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A season of preparation by fasting and prayer, to imitate the example of Christ (Matt., iv)
The first of the Christian apologists
Used, 1st, in an extended sense, as whatever can be attributed to the subject of discourse; and 2nd, in its exact signification, as that category which is distinguished from the nine others enumerated by Aristotle
Quam singulari
A decree of the Sacred Congregation of the Sacraments, August 8, 1910, on the age at which children are to be admitted to first Communion, officially promulgated August 15, 1910 (Acta Apost. Sedis, August 15, 1910)
Quamichan Indians
The largest of the numerous small bands attached to Cowichan agency, at the southeast end of Vancouver, British Columbia
Aristotle, in his 'Categories' places quantity (with which he deals at length from the logical standpoint in the sixth chapter) first in his enumeration of the nine accidents.
Quapaw Indians
A tribe now nearly extinct, but formerly one of the most important of the lower Mississippi region, occupying several villages about the mouth of the Arkansas
An expression frequently used in the grants of indulgences, and signifies a strict ecclesiastical penance of forty days, performed according to the practice of the early Church
Queen's Daughters
Religious and charitable society founded at St. Louis, Missouri
Quem terra, pontus, sidera
Ancient hymn in honor of the Blessed Virgin, ascribed to Fortunatus by Thomasius and Mone without question but also without assigning any reason
Quentin Massys
Painter, b. at Louvain in 1466; d. at Antwerp in 1530
The principal aboriginal tribe or nation of Guatemala
Quichua Indians
Formerly the dominant people of the Empire of Peru, and still the largest homogeneous body of Indians in existence, constituting the bulk of the rural population of Peru and Ecuador
Quicumque Christum Quaeritis
The opening line of the twelfth (in honor of the Epiphany) and last poem in the 'Cathemerinon' of Prudentius
The doctrine which declares that man's highest perfection consists in a sort of psychical self-annihilation and a consequent absorption of the soul into the Divine Essence even during the present life
Quinctianus, Saints
Various saints
The period of fifty days before Easter
Quiricus and Julitta, Saints
Martyred under Diocletian
Quirinus, Saints
Several martyrs of this name are mentioned in the 'Martyrologium Hieronymianum' and in the historical Martyrologies of the early Middle Ages, and the feasts of these saints are still to be found in the catalogue of saints of the Roman Church
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