Catholic Answers


J. M. Vincent Audin
Writer and publisher (1793-1851)
Jacinto Barrasa (or Barraza)
Priest and historiographer (d. 1704)
Jacinto Verdaguer
Poet, b. at Riudeperas, Province of Barcelona, Spain, April 17, 1845; d. at Vallvidrera, Barcelona, June 10, 1902
Second son of Isaac and Rebecca (also called Israel)
Jacob Anton Zallinger Zum Thurn
Philosopher and canonist, b. at Bozen, July 26, 1735, d. there, January 11, 1813
Jacob Arcadelt
Distinguished musician (d. between 1570 and 1575)
Jacob Balde
German poet (1604-1668)
Jacob Baradaeus
Syrian Monophysite bishop (d. 578)
Jacob Cornelisz
A Dutch painter of the first third of the sixteenth century
Jacob Gretser
Jesuit writer; b. 1562; d. 1625
Jacob Keller
Jesuit controversialist (1568-1631)
Jacob Konigshofen
Chronicler (1346-1420)
Jacob of Juterbogk
Theologian and canonist (1381-1465)
Jacob Van Hoogstraten
Theologian and controversialist, b. about 1460, in Hoogstraeten, Belgium; d. in Cologne, January 24, 1527
Jacob Van Maerlant
The greatest Flemish poet of the Middle Ages, b. about 1235; d. after 1291
Jacobus de Teramo
Canonist and bishop (1349-1417)
Jacopo de Voragine, Blessed
Archbishop of Genoa and medieval hagiologist (ca. 1230 - ca. 1298)
Jacopo Della Quercia
Sculptor, b. (it is said) at Quercia Grossa, near Siena, 1374; d. October 20, 1438
Jacopo Facciolati
Lexicographer and philologist, b. at Torreglia, near Padua, Italy, Jan. 4, 1682; d. at Padua, Aug. 26, 1769
Jacopo Nardi
Italian historian; b. at Florence, 1476; d. at Venice, March 11, 1563
Jacopo Piccolomini-Ammannati
Cardinal, b. in the Villa Basilica near Lucca, 1422; d. at San Lorenzo near Bolsena, Sept. 10, 1479
Jacopo Sadoleto
Cardinal, humanist, and reformer, b. at Modena, 1477; d. at Rome, 1547
Jacopo Sannazaro
Italian and Latin poet, b. at Naples, July 28, 1458; d. at Rome, in Aug., 1530
Jacopone da Todi
Franciscan poet, b. at Todi in the first half of the thirteenth century; d. at Collazzone about 1306.
Jacques Amyot
Bishop of Auxerre (1513-1593)
Jacques Babinet
French physicist (1794-1872)
Jacques Bonfrere
Biblical scholar (1573-1642)
Jacques Bossuet
French bishop and orator (1627-1704)
Jacques Bouillart
Benedictine monk (1669-1726)
Jacques Bridaine
Preacher (1701-1767)
Jacques Bruyas
B. at Lyons, France, July 13, 1635; d. at Sault St. Louis, Canada, June 15, 1712
Jacques Buteux
French missionary in Canada b. at Abbeville, in Picardy, April 11, 1600; slain by the Iroquois savages, May 10, 1652
Jacques Callot
French etcher, engraver, and painter, b. at Nancy, France, 1592; d. in the same city, March 28, 1635
Jacques Cartier
Discoverer of Canada, b. at Saint-Malo, Brittany, in 1491; d. September 1, 1557
Jacques Cretineau-Joly
Journalist and historian; b. at Fontenay-le-Comte, Vendee, France, 23 Sept., 1803; d. at Vincennes near Paris, I Jan., 1875
Jacques de Billy
French scholar (1535-1581)
Jacques de Lamberville
Jesuit missionary, b. at Rouen, 1641; d. at Quebec, 1710
Jacques de Molai
Grand Master of the Templars, b. at Rahon, Jura, about 1244; d. at Paris, March 18, 1314
Jacques de Vitry
Historian of the crusades, churchman (ca. 1160-1240)
Jacques Delille
French abbe and litterateur, b. at Aigueperse, June 22, 1738; d. at Paris, May 1, 1813
Jacques Echard
Historian of the Dominicans, b. Sept. 22, 1644; d. March 15, 1724
Jacques Goar
French Dominican hellenist; b.1601; d. 1653
Jacques Gravier
Jesuit North American missionary; b. 1651 d. 1708.
Jacques Jasmin
Provencal poet (1798-1864)
Jacques Le Bossu
French theologian, Doctor of the Sorbonne (1546-1626)
Jacques Le Fevre
French theologian and controversialist, b. at Lisieux towards the middle of the seventeenth century; d. July 1, 1716, at Paris
Jacques Lefevre D'etaples
French philosopher, biblical and patristic scholar, b. at Etaples in Picardy, about 1455; d. at Nerac, 1536
Jacques Lelong
French bibliographer, b. at Paris, April 19, 1665; d. there, Aug. 13, 1721
Jacques Lemercier
Sculptor and engraver, b. at Pontoise, about 1585; d. at Paris, 1654
Jacques Marquette
Jesuit missionary and discoverer of the Mississippi River, b. in 1636; d. May 19, 1675
Jacques Ozanam
French mathematician, b. at Bouligneux (Ain), 1640; d. in Paris, April 3, 1717
Jacques Sirmond
One of the greatest scholars of the seventeenth century, b. at Riom in the Department of Puy-de-Dome, France, Oct., 1559; d. in Paris, Oct. 7, 1651
Jacques Viger
A French-Canadian antiquarian and archaeologist b. at Montreal, May 7, 1787; d. Dec. 12, 1858
Jacques-Andre Emery
Superior of the Society of St-Sulpice during the French Revolution, b. Aug. 26, 1732, d. April 28, 1811
Jacques-Auguste de Thou
French historian, b. October 8, 1553; d. May 7, 1617
Jacques-Charles de Brisacier
Orator and ecclesiastical writer (1641-1736)
Jacques-Davy Duperron
Theologian and diplomat, b. Nov. 25, 1556 d. Sept. 5, 1618
Jacques-Denis Cochin
Preacher and philanthropist (1726-1783)
Jacques-Marie-Achille Ginoulhiac
French bishop, b. 1806; d. 1875
Jacques-Marie-Louis Monsabre
Celebrated pulpit orator, b. at Blois, France, Dec. 10, 1827; d. at Havre, Feb. 21, 1907
Jacques-Melchior Villefranche
Publicist, b. at Couzon-sur-Sraone, Dec. 17, 1829; d. at Bourg, May 10, 1904
Jacques-Paul Migne
Priest, and publisher of theological works, b. at Saint-Flour, October 25, 1800; d. at Paris, October 24, 1875
Jacques-Philippe Lallemant
French 'Jesuit, writer, b. at St-Valery-sur-Somme about 1660; d. at Paris, 1748
Jacques-Philippe-Marie Binet
French mathematician and astronomer (1786-1856)
Jacques-Rene de Brisay Denonville
Seigneur and Marquis de, b. in 1638 at Denonville in the department of Eure-et-Loir, France; d. 1710
Jacques-Victor-Albert Broglie
French statesman and historian (1821-1901)
Archbishop of Canterbury (d. 791)
Titular see in the Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Jaime Luciano Balmes
Priest, philosopher and publicist (1810-1848)
Form of religion intermediate between Brahminism and Buddhism
Jakob Benignus Winslow
Physician and anatomist, b. at Odense, Denmark, April 27, 1669; d. in Paris, April 3, 1760
Jakob Middendorp
Theologian and historian; b. about 1537, d. at Cologne, Jan. 13, 1611
Jakob Wimpfeling
Humanist and theologian, b. at Schlettstadt, Alsace, July 25, 1450; d. there, Nov. 17, 1528
Largest of the British West Indian Islands
James Adams
Professor of humanities at St. Omers, b. in England in 1737; d. at Dublin, 6 December, 1802
James Alphonsus McMaster
Editor, convert, b. at Duanesburg, New York, U.S.A., April 1, 1820; d. in Brooklyn, New York, December 29, 1886
James Ambrose Dominic Aylward
Theologian and poet (1813-1872)
James Anderton
English Catholic (1557-1618)
James Andrew Corcoran
Priest; theologian, editor, and Orientalist (1820-1889)
James Archer
English missionary priest (1751-1832)
James Arthur
Dominican friar (d. 1670)
James Atkinson
Catholic confessor tortured to death in Bridewell prison in 1595
James Beaton (Archbishop of Glasgow)
Archbishop of Glasgow, b. 1517; d. April 24, 1603
James Beaton (Scottish Archbishop)
Scottish Archbishop; B. C. 1473; d. at St. Andrews, 1539
James Bell
English priest and martyr (ca. 1520-1584)
James Bidermann
Poet and theologian (1578-1639)
James Brookes
Last Catholic Bishop of Gloucester, England (1512-1560)
James Burns
Publisher and author, b. near Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland, 1808; d. in London, April 11, 1871
James Burton Robertson
Historian, b. in London Nov. 15, 1800; d. at Dublin Feb. 14, 1877
James Campbell
B. at Philadelphia, Sept. 1, 1812; d. there, Jan. 27, 1893. His father was Anthony Campbell, and his grandfather George Campbell, a native of Fintona, County Tyrone, Ireland
James Cavanagh
Soldier, b. in County Tipperary, Ireland, 1831; d. in New York, January 7, 1901
James Chadwick
Second Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle (1813-1882)
James Clarence Mangan
Irish poet, b. in Dublin, May 1, 1803; d. there, June 20, 1849
James Clayton
Priest, confessor of the faith (d. 1588)
James Curley
Astronomer, b. at Athleague, County Roscommon, Ireland, October 26, 1796; d. at George-town, District of Columbia, U. S., July 24, 1889
James Dowdall
Martyr, date of birth unknown; executed for his faith at Exeter, England, September 20, 1600
James Fitton
Missionary, b. at Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., April 10, 1805; d. there, Sept. 15, 1881
James Fremin
Jesuit missionary to the American Indians; b. at Reims, March 12, 1628; d. at Quebec, July 2, 1691
James Gillis
Scottish bishop, b. 1802, d. 1864
James Harman Ward
Commander U.S. Navy; b. in Hartford, Conn., 1806; killed in attack on Matthias Point, Va., June 27, 1861
James Harrison
Priest and martyr; b. in the Diocese of Lichfield, England, date unknown; d. at York, March 22, 1602
James Joseph Carbery
Third Bishop of Hamilton, Ontario, b. in the County Westmeath, Ireland, May 1, 1823; d. at Cork, December 17, 1887
James Kennedy
Bishop of St. Andrews, Scotland (ca. 1406-1466)
James Laderchi
Italian Oratorian and ecclesiastical historian (ca. 1678-1738)
James Lainez
Second general of the Society of Jesus, theologian, b. in 1512, at Almazan, Castille, in 1512; d. at Rome, January 19, 1565
James Longstreet
Soldier, convert, b. January 8, 1821, at Edgefield, South Carolina, U.S.A.; d. at Gainesville, Georgia, January 2, 1904
James MacGeoghegan
B. at Uisneach, Westmeath, Ireland, 1702; d. at Paris, 1763
James McSherry (author)
Author; b. at Liberty Town, Frederick County, Maryland, July 29, 1819; d. at Frederick City, Maryland, July 13, 1869
James McSherry (jurist)
Jurist, b. at Frederick, Maryland, December 30, 1842; died there October 23, 1907
James Monroe
Soldier, convert, b. in Albemarle county, Virginia, U.S.A., Sept. 10, 1799; d. at Orange, New Jersey, Sept. 7, 1870
James Nugent
Philanthropist, temperance advocate and social reformer, b. March 3, 1822, at Liverpool; d. June 27, 1905, at Formby, near Liverpool
James of Brescia
Dominican theologian and inquisitor (fifteenth century)
James of Compostela, Saint
Founded in the twelfth century, owes its name to the national patron of Spain, St. James the Greater
James of Edessa
Syrian writer (ca. 633-708)
James of Sarugh
Writer of the Syrian church (451-521)
James of the Marches, Saint
Franciscan priest (1391-1476)
James Primadicci
Franciscan reformer (d. 1460)
James Robert Hope-Scott
Parliamentary barrister, Q.C.; b. July 15, 1812, at Great Marlow, Berkshire, England; d. in London, April 29, 1873
James Roosevelt Bayley
First Bishop of Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.U.S. (1814-1877)
James Ryder Randall
Journalist and poet, b. Jan. 1, 1839, at Baltimore, Maryland; d. Jan. 15, 1908, at Augusta, Georgia
James Sharpe
Convert, priest, b. at York, 1577; d. at Lincoln, 1630
James Shields
Military officer, b. in Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland, Dec. 12, 1810; d. at Ottumwa, Iowa, June 1, 1879
James Shirley
Poet and dramatist (1596-1666)
James Smith
Journalist, b. at Skolland, in the Shetland Isles, about 1790; d. Jan., 1866
James Spencer Northcote
B. at Feniton Court, Devonshire, May 26, 1821; d. at Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, March 3, 1907
