Catholic Answers


G. Henry Wouters
Historian, b. at Oostham, Belgian Limburg, May 3, 1802; d. January 5, 1872
A titular see of Syria Prima
The Aramaic appellation of a place in Jerusalem, designated also under the Greek name of Lithostrotos
One of the three archangels mentioned in the Bible
Gabriel Barletta
Dominican preacher
Gabriel Biel
Scholastic (ca. 1425-1495)
Gabriel Bucelin
Benedictine historical writer, b. at Diessenhofen in Thurgau, December 29, 1599; d. at Weingarten, June 9, 1681
Gabriel Daniel
Historian and controversialist, b. at Rouen, France, Feb. 8, 1649; d. at Paris, June 23, 1728
Gabriel Druillettes
Missionary, b. in France, September 29, 1610; d. at Quebec, April 8, 1681
Gabriel Garcia Moreno
Ecuadorian patriot and statesman; b. at Guayaquil, December 24, 1821; assassinated at Quito, August 6, 1875
Gabriel Gerberon
A Benedictine of the Maurist Congregation; b. Aug. 12, 1628; d. March 29, 1711
Gabriel Lalemant
Jesuit missionary, b. at Paris, November 17, 1587; d. there, November 18, 1674
Gabriel Malagrida
A Jesuit missionary to Brazil, b. Sept. 18, or Dec. 6, 1689, at Menaggio, in Italy, d. Sept. 21, 1761, at Lisbon
Gabriel Possenti, Blessed
Passionist student; renowned for sanctity and miracles; b. at Assisi, March 1, 1838; d. February 27, 1862, at Isola di Gran Sasso, Province of Abruzzo, Italy
Gabriel Sionita
A learned Maronite, famous for his share in the publication of the Parisian polyglot of the Bible; b. 1577, at Edden on the Lebanon; d. 1648, at Paris
Gabriel Tellez
Spanish priest and poet, better known by his pseudonym of Tirso de Molina, b. about 1571; d. March 21, 1648
Gabriel Vasquez
Theologian, b. at Villaescusa de Haro, near Belmonte, Cuenca, 1549 or 1551; d. at Alcala, Sept. 23, 1604
Gabriel-Auguste Daubree
French geologist, b. at Metz, June 25, 1814; d. at Paris, May 29, 1896
Gabriele Paleotti
Cardinal, Archbishop of Bologna, b. at Bologna, October 4, 1522; d. at Rome, July 22, 1597
Gabriello Chiabrera
Poet (1552-1638)
Gabriello Fallopio
Anatomist, one of the most important of the many-sided physicians of the sixteenth century (Haeser); b. at Modena, Italy, 1523; d. October 9, 1562, at Padua
A proper name which designates in the Bible, (I), a patriarch; (II), a tribe of Israel; (III), a prophet; (IV), a pagan deity
A titular see of Palaestina Prima
Gaetano Capocci
Musical composer and maestro, b. in Rome, Oct. 16, 1811; d. there, Jan. 11, 1898
Gaetano Moroni
Author, b. at Rome, October 17, 1802; d. there, 3 Novenber, 1883
Gaetano Sanseverino
Restorer of the Scholastic philosophy in Italy, b. at Naples, 1811; d. Nov. 16, 1865
Gal, Saint
Of the ninety-eight bishops who have occupied the see of Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne) the sixteenth and the twenty-third bore the name of Gal, and both are numbered among the twenty-nine bishops of this church who are honoured as saints
Galeazzo Alessi
Italian architect, b. 1500; d. 1572
Galeazzo Campi
An Italian painter, b. at Cremona, 1475; d. 1536
The native land of Jesus Christ, where He began His ministry and performed many of His works, and whence He drew His Apostles
Galileo Galilei
Generally called Galileo, b. at Pisa, February 18, 1564; d. January 8, 1642
Gall Morel
Poet, scholar, aesthete, and educationist, b. at St. Fiden, Switzerland, on March 24, 1803; d. at the Abbey of Einsiedeln on December 16, 1872
Gall, Saint
An Irishman by birth, he was one of the twelve disciples who accompanied St. Columbanus to Gaul, and established themselves with him at Luxeuil
Galla Placidia
Queen of Rome, b. in 393; d. Nov. 27, 450
Galla, Saint
A Roman widow of the sixth century
Gallia Christiana
A documentary catalogue or list, with brief historical notices, of all the dioceses and abbeys of France from the earliest times, also of their occupants
Gallican Rite, The
I. History and Origin; II. MSS. and Other Sources; III. The Liturgical Year; IV. The Divine Office; V. The Mass; VI. The Occasional Services
A certain group of religious opinions for some time peculiar to the Church of France, or Gallican Church, and the theological schools of that country
Gallicanus, Saints
Saints of this name
Gallus Jacob Baumgartner
Swiss statesman (1797-1869)
A Pharisee and celebrated doctor of the Law
The staking of money or other thing of value on the issue of a game of chance
A titular see in the province of Paphlagonia
Garcia de Loaisa
Cardinal and Archbishop of Seville, b. in Talavera, Spain, c. 1479; d. at Madrid, April 21, 1546
Garcilasso de la Vega (historian of Peru)
Historian of Peru; b. at Cuzco, Peru, April 12, 1539; d. at Cordoba, Spain, c. 1617
Garcilasso de la Vega (Spanish lyric poet)
Spanish lyric poet; b. at Toledo, Feb. 6, 1503; d. at Nice, Oct. 14, 1536
A titular see in the province of Asia, suffragan of Ephesus
A wreath of flowers or evergreens formerly used in connection with baptismal, nuptial, and funeral rites, as well as in solemn processions
Gaspar de Carvajal
Dominican missionary, b. in Estremadura, Spain, c. 1500; d. at Lima, Peru, 1584
Gaspar de Crayer
Flemish painter, b. at Antwerp, 1582; d. at Ghent, 1669
Gaspar Druzbicki
Ascetic writer, b. at Sierady in Poland, 1589; entered the Society of Jesus, August 20, 1609; d. at Posen, April 2, 1662
Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos
Spanish statesman (1744-1811)
Gaspar Schott
German physicist, b. Feb. 5, 1608, at Konigshofen; d. 12 or May 22, 1666, at Augsburg
Gaspard Mermillod
Bishop of Lausanne and cardinal, b. at Carouge, Switzerland, Sept. 22, 1824; d. in Rome, Feb. 23, 1892
Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis
French mathematician (1792-1843)
Gaspare Del Bufalo, Blessed
Founder of the Missionaries of the most Precious Blood (C.P.P.S.); b. at Rome on the feast of the Epiphany, 1786; d. December 28, 1837
Gasparo Contarini
Venetian statesman and cardinal (1483-1542)
Gasparo Luigi Pacifico Spontini
Composer, b. at Magolati, near Jesi, Ancona, Nov. 14, 1774; d. there, Jan. 14, 1851
Gasparo Molo
Goldsmith and planisher, chiefly known as a medalist, b. in Italy; date of death unknown
Gaston Jean Baptiste de Renty
B. 1611 at the castle of Beni, Diocese of Bayeux in Normandy; d. April 24, 1649
Gaston-Bruno-Paulin Paris
A French philologist, son of Paulin, b. at Avenay (Marne), August 9, 1839; d. at Cannes, March 6, 1903
Gatianus, Saint
Founder and first Bishop of Tours; b. probably at Rome; d. at Tours, December 20, 301
Gaudentius of Brescia
Theologian of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchins; b. at Brescia in 1612; d. at Oriano, March 25, 1672
Gaudentius, Saint
Bishop of Brescia from about 387 until about 410; he was the successor of the writer on heresies, St. Philastrius
Gaudenzio Ferrari
Italian painter and the greatest master of the Piedmontese School, b. at Valduggia, near Novara, Italy, c. 1470; d, at Milan, January 31, 1546
Gaudete Sunday
The third Sunday of Advent
Bishop of Tarazona Spain, d. about 540
Gaul, Christian
The Church of Gaul first appeared in history in connection with the persecution at Lyons under Marcus Aurelius.
