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Ian Theodor Beelen
Exegete and Orientalist (1807-1884)
Ibar, Saint
A pre-Patrician Irish saint, who labored in the present County Wexford from 425 to 450
Bishop, d. 457
Titular see in the Province of Helenopont, suffragan of Amasia
Treatment of the country of Iceland
A titular see of Lycaonia
Heresy opposed to the use of religious images
Icon-bearing screen in front of the altar in Eastern churches
Ida Hahn-Hahn
Countess, convert and authoress, born June 22, 1805; died January 12, 1880
Informtation on the American state
Treatment of the concept, particularly in philosophy
The fairer, nobler, more perfect 'type' than is found in reality.
The nom de plume of an ancient, learned, and pious writer whose identity remained unknown for some centuries
The sin of giving divine worship given to an image or to anything other than God
The country inhabited by the descendants of Edom
Ignace Bourget
Bishop of Montreal (1799-1885)
Ignace- Gaston Pardies
French scientist, b. at Pau, Sept. 5, 1636; d. of fever contracted whilst ministering to the prisoners of Bicetre, near Paris, April 22, 1673
Ignacio Barbosa-Machado
Portuguese historian (1686-1734)
Ignacio de Arbieto
Jesuit (1585-1676)
Ignacio de Azevedo
B. at Oporto, Portugal, 1528; d. near Palma, one of the Canary Islands, July 15, 1570
Ignacio de Iriarte
Painter (1620-1685)
Ignatius Carbonnelle
Professor of mathematics and science and editor; b. at Tournai, Belgium, 1 Feb. 1829; d. at Brussels, March 4, 1889
Ignatius Knoblecher
Catholic missionary in Central Africa (1819-1858)
Ignatius Krasicki
Canon (1735-1801)
Ignatius Loyola, Saint
Founder of the Jesuits, b. in 1491; d. 1556
Ignatius Mrak
Second Bishop of Marquette, U.S.A., b. October 16, 1818, in Austria; d. at Marquette, Jan. 2, 1901
Ignatius of Antioch, Saint
B. in Syria, c. the year 50; d. at Rome between 98 and 117
Ignatius of Constantinople, Saint
B. about 799; d. October 23, 877
Ignatius Persico
Cardinal, b. Jan. 30, 1823, at Naples, Italy; d. Dec. 7, 1896
Ignatius von Weitenauer
Litterateur, exegete, and Orientalist, b. at Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Nov. 1,1709; d. at Salem near Constance, Wurtemberg, Feb. 4, 1783
Ignaz Assmayer
Austrian musician (1790-1862)
Ignaz Heinrich von Wessenberg
Vicar-General and Administrator of the Diocese of Constance, b. at Dresden, November 4, 1774; d. at Constance, August 9, 1860
Ignaz Kogler
German Jesuit missionary (1680-1746)
Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis
Physician and discoverer of the cause of puerperal fever, b. at Ofen, July 1, 1818; d. at Vienna, August 13, 1865
Ignazio Danti
Mathematician and cosmographer, b. at Perugia, Italy, 1537; d. at Alatri, Oct. 19, 1586
Lack of knowledge about a thing in a being capable of knowing
A monogram of the name of Jesus Christ
Il Tintoretto
Jacopo Robusti, Italian painter, b. 1518; d. 1594
Ildephonsus, Saint
Archbishop of Toledo; d. January 23, 667
The condition of children born out of wedlock
Treatment of the American state
Illinois Indians
Treatment of the Algonquian tribes
Illtyd, Saint
Flourished in the latter part of the fifth and beginning of the sixth century
Illuminated Manuscripts
Manuscripts covered with painted illustrations
The name assumed by the members of a secret society founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776
Illuminati (Alumbrados)
The name assumed by some false mystics who appeared in Spain in the sixteenth century and claimed to have direct intercourse with God
A district of the Balkan Peninsula
Treatment of the nature and operation of imagination
Imitation of Christ
A work of spiritual devotion by Thomas a Kempis
Immaculate Conception
Treatment of the doctrine
Immaculate Conception (Groups connected with)
Treatment of several groups naming themselves after the Immaculate Conception
Treatment of the philosophical concept
Doctrine that the human soul will survive death
An exemption from a legal obligation
Heretical doctrine according to which Christ is in the Eucharist through His human body substantially united with the substances of bread and wine
Impediment of Crime
Nullifies marriage according to ecclesiastical law, and arises from adultery and homicide separately or together
Imposition of Hands
Symbolical ceremony by which one intends to communicate to another some favor, quality or excellence (principally of a spiritual kind), or to depute another to some office
Treatment of a number of objectionable characters not of sufficient importance to claim separate treatment
Reproaches which in the liturgy of the Office of Good Friday the Savior is made to utter against the Jews
In Coena Domini
Papal Bull, so called from the feast on which it was annually published in Rome
In Commendam
A phrase used in canon law to designate a certain manner of collating an ecclesiastical benefice
In Partibus Infidelium
Term meaning in the lands of the unbelievers
In Petto
Term applied to cardinals appointed by the pope but not publicly announced
Incardination and Excardination
Ecclesiastical terms denoting a person's transfer from the jurisdiction of one bishop to another
Treatment of the doctrine
Aromatic substance which is obtained from certain resinous trees and burned for purposes of religious worship