James Stonnes
English priest, b. 1513; d. after 1585
James Talbot
B. 1726; d. 1790; last priest to be indicted in the public courts of England for saying Mass
James the Greater, Saint
Brother of Saint John the Evangelist
James the Less, Saint
Apostle, son of Alphaeus, brother of Saint Jude
James Thompson, Blessed
English priest and martyr (d. 1582)
James Tissot
French draughtsman and painter, b. Oct. 15, 1836; d. Aug. 3, 1902
James Tyrie
Theologian, b. at Drumkilbo, Perthshire, Scotland, 1543; d. at Rome, May 27, 1597
James Warren Doyle
Irish bishop; b. near New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland, 1786; d. at Carlow, 1834
James Waterworth
B. at St. Helen's, Lancashire, 1806; d. at Old Hall, Newark, March 28, 1876
Jan Baptista Van Helmont
Chemist; b. at Brussels, 1577; d. near Vilvorde, December 30, 1644
Jan Dlugosz
An eminent medieval Polish historian, b. at Brzeznica, 1415; d. May 19, 1480, at Cracow
Jan Ingen-Housz
Investigator of the physiology of plants, physicist, and physician, b. at Breda in North Brabant, Dec. 8, 1730; d. at London, Sept. 7, 1799
Jan Joest
Dutch painter (ca. 1460-1519)
Jan Kochanowski
Polish poet (1530-1584)
Jan Milic
Pre-Hussite reform preacher and religious enthusiast, b. at Kremsier in Moravia, d. June 29, 1374, at Avignon
Jan Stephanus Van Kalcker
Flemish painter (ca. 1499-1546)
Jan Van Cleef
Flemish painter (1646-1716)
Jane Frances de Chantal, Saint
Co-founder of the Visitation Order (1572-1641)
Janner, Ferdinand
Theologian (1836-1895)
Janos Hunyady
Governor of Hungary, b. about 1400; d. August 11, 1456
Janos Zadori
Ecclesiastical writer, b. at Katlocz, County of Neutra, Hungary, March 6, 1831; d. at Gran, Dec. 30, 1887
Jansenius and Jansenism
Bishop of Ypres, heresy of Jansenism is attributed to him (1585-1638)
Januarius Maria Sarnelli
One of S. Alphonsus's earliest companions
Januarius, Saint
Bishop of Beneventum, martyr (d. ca. 305)
Janus Lascaris
Noted Greek scholar, b. about 1445; d. at Rome in 1535
Asian country
Japanese Martyrs
Historical treatment of the martyrs in Japan
Jarlath, Saint
Patron of the Archdiocese of Tuam (ca. 445 - ca. 540)
Three or four persons of that name connected with the period of the Maccabees
Titular see of Caria
Synonymous with envy
Jean Allemand
French priest and Orientalist, b. 19 November, 1799; d. 9 August, 1833
Jean Antoine Watteau
French painter, and founder and leader of the school usually known as that of the painters of Les Fetes Galantes, at Valenciennes, 1684, near Paris, 1721
Jean Astruc
Physician and writer (1684-1766)
Jean Bagot
Theologian (1591-1664)
Jean Balue
French cardinal (1421-1491)
Jean Baptiste Abbeloos
Orientalist, b. 15 January, 1836, at Goyck, Belgium; d. 25 February, 1906
Jean Baptiste Gonet
French theologian; b. about 1616; d. 1681
Jean Baptiste Gresset
French Jesuit; b. 1709; d. 1777
Jean Baptiste Marchand
Second principal in order of succession of the Sulpician College of Montreal and missionary of the Detroit Hurons at Sandwich, Ont.; b. Feb. 25, 1760; d. Apr. 14, 1825
Jean Baptiste Van Eycken
Painter, b. at Brussels, Belgium, September 16, 1809; d. at Schaerbeek, December 19, 1853
Jean Benedicti
Franciscan theologian (sixteenth century)
Jean Bodin
Philosopher (1520-1596)
Jean Bourdon
Engineer, land surveyor (1612-1668)
Jean Brehal
French Dominican theologian (d. ca. 1479)
Jean Buridan
French scholastic philosopher of the fourteenth century
Jean Cabassut
French theologian and priest of the Oratory, b. at Aix in 1604, d. there, 1685
Jean Chapeauville
Priest; Belgian theologian and historian (1551-1617)
Jean Clopinel de Meun
French poet, b.1260 d. between 1305 and 1320
Jean Cousin
A French painter, sculptor, etcher, engraver, and geometrician, b. at Soucy, near Sens, 1500; d. at Sens before 1593, probably in 1590
Jean Crasset
Ascetical writer, b. at Dieppe, France, January 3, 1618; d. at Paris, January 4, 1692
Jean Croiset
Ascetical writer, b. at Marseilles, 1656; d. at Avignon, January 31, 1738
Jean D'Okeghem
Also called Okekem, Okenghem, Okegnan, Ockenheim, contrapuntist, founder and head of the second Netherland school (1450-1550), b. about 1430, presumably at Termonde, in East Flanders; d. 1495
Jean Dardel
Friar Minor of the French province of the order, chronicler of Armenia in the fourteenth century, adviser and confessor to King Leo V (or VI) of Armenia
Jean de Brebeuf
Jesuit missionary (1593-1649)
Jean de Brisacier
Controversialist (1592-1668)
Jean de Dieu-Raymond de Cuce Boisgelin
French prelate and cardinal (1732-1804)
Jean de Hautefeuille
French physicist, b. at Orleans, March 20, 1647; d. there, October 18, 1724
Jean de Jouffroy
French prelate, statesman (ca. 1412-1473)
Jean de La Bruyere
Historian (1645-1696)
Jean de La Fontaine
French poet, b. at Chateau-Thierry, July 8, 1621; d. at Paris, April 13, 1695
Jean de La Haye, O.F.M.
Franciscan Biblical scholar, b. at Paris, March 20, 1593; d. there Oct. 15, 1661
Jean de La Haye, S.J.
Jesuit Biblical scholar, b. at Bauffe, Hainault, Sept. 26, 1540; ci. at Douai, Jan. 14, 1614
Jean de Lauzon
Fourth governor of Canada, b. at Paris, 1583; d. there, Feb. 16, 1666
Jean de Mandeville
Author of a book of travels much read in the Middle Ages, d. probably in 1372
Jean de Saxe
Two astronomers of the Middle Ages who shared the same name
Jean Denis Attiret
Notable portrait painter (1702-1768)
Jean Desmarets de Saint-Sorlin
A French dramatist and novelist, b. in Paris, 1595, d. there, 1676
Jean Dolbeau
Recollect friar, b. in the Province of Anjou, France, March 12, 1586; d. at Orleans, June 9, 1652
Jean Druys
Thirtieth Abbot of Parc near Louvain, Belgium, b. at Cumptich, near Tirlemont; d. March 25, 1635
Jean Duvergier de Hauranne
One of the authors of Jansenism, b. at Bayonne, France, 1581; d. in Paris, 1643
Jean Eudes, Blessed
French missionary, founder of the Eudists and the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity; author of the liturgical worship of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary; b. at Ri, France, Nov. 14, 1601; d. at Caen, Aug. 19, 1680
Jean Francois Baltus
Theologian (1667-1743)
Jean Francois Buisson de Saint-Cosme
Priest, missionary, b. in Quebec, Canada, February, 1667; killed, 1707
Jean Froissart
French historian and poet, b. at Valenciennes, about 1337, d. at Chimay early in the fifteenth century
Jean Gamans
Jesuit; b. July 8, 1606, at Ahrweiler; d. at the College of Aschaffenburg near Frankfort, Nov. 25, 1684
Jean Garet
Benedictine of the Congregation of Saint-Maur, b. at Havre about 1627; d. at Jumieges, September 24, 1694
Jean Garnier
Church historian, patristic scholar, and moral theologian; b. at Paris, Nov. 11, 1612; d. at Bologna, Nov. 26, 1681
Jean Grancolas
Doctor of the Sorbonne, theologian, liturgist; b. 1660; d. 1732
Jean Hardouin
Jesuit, and historian; b. at Quimper, Brittany, Dec. 23, 1646, son of a bookseller of that town; d. at Paris, Sept. 3, 1729. He entered the novitiate of the Society, Sept. 25, 1660
Jean Hessels
Theologian of Louvain; b. 1522; d. 1566
Jean Jouvenet
French painter (1644-1717)
Jean Le Charlier de Gerson
Theologian; b. 1363; d. 1429
Jean Lejeune
Renowned preacher, b. at Poligny in 1592; d. at Limoges, Aug. 19, 1672
Jean Levesque de Burigny
Historian, b. at Reims, 1692; d. at Paris, 1785
Jean Louis Bonnard, Venerable
French missionary and martyr (1824-1852)
Jean Mabillon
Benedictine monk of the Congregation of Saint-Maur, b. November 23, 1632; d. at Paris, December 27, 1707
Jean Martianay
B. Dec. 30, 1647; d. June 16, 1717
Jean Michel
French dramatic poet of the fifteenth century, d. 1447
Jean Morin
French priest of the Oratory, b. at Blois, in 1591; d. at Paris, Feb. 28, 1659
Jean Nicolai
Celebrated Dominican theologian and controversialist, b. in 1594 at Mouzay in the Diocese of Verdun, France; d. May 7, 1673, at Paris
Jean Parisot de La Valette
Forty-eighth Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem; b. in 1494; d. in Malta, August 21, 1568
Jean Picard
Astronomer, b. at La Fleche, July 21, 1620; d. at Paris, Oct. 12, 1682
Jean Pierron
Missionary, b. at Dun-sur-Meuse, France, Sept. 28, 1631; date and place of death unknown
Jean Racine
Dramatist, b. at La Ferte-Milon, in the old Duchy of Valois, Dec. 20, 1639; d. in Paris, April 21, 1699
Jean Rochambeau
Marshal, b. at Vendome, France, July 1, 1725; d. at Thore, May 10, 1807.
Jean Talon
First intendant in exercise of New France, b. 1625; d. Nov. 23, 1691
Jean, Sire de Joinville
Historian (1225-1317)
Jean-Allarmet de Brogny
French Cardinal (1342-1426)
Jean-Antoine Chaptal
Chemist and statesman (1756-1832)
Jean-Antoine d'Aubermont
Dominican theologian (d. 1686)
Jean-Antoine Dubois
French missionary in India, b. in 1765 at St. Remeze (Ardeche); d. in Paris, Feb. 17, 1848
Jean-Antoine Houdon
B. at Versailles, 1741; d. July 16, 1828;
Jean-Antoine Nollet
Physicist, b. at Pimpre, Oise, France, November 19, 1700; d. at Paris, April 25, 1770
Jean-Armand Le Bouthillier de Rance
Abbot and reformer of Notre Dame de la Trappe, second son of Denis Bouthillier, Lord of Rance, Councillor of State, etc., b. at Paris, Jan. 9, 1626; d. at La Trappe, Oct. 27, 1700
Jean-Baptiste Biot
Physicist and mathematician (1774-1862)
Jean-Baptiste Blanchard
French Jesuit and educator (1731-1797)
Jean-Baptiste Bouvier
Bishop of Le Mans, theologian (1783-1854)
Jean-Baptiste Carnoy
Belgian biologist, b. at Rumillies, province of Hainaut, near Tournai, 22 Jan., 1836; d. at Schuls, in Switzerland, September 6, 1899
Jean-Baptiste Chardon
Jesuit; Indian missionary in Canada, and in the Louisiana territory (1672-1743)
Jean-Baptiste Colbert
Marquis de Seignelay, statesman (1619-1683)
Jean-Baptiste Corneille
French painter, etcher, and engraver (c. 1646-1695)
Jean-Baptiste Cotelier
Patristic scholar and theologian, b. December, 1629, at Nimes; d. August 19, 1686, at Paris
Jean-Baptiste de Belloy
Cardinal-Archbishop of Paris (1709-1808)
Jean-Baptiste de la Brosse
Jesuit missionary (1724-1782)
Jean-Baptiste de Saint-Vallier
Second Bishop of Quebec, b. at Grenoble, France, Nov. 14, 1653; d. at Quebec, Canada, Dec. 26, 1727
Jean-Baptiste Duhamel
French scientist, philosopher, and theologian, b. June 11, 1624; d. August 6, 1706
Jean-Baptiste Dumas
Distinguished French chemist and senator, b. July 14, 1800; d. April 10, 1884
Jean-Baptiste Faribault
Trader with the Indians and early settler in Minnesota, U.S.A.; b. October 19,1774, at Berthier, Lower Canada; d. at Faribault, Minnesota, August 20, 1860
Jean-Baptiste Girard
(Known as Père Girard) a Swiss pedagogue, b. 1765; d. 1850
Jean-Baptiste Glaire
French priest, hebraist, and Biblical scholar; b. 1798; d. 1879
Jean-Baptiste Greuze
French painter, b. August 21, 1725; d. March 21, 1805
Jean-Baptiste Labat
Dominican missionary (1664-1738)
Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur de Bienville
Founder of New Orleans, Louisiana (1680-1767)
Jean-Baptiste Massillon
French preacher and bishop; b. June 24, 1663; d. September 28, 1742
Jean-Baptiste Meilleur
French Canadian physician and educator, b. at St. Laurent, P. Q., May 9, 1796; d. Dec. 7, 1878
