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Husband and wife (Andre and Anne) active in French literature during the late 17th and early 18th centuries.
A Philistine deity
Samson, sometime after his exploit at Gaza, 'loved a woman, who dwelt in the valley of Sorec, and she was called Dalila'
A part of the Kingdom of Croatia according to a convention entered into between Croatia and Hungary
The outer liturgical vestment of the deacon
The middle part of the German colony, German Southwest Africa
N Syria, one of the oldest cities in the world
An Egyptian titular see for the Latins and the Catholic Melchite Greeks, in Augustamnica Prima
(1) The fifth son of Jacob; (2) One of the twelve tribes of Israel; (3) A city of Palestine
A titular see of Phoenicia Secunda
Dance of Death
Originally a species of spectacular play akin to the English moralities
The origin of dancing is to be sought in the natural tendency to employ gesture either to supplement or to replace speech
The hero and traditional author of the book which bears his name
Daniel and Companions, Saint
Friars Minor and martyrs; dates of birth unknown; d. October 10, 1227
Daniel Bonifacius von Haneberg
A distinguished German prelate and Orientalist of the nineteenth century, b. at Tanne near Kempten, Bavaria, June 16, 1816; d. at Speyer, the capital of the Rhine Palatinate (Bavaria), May 31, 1876
Daniel Carroll
Brother of Archbishop Carroll, b. at Upper Marlboro, Maryland, U.S.A., 1733; d. at Washington, 1829
Daniel Comboni
Missionary (1831-1881)
Daniel Fitter
B. in Worcestershire, England, 1628; d. at St. Thomas' Priory, near Stafford, Feb. 6, 1700
Daniel Greysolon Du Lhut
One of the most dauntless pioneer rangers in Canada during the French regime b. 1640; d. Feb. 26, 1710
Daniel Murray
Archbishop of Dublin, b. 1768, at Sheepwalk, near Arklow, Ireland; d. 1852 at Dubfin
Daniel Noble
Physician, b. Jan. 14, 1810; d. at Manchester, Jan. 12, 1885
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Daly
Diplomatist and historian, b. in Kerry, Ireland, 1595; d. at Lisbon, June 30, 1662
Daniel of Winchester
Bishop of the West Saxons; and ruler of the See of Winchester from 705 to 744; died in 745
Daniel Rock
Antiquarian and ecclesiologist, b. at Liverpool, August 31, 1799; d. at Kensington, London, November 28, 1871
Daniel William Cahill
Lecturer and controversialist, born at Ashfield, Queen's County, Ireland, November 28, 1796; died at Boston, Massachusetts, October 28, 1864
Daniele da Volterra
Italian painter, b. at Volterra, 1509; d. in Rome, 1566
Daniele Farlati
Ecclesiastical historian, b. at San Daniele del Friuli in the present Italian province of Udine, February 22, 1690; d. April 25, 1773
Daniello Bartoli
Historian and writer of literature (1608-1685)
Daniello Concina
Dominican preacher, controversialist and theologian (1687-1756)
A titular see in Osrhoene
Dante Alighieri
Italian poet, b. at Florence, 1265; d. at Ravenna, Italy, September 14, 1321
A titular see in the province of Hellespont, suffragan of Cyzicus
Darerca, Saint
Of Ireland, a sister of St. Patrick
A metropolitan titular see of Libya, in Egypt
Dates and Dating
In classical Latin even before the time of Christ it was usual for correspondents to indicate when and where their letters were written
Daughters of Jesus
Religious order founded for the care of the sick and poor, and for the education of girls
Daughters of the Cross (Belgium)
A Belgian religious congregation founded in 1833 at Liege
Daughters of the Cross (France)
A French institute
Daughters of the Divine Redeemer
Motherhouse at Oedenburg, Hungary; founded in 1863 from the Daughters of the Divine Savior of Vienna
Daughters of the Holy Cross
Also called the Sisters of St. Andrew
Daughters of Wisdom
Founded at Poitiers by Bl. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort in 1703
A titular see of Greece
David Augustine Baker
Benedictine mystic and an ascetic writer (1575-1641)
David Beaton
Cardinal, Archbishop of St. Andrews, b. 1494; d. May 29, 1546
David Moriarty
Bishop and pulpit orator, b. in Ardfert, Co. Kerry, in 1812; d. October 1, 1877
David O'Bruadair
An Irish poet, b. about 1625, most probably in the barony of Barrymore, Co. Cork, but according to many authorities in that of Connello, Co. Limerick; d. January, 1698
David of Augsburg
Medieval German mystic, b. probably at Augsburg, Bavaria, early in the thirteenth century; d. at Augsburg, Nov. 19, 1272
David of Dinant
A pantheistic philosopher who lived in the first decades of the thirteenth century
David Paul Drach