Gavin Douglas
Scottish prelate and poet, b. about 1474; d. 1522
A titular see of Palaestina Prima, in the a Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Gebhard (III) of Constance
Bishop of Constance, and strenuous defender of papal rights against imperial encroachments during the Investitures conflict; b. about 1040; d. November 12, 1110
One of the Greater Judges of Israel
Gelasius O'Cullenan
Cistercian, Abbot of Boyle, Ireland, b. probably near Assaroe Abbey, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal; martyred, Nov. 21, 1580
Gelasius of Cyzicus
Ecclesiastical writer. He was the son of a priest of Cyzicus, and wrote in Bithynia, about 475, to prove against the Eutychians, that the Nicene Fathers did not teach Monophysitism
A suppressed Benedictine monastery
Genealogy (in the Bible)
In the Bible
Genealogy of Christ
It is granted on all sides that the Biblical genealogy of Christ implies a number of exegetical difficulties
General Chapter
The daily assembling of a community for purposes of discipline and administration of monastic affairs has always included the reading of a chapter of the rule, and thus the assembly itself came to be called the chapter and the place of meeting the chapter
General Chronology
Science of time-measurement; has two branches: (1) Mathematical Chronology and (2) Historical Chronology
General Sir William Francis Butler
B. at Suirville, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, Oct. 31, 1838; d. June 7, 1910, was the son of Richard and Ellen Butler
The Lake of Tiberias
The first book of the Pentateuch
Five people of this name
Genevieve, Saint
Patroness of Paris, b. at Nanterre, c. 419 or 422; d. at Paris, 512
Gennadius I, Saint
Patriarch of Constantinople (458-471)
Gennadius II
Patriarch of Constantinople (1454-1456)
Gennadius of Marseilles
Priest whose chief title to fame is his continuation of St. Jerome's catalogue 'De Viris illustribus'.
Gentian Hervetus
A French theologian and controversialist; b. at Olivet, near Orleans, in 1499; d. at Reims, September 12, 1584
Gentile da Fabriano
Italian painter; b. probably about 1378 in the District of the Marches; d. probably 1427
The nations distinct from the Jewish people
Genuflexion (Genuflection)
To genuflect [Lat. genu flectere, geniculare (post-classic), to bend the knee; Gr. gonuklinein or kamptein] expresses (1) an attitude (2) a gesture: involving, like prostration, a profession of dependence or helplessness, and therefore very naturally adop
Geoffrey Chaucer
English poet (d. 1400)
Geoffrey Keating
Irish theologian, historian, and poet, b. at Burgess in the parish of Tubbrid, Co. Tipperary, about 1569; d. at Tubbrid about 1644
Geoffrey of Clairvaux
A disciple of St. Bernard, was b. between the years 1115 and 1120, at Auxerre; d. some time after the year 1188, probably at the abbey of Haute Combe, Savoy
Geoffrey of Dunstable
Also known as Geoffrey of Gorham, Abbot of St. Alban's, d. at St. Albans, Feb. 26, 1146
Geoffrey of Monmouth
Bishop of St. Asaph and chronicler; b. at Monmouth about 1100; d. at Llandaff, 1154
Geoffrey of Vendome
Cardinal, b. in the second half of the eleventh century of a noble family, at Angers, France; d. there, March 26, 1132
Geoffroi de Villehardouin
Marechal de Champagne, warrior, and first historian in the French language, b. about 1150; d. at Messinople, 1213
Geography and the Church
The classic historians of geography, Alexander von Humboldt, Carl Ritter, and Oscar Peschel, never forgot to acknowledge how greatly their science was indebted to the Church.
Georg Friedrich Daumer
German poet and philosopher, b. at Nuremberg, March 5, 1800; d. at Wurzburg, December 14, 1875
Georg Hartmann
Mechanician and physicist; b. at Eckoltsheim, Bavaria, Feb. 9 1489; d. at Nuremberg, April 9, 1564
Georg Philipp Ludolf von Beckedorff
Theologian and doctor, b. at Hanover, April 14, 1778; d. at Grtinhof, February 27, 1858
Georg Raphael Donner
Austrian sculptor, b. at Essling, Austria, May 25, 1692; d. at Vienna, February 15, 1741
Georg Ratzinger
Political economist and social reformer, b. at Rickering, near Deggendorf, in lower Bavaria, April 3, 1844; d. at Munich, December 3, 1899
Georg Scherer
Pulpit orator and controversialist, b. at Schwaz, in the Tyrol, 1540, according to Duhr; d. at Linz, Nov. 30, 1605
Georg Witzel
Theologian, b. at Vacha, Province of Hesse, 1501; d. at Mainz, Feb. 16, 1573
George Agricola
Physician, mineralogist, historian, and controversialist, b. at Glauchau, in Saxony, 24 March, 1494; d. at Chemnitz, 23 October, 1555
George Allen
Educator, b. at Milton, Vermont, 17 December, 1808; d. in Worcester, Mass., 28 May, 1876
George Anselm Touchet
B. at Stalbridge, Dorset; d. about 1689. He was second son of Mervyn, twelfth Lord Audley, second Earl of Castlehaven, and a man of profligate life; his first wife was Elizabeth Barnham
George Ashby
English Cistercian monk (d. 1537)
George Augustus Henry Sala
Journalist, b. in London, Nov. 24, 1828; d. at Brighton, Dec. 8, 1895
George Beesley, Venerable
English martyr (d. 1591)
George Cassander
Flemish Humanist and theologian, b. August 15, 1513, at Pitthem in West Flanders; d. February 3, 1566, at Cologne
George D'Amboise
French cardinal, archbishop, and statesman (1460-1510)
George Day
Bishop of Chichester; b. in Shropshire, England, c. 1501; d. August 2, 1556
George Dering Wolff
Editor, b. at Martinsburg, West Virginia, Aug. 25, 1822; d. at Norristown, Pennsylvania, Jan. 29, 1894
George Deshon
Priest of the Congregation (or Institute) of St. Paul the Apostle, b. at New London, Conn., U.S.A., January 30, 1823; d. in New York, December 30, 1903
George Digby
Second Earl of Bristol, b. at Madrid, Spain, where his father, the first earl, was ambassador, 1612; d. at Chelsea, England, 1677
George Dowdall
Archbishop of Armagh, b. at Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland, in 1487; d. at London, August 15, 1558
George Elder
Educator, b. August 11, 1793, in Kentucky, U.S.A.; d. Sept. 28, 1838
George Ellis Pugh
Jurist and statesman, b. at Cincinnati, O., November 28, 1822; d. there, July 19, 1876
George Gervase (Jervis)