Jean-Baptiste Nothomb
Belgian statesman, b. July 3, 1805, at Messancy, Luxemburg; d. at Berlin, September 16, 1881
Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere
French comic poet; b. at Paris, Jan. 15, 1622; d. there Feb. 17, 1673
Jean-Baptiste Regis
Jesuit; b. at Istres, Provence, June 11, 1663, or Jan. 29, 1664; d. at Peking, Nov. 24, 1738
Jean-Baptiste Rousseau
French poet, b. in Paris, April 16, 1670; d. at La Genette, near Brussels, May 17, 1741
Jean-Baptiste Terrien
Dogmatic theologian, b. Aug. 26, 1832; d. Dec. 5, 1903
Jean-Baptiste-Alphonse Lusignan
French-Canadian writer, b. September 27, 1843; d. January 5, 1893
Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Ferland
French Canadian historian, b. at Montreal, December 25, 1805; d. at Quebec, January 11, 1865
Jean-Baptiste-Armand-Louis-Leonce Elie de Beaumont
Geologist, b. Sept. 25, 1798; d. Sept. 21, 1874
Jean-Baptiste-Charles-Marie de Beauvais
French bishop, b. at Cherbourg, October 17, 1731; d. at Paris, April 4, 1790
Jean-Baptiste-Francois Pitra
Cardinal, famous archaeologist and theologian, b. August 1, 1812, at Champforgeuil in the Department of Saone-et-Loire, France; d. Feb. 9, 1889, in Rome
Jean-Baptiste-Julien D'omalius Halloy
Belgian geologist, b. at Liege, Belgium, February 16, 1783; d. at Brussels, January 15, 1875
Jean-Baptiste-Louis-George Seroux d'Agincourt
Archaeologist and historian, b. at Beauvais, April 5, 1730; d. at Rome, September 24, 1814
Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney, Blessed
French priest known as the Cure of Ars (1786-1859)
Jean-Baptiste-Pierre-Antoine de Monet, Chevalier de Lamarck
Distinguished botanist, zoologist, and natural philosopher, b. at Bazentin in Picardy (department of Somme), France, August 1, 1744; d. at Paris, December 18, 1829
Jean-Barthelemy Haureau
Historian and publicist; b. at Paris, 1812; d. there, 1896
Jean-Bertrand-Leon Foucault
Physicist and mechanician, b. at Paris, Sept. 19, 1819; d. there Feb. 11, 1868
Jean-Claude-Marie Colin
French priest, founder of the Marists (1790-1875)
Jean-Edme-Auguste Gosselin
Ecclesiastical author; b. 1787; d. 1858
Jean-Felix Nourrisson
Philosopher, b. at Thiers, Department of Puy-de-Dome, July 18, 1825; d. at Paris, June 13, 1899
Jean-Francois Champollion
French Orientalist (1790-1832)
Jean-Francois Gerbillon (missionary)
French missionary; b. at Verdun, June 4, 1654; d. at Peking, China, March 27, 1707
Jean-Francois Hubert
Ninth Bishop of Quebec, b. at Quebec, February 23, 1739; d. October 17, 1799
Jean-Francois La Harpe
French critic and poet, b. at Paris, November 20, 1739; d. February, 1803
Jean-Francois Lesueur
Composer, b. at Drucat-Plessiel, near Abbeville, Feb. 15, 1760; d. at Paris October 6, 1837
Jean-Francois Millet
French painter; b. at Gruchy, near Cherbourg, October 4, 1814; d. at Barbizon, January 20, 1875
Jean-Francois-Albert Du Pouget
B. in 1817; d. at Rougemont, Cloyes, October 1, 1904; the scion of an old French family, and one of the most distinguished among modern men of anthropologic science
Jean-Francois-Anne Landriot
French bishop, at Couches-les-Mines near Autun, 1816; d. at Reims, 1874
Jean-Gabriel Perboyre, Blessed
Missionary and martyr (1802-1840)
Jean-Hippolyte Flandrin
French painter, b. at Lyons, March 23, 1809; d. at Rome, March 21, 1864
Jean-Jacques Barthelemy
French numismatologist and writer (1716-1795)
Jean-Jacques Bourassé
Archaeologist and historian (1813-1872)
Jean-Jacques Olier
Founder of the seminary and Society of St-Sulpice, b. at Paris, Sept. 20, 1608; d. there, April 2, 1657
Jean-Joseph Gaume
French theologian and author, b. at Fuans (Franche-Comte) in 1802; d. in 1879
Jean-Joseph Loiseaux (Piatus of Mons)
Piatus of Mons, Belgian priest and canonist (1815-1904)
Jean-Joseph Surin
B. 1600; d. at Bordeaux, 1665
Jean-Joseph Thonissen
Professor of law at the University of Louvain, minister in the Belgian Government, b. Jan. 21, 1817; d. Aug. 17, 1891
Jean-Louis Lefebvre de Cheverus
First Bishop of Boston; Bishop of Montauban; Archbishop of Bordeaux, France, and Cardinal (1768-1836)
Jean-Marie-Robert de Lamennais
French priest, theologian, established colleges, seminaries, communities of women, and schools b. at St-Malo in 1780; d. at Ploermel, Brittany, in 1860
Jean-Martin de Prades
Theologian, b. about 1720 at Castelsarrasin (Diocese of Montauban), d. in 1782 at Glogau, famous through an irreligious thesis
Jean-Michel-d'Astorg Aubarede
Canon regular, and Vicar Capitular of Pamiers (1639-1692)
Jean-Nicolas Beauregard
Celebrated French pulpit orator b. 4 Dec., 1733; d. July 27, 1804
Jean-Nicolas Laverlochere
Missionary, b. Dec. 6, 1812; d. Oct. 4, 1884
Jean-Paul Medaille
Jesuit missionary; b. January 29, 1618; d. May 15,.1689
Jean-Paul-Alban Villeneuve-Barcement
Vicomte de, b. at Saint-Auban, Var, Aug. 8, 1784; d. at Paris, June 8, 1850
Jean-Philippe Rameau
Musician, b. at Dijon, Burgundy, Sept. 25, 1683; d. at Paris, Sept. 12, 1764
Jean-Pierre Camus de Pont-Carre
French bishop, b. November 3, 1584, at Paris; d. there April 25, 1652
Jean-Pierre Claris Chevalier de Florian
A French poet and novelist, b. at the chateau of Florian (Gard), March 6, 1755; d. at Sceaux, Sept. 13, 1794
Jean-Pierre Gibert (French canonist)
Canonist; b. at Aix, Provence, in 1660; d. at Paris in 1736
Jean-Pierre Gury
Moral theologian; b. at Mailleroncourt, Haute-Saone, January 23, 1801; d. at Mercceur, Haute-Loire, April 18, 1866; entered the Society of Jesus at Montrouge, August 22, 1824
Jean-Pierre Minkelers
Inventor of illuminating gas; b. at Maastricht, Holland, 1748; d. there July 4, 1824
Jean-Pierre Niceron
French lexicographer, b. in Paris, March 11, 1685, d. there, July 8, 1738
Jean-Siffrein Maury
Cardinal and statesman, b. June 26, 1746; d. May 10, 1817
Jeanne de Valois, Saint
Queen and founder of the Order of the Annonciades (1464-1505)
Jeanne Fontbonne
In religion Mother St. John, second foundress and superior-general of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyons, b. March 3, 1759, at Basen-Basset, Velay, France; d. November 22, 1843, at Lyons
Jeanne Mance
Foundress of the Montreal Hotel-Dieu, b. 1606; d. 1673
Jeanne-Louise-Henriette Campan
French educator, b. November 6, 1752, at Paris; d. in 1822, at Mantes
Jeanne-Marie-Bouvier de La Motte Guyon
A celebrated French mystic of the seventeenth century; b. at Montargis, in the Orleanais, April 13, 1648; d. at Blois, June 9, 1717
Augustinian abbey in Scotland
Jedediah Vincent Huntington
Clergyman, novelist; b. January 20, 1815, in New York City; d. March 10, 1862, at Pau, France
Jehan Fouquet
French painter and miniaturist, b. at Tours, c. 1415; d. about 1480
Proper name of God in the Old Testament
Translated by some as 'Yahweh is he'
Jemez Pueblo
Indian pueblo in New Mexico, U.S.
Jeningen, Venerable Philipp
Jesuit missionary (1642-1704)
One of the judges of Israel narrated in the Book of Judges.
Jeremiah (Jeremias; several individuals)
Name of seven or eight men, besides the prophet.
Jeremiah (Jeremias; The Prophet)
The Prophet, including historical period, his mission and life, analysis of writings
Jeremiah Benettis
Capuchin historical writer (d. 1774)
Jeremiah Williams Cummings
Publicist, b. in Washington, U.S.A., April, 1814; d. at New York, January 4, 1866
Jeremias Drechsel
Ascetic writer, b. at Augsburg, August 15, 1581; d. at Munich, April 19, 1638
Three ancient cities of the same name
Name of two Israelite kings
Jerome Bellamy
Sympathizer of Mary Queen of Scots (d. 1586)
Jerome Besoigne
Jansenist writer (1686-1763)
Jerome de Jerome de Gonnelieu
French theologian, ascetical writer, and preacher, b.1640; d. 1715
Jerome de Prado
Jesuit exegete, b. at Baeza in Spain, 1547; d. at Rome, Jan. 13, 1595
Jerome Emiliani, Saint
Founder of the Order of Somascha (d. 1537)
Jerome Gratian
Spiritual director of St. Teresa and first Provincial of the Discalced Carmelites; b. 1545; d. 1614.
Jerome Lalemant
Jesuit missionary, b. at Paris, April 27, 1593; d. at Quebec, November 16, 1665
Jerome Lamy Besange
Benedictine Scripture scholar (1726-1781)
Jerome, Saint
Father of the Church (ca. 340-420)
Jerome-Hermes Bolsec
Carmelite monk, theologian, and physician (d. ca. 1584)
Jeronimo Mendieta
Spanish missionary; b. at Vitoria, Spain, 1525; d. in the City of Mexico, May 9, 1604
Jesu Dulcis Memoria
A poem ranging from forty-two to fifty-three stanzas (in various manuscripts), from which the Roman Breviary takes twelve stanzas to form the three hymns of the Office of the Hely Name
Jesu Pie Pelicane Domine
The sixth quatrain of Adoro Te Devote (q.v.), sometimes used as a separate hymn at Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament
Jesuit's Bark
Specific remedy for all forms of malaria
Jesus Christ
God the Son, Messiah of Israel
Jewish Calendar
Treatment of the Jewish Calendar
Jewish Tribe
Arrangement by clans or tribes represents a form of social and political organization natural to Semitic nomads, as may be observed among the Bedouins of today, and the division of the Jewish people into twelve tribes is a prominent feature of the Old Tes
Jews and Judaism
Descendants of Jacob (Israel) and their religion
Jezabel (Jezebel)
Wife of Achab, King of Israel
Jibaro Indians
Important tribal group of Ecuador in South America
General in chief of the army of King David
Father of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Joachim Barrande
French palaeontologist (1799-1883)
Joachim Bouvet
Jesuit missionary (d. 1732)
Joachim Bruel
Theologian and historian, b. early in the seventeenth century at Vorst, a village of the province of Brabant, Belgium; d. June 29, 1653
Joachim of Flora
Cistercian abbot and mystic (ca. 1132-1202)
Joan of Arc, Blessed
French warrior saint (ca. 1412-1431)
Joanna of Portugal, Blessed
Daughter of Alfonso V, King of Portugal (1452-1490)
Joannes Bunderius
Flemish theologian and controversialist, b. of distinguished parents at Ghent in 1482; d. there January 8, 1557
Joannes de Sacrobosco
Monk of English origin, astronomer (d. 1256)
Joannes Maxentius
Leader of the so-called Scythian monks, appears in history at Constantinople in 519 and 520
Joao de Barros
Historian (1496-1570)
Joao Dos Santos
Dominican missionary in India and Africa, b. at Evora, Portugal; d. at Goa in 1622
João Mendes de Silva
Better known as Amadeus of Portugal, attracted attention by his virtue and miracles, b. 1420, d. at Milan, 1482
Joao Rodriguez
Missionary and author, b. at Alcochete in the Diocese of Lisbon in 1558; d. in Japan in 1633
Joaquin Acosta
A native of Colombia in South America
One of the books of the Old Testament and the protagonist of it
Jobst Bernhard von Aufsees
Canon of Bamberg and Wurzburg (1671-1738)
Cistercian monk and Bishop of Glasgow, Scotland (d. 1199)
Jocelin de Brakelond
Monk, English chronicler (twelfth century)
Jocelin of Wells
Bishop of Bath and Wells (d. 1242)
Second in the list of the twelve Minor Prophets
Joel Chandler Harris
Folklorist, novelist, poet, journalist; b. at Eatonton, Georgia, U.S.A., 1848; d. at Atlanta, Georgia, July 3, 1908
Johan Joseph Gorres
German champion of Catholic causes; b. 1776; d. 1848.