Convert from Judaism, b. at Strasburg, March 6, 1791; d. end of January, 1868, at Rome
David Rothe
Bishop of Ossory (Ireland), b. at Kilkenny in 1573, of a distinguished family; d. April 20, 1650
David Scotus
A medieval Irish chronicler, date of birth unknown; d. 1139
David Teniers
The name of two eminent Flemish landscape painters
David William Bacon
First Bishop of Portland, Maine (1813-1874)
David, Saint
Bishop and Confessor, patron of Wales
David-Augustin de Brueys
French theologian and dramatic author, b. at Aix in 1640; d. November 25, 1723, at Montpellier
Davila Padilla
A native of the City of Mexico, b. 1562; d. 1604
Day of Atonement
Rites to be observed on the Day of Atonement
De Jussieu
Name of five French botanists
De Profundis
'Out of the depths'; first words of Psalm cxxix
De Tocqueville
Writer and statesman, b. July 29, 1805; d. April 16, 1859
We cannot be sure that any formal recognition of deaconesses as an institution of consecrated women aiding the clergy is to be found in the New Testament
The name in scripture means only minister or servant; but in Apostolic times it began to acquire a more definite and technical meaning
Dead Sea
The lake that lies on the southeastern border of Palestine
One of the principal administrative officials of a diocese
Prophetess and judge
That which is owed or due to another; in general, anything which one person is under an obligation to pay or render to another
The collection of precepts written on two tables of stone and given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai
A region in Palestine lying to the east and south of the Sea of Galilee
Decimus Magnus Ausonius
Professor and poet (310-394)
Roman Emperor 249-251
An order or law made by a superior authority for the direction of others
Applies to the 'setting aside' of places (or less commonly, a person) for a special and sacred purpose
An argument or reasoning process
Defender of the Matrimonial Tie
Official whose duty is to defend the marriage-bond in hearings of matrimonial causes on the validity or nullity of a marriage already contracted
Definitor (in Canon Law)
An official in secular deaneries and in certain religious orders
Definitors (in Religious Orders)
The governing council of an order
A canonical penalty by which an ecclesiastic completely loses the rights and privileges of the clerical state
Dei Gratia; Dei et Apostolicae Sedis Gratia
Formula added to the titles of ecclesiastical dignitaries
Deicolus, Saint
Elder brother of St. Gall, b. in Leinster, Ireland, c. 530; d. at Lure, France, January 18, 625
The term used to denote certain doctrines apparent in a tendency of thought and criticism that manifested itself principally in England towards the latter end of the seventeenth century
The present article is confined to the non-Christian notion of the Deity
A term used by the Synod of Elvira (c. 306) to stigmatize those Christians who appeared as accusers of their brethren
One of the original thirteen of the United States of America
Delaware Indians
An important tribal confederacy of Algonquian stock
A titular see of Thrace, suffragan of Philippopolis
The commission to another of jurisdiction, which is to be exercised in the name of the person delegating
Delphine, Blessed
Of the Third Order of St. Francis, b. in Provence, France, in 1284; d. November 26, 1358
I. The Biblical Account; II. Its Historicity; III. The Universality of the Flood; IV. Collateral Questions
Two Syrian kings mentioned in the Old Testament and two other persons in the New Testament
Demetrius Augustine Gallitzin
Prince, priest, and missionary, b. at The Hague, Holland, December 22, 1770; d. at Loretto, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., May 6, 1840
Demetrius, Saint
Bishop of Alexandria from 188 to 231
The word means literally a public worker, demioergos, demiourgos, and was originally used to designate any craftsman plying his craft or trade for the use of the public. Soon, however, technites and other words began to be used to designate the common art
In Scripture and in Catholic theology this word has come to mean much the same as devil and enotes one of the evil spirits or fallen angels
Demoniacal Possession
Man is in various ways subject to the influence of evil spirits
Chiefly concerned with the demonic possession in the New Testament
The science or doctrine concerning demons
An aboriginal race of North America
Denis Amelote
Ordained in 1631 (1609-1678)
Denis Auguste Affre
Archbishop of Paris, b. at St. Rome-de-Tarn, in the Department of Tarn, 27 September, 1793; d. in Paris, 27 June, 1848