Priest and Martyr; b. 1571; d. 1608
George Gobat
French moral theologian; b. 1600; d. 1679
George Hamartolus
A monk at Constantinople under Michael III (842-867) and the author of a chronicle of some importance
George Hay
Bishop and writer, b. at Edinburgh, Aug. 24, 1729; d. at Aquhorties, Oct. 18, 1811
George Haydock, Venerable
English martyr; b. 1556; executed at Tyburn, February 12, 1583-84
George Henry Miles
Dramatist and man of letters, b. in Baltimore, Maryland, July 31, 1824; d. near Emmitsburg, July 23, 1871
George Hermes
Philosopher and theologian, b. at Dreierwalde near Rheine (Westphalia), April 22, 1775; d. at Bonn on the Rhine, May 26, 1831
George J. Wigley
D. in Rome, January 20, 1866. By profession he was an architect, but subsequently devoted himself to journalism in Paris
George Joseph Camel
Botanist, b. at Brune, in Moravia, April 21, 1661; died in Manila, May 2, 1706
George Joseph Vogler
Theorist, composer, and organist, b. at Wurzburg, June 15, 1749, d. at Darmstadt, May 6, 1814
George Leo Haydock
Priest and Biblical scholar; b. April 11, 1774, at Cottam, near Wood Plumpton, Lancashire; d. November 29, 1849, at Penrith, Cumberland
George Martinuzzi
Monk, bishop, cardinal, b. at Kamicac, Dalmatia, 1482; d. December 16, 1551
George Michael Pachtler
Controversial and educational writer, b. at Mergentheim, Wurtemberg, Sept. 14, 1825; d. at Exaten, Holland, Aug. 12, 1889
George Michael Wittmann
Bishop-elect of Ratisbon, b. near Pleistein, Oberpfalz, Bavaria, 22(23?) Jan., 1760; d. at Ratisbon, March 8, 1833
George Napper, Venerable
English martyr, b. at Holywell manor, Oxford, 1550; executed at Oxford November 9, 1610
George Nichols, Venerable
English martyr, b. at Oxford about 1550; executed at Oxford, October 19, 1589
George of Trebizond
A Greek scholar of the early Italian Renaissance; b. in Crete (a Venetian possession from 1206-1669), 1395; d. in Rome, 1486
George Oliver
Priest; b. at Newington in Surrey in 1781; d. at Exeter in 1861
George Parsons Lathrop
Poet, novelist, b. at Honolulu, Hawaii, Aug. 25, 1851; d. at New York, Apr. 19, 1898
George Peter Alexander Healy
An American portrait and historical painter, b. at Boston, July 15, 1808; d. at Chicago, June 14, 1894
George Phillips
Canonist, b. at Konigsberg, Sept. 6, 1804; d. at Vienna, September 6, 1872, was the son of James Phillips, an Englishman who had acquired wealth as a merchant in Konigsberg, and of a Scotchwoman nee Hay
George Pisides
A Byzantine poet, lived in the first half of the seventh century
George Porter
Archbishop of Bombay, b. 1825 at Exeter, England; d. at Bombay, September 28, 1889
George Pray
Abbot, canon, librarian of the University library of Buda, and important Hungarian historian, b. at Ersekujvar, Sept. 11, 1723; d. in Pesth, Sept. 23, 1801
George the Bearded
Also called The Rich, Duke of Saxony, b. at Dresden, August 27, 1471; d. in the same city, April 17. 1539
George von Peuerbach
Austrian astronomer, b. at Peuerbach near Linz, May 30, 1423; d. in Vienna, April 8, 1461
George, Saint
Martyr, patron of England, suffered at or near Lydda, also known as Diospolis, in Palestine, probably before the time of Constantine
George-Barthelemy Faribault
Archaeologist, b. at Quebec, Canada, Dec. 3, 1789; d. Dec. 22, 1866
Georges Chastellain
Burgundian chronicler (1403-1475)
Georges D'Armagnac
French cardinal and diplomatist (1501-1585)
Georges Darboy
Archbishop of Paris and ecclesiastical writer, b. at Fayl-Billot, near Langres, 1813
Georges-Etienne Cartier
French Canadian statesman; b. at St. Antoine, on the Richelieu, 16 Sept., 1814; d. in London, May 20, 1873
Georgetown University
In Washington, District of Columbia
Georgetown Visitation Convent, The
In the District of Columbia, United States of America
The state
Georgius Gemistus Plethon
B. in Constantinople about 1355, d. in the Peloponnesus, 1450
Georgius Syncellus
D. after 810; the author of one of the more important medieval Byzantine chronicles
Gerald Griffin
Novelist, dramatist, lyricist; b. December 12, 1803; d. June 12, 1840
Gerald Molloy
Theologian and scientist, b. at Mount Tallant House, near Dublin, Sept. 10, 1834; d. at Aberdeen, Oct. 1, 1906
Gerald, Saint (Bishop of Mayo)
Bishop of Mayo, an English monk, date of birth unknown; d. March 13, 731
Gerard (Archbishop of York)
Archbishop of York, date of birth unknown; d. at Southwell, May 21, 1108
Gerard Groote
Founder of the Brethren of the Common Life, b. 1340; d. Aug. 20, 1384
Gerard Majella, Saint
Italian Redemptorist, b. 1726: d. 1755
Gerard Manley Hopkins
Jesuit and poet, b. at Stratford, near London, July 28, 1844; d. at Dublin, June 8, 1889
Gerard of Cremona
Arabic translator; b. d. 1187
Gerard Schneemann
Jesuit, teacher, b. at Wesel, Lower Rhine, Feb. 12, 1829; d. at Kerkrade, Holland, Nov. 20, 1885
Gerard, Saint (Abbot of Brogne)
Abbot of Brogne, b. at Staves in the county of Namur, towards the end of the ninth century; d. at Brogne or St-Gerard, Oct. 3, 959
Gerard, Saint (Bishop of Toul)
Bishop of Toul, b. at Cologne, 935; d. at Toul, April 23, 994
Gerardus Odonis
Medieval theologian and Minister General of the Franciscan Order; b. date unknown; d. at Catania, Sicily, 1348
A titular see in the province of Arabia
Gerhard of Zutphen
Mystical writer, b. 1367; d. 1398
Gerhoh of Reichersberg
Gerhoh of Reichersberg: provost and Austin canon; b. 1093; d. 1169
Gerlac Peterssen
B. at Deventer, 1377 or 1378; d. Nov. 18, 1411
Germain, Saint
Saint Germain, Bishop of Paris; b. near Autun, d. at Paris, May 28, 576
Germain, Saint (bishop)
Bishop of Auxerre c. 380; d. at Ravenna, July 31, 448
Germaine Cousin, Saint
Saint, shepherdess; b. in 1579 at Pibrac, d. 1601
German Gardiner
Engilsh blessed, martyr; d. 1544
German League
Duke Maximilian started negotiations with the spiritual electors and some of the Catholic states of the empire, with a view to the formation of a union of the Catholic states
German Literature
The earliest record of any Germanic language dates back to the fourth century
German Roman Catholic Central Verein of North America
Catholic benevolence society