Johann Adam Mohler
Theologian, b. at Igersheim (Wurtemberg), April 6, 1796; d. at Munich, April 12, 1838
Johann Adam Schall von Bell
Prominent figure among the missionaries to China, b. of an important family at Cologne in 1591; d. at Peking, Aug. 15, 1666
Johann and Wendelin von Speyer
German printers in Venice from 1468 to 1477
Johann Augustanus Faber
Theologian, b. at Fribourg, Switzerland, c. 1470; d. about 1531
Johann Balthasar Neumann
B. 1687 at Eger; d. 1753 at Wurzburg, master of the rococo style and one of the greatest and most productive artists of the eighteenth century; distinguished as a decorator, but more so as an architect
Johann Baptist Alzog
Catholic church historian (1808-1878)
Johann Baptist Franzelin
Cardinal and theologian; b. at Aldein, in the Tyrol, 15 April, 1816; d. at Rome, Dec. 11, 1886
Johann Baptist von Hirscher
B. January 20, 1788, at Alt-Ergarten, Ravensburg; d. September 4, 1865
Johann Baptist Weiss
B. at Ettenheim, Baden, July 17, 1820; d. at Graz, March 8, 1899
Johann Bollig
Orientalist (1821-1895)
Johann Caspar Aiblinger
Composer, b. 23 February, 1779, at Wasserburg, Bavaria; d. at Munich, 6 May, 1867
Johann Caspar Barthel
German canonist (1697-1771)
Johann Chrysostomus Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
One of the greatest musical geniuses in history, b. at Salzburg, Austria, Jan. 27, 1756; d. at Vienna, Dec. 5, 1791
Johann Cochlaeus
Humanist and Catholic controversialist (1479-1552)
Johann Crotus
German Humanist, b. at Dornheim, in Thuringia, c. 1480; d. probably at Halle, c. 1539
Johann Dietenberger
Theologian, b. about 1475 at Frankfort-on-the-Main; d. 4 Sept., 1537, at Mainz
Johann Eck
Theologian and principal adversary of Luther, b. Nov. 15, 1486, d. Feb. 10, 1543
Johann Eckhart
Dominican preacher, theologian, and mystic, b. about 1260 d. in 1327
Johann Emanuel Veith
Preacher, b. of Jewish parents at Kuttenplan, Bohemia, 1787; d. at Vienna, Nov. 6, 1876
Johann Ernst Hanxleden
Jesuit missionary in the East Indies; b. at Ostercappeln, near Osnabruck, in Hanover, 1681; d. in Malabar, March 20, 1732
Johann Faber
Theologian, doctor of sacred theology, b. 1478; d. May 21, 1541
Johann Faber (of Heilbronn)
Controversialist and preacher; b. 1504, d. at Augsburg, Feb. 27, 1558
Johann Franz (Gottfried) Bessel
Benedictine abbot and historian (1672-1749)
Johann Friedrich Schannat
German historian, b. at Luxemburg, July 23, 1683; d. at Heidleberg, March 6, 1739
Johann G. Albrechtsberger
Master of musical theory, and teacher of Hummel and Beethoven, b. at Klosterneuburg in Lower Austria, 3 February, 1736; d. in Vienna, 7 March, 1809
Johann Gabriel Seidl
Poet, author of the present Austrian national hymn, b. at Vienna, June 21, 1804; d. there, July 17, 1875
Johann Geiler von Kaysersberg
A celebrated German pulpit orator, b. at Schaffhausen, Switzerland, March 16, 1445; d. at Strasburg, March 10, 1510
Johann Georg Herbst
B. at Rottweil, in Wurtemberg, January 13, 1787; d. July 31, 1836
Johann Georg Reiffenstuel
Theologian and canonist; b. at Kaltenbrunn (Tegernsee) July 2, 1641; d. at Freising, Oct. 5, 1703
Johann Georg von Eccard
German historian, b. Sept. 7, 1664; d. at Feb. 9, 1730
Johann Grueber
German Jesuit missionary in China and noted explorer of the seventeenth century; b. October 28, 1623; d. in 1665
Johann Gutenberg
Inventor of printing; b. about 1400; d. 1467 or 1468 at Mainz
Johann Heinrich Achterfeldt
Theologian, b. at Wesel, 17 June, 1788; d. at Bonn, 11 May, 1877
Johann Heinrich Frankenberg
Archbishop of Mechlin (Malines), Primate of Belgium, and cardinal; b. September 18, 1726, at Gross-Glogau, Silesia; d. at Breda, June 11, 1804
Johann Hermann Janssens
Catholic theologian, b. at Maeseyck, Belgium, Dec. 7, 1783; d. at Engis, May 23, 1853.
Johann Heynlin of Stein
Theologian, b. about 1425; d. at Basle, March 12, 1496
Johann Host
Dominican who distinguished himself in the struggle against Luther in Cologne
Johann Ignaz Von Felbiger
A German educational reformer, pedagogical writer, and canon regular of the Order of St. Augustine, b. January 6, 1724, at Gross-Glogau in Silesia; d. May 17, 1788
Johann Janssen
German historian (1829-1891)
Johann Joachim Winckelmann
Archaeologist and historian of ancient art, b. at Stendal near Magdeburg, in 1717; assassinated at Triest, in 1768
Johann Joseph Gassner
A celebrated exorcist; b. Aug. 22, 1727, at Braz, Vorarlberg, Austria; d. April 4, 1779
Johann Joseph Ignaz Von Dollinger
Historian and theologian, b. at Bamberg, Bavaria, February 28, 1799; d. at Munich, January 10, 1890
Johann Kaspar Zeuss
B. at Vogtendorf, in Upper Franconia, July 22, 1806; d. there, Nov. 10, 1856. He was the founder of Celtic philology, an eminent philologist, and studied at the gymnasium of Bamberg
Johann Ladislaus von Oberwart Pyrker
B. at Langh near Stuhlweissenburg, Hungary, Nov. 2, 1772; d. at Vienna, Dec. 2, 1847
Johann Leonhard Hug
A German Catholic exegete, b. at Constance, June 1, 1765; d. March 11, 1846
Johann Lohel
Archbishop of Prague, b. at Eger, Bohemia, 1549; d. Nov. 2, 1622
Johann Matthias Kager
German historical painter (1566-1634)
Johann Mechtel
Chronicler; b. 1562 at Pfalzel near Trier (Germany); d. after 1631, perhaps as late as 1653
Johann Michael Feder
German theologian, b. May 25, 1753, at Oellingen in Bavaria; d. July 26, 1824
Johann Michael Haydn
A younger brother of Franz Joseph Haydn; b. at Rohrau, Austria, Sept. 14, 1737; d. at Salzburg, August 10, 1806
Johann Michael Nathanael Feneberg
Jesuit; b. in Oberdorf, Allgau, Bavaria, Feb. 9, 1751; d. Oct. 12, 1812
Johann Michael Raich
Catholic theologian, b. at Ottobeuren in Bavaria, January 17, 1832; d. at Mainz, March 28, 1907
Johann Michael Sailer
Professor of theology and Bishop of Ratisbon, b. at Aresing in Upper Bavaria, October 17, 1751; d. May 20, 1832, at Ratisbon
Johann Muller (physiologist)
Physiologist and comparative anatomist, b. at Coblentz, July 14, 1801; d. at Berlin, April 28, 1858
Johann Muller (Regiomontanus)
Astronomer, b. in or near Konigsberg, a small town in lower Franconia (Dukedom of Coburg), June 6, 1436; d. in Rome, July 6, 1476
Johann Nepomucene Brischar
Church historian (1819-1897)
Johann Nepomuk Cosmas Michael Denis
Bibliographer and poet, b. at Scharding, Bavaria, September 27, 1729; d. at Vienna Sept. 29, 1800
Johann Nepomuk Schelble
Musician, b. May 16, 1789, at Huffingen in the Black Forest; d. there Aug. 6, 1837
Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs
Chemist and mineralogist; b. at Mattenzell, near Bremberg, Lower Bavaria, May 15, 1774; d. at Munich, March 5, 1856
Johann Nepomuk von Nussbaum
German surgeon, b. at Munich Sept. 2, 1829; d. there Oct. 31, 1890
Johann Nepomuk von Tschiderer Au Gleifheim
Bishop of Trent, b. at Bozen, Feb. 15, 1777; d. at Trent, Dec. 3, 1860
Johann Nikolaus Weislinger
Polemical writer, b. at Puttlingen in German Lorraine, 1691; d. at Kappel-Rodeck in Baden, August 29, 1755
Johann Oecolampadius
Protestant theologian, b. at Weinsberg, Swabia, in 1482; d. at Basle, November 24, 1531
Johann Philipp Roothaan
Twenty-first General of the Society of Jesus, b. at Amsterdam, November 23, 1785; d. at Rome, May 8, 1853
Johann Pistorius
Controversialist and historian, b. at Nidda in Hesse, February 14, 1546; d. at Freiburg, July 18, 1608
Johann Schraudolph
Historical painter, b. at Oberstdorf in the Allgau, 1808; d. May 31, 1879
Johann Sebastian von Drey
Professor of theology at the University of Tubingen, b. Oct. 16, 1777, d. Feb. 19, 1853
Johann Simon Haspinger
Tyrolese priest and patriot; b. at Gries, Tyrol, October 28, 1776; d. in the imperial palace of Mirabell, Salzburg, January 12, 1858
Johann Tetzel
Preacher of indulgences and first public antagonist of Luther, b. 1465; d. Aug. 11, 1519
Johann Thugut
Austrian statesman, b. March 31, 1736; d. May 28, 1818
Johann von Lamont
Astronomer and physicist, b. Dec. 13, 1805, in Scotland; d. Aug. 6, 1879, near Munich, Bavaria
Johann von Staupitz
Abbot, b. at Motterwitz near Leisnig about 1460; d. at Salzburg, Dec. 28, 1524
Johann Wild
Scriptural commentator and preacher, better known by his Latin name Ferus, b. in Swabia, 1495; d. at Mainz, Sept. 8, 1554
Johannes Bessarion
Cardinal, Byzantine scholar (ca. 1389-1472)
Johannes Gratian
Son of Valentinian I; b. 359; d. 383
Johannes Mentelin
Eminent German typographer, b.1410; d. Dec. 12, 1478;
Johannes Moschus
Monk and ascetical writer, b. about 550 probably at Damascus; d. at Rome, 619
Johannes Nicolaus von Hontheim
Auxiliary Bishop of Trier; b. at Trier, January 27, 1701; d. at Montquentin, near Orval, Sept. 2, 1790
Johannes Pauli
B. about 1455; d. after 1530 in the monastery at Thann in Alsace
Johannes Pfefferkorn
A baptized Jew, b. probably at Nuremberg, 1469; d. at Cologne, between 1521 and 1524
Johannes Reuchlin
Celebrated German humanist, b. at Pforzheim, Baden, February 22, 1455; d. at Liebenzell, June 30, 1522
Johannes Thurmayr
B. July 4, 1477; d. January 9, 1534
Johannes Tserclaes Tilly
B. in 1559; d. in April, 1632
Johannes Veghe
German preacher and religious writer, b. at Munster in Westphalia about 1435; d. there, September 21, 1504
Johannes von Geissel
Cardinal, Archbishop of Cologne, b. February 5, 1796, at Gimmeldingen, in the Palatinate; d. September 8, 1864, at Cologne
Johannes von Kuhn
Theologian (1806-1887)
John Abercromby
Catholic cleric killed during the Scottish Reformation; d. 1561
John Acton
An English canonist, after 1329 canon of Lincoln; d. 1350
John Adam
Distinguished preacher and a strenuous opponent of Calvinists and Jansenists, b. at Limoges in 1608; d. at Bordeaux, 12 May, 1684
John Adams, Venerable
Priest, martyred at Tyburn, 8 October, 1586
John Alcock
Bishop of Rochester, Worcester, and Ely, b. at Beverley, 1430; d. at Wisbeach Castle, 1 October, 1500
John Allen (Archbishop of Dublin)
Archbishop of Dublin, canonist, and Chancellor of Ireland (1476-1534)
John Allen (priest and martyr)
Priest and martyr. He was executed at Tyburn in the beginning of the year 1538
John Almeida
Jesuit missionary, b. in London, of Catholic parents, 1571; d. at Rio Janeiro, 24 September, 1653
John Almond
Cistercian, Confessor of the Faith; d. in Hull Castle, 18 April, 1585
John Almond, Venerable
English priest and martyr, b. about 1577; d. at Tyburn, 5 December, 1612
John Amias, Venerable
English priest martyred in 1589
John and Michael Banim
Brothers, both writers from Ireland
John and Paul, Saints
Christian martyrs (fourth century)
John Argyropulos
Humanist, and translator of Aristotle (1416-1486)
John Ashton
Jesuit missionary in Maryland (1742-1814)
John Asser
Learned monk of St. David's, Menevia (d. 910)
John Austin
English lawyer and writer (1613-1669)
John Bacon
English Carmelite and theologian (d.1346)
John Bannister Tabb
An American poet and educator, b. 1845; d. 1909
John Bapst
Jesuit missionary and educator (1815-1887)
John Baptist Albertrandi
Polish Jesuit, of Italian extraction, b. at Warsaw, 7 December, 1731; d. August, 1808
John Baptist Brondel
First Bishop of Helena, Montana, U.S.A. (1842-1903)
John Baptist de la Salle, Saint
Founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (1651-1719)
John Baptist de Rossi, Saint
Priest, canon, preacher (1698-1764)
John Baptist Hogan
Abbe, b. June 24, 1829; d. September 29, 1901
John Baptist Purcell
Archbishop of Cincinnati, b. at Mallow, Ireland, Feb. 26, 1800; d. at the convent of the Ursulines, Brown County, Ohio, July 4, 1883
John Baptist Tolomei
Jesuit theologian and cardinal, b. Dec. 3, 1653; d. Jan. 19, 1726
John Barbour
Scottish ecclesiastic and author
John Barclay
Author of the political novel Argenis b. January 28, 1582; d. August, 1621
John Barrow
Priest, descended from a family of stanch Catholic yeomen (1735-1811)
John Barry
Captain in the United States navy (1745-1803)
John Barry (Bishop of Savannah)
Second Bishop of Savannah, Georgia (1799-1859)
John Beccus
Patriarch of Constantinople, and one of the few Greek ecclesiastics
John Beche, Blessed
English Benedictine abbot and martyr; date of birth unknown; d. at Colchester, England, December 1, 1539
John Bede Polding
Archbishop of Sydney, b. at Liverpool, Oct. 18, 1794; d. at Sydney, March 16, 1877
John Belasyse
Catholic English nobleman (1614-1689)
John Bellarini
Barnabite theologian (1552-1630)
John Bellenden
Scottish Catholic poet (ca. 1500-1587)
John Berchmans, Saint
Jesuit (1599-1621)
John Bodey, Venerable
English martyr (1549-1583)
John Boste, Venerable
Priest and martyr (ca. 1544-1594)
John Boyce
Novelist, lecturer, and priest (1810-1864)
John Boyle O'Reilly
Poet, novelist, and editor, b. at Douth Castle, Drogheda, Ireland, June 24, 1844; d. at Hull Massachusetts, August 10, 1890
John Brande Morris
Convert, priest, writer, b. September 4, 1812; d. at Hammersmith, London, April 9, 1880
John Bridgewater
Historian of the Catholic Confessors under Queen Elizabeth (ca. 1532 - ca. 1596)
John Brignon
Jesuit (1629-1712)
John Britton, Venerable
Layman and martyr (d. 1598)
John Bromyard
Dominican theologian (d. ca. 1390)
John Brugman
Franciscan preacher, b. at Kempen in the Diocese of Cologne, towards the end of the 14th century; d. at Nimwegen, Netherlands, 19 Sept., 1473
John Buckley, Venerable
Priest, martyr (d. 1598)
John C. Devereux
B. at his father's farm, The Leap, near Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland, Aug. 5, 1774; d. at Utica, New York, on Dec. 11, 1848
John Cabot
Celebrated navigator and the discoverer of the American mainland, b. in the first half of the fifteenth century at Genoa; date of death unknown