Denis de Frayssinous
1765-1841, Bishop of Hermopolis in partibus infidelium, is celebrated chiefly for his conferences at Notre-Dame de Paris
Denis Florence MacCarthy
Well-known Irish poet of the nineteenth century, b. May 26, 1817; d. April 7, 1882
Denis Jamay
Franciscan missionary (d. 1625)
Denis Lambin
French philologist, b. about 1520, d. at Paris, 1572, from the effects of the shock given to him by the Massacre of St. Bartholomew
Denis Mary Bradley
First Bishop of Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S.A. (1846-1903)
Denis Petau
One of the most distinguished theologians of the seventeenth century, b. at Orleans, 1583; d. at Paris, December 11, 1652
Denis, Saint
Bishop of Paris, and martyr
Denis-Benjamin Viger
French-Canadian states-man and writer, b. at Montreal, Aug. 19, 1774; d. 1861
Denis-Nicolas Le Nourry
Ecclesiastical writer, b. at Dieppe in Normandy, Feb. 18, 1647; d. at the Abbey of St-Germain in Paris, March 24, 1724.
The kingdom
Making known the crime of another to one who is his superior
Denys the Carthusian
B. in 1402 in that part of the Belgian province of Limburg which was formerly comprised in the county of Hesbaye l d. March 12 1471
Deo Gratias
An old liturgical formula of the Latin Church to give thanks to God for graces received
An ecclesiastical vindictive penalty by which a cleric is forever deprived of his office or benefice and of the right of exercising the functions of his orders
A titular see of Lycaonia, Asia Minor
Dermod O'Hurley
Archbishop of Cashel, Ireland, d. 19 June 29, 1584
The partial revocation of a law, as opposed to abrogation or the total abolition of a law
The loss of that peculiar quality of sacredness, which inheres in places and things in virtue of the constitutive blessing of the Church
Desert (in the Bible)
Desert or wilderness
The culpable abandonment of a state, of a stable situation, the obligations of which one had freely accepted
Desiderio da Settignano
Sculptor, b. at Settignano, Tuscany, 1428; d. at Florence, 1463
Desiderius Erasmus
Brilliant and most important leader of German humanism, b. October 28, probably in 1466; d. July 12, 1536
Desiderius of Cahors, Saint
Bishop, b. at Obrege (perhaps Antobroges, name of a Gaulish tribe), on the frontier of the Provincia Narbonnensis, of a noble Frankish family from Aquitaine, which possessed large estates in the territory of Albi; d. Nov. 15, 655
Desire Raoul Rochette
French archaeologist, b. March 9, 1789; d. in Paris, June 3, 1854
Ethically regarded is the voluntary and complete abandonment of all hope of saving one's soul and of having the means required for that end
The name of a class of French parish priests
The philosophical theory which holds, in opposition to the doctrine of free will, that all man's volitions are invariably determined by pre-existing circumstances
The unjust damaging of another's good name by the revelation of some fault or crime of which that other is really guilty or at any rate is seriously believed to be guilty by the defamer
Deus in Adjutorium Meum Intende
First verse of the sixty-ninth Psalm; introductory prayer to every Hour of the Roman, monastic, and Ambrosian Breviaries, except during the last three days of Holy Week, and in the Office of the Dead
Deusdedit, Cardinal
Cardinal, b. at Todi, Italy; d. between 1097 and 1100
Deusdedit, Saint
A native of Wessex, England, whose Saxon name was Frithona, and of whose early life nothing is known; d. July 14, 664
One of the five books of the Pentateuch
The name commonly given to the fallen angels, who are also known as demons
Devil's Advocate
Title popularly given to one of the most important officers dealing with processes of beatification and canonization
The meaning of this compound term is sufficiently obvious, for all must be familiar with the significance of its two component parts. But the thing denoted by the name is by no means so easy to understand
Devises and Bequests for Masses (United States)
Treatment of American law regarding Mass bequests
The right of an ecclesiastical superior to provide for a benefice, when the ordinary patron or collator has failed to do so, either through negligence or by the nomination of an improper candidate
Devotion to the Heart of Jesus
(I) Doctrinal Explanations; (II) Historical Ideas
Devotion to the Heart of Mary
(1) the nature, and (2) the history of the devotion
Devotion to the Passion of Jesus Christ
The sufferings of Our Lord, which culminated in His death upon the cross, seem to have been conceived of as one inseparable whole from a very early period.