Germanicia; a titular see in the province of Euphratensis and the patriarchate of Antioch;
A titular see in the province of Isauria
Germans in the United States
Germans, either by birth or descent, an important element in the population of the United States, number not less than twelve million
Germanus I, Saint
Saint Patriarch of Constantinople, b. 610-41; d. 733 or 740
From the first, Germans showed elements of unchecked individualism
Already an autocephalous archdiocese by 650
Geronimo Mercuriali
Famous philologist and physician, b. at Forli, September 30, 1530; d. there, November 13, 1606
A titular see in the province of Augustamnica Prima
Gertrude of Aldenberg
Blessed Premonstratensian abbess of the convent of Aldenberg, near Wetzlar; b 1227; d. 1297
Gertrude of Hackeborn
Cistercian Abbess of Helfta; b. 1232; d. 1292
Gertrude of Nivelles, Saint
Benedictine abbess; b. 626; d. 659
Gertrude the Great, Saint
German Benedictine mystic; b. 1256; d. 1301
Gertrude Van Der Oosten, Venerable
Dutch Discalced Carmelite; d. 1358
Gervase of Canterbury
(Gervas us Dorobornensis) English chronicler; b. 1141; d. 1210
Gervase of Tilbury
Writer; b. about 1150; d. about 1220
Gervasius and Protasius, Saints
Martyrs of Milan; d. 162-168
Gery, Saint
Bishop of Cambrai-Arras; d. c. 623-626
Priest who founded German Catholic societies for young men; b. 1813, d. 1865
Gesta Dei per Francos
Historian of the First Crusade; d. 1124
Gesta Romanorum
Medieval collection of anecdotes
The place in which Jesus Christ suffered the Agony and was taken prisoner
Gezireh (or Djezireh)
Seat of a Chaldean and Syrian see
Gheeraert David
Painter and illuminator, b. at Oudewater, South Holland, c. 1450, d. August 13, 1523
Ghirlandajo (Domenico di Tommaso Bigordi)
Florentine Painter; b. 1449; d. 1494
Ghislain, Saint
Belgian confessor and anchorite; d. c. 680
Ghost Dance
Nevada Indian ceremonial rite
Giacinto Placido Zurla
Cardinal Vicar of Rome, writer on medieval geography, b. at Legnano, of noble parents, April 2, 1769; d. at Palermo, Oct. 29, 1843
Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola
A theoretical and practical architect of the Transition Period between the Renaissance and Baroque styles; b. at Vignola in 1507; d. in 1573
Giacomo Bellini
Artist (ca. 1400-1471)
Giacomo Carissimi
Italian composer, b. in 1604 at Marino in the Papal States; d. 12 Jan., 1674, in Rome
Giacomo Della Porta
Architect and sculptor, b. at Porlizza on Lake Lugano 1541; d. 1604
Giacomo Gaetani Stefaneschi
Cardinal deacon, b. at Rome, about 1270; d. at Avignon, June 23, 1343
Giacomo Margotti
A Catholic publicist, born May 11, 1823; died May 6, 1887
Giacomo Maria Airoli
Jesuit Orientalist and Scriptural commentator; b. at Genoa, 1660; d. in Rome, 27 March, 1721
Giacomo Nacchiante
Dominican theologian, b. at Florence; d. at Chioggia, May 6, 1569
Giacomo Rho
Missionary, b. at Milan, 1593; d. at Peking April 27, 1638
Giacopo Belgrado
Italian Jesuit and natural philosopher (1704-1789)
Giambattista Belzoni
Egyptian explorer (1778-1823)
Giambattista Pianciani
Scientist, b. at Spoleto, Oct. 27, 1784; d. at Rome, March 23, 1862
Giambattista Piranesi
An Italian etcher and engraver, b. at Venice, 1720; d. in Rome, Nov. 9, 1778
Gian Domenico Mansi
Italian prelate and scholar, b. Feb. 16, 1692; d. Sept. 27, 1769
Gian Paolo Oliva
Jesuit; b. at Genoa, October 4, 1600; d. at Rome, at Sant' Andrea Quirinale, November 26, 1681
Giangiorgio Trissino
Italian poet and scholar, b. of a patrician family at Vicenza in 1478; d. at Rome, December 8, 1550
Gibail and Batrun
A Maronite residential see
Gift of Miracles
Extraordinary graces of the Holy Ghost
Gift of Tongues
A supernatural gift recorded in Scripture
Gil de Albornoz Alvarez Carillo
Cardinal, general, and statesman; b. about 1310; d. Aug. 23, 1367, near Viterbo, in Italy
Gil of Santarem, Blessed
Portuguese Dominican blessed; b. about 1185; d. 1265
Gil Vicente
Portuguese dramatist, b. about 1470; he was living in 1536
Gilbert Bourne
Last Catholic Bishop of Bath and Wells, England (d. 1569)
Gilbert Choiseul Du Plessis-Praslin
French bishop (1613-1689)
Gilbert de la Porree
Bishop of Poitiers; philosopher; theologian, b. 1076; d. 1154
Gilbert Genebrard
Learned Benedictine exegete and Orientalist, b. December 12, 1535, at Riom, in the department of Puy-de-Dome; d. Feb. 16, 1597, at Semur, department of Cote-d'Or
Gilbert of Sempringham, Saint
Founded of the Order of Gilbertines in 1131
Order founded by St. Gilbert about the year 1130
Gildas, Saint
Surnamed the Wise; b. about 516; d. at Houat Brittany
Giles de Coninck
Jesuit theologian (1571-1633)
Giles, Saint
Abbot (seventh century)
Gilles-Francois de Beauvais
Jesuit writer and preacher, b. at Mans, France, July 7, 1693; d. probably at Paris about 1773
Gilles-Marie Oppenordt
A celebrated rococo artist, known as the 'French Borromini' b. in Paris, 1672; d. there, 1742
Brother and sister, both religious, in 19th century America
A titular see of Syria Prima in the Patriarchate of Antioch
Gines Perez de Hita
Spanish writer, b. at Murcia
Gino Capponi, Count
Historian and litterateur; b. at Florence, Italy, September 13, 1792; d. February 3, 1876
Gioacchino Antonio Rossini
Chief operatic composer of his time, but also a great innovator, b. Feb. 29, 1792, at Pesaro in the Romagna; d. Nov. 13, 1868, at Passy, near Paris
Giordano Ansaloni
Domincan missionary (d. 1634)
Giordano Bruno
Italian philosopher, b. at Nola in Campania, in the Kingdom of Naples, in 1548; d. at Rome, 1600
Giorgio Clovio
Famous Italian miniaturist (1498-1578)
Giorgio Vasari
Painter, architect, and writer, b. at Arezzo, 1511; d. at Florence, 1574
Giorgione (Giorgio Barbarelli Zorzo da Castelfranco)
Italian painter, b. 1477; d. 1510
Gioseffe Zarlino
Italian musical theorist, b. at Chioggia in 1517; d. at Venice, Feb. 4, 1590
Giotto di Bondone
Founder of the Italian School of painting, b. 1266; d. 1337
Giovanni Andrea Cortese
Cardinal and monastic reformer, b. 1483 at Modena; d. 21 Sept., 1548
Giovanni Animuccia
Italian composer, choirmaster (1500-1571)
Giovanni Antoniano
Domincan patrologist (d. 1588)
Giovanni Antonio Amadeo (or Omodeo)