John Caius
Physician and scholar, b. at Norwich, October 6, 1510; d. at London, July 29, 1573
John Calvin
Protestant Reformer, b. at Noyon in Picardy, France, July 10, 1509, and d. at Geneva, May 27, 1564
John Cantius, Saint
Polish priest, professor of Scripture (ca. 1412-1473)
John Capgrave
Augustinian friar, historian, and theologian, b. at Lynn in Norfolk, April 21, 1393; d. there, August 12, 1464 (according to Pits, 1484)
John Capistran, Saint
Franciscan priest, preacher (1385-1456)
John Capreolus
Theologian, b. towards the end of the fourteenth century (about 1380) in the Diocese of Rodez, France; d. in that city, April 6, 1444
John Carroll
First bishop of the U.S.A. hierarchy, first Bishop and Archbishop of Baltimore, b. at Upper Marlboro, Md., 8 Jan., 1735; died in Baltimore, 3 Dec., 1815
John Caryll
Poet, dramatist, and diplomatist, b. at West Harting, England, 1625; d. 1711;
John Casey
Mathematician, b. at Kilkenny, Ireland, May 12, 1820; d. at Dublin, 3 Jan., 1891
John Cassian
Monk and ascetic writer of Southern Gaul, b. probably in Provence about 360; d. about 435
John Chetwode Eustace
Antiquary, b. in Ireland, c. 1762; d. at Naples, Italy, Aug. 1, 1815
John Chrysostom, Saint
Father of the Church (ca. 347-407)
John Clement
President of the College of Physicians and tutor to St. Thomas More's children (1500-1572)
John Clerk
Bishop of Bath and Wells (d. 1541)
John Climacus, Saint
Syrian abbot of Mt. Sinai (ca. 525 - ca. 606)
John Clynn
Irish Franciscan and annalist (1300-1349)
John Colet
Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral and founder of St. Paul's School, London (1467-1519)
John Colgan
Franciscan; hagiographer and historian (d. probably in 1657)
John Colombini, Blessed
Founder of the Congregation of Jesuati (ca. 1300-1367)
John Connolly
Second Bishop of New York (1750-1825)
John Constable
Jesuit; controversialist (c. 1676-1743)
John Cornelius and Companions, Venerables
Irish Catholic priest and companions, martyrs (d. 1594)
John Curry
Doctor of medicine and Irish historian; b. in Dublin in the first quarter of the eighteenth century; d. there, 1780
John Dalton
Irish author and translator from Spanish and German, b. in 1814; d. at Maddermarket, Norwich, February 15, 1874
John Damascene, Saint
Father of the Church (ca. 676 - ca. 787)
John Daniel
Priest and made professor of philosophy (1778) and afterwards of theology; b. 1745; d. in Paris, October 3, 1823
John Dawson Gilmary Shea
Historian, b. in New York, July 22, 1824; d. at Elizabeth, New Jersey, Feb. 22, 1892
John de Britto, Blessed
Jesuit martyr (1647-1693)
John de Feckenham
Last Abbot of Westminster, and confessor of the Faith; b. in Feckenham Forest, Worcestershire, in 1515(?), of poor parents named Howman; d. at Wisbech Castle, Oct. 16, 1585
John de Lugo
Spanish Jesuit and Cardinal, b. at Madrid in November, 1583, d. at Rome, August 29, 1660
John de Montmirail
He built a hospital for the sick of all kinds, but the objects of his predilection were the lepers, and those hopelessly afflicted. b. in 1165; d. Sept. 29, 1217
John de Pineda
Jesuit; b. in Seville, 1558; d. there, Jan. 27, 1637
John de Taxster
Thirteenth-century chronicler
John de Trokelowe
Or Thorlow, John de, a monastic chronicler still living in 1330, but the dates of whose birth and death are unknown. He was a Benedictine monk of St. Albans
John Delavau Bryant
Physician, poet, author, and editor, b. in Philadelphia, U.S.A., 1811; d. 1877
John Dobree Dalgairns
B. in the island of Guernsey, Oct. 21, 1818; d. April 6, 1876, at St. George's Retreat, Burgess Hill, near Brighton, England
John Doyle
English portrait-painter and caricaturist b. in Dublin, Ireland, 1797; d. in London, Jan. 2, 1868
John Drumgoole
Priest and philanthropist, b. at Granard, Co. Longford, Ireland, August 15, 1816; d. in New York, March 28, 1888
John Dryden
Poet, dramatist, critic, and translator; b. August 9, 1631, at Oldwinkle All Saints, Northamptonshire, England; d. at London, April 30, 1700
John Dubois
Third Bishop of New York, educator and missionary, b. in Paris, August 24, 1764; d. in New York, December 20, 1842
John Duns Scotus
Franciscan, scholastic philosopher, founder and leader of the famous Scotist School d. Nov. 8, 1308;
John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton
Professor of Modern History at Cambridge, b. at Naples, 10 January, 1834, d. at Tegernsee, Bavaria, 19 June, 1902
John England
First Bishop of Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.A.; b. September 23, 1786, d. April 11, 1842
John Evangelist Stadler
Bavarian hagiographer, b. at Parkstetten, in the Diocese of Ratisbon, Dec. 24, 1804; d. at Augsburg, Dec. 30, 1868
John Felton, Blessed
English martyr (d. 1570)
John Fenn
B. at Montacute near Wells in Somersetshire; d. Dec. 27, 1615
John Finch
Martyr, b. about 1548; d. April 20, 1584
John Finglow, Venerable
English martyr; b. at Barnby, near Howden, Yorkshire; executed at York, August 8, 1586
John Fisher, Blessed
Cardinal, Bishop of Rochester, martyr (ca. 1459-1535)
John Fletcher
Missionary and theologian, b. at Ormskirk, England, of an old Catholic family; educated at Douai and afterwards at St. Gregory's, Paris; d. about 1848
John Floyd
English missionary b. in Cambridgeshire in 1572; d. at St-Omer, Sept. 16, 1649
John Forbes
Capuchin; b. 1570; d. 1606
John Forest, Blessed
English Franciscan, martyr (1471-1538)
John Fowler
Scholar and printer, b. at Bristol, England, 1537; d. at Namur, Flanders, Feb. 13, 1578-9
John Francis Bentley
English architect (1839-1902)
John Francis Edward Acton
Sixth Baronet of the name, son of a Shropshire physician, b. at Besancon, 3 June, 1736; d. at Palermo, 12 August, 1811
John Francis Regis, Saint
Jesuit priest, missionary (1597-1640)
John Frederick Henry Schlosser
Jurist, b. at Frankfort-on-the-Main, December 30, 1780; d. there, January 22, 1851
John Furniss
A well-known children's missioner, b. near Sheffield, England, June 19, 1809; d. at Clapham, London, Sept. 16, 1865
John Fust
A partner of Gutenberg in promoting the art of printing, d. at Paris about 1466
John Gage Rokewode
Devoted to antiquarian pursuits, b. Sept. 13, 1786; died Oct. 14, 1842
John Garland
An English poet and grammarian, who lived in the middle of the thirteenth century
John Gerard (Jesuit)
Jesuit; b. Oct. 4, 1564; d. July 27, 1637
John Gibbons
Jesuit theologian; b. 1544; d. 1589
John Goodman
Welch Venerable, priest and martyr; b. 1590; d. 1642.
John Gother
Priest and controversialist; d. 1704
John Gower
Poet; b. between 1327-1330, probably in Kent; d. October, 1408. He was of gentle blood and well connected. He may have been a merchant in London, but this cannot be authoritatively affirmed. It seems certain from his writings
John Gray Foster
Soldier, convert, b. at Whitfield, New Hampshire, U.S.A., May 27, 1823; d. at Nashua, New Hampshire, September 2, 1874
John Gropper
Eminent jurist and theologian, b. Feb. 24, 1503; d. March 13, 1559
John Hambley, Venerable
English martyr (suffered 1587), born and educated in Cornwall, and converted by reading one of Father Persons' books in 1582
John Hamilton
Archbishop of St. Andrews; b. 1511; d. at Stirling, 1571; a natural son of James, first Earl of Arran
John Hardyng
English chronicler; b. 1378; d. about 1465
John Henry Newman
Cardinal-Deacon of St. George in Velabro, divine, philosopher, man of letters, leader of the Tractarian Movement, and the most illustrious of English converts to the Church, b. in the City of London, Feb. 21, 1801, the eldest of six children, three boys a
John Henten
Biblical exegete, b. 1499 at Nalinnes Belgium; d. Oct. 10, 1566, at Louvain
John Hewett
English martyr, date of birth unknown; executed at Mile End Green, October 5, 1588
John Holmes
Catholic educator and priest; b. at Windsor, Vermont, in 1799; d. at Lorette, near Quebec, Canada, in 1852
John Houghton, Blessed
Protomartyr of the persecution under Henry VIII (1487-1535)
John Huddleston
Monk of the Order of St. Benedict; b. at Farington Hall, Lancashire, April 15, 1608; exact date of death unknown; buried at London, September 13, 1698
John Hughes
Fourth Bishop and first Archbishop of New York, b. June 24, 1797; d. in New York, January 3, 1864
John Ingram, Venerable
English martyr; b. in 1565; executed July 26, 1594
John Jacob Baegert
Missionary and ethnographer (1717-1777)
John James Maximilian Oertel
Journalist, b. at Ansbach, Bavaria, April 27, 1811; d. at Jamaica, New York, August 21, 1882
John James Scheffmacher
Jesuit theologian, b. at Kientzheim, Alsace, April 27, 1668; d. at Strasburg, August 18, 1733
John Joseph Hornyold
Titular Bishop of Philomelia, England; b. February 19, 1706; d. at Longbirch, Staffordshire, December 26, 1778
John Joseph of the Cross, Saint
Italian Franciscan priest, miracle worker (1654-1739)
John Kemble, Venerable
English martyr (1599-1679)
John Kemp
Cardinal, Archbishop of Canterbury, Chancellor of England (ca. 1380-1454)
John Knox
Scotch Protestant leader (ca. 1505-1572)
John Kramer
Ascetic writer (fifteenth century)
John LaFarge
Painter, decorator, and writer, b. at New York, March 31, 1835; d. at Providence, Rhode Island, Nov. 14, 1910
John Lanigan
Church historian, b. at Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland, in 1758; d. at Finglas, Dublin, July 8, 1825
John Larke, Blessed
English martyr (d. ca. 1544)
John Laski
Archbishop of Gnesen and Primate of Poland, b. at Lask, 1456; d. at Gnesen, May 19, 1531
John Lateran, Saint
Oldest, and ranks first among the four great patriarchal basilicas of Rome
John Leslie
Bishop of Ross, Scotland, b. September 29, 1527; d. at Guirtenburg, near Brussels, May 30, 1596
John Lingard
English priest and historian; b. at Winchester, February 5, 1771; d. at Hornby, July 17, 1851
John Lloyd, Venerable
Welsh priest and martyr, executed at Cardiff, July 22, 1679
John Lockwood, Venerable
Priest and martyr, b. about 1555; d. at York, April 13, 1642
John Lucic
Croatian historian, b. early in the seventeenth century, ; d. at Rome, January 11, 1679
John Lydgate
B. at Lydgate, Suffolk, about 1370; d. probably about 1450
John Lynch
Historian, b. at Galway, Ireland, 1599; d. in France, 1673
John Macdonald
Laird of Glenaladale and Glenfinnan philanthropist, colonizer, soldier, b. in Glenaladale, Scotland, about 1742; d. at Tracadie, Prince Edward Island, Canada, 1811
John Machale
B. March 6, 1791; d. November 4, 1881
John MacRory Magrath
; b. in Munster, Ireland, in the fifteenth century; date and place of death unknown
John Malalas
Monophysite Byzantine chronicler (sixth century)
John Martiall
B. in Worcestershire, 1534, d. at Lille, April 3, 1597
John Martin Augustine Scholz
Erudite German Orientalist and exegete, b. at Kapsdorf, near Breslau, Feb. 8, 1794; d. at Bonn, Oct. 20, 1852
John Martin Moye
Priest of the Diocese of Metz, founder of the Sisters of Divine Providence, missionary, b. at Cutting, Lorraine, January 27, 1730; d. at Trier, May 4, 1793
John Martinov
B. October 7, 1821; d. April 26, 1894
John Mary Odin
Lazarist missionary, first Bishop of Galveston and second Archbishop of New Orleans, b. Feb. 25, 1801, at Hauteville, Ambierle, France; d. there May 25, 1870
John Mayor
Scotch philosopher and historian, b. 1496; d. 1550
John McCloskey
First American Cardinal, born in Brooklyn, N. Y., March 20, 1810; died in New York, October 10, 1885
John McLoughlin
Physician and pioneer, b. Oct. 19, 1784; d. Sept. 3, 1857
John Mensing
Theologian and celebrated opponent of Luther, b. date unknown; d. about 1541
John Milner
Writer and controversialist, b. in London, October 14, 1752; d. at Wolverhampton, April 19, 1826
John Ming
Philosopher and writer, b. at Gyswyl, Unterwalden, Switzerland, Sept. 20, 1838; d. at Brooklyn, Ohio, U.S.A., June 17, 1910
John Morris
Canon, afterwards Jesuit, F.S.A., b. in India, July 4, 1826; d. at Wimbledon, Oct. 22, 1893
John Morton
Cardinal, Archbishop of Canterbury, b. in Dorsetshire about 1420; d. at Knowle, Kent, Sept. 15, 1500
John Mullanphy
Merchant, philanthropist, b. near Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, 1758; d. at St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., August 29, 1833
John Mush
Priest, b. in Yorkshire, 1551 or 1552; d. at Wenge, Co. Bucks, 1612 or 1613
John Nelson, Blessed
English Jesuit martyr (1534 - ca. 1578)
John Nepomucene Neumann, Venerable
Fourth Bishop of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., b. at Prachatitz, Bohemia, March 28, 1811, erroneously set down as Good Friday by his biographers; d. at Philadelphia, January 5, 1860
John Nepomucene, Saint
Vicar general of the Archdiocese of Prague, martyr (ca. 1340-1393)
John Nepomuk Tschupick
A celebrated preacher, b. at Vienna, 7 or April 12, 1729; d. there, July 20, 1784
John Newton
Soldier and engineer, b. at Norfolk, Virginia, August 24, 1823; d. in New York City, May 1, 1895
John Nider
Theologian, b. 1380 in Swabia; d. August 13, 1438, at Colmar
John O'Donovan
Irish historian and antiquarian, b. at Atateemore, County Kilkenny, Ireland, 1806; d. at Dublin, Dec. 9, 1861
John O'Dugan
Writer d. in Roscommon, 1372
John O'Hagan
Lawyer and man of letters, b. at Newry, County Down, Ireland, March 19, 1822; d. near Dublin, November 10, 1890
John O'Hanlon
Priest; b. at Stradbally, Queen's Co., Ireland, 1821; d. at Sandymount, Dublin, 1905
John O'Kane Murray
Physician, historian, b. in County Antrim, Ireland, Dec. 12, 1847; d. at Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., July 30, 1885
John of Antioch
Four persons commonly known by this name.