Sexual intercourse between those who are related by blood or marriage
Index of Prohibited Books
List or catalogue of books, the reading of which is forbidden to Catholics
Treatment of the American state
Indifferent Acts
Human acts whose object is morally neither good nor bad
Treatment of the philosophical concept of individuality
Treatment of the sociological concept
The most easterly of the three great peninsulas of Southern Asia
The conscious mental process by which we pass from the perception of particular phenomena (things and events) to the knowledge of general truths
Treatment of the practice of granting indulgences
Industrial Conciliation
The discussion and adjustment of mutual differences by employers and employees or their representatives
Ine, Saint
King of the West Saxons, d. 728
Treatment of the role of infallibility in the Church
Loss of a good name
Killing of an infant before or after birth
Those who do not have faith
Treatment of the philosophical and theological concept
Party of Dutch Calvinists in the seventeenth century, who sought to mitigate the rigor of Calvin's doctrine concerning absolute predestination
Ingres, Jean-Auguste Dominique
A French painter, b. at Montauban, August 29, 1780; d. at Paris, January 14, 1867
Abbot of Croyland, d. December 17, 1109
Inigo Jones
English architect (1573-1652)
Violation of another's strict right against his reasonable will
Innocentius, Saints
Name of several saints
Innocenzo di Pietro Francucci da Imola
Italian painter; b. at Imola, c. 1494; d. at Bologna, c. 1550
Innsbruck University
Originated in the college opened at Innsbruck in 1562 by Blessed Peter Canisius
Ecclesiastical institution for combating or suppressing heresy
Treatment of the psychological concept
Inscription of Abercius
Inscription of Abercius
Inscriptions, Early Christian
Treatment of the historical value of inscriptions made by early Christians on various objects
Inspiration of the Bible
Treatment of the nature and extent of the inspiration of Scripture
Symbolic act by which a canon is put in possession of the functions which he exercises in the chapter, and by which the chapter admits him
Treatment of the concept of instinct in humans and animals
Institute of Bon Secours de Paris
Congregation of nursing sisters founded in France in nineteenth century
Institute of Mary
Title of the second congregation founded by Mary Ward
Institute of Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart
Organization promiting the evangelization and assistance of various groups
Institute of Sisters of the Holy Humility of Mary
Founded at Dommartin-sous-Amance, France, in 1855, by John Joseph Begel
Institute of the Brigidines
Established by Most Rev. Dr. Delany, Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin, at Tullow, Co. Carlow, Ireland, in 1807
Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools
Lay institute for promoting holiness and Christian education
Institute of the Divine Compassion
Founded in the City of New York, U.S.A., by the Rt. Rev. Thomas Stanislaus Preston
Treatment of the faculty of thought
Act of the will by which that faculty efficaciously desires to reach an end by employing certain means
To go or come between two parties to plead before one of them on behalf of the other
A form of ecclesiastical censure
Treatment of the psychological concept
Interest (monetary)
Treatment of the economic concept
Temporary settlements in matters of religion, entered into by Emperor Charles V with Protestants
International Law
Rules which determine the conduct of the general body of civilized states in their dealings with each other
Name given in the Roman Curia to certain diplomatic agents
Interpretation of Dreams
Something mysterious which seems, from the earliest times, to have impressed man and aroused his curiosity
Fragment of a psalm with its antiphon sung while the celebrant and ministers enter the church and approach the altar at Mass
Act by which unlawful possession of an ecclesiastical benefice is taken
Designates the process of immediate apprehension or perception of an actual fact, being, or relation between two terms, and its results
Inventory of Church Property
A descriptive list in which ecclesial properties are enumerated systematically, item by item
The invitation addressed to the faithful to come and take part in the Divine Office
Ionian Islands
Group of seven islands in Ionian Sea
Ionian School of Philosophy
Early Greek philosophers
Titular see in the province of Paphlagonia
North Central State in United States
Ippolito Galantini, Blessed
Founder of the Congregation of Christian Doctrine of Florence, Italy
Ippolito Pindemonte
Italian poet of noble birth, b. at Verona, Nov. 13, 1753; d. there, Nov. 18, 1828
Titular see of Phrygia Salutaris
Island country in the Atlantic Ocean near Great Britain
Irenaeus, Saint
Bishop of Lyons, Father of the Church (second century)
Titular see of Isauria
Irish College in Rome
Founded in sixteenth century by Pope Gregory XIII
Irish Colleges on the Continent
Religious school on European continent for Irish clergy
Irish Confessors and Martyrs
Some victims of religious persecution in Ireland begun under Henry VIII (1540) through (approximately) 1713.