Italian architect and sculptor (1447-1522)
Giovanni Antonio Bianchi
Franciscan theologian (1686-1768)
Giovanni Antonio Cavazzi
Capuchin friar of the province of Bologna, date of birth uncertain; d. at Genoa, 1692
Giovanni Antonio Pordenone
Italian painter, b. at Pordenone, 1483; d. at Ferrara, January, 1539
Giovanni Aurispa
Famous Italian humanist and collector of Greek manuscripts (1369-1459)
Giovanni Barbieri
Famous painter of religious subjects (1591-1666)
Giovanni Battista Audiffredi
Dominican, expert antiquarian (1734-1794)
Giovanni Battista Beccaria
Physicist, b. at Mondovi, October 3, 1716; d. at Turin, May 27, 1781. At the age of sixteen he entered the Order of Clerks Regular of St. Joseph Calasanctius
Giovanni Battista Caprara
Statesman and cardinal, b. at Bologna, May 29, 1733; d. at Paris, July 27, 1810
Giovanni Battista Casali
Musician, b. at Rome in 1715; d. there 1792
Giovanni Battista Castello
Italian painter, sculptor, and architect; b, 1509 (some writers state 1500 or 1506); d. at Madrid, in 1579. Commonly called Il Bergamasc.
Giovanni Battista Cima da Conegliano
Venetian painter (1459 or 1460-1517 or 1518)
Giovanni Battista de Luca
Cardinal and Italian canonist of the seventeenth century, b. at Venusia, Southern Italy, in 1614; d. at Rome, on February 5, 1683
Giovanni Battista de Rossi
Distinguished Christian archeologist, best known for his work in connection with the Roman catacombs, b. at Rome, February 23, 1822; d. at Castel Gandolfo on Lake Albano, September 20, 1894
Giovanni Battista Franco
Italian historical painter and etcher, b. at Udine in 1510; d. at Venice in 1580
Giovanni Battista Gaulli
Called Baciccio, an Italian painter; b. at Genoa, 1639; d. at Rome, 1709
Giovanni Battista Giraldi
Italian dramatist and novelist; b. 1504; d. 1573
Giovanni Battista Guglielmini
Scientist, b. August 16, 1763; d. December 15, 1817
Giovanni Battista Morgagni
Distinguished Italian physician and investigator in medicine; b. at Forli, February 25, 1682; d. at Bologna, December 6, 1771
Giovanni Battista Moroni
Painter, b. between 1520 and 1525; d. at Bergamo, in 1578
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
B. at Naples, Jan. 3, 1710; d. March 16, 1736, at Pozzuoli, near Naples
Giovanni Battista Riccioli
Italian astronomer, b. at Ferrara April 17, 1598; d. at Bologna June 25, 1671
Giovanni Battista Rinuccini
Archbishop of Fermo and advocate in the ecclesiastical courts, b. at Rome, 1592; d. at Fermo, 1653
Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato
Painter, b. at Sassoferrato in the March of Ancona, 1609; d. at Rome, 1689
Giovanni Battista Scarmelli
Ascetical writer, b. at Rome, Nov. 24, 1687; d. at Macerata, Jan. 11, 1752
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
B. in 1696; d. March 27, 1770
Giovanni Battista Viotti
Founder of the modern school of violinists, b. at Fontanetto, Piedmont, May 23, 1753; d. March 3, 1824
Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione
Painter and etcher, b. at Genoa, Italy, 1616; d. at Mantua, 1670
Giovanni Bernardo de Rossi
Theologian and historian; b. at Cividale del Friuli, Jan. 8, 1687; d. at Venice, Feb. 2, 1775
Giovanni Boccaccio
Italian novelist (1313-1375)
Giovanni Bona
French cardinal and author (1609-1674)
Giovanni Clericato
Canonist (1633-1717)
Giovanni Contarini
Italian painter of the Venetian School (1549-1605)
Giovanni Croce
Composer, b. at Chioggia near Venice in 1557; d. May 15, 1609
Giovanni D'Andrea
Canonist (1275-1348)
Giovanni da Bologna
Flemish Renaissance sculptor (ca. 1524-1608)
Giovanni da Piano Carpine
B. at Pian di Carpine (now called della Magione), near Perugia, Umbria, 1182; d. probably in 1252
Giovanni da Verrazano
Navigator, b. about 1485, of good family, at Val di Greve, near Florence; executed at Puerto del Pico, Spain, November, 1527
Giovanni De' Marignolli
B. at Florence about 1290; place and date of death unknown. When quite a youth he received the Franciscan habit at the convent of Santa Croce, Florence
Giovanni Devoti
Canonist, b. at Rome, July 11, 1744; d. there Sept. 18, 1820
Giovanni Domenico Cassini
Astronomer b. at Perinaldo (Nice, Italy), June 8, 1625; d. at Paris, September 14, 1712
Giovanni Domenico Costadoni
Known as Dom Anselmo, Italian Camaldolese monk, historian, and theologian; b. October 6, 1714, at Venice; d. January 23, 1785, in the same city
Giovanni Dominici
Cardinal, statesman, and writer, b. at Florence, 1356; d. at Buda, July 10, 1420
Giovanni Dossi
Italian painter, b. about 1479; d. at Ferrara in 1542
Giovanni Dupre
Sculptor, b. of remote French ancestry at Siena, Mar. 1, 1817; d. at Florence, Jan. 10, 1882
Giovanni Francesco Anerio
Italian composer, choirmaster (1567-1620)
Giovanni Francesco Barbarigo
Italian Cardinal, nephew of Blessed Gregorio Barbarigo (1658-1730)
Giovanni Francesco Commendone
Cardinal and Papal Nuncio (1523-1584)
Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi
Eclectic painter of the Bolognese school; b. 1606; d. 1680
Giovanni Francesco Pico Della Mirandola
Italian philosopher, b. about 1469; d. 1533
Giovanni Francesco Poggio Bracciolini
Italian humanist and historian; b. at Terranuova, near Arezzo, in 1380; d. at Florence, Oct. 10, 1459
Giovanni Giocondo
Italian architect, antiquary, b. 1445; d. 1525
Giovanni Giuda Giona Battista
Jewish rabbi and convert to Catholicism (1588-1668)
Giovanni Giustino Ciampini
Ecclesiastical archaeologist (1633-1698)
Giovanni Inghirami
Italian astronomer, b. at Volterra, Tuscany, April 16, 1779; d. at Florence, August 15, 1851
Giovanni Lanfranco
Decorative painter, b. at Parma, 1581; d. in Rome, 1647
Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini
Italian architect and sculptor (1598-1680)
Giovanni Lorenzo Berti
Italian theologian (1696-1766)
Giovanni Maria Cornoldi
Jesuit professor, author, and preacher (1822-1892)
Giovanni Mario Crescimbeni
Italian historian of literature, chronicler, and poet, b. in Macerata, 9 Oct., 1663; d. March 8, 1728
Giovanni Marliano da Nola
Sculptor and architect, b., it is said, of a leather merchant named Giuseppe, at Nola, near Naples, 1488; d. 1558 (?)