John of Avila, Blessed
Apostolic preacher, author (1500-1569)
John of Beverley, Saint
Benedictine bishop, monastic founder (d. 721)
John of Biclaro
Chronicler (d. ca. 621)
John of Cornwall
Author of treatise written against the doctrine of Abelard (twelfth century)
John of Ephesus
Syriac historian (ca. 505 - ca. 585)
John of Falkenberg
Dominican author (d. ca. 1418)
John of Fecamp
Ascetic writer (d. 1079)
John of Genoa
Dominican grammarian (d. ca. 1298)
John of God, Saint
De facto founder of the Brothers Hospitallers (1495-1550)
John of Hauteville
Moralist, satirical poet (twelfth century)
John of Janduno
Averroistic philosopher, theologian, and political writer (fourteenth century)
John of Montecorvino
Franciscan missionary to China (1246-1328)
John of Montesono
Dominican theologian, controversialist (fourteenth century)
John of Nikiu
Egyptian chronicler (seventh century)
John of Paris
Dominican theologian, controversialist (d. 1306)
John of Parma, Blessed
Minister General of the Franciscans (d. 1289)
John of Ragusa
Dominican theologian (ca. 1380 - ca. 1443)
John of Roquetaillade
Franciscan alchemist (d. 1362)
John of Rupella
Franciscan theologian (d. 1245)
John of Sahagun, Saint
Spanish canon, hermit (1419-1479)
John of Salisbury
Philosopher, historian, churchman, scholar (ca. 1115-1180)
John of Segovia
Spanish theologian (d. ca. 1458)
John of St. Thomas
Spanish theologian (1589-1644)
John of the Cross, Saint
Co-founder of the Discalced Carmelites, Doctor of the Church (1542-1591)
John of Victring
Chronicler (ca. 1270-1347)
John of Winterthur
Swiss historian (ca. 1300 - ca. 1348)
John Ogilvie, Venerable
Eldest son of Walter Ogilvie, of Drum, near Keith, Scotland, b. 1580; d. March 10, 1615
John Oxenford
Dramatist, critic, translator, and songwriter, b. in London, Aug. 12, 1812; d. there 21Feb., 1877
John Parvus
French theologian, professor (ca. 1360-1411)
John Patrick Crichton-Stuart, Third Marquess Of Bute
Third Marquess of Bute, b. at Mountstuart, Bute, September 12, 1847; d. at Dumfries House, Ayrshire, October 9, 1900
John Paul Nazarius
Dominican theologian, b. in 1556 at Cremona; d. in 1645 or 1646 at Bologna
John Payne, Blessed
English priest, martyr (d. 1582)
John Pecham
Archbishop of Canterbury, b. about 1240; d. December 6, 1292
John Percy
Jesuit b. at Holmeside, Durham, 27 Sep., 1569; d. at London, Dec. 3, 1641
John Pibush, Venerable
English martyr, b. at Thirsk, Yorkshire; d. at St. Thomas's Waterings, Camberwell, February 18, 1600-01
John Pitts
B. at Alton, Hampshire, 1560; d. at Liverdun, Lorraine, Oct. 17, 1616
John Placid Adelham
17th-century Protestant minister, b. in Wiltshire, who became a Catholic and joined the Benedictines
John Ponce
Philosopher and theologian, b. at Cork, 1603, d. at Paris, 1670
John Rigby, Venerable
English martyr executed June 1600
John Roberts, Venerable
First Prior of St. Gregory's, Douai, b. 1575-6; martyred December 10, 1610
John Rochester, Blessed
English priest, martyr (ca. 1498-1537)
John Rogers Herbert
B. January 23, 1810, at Maldon, Essex, England; d. in London, March 17, 1890
John Rose Greene Hassard
Editor, historian; b. in New York, U.S.A., September 4, 1836; d. in that city, April 18, 1888
John Ruysbroeck, Blessed
Surnamed the Admirable Doctor, and the Divine Doctor, undoubtedly the foremost of the Flemish mystics, b. at Ruysbroeck, near Brussels, 1293; d. at Groenendael, Dec. 2, 1381
John Ruysch
Astronomer, cartographer, and painter, b. at Utrecht about 1460; d. at Cologne, 1533
John Sandys, Venerable
English martyr, b. in the Diocese of Chester; executed at Gloucester, August 11, 1586
John Sarkander, Blessed
Priest, martyr for the seal of confession (1576-1620)
John Scholasticus
Patriarch of Constantinople (d. 577)
John Scotus Eriugena
Ninth-century Irish teacher, theologian, philosopher, and poet,
John Sergeant
Convert, writer, b. at Barrow-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire, in 1623; d. in 1710
John Shepherd
Musical composer, b. about 1512; d. about 1563
John Slotanus
Polemical writer; b. at Geffen, Brabant; d. at Cologne, July 9, 1560
John Sobieski
King of Poland b. at Olesko in 1629; d. at Wilanow, 1696
John Southworth, Venerable
English martyr, b. in Lancashire, 1592, martyred at Tyburn, June 28, 1654
John Sparrow David Thompson
Jurist and first Catholic Premier of Canada, b. Nov. 10, 1844; d. Dec. 12, 1894
John Speed, Venerable
English martyr, executed at Durham, Feb. 4, 1593-4
John Spenser
Convert, Jesuit, b. in Lincolnshire, 1601; d. at Grafton, 1671
John Stephen Bazin
Third Bishop of Vincennes (1796-1848)
John Stone, Blessed
English Augustinian, martyr (d. ca. 1539)
John Story, Blessed
English martyr (1504-1571)
John Strain
Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, b. at Edinburgh, December 8, 1810; d. there, July 2, 1883
John Sugar, Venerable
Martyr, b. at Wornbourn, Staffordshire, 1558; suffered at Warwick, July 16, 1604
John T. Mullock
Bishop of St. Johns, Newfoundland, b. in 1807 at Limerick, Ireland; d. at St. Johns, Newfoundland, March 26, 1869
John Talaia
Patriarch of Alexandria (fifth century)
John Talbot
English Catholic layman, b. 1535(?); d. 1607(?)
John Tauler
German Dominican, one of the greatest mystics and preachers of the Middle Ages, b. about 1300; d. June 16, 1361
John Taverner
Composer, b. about 1475; d. 1535 or 1536
John Thayer
Missionary, convert, first native of New England ordained to the priesthood, b. 1755; d. February 5, 1815
John the Almsgiver, Saint
Patriarch of Alexandria (d. 616)
John the Baptist, Saint
New Testament prophet, herald of the Messiah
John the Deacon
Several medieval writers of the same name
John the Evangelist, Saint
Apostle, brother of James the Greater
John the Faster
Patriarch of Constantinople (d. 595)
John the Silent, Saint
Bishop of Colonia, Armenia (452-558)
John Thomas Troy
Archbishop of Dublin, b. in the parish of Blanchardstown, near Dublin, May 10, 1739; d. at Dublin, May 11, 1823
John Thulis
English martyr, b. about 1568; suffered at Lancaster, March 18, 1615 or 1616
John Trithemius
A famous scholar and Benedictine abbot, b. at Trittenheim on the Moselle, February 1, 1462; d. at Wurzburg, December 13, 1516
John Twenge, Saint
Canon regular, Prior of St. Mary's, Bridlington, b. near that town, 1319; d. at Bridlington, 1379
John Vertin
Third Bishop of Marquette, U.S.A., b. at Doblice, Diocese of Laibach (Carniolia), Austria, July 17, 1844; d. at Marquette, Feb. 26, 1899
John Wall, Venerable
Martyr, b. in Lancashire, 1620; suffered near Worcester, Aug. 22, 1679; known at Douay and Rome as John Marsh, and when on the Mission under the aliases of Francis Johnson Webb, and Dormore
John Wessel Goesport
A fifteenth-century Dutch theologian, b. at Groningen in 1420; d. there on Oct. 4, 1489
John Woodcock, Venerable
English Franciscan martyr, b. at Leyland, Lancashire, 1603; suffered at Lancaster, August 7, 1646
John Wyclif
Writer and 'reformer', b. probably at Hipswell near Richmond, in Yorkshire, 1324; d. at Lutterworth, Leicestershire, Dec. 31,1384
Antipope (997-998)
Antipope (1410-1415)
John Zonaras
Byzantine chronicler and canonist, lived from the latter part of the eleventh to about the middle of the twelfth century
John, Gospel of Saint
Canonical Gospel attributed to Saint John the Evangelist
Jolly, Philipp Johann Gustav von
German physicist (1809-1884)
Fifth of the Minor Old Testament Prophets
Jonas of Bobbio
Monk, hagiographer (seventh century)
Jonas of Orleans
Bishop, ecclesiastical writer (d. ca. 844)
Name of several persons mentioned in the Old Testament
Joost Van Cleef
Flemish painter (1520-c. 1556)
Joost Van Den Vondel
Netherland poet and convert, b. at Cologne, Nov. 17, 1587, of parents whose residence was originally at Antwerp; d. Feb. 5, 1679
Jordan, The
River in Palestine
Historian (sixth century)
Jordanus de Nemore
The name given in MSS. of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries to a mathematician who in the Renaissance period was called Jordanus Nemorarius
Jordanus of Giano
Italian Franciscan (ca. 1195 - ca. 1262)
Jorge de Montemayor
Writer, b. at Montemor, province of Coimbra, Portugal, about 1520; d. at Turin, February 26, 1561
Jorgen Zoega
Archaeologist and numismatist, b. at Daler near Tonder, near the west coast of northern Schleswig, December 20, 1755; d. in Rome, February 10, 1809
Joris Karl Huysmans
A French novelist; b. in Paris, February 5, 1848; d. May 12, 1907
Fourth king of Judah after the schism of the ten tribes
Josaphat Kuncevyc, Saint
Lithuanian-born monk, Ruthenian archbishop, writer, martyr
Jose Agostinho de Macedo
Portuguese controversialist, preacher, and poe, b. 1761; d. 1831
Jose Antonio Alzate
Priest (1738-1799)
Jose Bernardo Sanchez
Franciscan, b. at Robledillo, Old Castile, Spain, September 7, 1778; d. at San Gabriel, California, January 15, 1833
Jose Celestino Mutis
Eminent naturalist and scientist in South America, b. at Cadiz, Spain, April 6, 1732; d. at Bogota, Colombia, Sept. 2, 1808
Jose Climent
Spanish bishop (1706-1781)
Jose de Acosta
B. at Medina del Campo in Spain, 1540; d. at Salamanca, 15 February, 1600
Jose de Carabantes
Friar Minor Capuchin and theologian, b. in Aragon, in 1628; d. in 1694
Jose de La Canal
Ecclesiastical historian, b. of poor parents, at Ucieda, a village in the province of Santander, 11 Jan., 1768; d. at Madrid, April 17, 1845
Jose Francisco de Isla
Spanish preacher and satirist (1703-1781)
Jose Francisco de Paula Senan
Franciscan, missionary, b. at Barcelona, Spain, March 3, 1760; d. at Mission San Buenaventura on Aug. 24, 1823
Jose Iglesias de la Casa
A Spanish poet of the coterie gathered about Melendez Valdes, b. at Salamanca, October 31, 1748; d. prematurely at his native place in 1791
Jose Maria de Zalvidea
B. at Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain, March 2, 1780; d. in 1846. He became a Franciscan at the convent of San Mames, Cantabria, December 13, 1798
Jose Maria Morelos
Mexican patriot, b. at Valladolid Mexico, on September 30, 1765; shot at San Cristobal Ecatepec on December 22, 1815
Jose Mariano Beristain y Martin de Souza
Mexican bibliographer (1756-1817)
Jose Mercado Rizal
Filipino hero, physician, poet, novelist, and sculptor; b. at Calamba, Province of La Laguna, Luzon, June 19, 1861; d. at Manila, December 30, 1896
Jose Selgas y Carrasco
Poet and novelist b. at Lorca, Murcia, Spain, 1824; d. at Madrid, Feb. 5, 1882
Jose Torrubia
B. towards the end of the seventeenth century at Granada, Spain; d. in 1768 in the monastery of Aracoeli. He entered the order of St. Peter of Alcantara at Granada
Jose Viader
B. at Gallimes, Catalonia, Aug. 27, 1765. He received the habit of St. Francis at Barcelona in May, 1788, joined the missionary College of San Fernando de Mexico in 1795, and was sent to California in the following year
Josef Anton von Gegenbauer
An accomplished German historical and portrait painter, b. March 6, 1800, at Wangen, Wurtemberg; d. January 31, 1876, at Rome
Josef Fessler