Irish diaspora
The Irish in countries other than Ireland
Irish Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Institute founded by Frances Mary Teresa Ball
Irish literature
Literature of Ireland
Italian jurist and founder of the School of Glossators (ca. 1050 - ca. 1130)
A confederation of 5, and later 6, cognate tribes originally in central New York
A quality of certain ecclesiastical offices and dignities
A quality of certain ecclesiastical offices and dignities
Religious sect named for Edward Irving (1792-1834), a deposed Presbyterian minister
Isaac (Old Testament)
Son of Abraham and Sara
Isaac Austin Henderson
B. at Brooklyn, 1850; d. in Rome, March, 1909
Isaac Jogues
French missionary, North American martyr (1607-1648)
Isaac of Armenia
Otherwise known as Isaac the Great (388-439)
Isaac of Nineveh
Nestorian bishop of that city in the latter half of the seventh century
Isaac of Seleucia
Patriarch of the Persian Church (d. 410)
Isaac Thomas Hecker
Missionary, author, founder of the Paulists; b. in New York, December 18, 1819; d. there, Dec. 22, 1888
Isaac-Joseph Berruyer
Jesuit historian (1681-1758)
Isabel of France, Blessed
Daughter of Louis VIII; sister of King St. Louis IX (1225-1270)
Isabella I
Queen of Castile, Spain; called Isabella the Catholic (1451-1504)
Old Testament prophet, also called Isaiah
Titular see in the province of Lycaonia
Son of Abraham and Hagar
Isidore of Pelusium, Saint
Monk, opposed Nestorianism and Eutychianism (d. ca. 450)
Isidore of Seville, Saint
Last of the ancient Christian philosophers, as he was the last of the great Latin Fathers.
Isidore of Thessalonica
Cardinal and sometime Metropolitan of Kiev or Moscow (d. 1463)
Isidore the Laborer, Saint
Spanish day-laborer (ca. 1070-1130)
Titular see in the province of Pamphylia Secunda
The religion of Muhammad and of the Qur'an
Isleta Pueblo
Two pueblos of the ancient Tigua tribe
Catholic Armenian Latin see
Descendants of the Patriarch Jacob (Israel)
Ninth son of Jacob and name of the tribe descended from him
Titular see of Cilicia Prima
Ita, Saint
Irish nun, called 'Brigid of Munster' (ca. 475-570)
Italian literature
Literature of Italy
Italians in the United States
From Christopher Columbus onward
Name applied to the Greeks in Italy who observe the Byzantine Rite
European country
Ite Missa Est
Chanted in the Roman Rite by the deacon at the end of Mass, after the Post-Communions
Medieval Christian guidebooks
Form of prayer used by monks and clerics before setting out on a journey
Ivan Sergejewitch Gagarin
Of the princely Russian family which traces its origin to the ancient rulers of Starodub, b. at Moscow, Aug. 1, 1814; d. at Paris, July 19, 1882
Ives, Saint
French (1253-1303)
Ivo of Chartres, Saint
Canonist, notable French bishop during Investiture struggles (d. 1116)
Material derived from animal tusks and teeth
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