Giovanni Melchior Bosco, Venerable
Founder of the Salesians (1815-1888)
Giovanni Meli
Sicilian poet, b. at Palermo, March 4, 1740; d. Dec. 20, 1815
Giovanni Morone
Cardinal, Bishop of Modena, b. at Milan Jan. 25, 1509; d. at Rome, Dec. 1, 1580
Giovanni Paolo Colonna
Composer, musician (1637-1695)
Giovanni Paolo Lancelotti
Canonist, b. at Perugia in 1522; d. there, September 23, 1590
Giovanni Perrone
Jesuit theologian, b. at Chieri, Italy, March 11, 1794; d. at Rome, Aug. 28, 1876
Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola
Italian philosopher and scholar, b. February 24, 1463; d. November 17, 1494
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
The greatest composer of liturgical music of all time, b. at Palestrina (ancient Praeneste) in 1514 or 1515, according to Baini, Riemann, and others, according to Haberl, in 1526; d. at Rome, February 2, 1594
Giovanni Poleni
Marquess, physicist, and antiquarian; b. at Venice, Aug. 23, 1683; d. at Padua, Nov. 14, 1761; son of Marquess Jacopo Poleni
Giovanni Sante Gaspero Santini
Astronomer, b. at Caprese, in Tuscany, Jan. 30, 1787; d. at Padua, June 26, 1877
Giovanni Stefano Menochio
Jesuit Biblical scholar, b. at Padua, 1575; d. in Rome, Feb. 4, 1655
Giovanni Villani
Florentine historian, b. about 1276; d. of the plague in 1348
Giovanni Vincenzo Bolgeni
Theologian and controversialist (1733-1811)
Giraldus Cambrensis (Gerald de Barry)
English writer, historian; b. 1147; d. 1216-1220
Giraud de Borneil
Twelfth-century French troubadour
A titular see in the province of African Tripoli.
Diocese in Sicily
Girolamo and Pietro Ballerini
Celebrated theologians and canonists
Girolamo Benzoni
Writer (b. ca. 1519)
Girolamo Campagna
B. in Verona, 1552; d. about 1623 or 1625
Girolamo Cardan
Italian physician and mathematician, b. at Pavia, September 24, 1501; d. at Rome, September 21; 1576
Girolamo Casanata
Cardinal, b. at Naples, July 13, 1620; d. at Rome, March 3, 1700
Girolamo Degli Angeli
Jesuit missionary of Japan (1567-1623)
Girolamo Francesco Tornielli
Italian Jesuit, preacher and writer, b. February 1, 1693; d. April 6 or May 12, 1752
Girolamo Genga
Painter, born at Urbino in 1476 died at the same place, 1551
Girolamo Savonarola
Dominican reformer, b. at Ferrara, September 21, 1452; d. at Florence, May 23, 1498
Girolamo Seripando
Italian theologian and cardinal, b. at Troja (Apulia), May 6, 1493; d. at Trent, March 17, 1563
Girolamo Tiraboschi
Italian scholar, b. 1731; d. June 3, 1794
Giuliano Cesarini
Cardinal, b. at Rome, 1398; d. at Varna, in Bulgaria, November 10, 1444
Giulio Alberoni
Cardinal and statesman; b. 30 May, 1664, at Firenzuola in the duchy of Parma; d. 26 June, 1752, at Piacenza
Giulio Alenio
Chinese missionary and scholar, b. at Brescia, in Italy, in 1582; d. at Fou-Tcheou, China, in August, 1644
Giulio Bartolocci
Cistercian monk and learned Hebrew scholar (1613-1687)
Giulio Carlo De' Toschi di Fagnano
Mathematician, b. at Sinigaglia, Italy, September 26, 1682; d. there May 18, 1766
Giulio Cesare Cordara
Jesuit; historian and litterateur (1704-1785)
Giulio Lorenzo Selvaggio
Canonist and archaeologist, b. at Naples, August 10, 1728; d. there, November, 1772
Giulio Romano
Roman architect and painter; b. 1492; d. 1546
Giuseppe Agnelli
Author of catechetical and devotional works, b. at Naples, 1621; d. in Rome, 8 October, 1706
Giuseppe Agostino Orsi
Cardinal, theologian, and ecclesiastical historian, b. at Florence, May 9, 1692, of an aristocratic Florentine family; d. at Rome, June 12, 1761
Giuseppe Bianchini
Italian Oratorian, scholar (1704-1764)
Giuseppe Campani
An Italian optician and astronomer who lived in Rome during the latter half of the seventeenth century
Giuseppe Catalani
A Roman liturgist of the eighteenth century
Giuseppe Cozza-Luzi
Italian savant, Abbot of the Basilian monastery of Grottaferrata near Rome; b. 24 Dec., 1837, at Bolsena in the Province of Rome: d. there June 1, 1905
Giuseppe D'Annibale
Cardinal, theologian (1815-1892)
Giuseppe Giusti
Poet and patriot; b. 1809; d. 1850
Giuseppe Marchi
Archaeologist, b. Feb. 22, 1795; d. Feb. 10, 1860
Giuseppe Maria Bernini
Capuchin missionary (d. 1753)
Giuseppe Maria Pignatelli, Venerable
B. December 27, 1737, in Saragossa, Spain; d. November 11, 1811
Giuseppe Maria Tommasi
Sicilian cardinal, blessed; b. 1649; d. 1713
Giuseppe Mezzofanti
Cardinal, the greatest of polyglots, b. September 19, 1774; d. March 15, 1849
Giuseppe Parini
Italian poet, b. at Bosisio, May 23, 1729; d. at Milan, Aug. 15, 1799
Giuseppe Piazzi
Astronomer, b. at Ponte in Valtellina, July 16, 1746; d. at Naples, July 22, 1826
Giuseppe Tartini
Violinist, composer, and theorist, b. April 12, 1692; d. Feb. 16, 1770. He resisted the earnest desire of his parents that he enter the Franciscan Order, and matriculated at the University of Pa
Giuseppe Toaldo
Priest and physicist, b. at Pianezze, 1719; d. at Padua, 1797
Giuseppe Zamboni
Priest and physicist, b. at Venice, June, 1776; d. there, July 25, 1846
Slavonic glagol, a word
Technical term in ecclesiastical law
Glendalough School
Monastic school founded by St. Kevin
Gloacchino Ventura di Raulica
Italian pulpit orator, patriot, philosopher, b. at Palermo, Dec. 8, 1792; d. at Versailles, Aug. 2, 1861. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1808
Gloria in Excelsis Deo
Great doxology (hymnus angelicus) in the Mass
The ethical and religious significance of the word
Glossaries Glosses
In Canon Law
Excessive indulgence in food and drink
The doctrine of salvation by knowledge.