Devotional Medals
Treatment of the devotional use of medals
Wife of Bernard, Duke of Septimania
In the Greek Church the liturgical book specifying the functions of the deacon; it is also the name given to the Orationes pro pace (diakonika) to be said by him before the people
See of the Bishop of the united Dioceses of Bosnia or Diakovar and Sirmium
The dialectic art or method, from dialegomai, I converse, discuss, dispute; as noun also dialectics; as adjective, dialectical
Diario Romano
A booklet published annually at Rome, with papal authorization, giving the routine of feasts and fasts to be observed in Rome and the ecclesiastical functions to be performed in the city
Diarmaid, Saint
Two Irish saints
The name given to the countries (outside of Palestine) through which the Jews were dispersed, and secondarily to the Jews living in those countries
A titular see in Palaestina Tertia
Dichu, Saint
The son of an Ulster chieftain, was the first convert of St. Patrick in Ireland
Irish monk and geographer, b. in the second half of the eighth century; date of death unknown
Short treatise which was accounted by some of the Fathers as next to Holy Scripture
Didacus Ximenes
A Spanish Dominican of the sixteenth century, noted as a theologian, philosopher, and astronomer; d. 1560
Didacus, Saint
Lay brother of the Order of Friars Minor, date of b. uncertain; d. at Alcala, Spain, 12 Nov., 1463
Didascalia Apostolorum
Treatise which pretends to have been written by the Apostles at the time of the Council of Jerusalem (Acts, xv), but is really a composition of the third century
Family of French printers and publishers
Didymus the Blind
Of Alexandria, b. about 310 or 313; d. about 395 or 398
Diego Alvarez
Spanish theologian (about 1550-1635)
Diego Alvarez Chanca
Physician-in-ordinary to Ferdinand and Isabella of Castile and Aragon
Diego Andrada de Payva
Theologian (1528-1575)
Diego Carranza
B. at Mexico, 1559; d. at Tehuantepec
Diego Collado
Dominican missionary
Diego Covarruvias
B. in Toledo, Spain, July 25, 1512; d. in Madrid, 27 Sept., 1577
Diego de Almagro
Came to Panama in 1514 with Pedro Arias de Avila (D'Avila), and soon distinguished himself in military expeditions
Diego Deza
Theologian, archbishop, patron of Christopher Columbus b. at Toro 1444 d. 1532
Diego Fernandez de Palencia
Spanish conqueror and historian; b. at Palencia in the early part of the sixteenth century
Diego Francisco Aduarte
Missionary and historian, b.1566, at Saragossa, in Spain; d. at Nueva Segovia, in the Philippines, about 1635
Diego Francisco Altamirano
Jesuit (1625-1715)
Diego Hurtade de Mendoza
Spanish diplomat and writer, b. in Granada, of noble parentage, about 1503; d. in Madrid, 1575
Diego Lopez de Cogolludo
One of the chief historians of Yucatan
Diego Munoz Camargo
.b. soon after 1521; d. at a very advanced age, the exact date unknown
Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez
Spanish painter, b. at Seville June 5, 1599 (the certificate of baptism is dated June 6); d. at Madrid, August 7, 1660
Diego Ruiz de Montoya
Theologian, b. at Seville, 1562; d. there March 15, 1632
Diego Ximenez de Enciso
Dramatic poet, b. 1585; date of death unknown
A pious recluse at the monastery of Wessobrunn in Upper Bavaria, b. about 1060 of a noble Bavarian or Swabian family; d. March 30, probably in 1130
Dies Irae
The name by which the sequence in requiem Masses is commonly known
Diether of Isenburg
Archbishop and Elector of Mainz, b. about 1412; d. May 7, 1482, at Aschaffenburg
Dietrich Gresemund
German humanist; b. 1477, d. 1512
Dietrich von Nieheim
B. in the Diocese of Paderborn, between 1338 and 1340; d. at Maastricht, March 22, 1418, a medieval German historian, best known for his contributions to the history of the Western Schism
Dillon, Arthur-Richard
A French prelate, b. at St-Germain-en-Laye, near Paris, 1721; d. in London, 1806.