Bishop of St. Polten in Austria, and secretary of the Vatican Council; b. December 2, 1813, at Lochau near Bregenz in the Vorarlberg; d. April 25, 1872
Josef Jungmann
Jesuit priest (1830-1885)
Josef Karl Benedikt Eichendorff
Poet, b. March 10, 1788, d. Nov. 26, 1857
Josef Skoda
Celebrated clinical lecturer and diagnostician and co-founder of the modern medical school of Vienna, b. at Pilsen in Bohemia, December 10, 1805; d. at Vienna, June 13, 1881
Josef Speckbacher
Tyrolean patriot of 1809, b. at Gnadenwald, near Hall, in the Tyrol, July 13, 1767; d. at Hall, March 28, 1820
Josef Wilhelm Karl Kleutgen
German theologian, philosopher (1811-1883)
Eleventh son of Jacob
Joseph Albert Alberdingk Thijm
B. July 8, 1820; d. March 17, 1889
Joseph Allegranza
Milanese Dominican who won distinction as a historian, archaeologist, and antiquary; b. 16 October, 1715; d. 18 December, 1785
Joseph Ambrose Stapf
Theologian, b. at Fliess in the valley of the Upper Inn in the Tyrol, Austria, August 15, 1785; d. at Brixen, January 10, 1844
Joseph Anchieta
Jesuit missionary (1533-1597)
Joseph Annegarn
Catholic theologian and popular writer (1794-1843)
Joseph Anthelmi
French ecclesiastical historian (1648-1697)
Joseph Anthony de La Riviere Poncet
Missionary, b. at Paris, May 7, 1610; d. at Martinique, June 18, 1675
Joseph Anton Sambuga
Theologian, b. at Walldorf near Heidelberg, June 9, 1752; d. at Nymphenburg near Munich about 1815
Joseph Athias
Issued two editions of the Hebrew Bible (d. 1700)
Joseph Aubery
Jesuit missionary in Canada (1673-1755)
Joseph Autran
French poet (1813-1877)
Joseph Bayma
Jesuit mathematician and scientist (1816-1892)
Joseph Berington
Catholic writer (1743-1827)
Joseph Biner
Canonist, historian, and theologian (1697-1766)
Joseph Calasanctius, Saint
Founder of the Piarists (1556-1648)
Joseph Carriere
Moral theologian, thirteenth superior of the seminary and Society of Saint-Sulpice, b. February 19, 1795, France; d. at Lyons, April 23, 1864
Joseph Cassani
B. at Madrid, March 26, 1673, entered the Society of Jesus, 16 Nov., 1686, was still in active exercise of priestly functions in 1745, and d. in 1750
Joseph Charles Benziger
Founder of Catholic publishing house of the same name (1762-1841)
Joseph Creswell
Controversialist, b. 1557 of Yorkshire stock in London; d. about 1623
Joseph Cretin
First Bishop of St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A., b., at Montluel, department of Ain, France, December 19, 1799; d. at St. Paul, Minnesota, February 22, 1857
Joseph Curr
Priest, controversialist, and martyr of charity, b. at Sheffield, England, in the last quarter of the eighteenth century; d. at Leeds, June 29, 1847
Joseph Dabrowski
Founder of the Sts. Cyril and Methodius Seminary, Detroit, Michigan, b. at Zoltance, Russian Poland; d. at Detroit, Feb. 15, 1903
Joseph de Gallifet
Priest; b. near Aix, France, May 2, 1663; d. at Lyons, Sept. 1, 1749
Joseph de Jouvancy
Poet, pedagogue, philologist, historian (1643-1719)
Joseph de La Roche Daillon
Jesuit, one of the most zealous missionaries of the Huron tribe, d. in France, 1656
Joseph Deharbe
Theologian, catechist, b. at Strasburg, Alsace, April 11, 1800; d. at Maria-Laach, November 8, 1871
Joseph Denis
The first Canadian to join the Recollects of the Friars Minor; b. November 6, 1657, at Three Rivers, Canada; d. January 25, 1736
Joseph Dixon
Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland, b. at Coalisland, Co. Tyrone, in 1806; d. at Armagh, April 29, 1866
Joseph Edmund Jorg
Historian, politician
Joseph Epping
German astronomer and Assyriologist, b. Dec. 1, 1835; d. Aug. 22, 1894
Joseph Fabre
Second Superior General of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, b. November 14, 1S24, at Cuges, Bouches-du-Rhône, France; d. at Royaumont near Paris, October 26, 1892
Joseph Ferdinand Damberger
Church historian, b. March 1, 1795, at Passau, Bavaria; d. April 1, 1859
Joseph Fesch
Cardinal, b. at Ajaccio, Corsica, January 3, 1763; d. at Rome, May 13, 1839
Joseph Franz Allioli
B. at Sulzbach, 10 August, 1793; d. at Augsburg, 22 May, 1873
Joseph Fuhrich
Artist b. 1800; d. 1876
Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger
Composer and organist, b. at Vaduz, in the Principality of Lichtenstein, Bavaria, March 17, 1839; d. at Munich, Nov. 25, 1901
Joseph Galien
Dominican, professor of philosophy and theology at the University of Avignon, meteorologist, physicist, and writer on aeronautics; b. 1699, at Saint-Paulien, near Le Puy, in Southern France; d. 1762 in the Dominican monastery at Le Puy
Joseph Gasser von Valhorn
An Austrian sculptor, b. Nov. 22, 1816, at Pragraten, Tyrol; d. Oct. 28, 1900
Joseph Georg Strossmayer
Bishop of Diakovàr, b. February 4, 1815; d. April 8, 1905
Joseph Hammer-Purgstall
A distinguished Austrian Orientalist; b. at Graz, June 9, 1774; d. at Vienna, November 23, 1856
Joseph Haydn
Born of staunch Catholic parents at Rohrau, Austria, April 1, 1732; died at Gumpendorf, Vienna, May 31, 1809
Joseph Heinrich Aloysius Gugler
B. August 25, 1782; d. February 28, 1827
Joseph Heinz
A Swiss painter; b. at Basle, June 11, 1564; d. near Prague, Bohemia, October, 1609
Joseph Henri Marie de Premare
Missionary and sinologist, b. at Cherbourg, July 17, 1666; d. at Macao, Sept. 17, 1736; entered the Society of Jesus Sept. 17, 1683
Joseph Hergenrother
Church historian and canonist, first Cardinal-Prefect of the Vatican Archives, b. 1824; d. 1890
Joseph Hilarius Eckhel
German numismatist, b. January 13, 1737, d. May 16, 1798
Joseph Hyrtl
Austrian anatomist, b. at Eisenstadt in Hungary, December 7, 1810; d. July 17, 1894
Joseph Ignatius Ritter
Historian, b. at Schweinitz, Silesia, April 12, 1787; d. at Breslau, Jan. 5, 1857
Joseph II
German Emperor of the House of Hapsburg-Lorraine (1741-1790)
Joseph Jacotot
French educator (1770-1840)
Joseph Joubert
French philosopher (1754-1824)
Joseph Kehrein
Educator, philologist, historian of German literature (1808-1876)
Joseph Knabl
Master of religious plastic art (1819-1881)
Joseph Konig
Theologian and exegete (1819-1900)
Joseph Lambton
English martyr, b.1569; d. at Newcastle-on-Tyne, probable date is July 24, 1592
Joseph Le Caron
Pioneer missionary of Canada and first missionary to the Hurons (q.v.), b. near Paris in 1586; d. in France, March 29, 1632
Joseph Ludwig Colmar
Bishop of Mainz (1760-1818)
Joseph M. Finotti
B. at Ferrara, Italy, September 21, 1817; d. at Central City, Colorado, January 10, 1879
Joseph Marcoux
Missionary among the Iroquois, b. in Canada, March 16, 1791; d. there May 29, 1855
Joseph Maria Amiot
Jesuit missionary to China (1718-1793)
Joseph Maria Pernter
Scientist, b. at Neumark, Tyrol, March 15, 1848; d. at Arco, Dec. 20, 1908
Joseph Maria von Radowitz
B. at Blankenburg, February 6, 1797; d. at Berlin, December 25, 1853. Radowitz was of Hungarian descent, though his family had lived in Germany since 1745
Joseph Mohr
Restorer of virile melodies and texts sung in the vernacular by the people prior to the Reformation, b. at Siegburg, Rhine Province, Jan. 11, 1834; d. at Munich, February 7, 1892
Joseph Nirschl
Theologian and writer, b. at Durchfurth, Lower Bavaria, February 24, 1823; d. at Wurzburg, January 17, 1904
Joseph O'Dwyer
Physician, inventor of intubation; b. at Cleveland, 1841; d. in New York, January 7, 1898
Joseph of Arimathea, Saint
Secret disciple of Christ in New Testament
Joseph of Cupertino, Saint
Mystic (1603-1663)
Joseph of Exeter
Latin poet (twelfth century)
Joseph of Leonessa, Saint
Capuchin missionary, confessor (d. 1612)
Joseph Olivier Briand
Seventh Bishop of Quebec (1715-1794)
Joseph Oriol, Saint
Priest, 'Thaumaturgus of Barcelona', b. at Barcelona, November 23, 1650; d. there, March 23, 1702
Joseph Othmar Rauscher
Prince-Archbishop of Vienna, b. at Vienna, Oct. 6, 1797; d. there Nov. 24, 1875
Joseph Passerat, Venerable
Priest; b. April 30, 1772, at Joinville, France; d. October 30, 1858
Joseph Pitoni
Musician, b. at Rieti, Perugia, Italy, March 18, 1657; d. at Rome, Feb. 1, 1743, and buried in the church of San Marco, where he had been choirmaster, in the Pitoni family vault
Joseph Pitton de Tournefort
French botanist, b. at Aix in Provence, June 5, 1656; d. at Paris, Dec. 28, 1708
Joseph Putzer
Theologian and canonist, b. at Rodaneck, Tyrol, March 4, 1836; d. at Ilchester, Md., May 15, 1904
Joseph Rathborne
Priest and controversialist (sometimes erroneously called Rathbone), b. at Lincoln, May 11, 1807; d. at Cowes, August 12, 1842
Joseph Ritter von Aschbach
German historian (1801-1882)
Joseph Sadoc Alemany
First Archbishop of San Francisco, California, U.S.A., b. at Vich in Spain, 13 July, 1814; d. at Valencia in Spain, 14 April, 1888
Joseph Saenz de Aguirre
Earned Spanish Benedictine; b. at Logrono, in Old Castile, 24 March, 1630; d. 19 August, 1699
Joseph Salzmann
Founder of St. Francis Provincial Seminary
Joseph Schwane
Theological writer, b. at Dors. ten in Westphalia, April 2, 1824; d. at Munster, June 6, 1892
Joseph Sibbel
Sculptor, b. at Dulmen, June 7, 1850; d. in New York, July 10, 1907
Joseph Spillmann
Author, b. at Zug, Switzerland, April 22, 1842; d. at Luxemburg, February 20, 1905
Joseph Stevenson
Archivist, b. Nov. 27, 1806; d. Feb. 8, 1895
Joseph Szujski
B. at Tarnow, 1835; d. at Cracow, 1883
Joseph Tasse
Writer and journalist, b. Oct. 23, 1848; d. Jan. 17, 1895
Joseph Tieffentaller
Jesuit missionary and noted geographer in Hindustan, b. August 27, 1710; d. July 5, 1785
Joseph Vaz
A Goanese priest, Apostle of Ceylon, b. at Goa, April 21, 1651; d. at Kandy, Jan. 16, 1711
Joseph Von Fraunhofer
Optician, b. at Straubing, Bavaria, March 6, 1787; d. at Munich, June 7, 1826
Joseph Widmer
Catholic theologian, b. at Hohenraim, Lucerne, Switzerland, Aug. 15, 1779; d. at Beromunster, Dec. 10, 1844
Joseph, Saint
Husband of the Virgin Mary, foster-father of Jesus Christ
Joseph-Alexandre Martigny
Canon of Belley, archaeologist; b. at Sauverny, Ain, in 1808; d. at Belley, August 19, 1880
Joseph-Antoine Plateau
Belgian physicist (1801-1883)
Joseph-Epiphane Darras
Church historian, b. at Troyes, France, 1825; d. at Paris, Nov. 8, 1878
Joseph-Francois Lafitau
Jesuit missionary and writer, b. at Bordeaux, France, Jan. 1, 1681; d. there, 1746
Joseph-Francois Michaud
Historian, b. at Albens, Savoy, 1767; d. at Passy, Sept. 30, 1839
Joseph-Marie de Gerando
French statesman and writer, b. 1772; d. 1842
Joseph-Marie Maistre
French philosophical writer, b. at Chambdry, in Savoy, in 1753; d. at Turin, Feb. 26, 1821
Joseph-Marie-Bruno-Constantin Kervyn de Lettenhove
Belgian statesman, historian (1817-1891)
Joseph-Michel Montgolfier
Inventor; b. at Vidalon-lez-Annonay, Department of Ardeche, France, August 26, 1740; d. at Balaruc-les-Bains, Department of Herault, France, June 26, 1810
Joseph-Octave Plessis
Bishop of Quebec, b. at Montreal, March 3, 1763; d. at Quebec, Dec. 4, 1822
Religious congregation devoted to the Christian education of youth
Book of the Old Testament and name of eight persons in the Old Testament
Joshua Bassett
Convert and controversialist (d. 1720)
Josias (Josiah)
Pious King of Judah (639-608 B.C.)