Goar, Saint
An anchorite of Aquitaine; b. about 585; d. near Oberwesel (Germany), 6 July, 649
Gobban Saer
Irish architect; b. about 560
Westphalian historian and monastic reformer; b. in 1358; d. 1421
Name of the supreme, infinite personal being
Godard, Saint
Bishop of Hildesheim in Lower Saxony; b. 960; d. 1038
Godeberta, Saint
B. in France about 640, d. around 700
Godelina, Saint
B. in France around 1049; d. 1070
Godfrey Giffard (Bishop of Worcester)
Bishop of Worcester, b. about 1235; d. Jan. 26, 1301
Godfrey Goodman
Anglican bishop; b. 1582, d. 1656
Godfrey Henschen
Jesuit, hagiographer; b. at Venray (Limburg), June 21, 1601; d. at Antwerp, Sept. 11, 1681
Godfrey of Bouillon
Duke of Lower Lorraine and first King of Jerusalem b. 1060; d. 1100
Godfrey of Fontaines
French scholastic philosopher and theologian; b. within the first half of the thirteenth century
Godfrey of Viterbo
German writer of the twelfth century
The name of two Abbots of Croyland
Gog and Magog
Names, respectively, of a king and of his supposed kingdom
Golden Calf
An object of worship for a time among the Hebrews
Golden Rose
A gold ornament confered upon churches by the pope
The name of three saints
Gonsalo Garcia, Saint
B. of a Portuguese father and a Canarese mother in Bassein, East India, about the year 1556 or 1557; d. Feb. 5, 1597
Gonvalo da Silveira, Venerable
Pioneer missionary of South Africa, b. Feb. 23, 1526, at Almeirim, about forty miles from Lisbon; martyred March 16, 1561
Cardinal; b. 1542; d. 1593.
Gonzalo de Berceo
Spanish poet, active between 1220 and 1242
A primary idea that must be specified
Good Faith
A phrase to designate the mental and moral state of honest conviction as to the truth or falsehood of a proposition
Good Friday
The English designation for the day of the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ
Good Hope, Cape of (Eastern Vicariate)
Eastern Vicariate established in 1847
Good Hope, Cape of (Western Vicariate)
The Western vicariate and the Central prefecture, although different in name, are virtually one
Three Roman emperors of this name, who reigned between A.D. 237-44,
Gordianus and Epimachus, Saints
Martyrs, under Julian the Apostate, 362
Gordon Riots
English riots of 1780
Titular see in the province of Lydia, suffragan of Sardis.
Gorgonius, Saint
Suffered martyrdom in 304 at Nicomedia during the persecution of Diocletian.
Titular see, and in the Greek Church metropolitan see, of the Island of Crete.
Capital of the Austrian crown-land Gorz and Gradiska
Benedictine biographical writer; d. about 1099
Gospel and Gospels
Designate a written record of Christs words and deeds.
Gospel in the Liturgy
From antiquity an important element in Liturgy
Flemish painter; b. about 1472; d. about 1533.
Gothic Architecture
History of the style
Gottfried Hagen
Town clerk of Cologne, and author of the Cologne 'Reimchronik' (rhymed chronicle); d. 1299
Gottfried von Strasburg
German epic poet:
Gottschalk of Orbais
Medieval theologian; b. about 805; d. after 866
Gottschalk, Saint
Martyr, Prince of the Wends; d. 1066.
Göttweig, Abbey of
Benedictine abbey in Lower Austria
Diocese in Brazil
Diocese comprising the Island of Gozo, Malta
Supernatural gift of God to intellectual creatures (men, angels)
Grace at Meals
Early formula dates to the fourth century
The oldest and most important chants at Mass
Gradual Psalms
Fifteen psalms
Class of rude inscriptions scratched on the walls of ancient monuments
Archdiocese in Hungary
Grand Duchy of Baden
Situated in the south-western part of the German Empire
Grand Duchy of Finland
A department or province of the Russian Empire
Grand Rapids
Diocese created May 12, 1882, out of the Diocese of Detroit
Granderath, Theodor
German Jesuit theologian; b. 1839: d. 1902
French Abbey and Order
Titular see in Caesarea mauretania, Africa.
Gratry, Auguste-Joseph-Alphonse
French priest and writer; b. 1805; d. 1872
Gravina and Montepeloso
Diocese in the Province of Bari (Southern Italy)
German University located in the capital of the Province of Steiermark,
Great Falls
Diocese in eastern Monatana, created in 1904
Great Otto I, The
Roman emperor and German king, b. in 912; d. at Memleben, May 7, 973; son of Henry I and his consort Mathilda
History of country and church
Greek Catholics in America
Includes history and statistics
Greek Church
History an varous divisions
Greek Orthodox Church in America
Those not in communion with Rome
Greek Rites
Treatment of rite, language and religion
Island stretching from within the Arctic Circle south
Gregor Aichinger
Organist and composer of sacred music, b. probably at Ratisbon in 1565; d. at Augsburg, 21 January, 1628
Gregor Reisch
B. at Balingen in Wurtemberg, about 1467; d. at Freiburg, Baden, May 9, 1525
Gregor Zallwein
Canonist, b. at Oberviechtach, Oberpfalz, October 20, 1712; d. at Salzburg, 6 or August 9, 1766
Gregorian Antiphonary
Primitive Christian antiphonary
Gregorian Chant
Treatment of history and description
Gregorio Allegri
Member of the same family which produced the painter Correggio, b. at Rome c. 1580; d. 1652
Gregorio Mengarini
Pioneer missionary of the Flathead tribe and philologist of their language, b. in Rome, July 21, 1811; d. at Santa Clara, California, September 23, 1886
Gregorio Nunez Coronel
Augustinian; theologian, writer, and preacher (1548-1620)
Gregorio Panzani
Bishop of Mileto, d. early in 1662
Gregorius Thomas Ziegler
Bishop of Linz, b. at Kirchheim near Augsburg, March 7, 1770; d. at Linz, April 15, 1852
Gregory Baeticus
Bishop of Elvira, Spain: d. about 392
Gregory IV
Pope, elected near the end of 827; d. Jan., 844
Gregory Martin
Translator of the Douai Version of the Bible from the Latin Vulgate; d. October 28, 1582