Dimissorial Letters
Letters given by an ecclesiastical superior to his subjects to have effect in territory outside his jurisdiction
Dinooth, Saint
Founder and first Abbot of Bangor Iscoed (Flintshire); flourished between 500 and 542
A titular see in Palestina Secunda
Diocerse of Casale Monferrato
Diocese in Italy
Diocesan Chancery
That branch of administration which handles all written documents used in the official government of a diocese
Diocesan Consultors
Certain priests in each diocese of the U.S. who act as official administrative advisers of the bishop
The territory or churches subject to the jurisdiction of a bishop
Diocese and Civil Province of Leon
History and geography of diocese
Diocese and Monastery of Lindisfarne
Famous as being the mother-church and religious capital of Northumbria, where St. Aidan founded his see in 635
Diocese Huanuco
Diocese in Peru
Diocese of Aberdeen
A see was founded in 1063 at Mortlach by Bl. Beyn
Diocese of Achonry
In Ireland, suffragan to the Archdiocese of Tuam
Diocese of Aci-Reale
In the island of Sicily
Diocese of Acqui
A diocese suffragan of Turin, Italy
Diocese of Adria
Italian bishopric, suffragan to Venice
Diocese of Agen
Comprises the Department of Lot and Garonne in France
Diocese of Aguas Calientes
Mexican see dependent on Guadalajara
Diocese of Aire
Comprises the territory of the Department of Landes
Diocese of Ajaccio
Comprises the island of Corsica
Diocese of Alagoas
South American diocese
Diocese of Alba Pompeia
Comprises eighty towns in the province of Cuneo and two in the province of Alexandria, in Italy
Diocese of Albany
Diocese in the State of New York
Diocese of Albenga
Comprises seventy-nine towns in the province of Port Maurice and forty-five in the province of Genoa
Diocese of Ales and Terralba
Made up of 42 communes in the province of Cagliari, Archbishopric of Oristano, Italy
Diocese of Alessandria Della Paglia
In Piedmont, Italy
Diocese of Alessio
In European Turkey
Diocese of Alexandria, The
Diocese in Ontario, Canada
Diocese of Alghero
Italian diocese comprising twenty-two communes in the province of Sassari
Diocese of Alife
Diocese made up of twelve communes in the province of Caserta
Diocese of Allahabad
Suffragan of the Archdiocese of Agra, India
Diocese of Almeria
Suffragan see of the Archdiocese of Granada in Spain
Diocese of Alton
Illinois Diocese
Diocese of Altoona
Suffragan see of the province of Philadelphia
Diocese of Amazones (Manaos)
South American diocese
Diocese of Amelia
Comprises seven towns in the province of Perugia, Italy, and is under the immediate jurisdiction of the Holy See
Diocese of Amida (Diarbekir)
Armenian Rite in Mesopotamia, Asiatic Turkey
Diocese of Amiens (Ambianum)
Comprises the department of the Somme
Diocese of Ampurias (or Castelsardo and Tempio)
Italian diocese in Sardinia, suffragan of Sassari
Diocese of Andria
Comprises three towns in the Province of Bari and one in the Province of Potenza, Archdiocese of Trani, Italy
Diocese of Angers
Comprises the territory embraced in the department of Maine and Loire
Diocese of Angora
Armenian rite, in Asia Minor
Diocese of Angouleme (Engolisma)
Comprises the Department of the Charente in France
Diocese of Angra
Episcopal see of the Azores
Diocese of Annecy (Anneciensis)
Comprises the Department of Haute-Savoie in France
Diocese of Aosta
Talian diocese, suffragan of Turin
Diocese of Aquino, Sora, and Pontecorvo
Italian diocese immediately subject to the Holy See
Diocese of Arequipa
Suffragan of the Archdiocese of Lima, Peru
