and prose) written for the purpose of amplifying and embellishing an independently complete liturgical text
Truce of God
A temporary suspension of hostilities, as distinct from the Peace of God which is perpetual
Trudo, Saint
Apostle of Hasbein in Brabant; d. 698 (693)
Trudpert Neugart
Benedictine historian, b. at Villingen, Baden, February 23, 1742; d. at St. Paul's Benedictine abbey, near Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria, December 15, 1825
Trudpert, Saint
Missionary in Germany in the seventh century
Trumwin, Saint
D. at Whitby, Yorkshire, England, after 686
Trustee System
In the exercise of her inherent right of administering property, the Church often appoints deputies who are responsible to herself.
Trusts and Bequests
A trust has been defined, in its technical sense, as the right enforceable solely in equity to the beneficial enjoyment of property of which the legal title is in another
A relation which holds (1) between the knower and the known--Logical Truth; (2) between the knower and the outward expression which he gives to his knowledge--Moral Truth; and (3) between the thing itself, as it exists, and the idea of it, as conceived by
Tryphon, Respicius, and Nympha
A titular see in Mauretania Casariensis
A vestment shaped like a sack, which has in the closed upper part only a slit for putting the garment over the head, and, on the sides, either sleeves or mere slits through which the arms can be passed
French protectorate on the northern coast of Africa
A Protestant sect thus named from its distinctive baptismal rite
The City of Turin is the chief town of a civil province in Piedmont and was formerly the capital of the Duchy of Savoy and of the Kingdom of Sardinia.
Turin, The University of
Founded in 1404, when the lectures at Piacenza and Pavia were interrupted by the wars of Lombardy
I. Chinese Turkestan; II. Russian Turkestan
Turkish Empire
Created in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries on the ruins of the Byzantine Empire, from the caliphate of Bagdad and independent Turkish principalities
Turpin, Archbishop of Reims
Date of birth uncertain; d. Sept. 2, 800
A division of central Italy
Twelve Apostles of Erin, The
Twelve holy Irishmen of the sixth century
Of Croyland, d. July, 975
A titular metropolitan see of Cappadocia Prima
Tychicus, Saint
A disciple of St. Paul and his constant companion
Tynemouth Priory
On the east coast of Northumberland, England
Types in Scripture
A person, a thing, or an action, having its own independent and absolute existence, but at the same time intended by God to prefigure a future person, thing, or action
The killing of a tyrant, and usually is taken to mean the killing of a tyrant by a private person for the common good
Melchite archdiocese and Maronite diocese
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