Josquin Depres
The most gifted and most learned contrapuntist and composer before Palestrina and was the head of the Second Netherland School; b. probably c. 1450 at Conde, Hainault, Belgium; d. there August 27, 1521
Josse Clichtove
Theologian (1472-1543)
Josse Ravesteyn
B. about 1506, at Tielt, a small town in Flanders
Jost Ribeiro da Fonseca
Friar Minor; b. at Evora, Dec. 3, 1690; d. at Porto, June 16, 1752
Jouffroy, Claude-François-Dorothée de
Mechanician (1751-1832)
Heretic, opponent of Christian asceticism (fourth century)
Juan Andres (litterateur and historian)
Litterateur and historian, b. at Planes, Valencia, Spain, in 1740; d. in Rome in 1817
Juan Andres (Spanish canonist)
Priest, canonist
Juan Arricivita
Eighteenth-century Franciscan missionary, Prefect and Commissary of the College of Propaganda Fide, at Queretaro, in New Spain (Mexico)
Juan Azor
Professor of philosophy and later of theology, both dogmatic and moral (1535-1559)
Juan Bautista de Lezana
Theologian, b. at Madrid, Nov. 23, 1586; d. in Rome, March 29, 1659
Juan Bautista de Toledo
Spanish sculptor, architect (d. 1567)
Juan Bautista Morales
Missionary, b. about 1597 at Ecija in Andalusia, Spain; d. at Fu-ning, China, Sept. 17, 1664
Juan Bautista Villalpandus
B. at Cordova, Spain, in 1552; entered the Society of Jesus in 1575; d. on May 22, 1608
Juan Caballero y Ocio
B. at Queretaro, Mexico, May 4, 1644; d. there April 11, 1707
Juan Caramuel y Lobkowitz
Spanish ecclesiastic and writer; b. at Madrid, May 23, 1606; d. at Vigevano, September 8, 1682
Juan Cardenas
Moral theologian and author; b. at Seville, 1613; d. June 6, 1684
Juan Carreno de Miranda
Spanish painter, b. at Aviles in Asturia, 1614; d. at Madrid, 1685
Juan Carvajal
Cardinal, b. about 1400 at Truxillo in Estremadura, Spain; d. at Rome, December 6, 1469
Juan Conchillos Falco
Painter, b. at Valencia of an ancient noble family in 1641; d. May 14, 1711
Juan Coronel
Franciscan (1569-1651)
Juan de Albi
A Spanish Carthusian date of birth uncertain; d. 27 December, 1591
Juan de Atienza
Founded the College of San Martin at Lima (1546-?)
Juan de Betanzos
Spanish historian of natives of New World (sixteenth century)
Juan de Castellanos
B. in Spain in the first half of the sixteenth century; date of death unknown
Juan de Cordova
Dominican (1503-1595)
Juan de Dicastillo
Theologian, b. of Spanish parents at Naples, December 28, 1584; d. at Ingolstadt March 6, 1653
Juan de Jauregui
Spanish painter and poet (ca. 1570 - ca. 1641)
Juan de La Cosa
Navigator and cartographer, b. in 1460 on the Bay of Biscay, Spain (by tradition), and hence called Juan Biscayno, d. Gulf of Uraba, February 28, 1510
Juan de La Cueva
Poet and dramatist, b. of a noble family at Seville, Spain, in 1550; d. in 1607
Juan de La Encina
Spanish dramatic poet, b. Aug. 7, 1468; d. 1534
Juan de Medina
Theologian; b. 1490; d. 1547
Juan de Mena
Spanish poet, b. 1411 at Cordova;d. 1456 at Torrelaguna
Juan de Padilla
Friar Minor, protomartyr of the United States of America, member of the Andalusian province, came to Mexico probably in 1528, joining the province of the Holy Gospel
Juan de Palafox y Mendoza
Bishop of La Puebla de los Angeles in Mexico, b. at Fitero in Navarre, June 24, 1600; d. at Osma in Spain, October 1, 1659
Juan de Quevedo
Franciscan, native of Bejori, Old Castile, Spain; d. at Barcelona, December 24, 1519
Juan de Ruiz de Alarcón y Mendoza
Spanish dramatic poet, b. at Mexico City, about 1580; d. at Madrid, August 4, 1639
Juan de Zumarraga
B. at Durango in the Basque provinces in 1468; d. in Mexico, June 3, 1548
Juan Diaz de Solis
Spanish navigator and explorer, b. about 1470 at Lebrija (Seville), or, according to some accounts, in Asturias; d. in South America in 1516
Juan Eusebio Nieremberg y Otin
Noted theologian and polygraphist, b. of German parents at Madrid, 1595; d. there, 1658
Juan Fernandez
Jesuit lay brother and missionary; b. at Cordova; d. June 12, 1567, in Japan
Juan Fernandez Navarrete
Spanish painter, b. at Logrono, 1526 and died at Segovia, 1579
Juan Francisco Maria de La Saludad Donoso Cortes
Marquess of Valdegamas, author and diplomat, b. May 6, 1809, at Valle de la Serena in the province of Estremadura, Spain; d. May 3, 1853, at Paris
Juan Ignacio Molina
Naturalist and scientist; b. July 20, 1740, at Guaraculen near Talca (Chile); d. Oct. 23 (Sept. 12?), 1829, at Imola or Bologna (Italy)
Juan Jose Eguiara y Eguren
Jost, b. in Mexico towards the close of the seventeenth century; d. January 29, 1763
Juan Jose Urraburu
Scholastic philosopher, b. at Ceanuri, Biscay, May 23, 1844; d. at Burgos, August 13, 1904
Juan Luis Vives
Spanish humanist and philosopher, b. at Valencia, March 6, 1492; d. at Bruges, May 6, 1540
Juan Maldonado
Theologian and exegete; b. in 1533; d. at Rome, Jan. 5, 1583
Juan Maria Salvatierra
Missionary priest, b. at Milan, November 15, 1648; d. at Guadalajara, July 17, 1717
Juan Mariana
Author and Jesuit, b. 1536; d. February 16, 1624
Juan Martinez de Ripalda
Theologian, b. at Pamplona, Navarre, 1594; d. at Madrid, April 26, 1648
Juan Martinez Montanes
Noted Spanish sculptor of the seventeenth century, sometimes called the Sevillian Phidias, d. 1649
Juan Melendez Valdes
Spanish poet and politician, b. at Ribera del Fresno (Badajoz) March 11, 1754; d. in exile at Montpellier, France, May 24, 1817
Juan Nicasio Gallego
Priest and poet; b. at Zamora, Spain, Dec. 14, 1777; d. at Madrid, Jan. 9, 1853
Juan Pablo Bonet
Spanish priest and educator of the disabled (sixteenth century)
Juan Perez
Franciscan; d. before 1513
Juan Ponce de Leon
Explorer, b. at San Servas in the province of Campos, 1460; d. in Cuba, 1521
Juan Romero
Missionary and Indian linguist, b. in the village of Machena, Andalusia, Spain, 1559; d. at Santiago, Chile, March 31, 1630
Juan Santos Atahualpa
Indian from Cuzco, claimed to have been sent by God to drive the Spaniards from western South America
Juan Tomas de Rocaberti
Theologian, b. of a noble family at Perelada, in Catalina, c. 1624; d. at Madrid, June 13, 1699
Jubilate Sunday
Third Sunday after Easter
Juda (Judah)
Name of one of the Patriarchs and the tribe descended from him
Party of Jewish Christians in the early Church
Judas Iscariot
Apostle who betrayed Jesus
Judas Machabeus
Third son of the priest Mathathias, leader of Jewish revolt
Part of Palestine adjacent to Jerusalem, inhabited by the Jewish community after their return from captivity
Seventh book of the Old Testament
Judica Sunday
Fifth Sunday of Lent
Jules Mazarin
B. July 14, 1602; d. March 9, 1661
Jules Verne
Novelist, b. at Nantes, France, 1828; d. at Amiens, 1905
Julia Kavanagh
Irish novelist, biographer (1824-1877)
Julian and Basilissa, Saints
Husband and wife, martyr and confessor (fourth century)
Julian Edmund Tenison Woods
Priest and scientist, b. at Southwark, London Nov. 15, 1832; d. at Sydney, New South Wales, Oct. 7, 1889
Julian Klaczko
Polish author, Catholic convert (1825-1906)
Julian of Eclanum
Bishop, Pelagian (ca. 386-454)
Julian of Speyer
Composer, poet, historian (thirteenth century)
Julian the Apostate
Roman emperor (331-363)
Juliana Falconieri, Saint
Founder of the Servite Third Order (d. 1341)
Juliana Morell
Dominican nun, b. at Barcelona, Spain, February 16, 1594; d. at the convent of the Dominican nuns at Avignon, France, June 26, 1653
Juliana of Liege, Saint
Belgian nun (1193-1258)
Juliana of Norwich
English mystic (fourteenth century)
Juliana, Saint
Julie Billiart, Blessed
Founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame of Namur (1751-1816)
Julien Garnier
Jesuit missionary, b. at Connerai, France, January 6, 1643; d. in Quebec, 1730
Titular see in the province of Bithynia Secunda
Julius Africanus
Father of Christian chronography (ca. 160 - ca. 240)
Julius Caesar Scaliger
Humanist, b. at Riva on Lake Garda in 1484; d. at Agen, France, Oct. 21, 1558
Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn
Prince-Bishop of Wurzburg, b. 1545, d. Sept. 13, 1617
Julius Peter Garesche
Soldier; b. April 26, 1821, near Havana, Cuba; killed at the battle of Stone River, Tennessee, U.S.A., December 31, 1862
Julius Von Ficker
Historian, b. at Paderborn, Germany, April 30, 1826; d. at Innsbruck, June 10, 1902
Julius von Pflug
Last Catholic Bishop of Naumburg Zeitz, b. at Eythra, near Leipzig, 1499; d. at Zeitz, Sept. 3, 1564
Junipero Serra
Franciscan, preacher of missions, b. at Petra, Island of Majorca, Nov. 24, 1713; d. at Monterey, California, Aug. 28, 1784
Jus Spolii (Right of Spoil)
Claim, exercised in the Middle Ages, of succession to the property of deceased clerics
Jusepe de Ribera
Painter, b. at Jativa, Jan. 12, 1588; d. at Naples, 1656
Family of Italian sculptors
Most important of the cardinal virtues
Transformation of sinner from unrighteousness to holiness and sonship of God
Justin de Jacobis, Blessed
Italian bishop (1800-1860)
Justin Martyr, Saint
Christian apologist, martyr (second century)
Justin McCarthy
Irish politician, journalist, novelist, and historian, b. at Cork, Nov. 22, 1830; d. at Folkestone, England, June 24, 1912
Justin Timotheus Balthasar Freiherr von Linde
Hessian jurist and statesman, b. in the village of Brilon, Westphalia, Aug. 7, 1797; d. at Bonn during the night of 8-June 9, 1870.
Justinian I
Roman Emperor (527-565)
Titular see of Armenia Prima
Justus Baronius Calvinus
Convert and apologist, b. at Xanthen, Germany, c. 1570; d. after 1606
Justus Lipsius
Philologian and humanist of the Netherlands, b. at Overyssche, Oct. 18, 1547; d. at Louvain, March 23, 1606
Justus, Saint
Archbishop of Canterbury (d. ca. 627)
Juvenile Courts
Tribunals for the trial of children charged with crimes
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