Diocese of Arezzo
Diocese of Tuscany, in Italy
Diocese of Argyll and the Isles
Included the western part of Dunkeld, beyond the Drumalban mountain range, together with the Isle of Lismore
Diocese of Ariano
In the Archdiocese of Beneventurn
Diocese of Armidale
Situated in New South Wales (Australia)
Diocese of Arras (Atrebatum)
Comprises the Department of Pas-de-Calais in France
Diocese of Ascoli-Piceno
Italian diocese
Diocese of Assisi
Civil province of Umbria, Italy
Diocese of Asti
One of the divisions of the province of Alexandria, and suffragan of Turin
Diocese of Astorga
Suffragan of Valladolid in Spain
Diocese of Athens
Details on Catholics in Athens
Diocese of Auckland
Comprises the Provincial District of Auckland (New Zealand)
Diocese of Augsburg
Kingdom of Bavaria, Germany, suffragan of the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising
Diocese of Autun
Comprises the entire Department of Saone et Loire in France
Diocese of Avellino
Italian diocese in the Province of Naples, founded by St. Sabinus
Diocese of Aversa
Comprising twenty-one towns in the Province of Caserta and twelve in the Province of Naples, all under the jurisdiction of the Holy See
Diocese of Avila
Episcopal succession dates at least from the fourth century and claims an Apostolic origin
Diocese of Ayacucho
Peruvian diocese
Diocese of Badajoz
Bishopric was erected in 1225, shortly after it was reconquered from the Moors by King Alfonso IX of Leon
Diocese of Baker City
Established in 1903
Diocese of Ballarat
One of the three suffragan dioceses of the ecclesiastical province of Melbourne, Australia
Diocese of Bangor
Anciently known as Bangor Vawr, situated in Carnarvonshire on the Menai Straits
Diocese of Banjaluka
Situated in Western Bosnia
Diocese of Barcelona (Barcino)
Suffragan of the Archdiocese of Tarragona
Diocese of Barquisimeto
In Venezuela, South America
Diocese of Basle-Lugano
Largest Catholic diocese of Switzerland
Diocese of Bathurst
Situated in New South Wales, Australia, in the ecclesiastical Province of Sydney
Diocese of Bayeux
Coextensive with the Department of Calvados, is suffragan to the Archbishopric of Rouen
Diocese of Bayonne
Comprises the Department of Basses-Pyrenees
Diocese of Beauvais
Suffragan of the archiepiscopal See of Reims
Diocese of Beja
Portugal, suffragan of Evora
Diocese of Belleville
Diocese in Southern Illinois (USA)
Diocese of Belley
A suffragan of the Archbishopric of Besancon
Diocese of Belluno-Feltre
Diocese in Venetia, Italy
Diocese of Bergamo
Diocese in Lombardy region
Diocese of Bertinoro
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Biella
Italian diocese in province of Novara
Diocese of Birmingham
Diocese of Roman Catholic Church in England
Diocese of Bisarchio
Diocese in Sardinia
Diocese of Bismarck
In North Dakota
Diocese of Blois
French diocese
Diocese of Boiano
Italian diocese
Diocese of Bois-le-Duc
Dutch diocese
Diocese of Boise
American diocese in Idaho
Diocese of Borgo San-Donnino
Italian diocese
Diocese of Borgo San-Sepolcro
Italian diocese
Diocese of Bosa
In the province of Cagliari
Diocese of Bova
Italian diocese
Diocese of Bovino
Italian diocese
Diocese of Braganca-Miranda
Portuguese diocese
Diocese of Breda
Dutch province of Brabant and suffragan of Utrecht
Diocese of Brescia
Italian diocese
Diocese of Brindisi
City in the province of Lecce, in Apulia
Diocese of Bristol
English diocese
Diocese of Brixen
Prince-Bishopric of Austria, suffragan of Salzburg
Diocese of Brooklyn
Comprises several New York State counties in U.S.A.
