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Kabbala (Kabbalah)
System of Jewish religious mysticism
Natives of South Africa
German epic poem (twelfth century)
Kajetan Georg von Kaiser
Chemist (1803-1871)
Kalands Brethren
German religious and charitable associations
Kalispel Indians
Important native tribe of Northwest U.S.
Central Plains state in the U.S.
Kant, Philosophy of
Philosopher (1724-1804)
Crownland in the Austrian Empire
Karl August Lossen
German petrologist and geologist, b. at Kreuznach, b. January 5, 1841; d. at Berlin, February 24, 1893
Karl Cornely
German Biblical scholar and Jesuit, b. April 19, 1830, at Breyell in Germany; d. at Treves, March 3, 1908
Karl Ernst Jarcke
German Catholic convert (1801-1852)
Karl Friedrich Rumohr
Art historian, b. at Dresden, 1785; d. there, 1843
Karl Friedrich Savigny
Diplomatist (1814-1875)
Karl Johann Greith
Bishop and church historian, b. 1807; d. 1882
Karl Joseph Hieronymus Windischmann
Philosopher, b. at Mainz, August 25, 1775; d. at Bonn, April 23, 1839
Karl Joseph von Hefele
Bishop of Rottenburg, b. at Unterkochen, Wurtemberg, March 15, 1809; d. at Rottenburg, June 5, 1893
Karl Kreil
Austrian meteorologist and astronomer (1798-1862)
Karl Ludwig von Haller
Professor of constitutional law; b. August 1, 1768, at Berne; d. May 21, 1854, at Solothurn, Switzerland
Karl Lueger
Burgomaster of Vienna, Austrian political leader and municipal reformer, b. at Vienna, October 24, 1844; d. there, March 10, 1910
Karl Maria Friedrich Ernst von Weber
Composer, b. at Eutin, Lower Saxony, Dec. 18, 1786; d. in London, June 5, 1826
Karl Moy de Sons
Attorney, writer, b. August 10, 1799, at Munich; d. August 1, 1867
Karl Muller
Professor at Dusseldorf, b. at Darmstadt, Oct. 29, 1818; d. at Neuenahr, Aug. 15, 1893
Karl Proske
B. at Grobing in Upper Silesia, Feb. 11, 1794; d. Dec. 20, 1861
Karl von Haimhausen
German missionary; b. at Munich, of a noble Bavarian family, May 28, 1692; d. in Chile, April 7, 1767
Karl von Holtei
German novelist, poet, and dramatist; b. at Breslau, January 24, 1798; d. in that city, February 12, 1880
Karl von Miltiz
Papal chamberlain and nuncio, b. about 1480, d. November 20, 1529
Karl Zell
Statesman, philologist, and defender of the rights of the Church, b. at Mannheim, April 8, 1793; d. at Freiburg, January 24, 1873
Kaskaskia Indians
Former chief tribe of the confederacy of Illinois Indians
Kaspar Franck
Theologian and controversialist; b. at Ortrand, Saxony, Nov. 2, 1543; d. at Ingolstadt, March 12, 1584
Kaspar Ulenberg
Convert, theological writer and translator of the Bible, b. at Lippstadt on the Lippe, Westphalia, in 1549; d. at Cologne, Feb. 16, 1617
Kathleen O'Meara
Novelist and biographer, b. in Dublin, 1839; d. in Paris, Nov. 10, 1888
Two brothers, Alexander and Leopold, active in 19th century Germany
Kaulen, Franz Philip
Scripture scholar (1827-1907)
Kenelm Henry Digby
Miscellaneous writer, b. in Ireland, 1800; d. at Kensington, Middlesex, England, March 22, 1880
A term derived from the discussion of the real meaning of Phil. 2:6
Irish priest (d. 1585)
Kentigern, Saint
Bishop, founder of the See of Glasgow (ca. 518-603)
Upper South state of the United States
Armenian Catholic diocese
Kickapoo Indians
Native American tribe of Algonquin stock
Kieran, Saints
Many Irish saints of this name
Kilian, Saint
Apostle of Franconia and martyr
King David
The second king of Israel
Kingdom of Bavaria
History and current statistics of the Kingdom
Kingdom of God
Signifies not so much the actual kingdom as the sway of the king
Kingdom of Wurtemberg
Of the German Empire
Name of two abbots who ruled Glastonbury (seventh and eighth centuries)
Cistercian abbey in Scotland
Kiowa Indians
Important Native American Plains tribe of the U.S.
A parish, also a royal and parliamentary burgh and chief or county town of Orkney, Scotland
Christian salute mentioned in Pauline epistles
Klemens Maria Brentano
German poet (1778-1842)
Artist, author, teacher (1778-1835)
Knights of Columbus
Fraternal and beneficent society of Catholic men
Knights of the Cross
Bohemian religious order
Knights of the Holy Sepulchre
Secular confraternity which gradually grew up around the most august of the Holy Places
Knights of the Redeemer
A secular community founded in 1608 by the Duke of Mentone, Vincent Gonzaga, on the occasion of the marriage of his eldest son Francis II Gonzaga with Marguerite of Savoy
Knights Templars
Earliest founders of the military orders
Primitive fact of consciousness
Knowledge of Jesus Christ
A survey of the intellectual endowment of Christ
A movement in American politics
Konrad der Pfaffe
German epic poet (twelfth century)
Konrad Martin
Bishop of Paderborn; b. May 18, 1812; d. July 16, 1879
Konrad of Lichtenau
Medieval German chronicler (d. 1240)
Konrad of Megenberg
Scholar and writer (1309-1374)
Konrad of W├╝rzburg
German epic romancer (ca. 1230-1287)
Konrad Sweynheim
Printer, b. at Schwanheim, Frankfort, Germany; d. in Rome, 1477
Konrad Wimpina
Theologian, b. at Buchen in Baden, about 1465; d. at Amorbach in Lower Franconia, May 17, 1531
Konstantin von Hofler
Historian; b. at Memmingen, Bavaria, March 26, 1811; d. at Prague, December 29, 1898
Sacred book of Islam
Duchy and crownland in the Austrian Empire
Krasinski, Sigismund
Count, son of a Polish general (1812-1859)
Benedictine abbey in Austria
Political struggle for the rights and self-government of the Catholic Church in Germany
Kutenai Indians
Important native tribe of southeastern British Columbia
Kyrie Eleison
Greek liturgical ejaculation
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