Gregory of Heimburg
Humanist and statesman, b. around the beginng of the fifteenth century; d. 1472
Gregory of Nazianzus, Saint
B. c. 325; d. c. 389.
Gregory of Neocaesarea, Saint
B. about 213; d. 270-275
Gregory of Nyssa, Saint
Date of birth unknown; d. after 385 or 386
Gregory of Rimini
Augustinian theologian; b. in the second half of the thirteenth century; d. 358
Gregory of Tours, Saint
B. in 538 or 539, d. 593 or 594
Gregory of Utrecht, Saint
Abbot; b. about 707 or 708; d. 775 or 780
Gregory of Valencia
Professor of the University of Ingolstadt, b. 1550 (1540, 1551?); d. 1603
Gregory the Great, Saint
Pope, Doctor of the Church; b. at Rome about 540; d. March 12, 604
Gregory the Illuminator, Saint
B. 257?; d. 337?
Gregory V
Pope; b. 970; d. 999
Gregory VI (Antipope)
Gregory VIII
Gregory X
Pope; b. 1210; d. 1276
Gregory XI
Pope; b. in 1331, d. 1378
Gregory XII
Angelo Corrari, legal pope during the Western Schism; b. 1327; d. 1417
Gregory XIII
Pope (Ugo Buoncompagni), b. 1502; d. 1585
Gregory XIV
Pope (Niccolo Sfondrati), b. 1535; d. 1591
Gregory XV
Pope (Alessandro Ludovisi), b. 1554; d. 1623
Gregory XVI
Pope (Mauro, or Bartolomeo Alberto Cappellari), b. 1765; d. 1846
The oldest university of Prussia, founded in 1456
A bishop's square or oblong lap cloth
Diocese of Gratianopolitana
Grey Nuns
The Order of Sisters of Charity of the Hopital General of Montreal
Grey Nuns of the Cross
A community founded in 1745 at Montreal by Madame d'Youville
Grimm Campi
An Italian painter and architect, b. at Cremona about 1500; d. there, 1572
Grimmelshausen, Johann Jacob Christoffel von
German novelist of the seventeenth century
Guaicuri Indians
Group of tribes in Baja California
Guarani Indians
Group of tribes in Latin America
Guardian Angel
Treatment of the concept of guardian angels
Condition or fact of being a guardian; the office or position of guardian
Guarino da Verona
Humanist, b. 1370; d. 1460
Luigia Torelli, Countess of Guastalla (b. about 1500; d. Oct. 29, 1559 or 1569
Gudula, Saint
B. in the seventh century; d. at the beginning of the eighth century
Guelphs and Ghibellines
Two factions that kept Italy divided and devastated by civil war during the greater part of the later Middle Ages
Name of two French literary figures
Guglielmo Agnelli
Sculptor and architect, b. at Pisa, probably in 1238; d. probably in 1313
Guglielmo Audisio
Priest, teacher of sacred eloquence, and devoted to historical studies (1801-1882)
Guglielmo Massaia
Cardinal, b. June 9, 1809; d. August 6, 1889
Guglielmo Sirleto
Cardinal and scholar, b. at Guardavalle near Stilo in Calabria, 1514; d. at Rome, October 6, 1585
Guiana (Guayana)
Treatment of the country
Guibert of Ravenna
Antipope, known as Clement III, 1080 (1084) to 1100
Guido de Baysio (or Baisio)
Italian canonist (d. 1313)
Guido Görres
Historian, publicist, poet; b. 1805; d. 1852
Guido of Arezzo
A monk of the Order of St. Benedict, b. arund 995; d. 1050
Guido Reni
Guido Reni
Guigues du Chastel
Fifth prior of the Grande Chartreuse, legislator of the Carthusian Order and ascetical writer, b. at Saint-Romain in Dauphine in 1083 or 1084; d. July 27, 1137 (1136 and 1138 are also given)
Voluntary associations for religious, social, and commercial purposes
Guillaume Briconnet
French Cardinal (d. 1514)
Guillaume Bude
French Hellenist, b. at Paris, 1467; d. there, August 22, 1540
Guillaume de Nogaret
B. about the middle of the thirteenth century at St. Felix-en-Lauragais; d. 1314
Guillaume Delisle
Reformer of cartography, born February 28, 1675, in Paris; died there January 25, 1726
Guillaume Dubois
French cardinal and statesman, b. at Brive, in Limousin, 1656; d. at Versailles, 1723
Guillaume Dupuytren
French anatomist and surgeon, b. October 6, 1777, d. February 8, 1835
Guillaume Fillastre
French cardinal, canonist, humanist, and geographer, b. 1348 at La Suze, Maine, France; d. at Rome, November 6, 1428
Guillaume Pellissier
B. at Melgueil in Languedoc, about 1490; d. at the castle of Montferraud, 1568
Guillaume-Andre-Rene Baston
French theologian (1741-1825)
Guillaume-Francois Berthier
Jesuit professor and writer (1704-1782)
Guillaume-Francois-Antoine de L'Hopital
French mathematician; b. at Paris, 1661; d. at Paris, February 2, 1704
Guillaume-Hyacinthe Bougeant
French Jesuit scholar (1690-1743)
Guillaume-Rene Meignan
Cardinal Archbishop of Tours, French apologist and Scriptural exegete, b. at Chauvigne, France, April 12, 1817; d. at Tours, January 20, 1896
Guillen de Castro y Bellvis
Spanish dramatist, b. of a noble family at Valencia in 1569; d. at Madrid in 1631
Guiseppe Verdi
Composer, b. at Le Roncole, Parma, Italy, October 10, 1813; d. at S. Agata, near Busseto, January 27, 1901
Bishop of Aversa, a Benedictine monk, theologian, and opponent of Berengarius; b. at an unknown place in Normandy during the first quarter of the eleventh century; d. between 1090-95, at Aversa, near Naples
Gunning S. Bedford
Medical writer and teacher (1806-1870)
Gunpowder Plot, The
Oath taken May, 1604, plot discovered November, 1605
Gunther of Cologne
Archbishop of that city, d. July 8, 873
Gunther, Blessed
A hermit in Bohemia in the eleventh century; b. about 955; d. at Hartmanitz, Bohemia, Oct. 9, 1045
Gustav Bickell
Orientalist, b. at Cassel, July 7, 1838; d. at Vienna, Jan. 15, 1906
Gustave Xavier Lacroix de Ravignan
French Jesuit, pulpit orator, and author, b. at Bayonne (Basses-Pyrenees), Dec. 1, 1795; d. at Paris, Feb. 26, 1858
Guthlac, Saint
Hermit; b. about 673; d. at Croyland, England, April 11, 714
Guy Lefevre de la Boderie
French Orientalist and poet; b. near Falaise in Normandy, August 9, 1541; d. in 1598
Guzmán, Fernando Pérez de
Senor de Batres, Spanish historian and poet (1376-1458)
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