Diocese of Brunn
Suffragan of the Archdiocese of Olmutz, embracing the south-western part of Moravia
Diocese of Budweis
Diocese situated in Southern Bohemia, suffragan to the Archdiocese of Prague
Diocese of Buffalo
Diocese in the State of New York
Diocese of Burlington
Diocese of the State of Vermont
Diocese of Cadiz
Suffragan of Seville, Spain
Diocese of Cagli E Pergola
Situated in Umbria (Italy)
Diocese of Cahors
Comprises the entire department of Lot, in France
Diocese of Caiazzo
Situated in the province of Caserta, Italy
Diocese of Calabozo
Diocese in Venezuela
Diocese of Calahorra and La Calzada
Diocese in Spain
Diocese of Cali
Colombia, South America, founded on July 7, 1910
Diocese of Caltagirone
Diocese in Sicily
Diocese of Caltanisetta
Diocese in Sicily
Diocese of Calvi and Teano
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Camerino
Situated in the Italian province of Macerata; cradle of the Capuchin Order
Diocese of Campeche
Diocese in Mexico
Diocese of Candia
Diocese on the north shore of Crete
Diocese of Cap Haitien
Diocese in Haiti
Diocese of Capaccio and Vallo
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Carcassonne
Diocese in France
Diocese of Cariati
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Carpi
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Cartagena
Diocese in Spain
Diocese of Caserta
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Cassano All' Ionio
Diocese in Reggio
Diocese of Cassovia
Diocese in Hungary
Diocese of Castellammare di Stabia
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Castellaneta
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Catanzaro
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Cattaro
Diocese in Montenegro
Diocese of Cava and Sarno
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Cayes
Diocese in Haiti
Diocese of Caylus
French archaeologist, b. at Paris, in 1692; d. in 1765
Diocese of Cebu
Diocese in the Philippines
Diocese of Cefalu
Diocese in Sicily
Diocese of Ceneda
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Cervia
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Cesena
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Chachapoyas
In Peru
Diocese of Chalons-Sur-Marne
Comprises the department of Marne, exclusive of the arrondissement of Reims
Diocese of Charleston
Comprises the entire State of South Carolina
Diocese of Charlottetown
Includes all Prince Edward Island
Diocese of Chartres
Comprises the department of Eure-et-Loir
Diocese of Chatham
Comprises the northern half of the Province of New Brunswick, Canada
Diocese of Cheyenne
Coextensive with the State of Wyoming
Diocese of Chiapas
Comprises almost the entire state of that name in the Republic of Mexico
Diocese of Chiavari
Suffragan of Genoa
Diocese of Chicoutimi
Created, May 28, 1878, a part of the civil and the ecclesiastical Province of Quebec
Diocese of Chihuahua
Comprises the State of Chihuahua
Diocese of Chilapa
Suffragan of the Archdiocese of Mexico, comprises the State of Guerrero
Diocese of Chioggia
In the province of Venice
Diocese of Chiusi-Pienza
Suffragan of Siena; in Tuscany
Diocese of Christchurch
Its center being Christchurch, the capital of Canterbury, New Zealand
Diocese of Cienfuegos
Includes all the Province of Santa Clara in the central part of Cuba
Diocese of Citta della Pieve
In the province of Perugia in Umbria, Central Italy
Diocese of Citta di Castello
In the province of Perugia, in Umbria, Central Italy
Diocese of Civita Castellana, Orte, and Gallese
In Italy
Diocese of Civitavecchia and Corneto
In the province of Rome
Diocese of Clermont
Comprises the entire department of Puy-de-Dome and is a suffragan of Bourges
Diocese of Cleveland
In Ohio
Diocese of Clifton
In England, consisting of Gloucestershire, Somersetshire, and Wiltshire
Diocese of Clogher
Suffragan of Armagh, Ireland
Diocese of Clonfert
Suffragan see of the metropolitan province of Tuam, was founded in 557 by St. Brendan the Navigator
Diocese of Cloyne
Comprises the northern half of County Cork
Diocese of Cochabamba
In Bolivia
Diocese of Cochin
On the Malabar coast, India
Diocese of Coimbatore
Capital of the district of Coimbatore in Madras, British India
Diocese of Coimbra
In Portugal, suffragan of Braga, in the province of Beira
Diocese of Colima
In Mexico
Diocese of Colle di Val D'Elsa
Suffragan to Florence; situated in the province of Siena, Tuscany
Diocese of Columbus
In Ohio
Diocese of Comacchio
Suffragan of Ravenna. Comacchio is a town in the province of Ferrara in the Romagna, Italy
Diocese of Comayagua
Suffragan to Guatemala, includes the entire Republic of Honduras in Central America
Diocese of Como
In the province of Lombardy (Northern Italy)
Diocese of Concepcion
In the Republic of Chile, suffragan to Santiago de Chile
Diocese of Concordia (Italy)
Suffragan of Venice
Diocese of Concordia (USA)
Situated in the northwestern part of Kansas
Diocese of Constantine
Comprises the present arrondissement of Constantine in Algeria
Diocese of Conversano
Suffragan to Bari; Conversano, situated in the province of Bari, in Apulia (Southern Italy) is the ancient Cupersanum, a city of the Peucetians
Diocese of Cordova (Argentina)
In the Argentine Republic, suffragan of Buenos Aires
Diocese of Cordova (Spain)
In Spain
Diocese of Coria
In Spain, suffragan of Toledo
Diocese of Cork
In Ireland, suffragan of Cashel
Diocese of Cortona
Immediately subject to the Holy See
Diocese of Cotrone
A suffragan of Reggio
Diocese of Coutances
Comprises the entire department of La Manche and is a suffragan of the Archbishopric of Rouen
Diocese of Covington
In Kentucky, U.S.A.
Diocese of Crema
Suffragan to Milan
Diocese of Cremona
Suffragan of Milan
Diocese of Crisium
In Croatia
Diocese of Csanad
Includes the counties of Temes, Torontal, Krassb-Szoreny, Arad, Csanad, and a part of Csongrad and Bekes, Hungary,an area of 13,713 square miles
Diocese of Cuenca (Ecuador)
A suffragan of Quito, in the Republic of Ecuador, South America, created June 13, 1779
Diocese of Cuenca (Spain)
In Spain, suffragan of Toledo
Diocese of Cuernavaca
Erected June 23, 1891, comprises all the State of Morelos in the Republic of Mexico
Diocese of Culm
A bishopric in the north-eastern part of Prussia, founded in 1234, suffragan to Gnesen
Diocese of Cuneo
Suffragan to Turin
Diocese of Curityba Do Parana
Suffragan of Sao Sebastiao (Rio de Janeiro), Brazil
Diocese of Cuyaba
Suffragan of Sao Sebastiao (Rio de Janeiro), Brazil
Diocese of Cuzco
Suffragan of Lima, Peru
Diocese of Dacca
In Bengal, India
Diocese of Dallas
In Texas
Diocese of Damao
Suffragan to Goa, and situated in Portuguese India and the British Government of Bombay
Diocese of Davenport
Erected May 8, 1881, embraces the four southern tiers of counties of the State of Iowa
Diocese of Dax
An ancient French diocese which was suppressed by the Concordat of 1801
Diocese of Denver
A suffragan of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, erected in 1887
Diocese of Derry
Suffragan of Armagh
Diocese of Detroit
Established March 8, 1838 in Michigan
Diocese of Diamantina
In the north of the State of Minas Geraes, Brazil, South America, created under the Brazilian Empire, Aug. 10, 1853, and confirmed by the Holy See, June 6, 1854
Diocese of Diano
A small city in the province of Salerno, Italy, the ancient Tegianum and seat of the Tegyani, a tribe of Lucania
Diocese of Digne
Comprises the entire department of the Basses-Alpes and is suffragan of the Archbishopric of Aix
Diocese of Dijon
Comprises the entire department of Cote-d'Or and is a suffragan of Lyons
Diocese of Dromore
One of the eight suffragans of Armagh, Ireland
Diocese of Duluth
Established Oct. 3, 1889, suffragan of the Archdiocese of St. Paul, U.S.A.
Diocese of Dunedin
Comprises the provincial district of Otago New Zealand
Diocese of Dunkeld
Primatial see of the Columban Church by King Kenneth Mac Alpine
Diocese of Durham
Ancient diocese, lineal continuation of the Anglo-Saxon See of Lindisfarne, founded by St. Aidan in 635
Diocese of Eichstatt
Bavarian diocese, founded by St. Boniface
Diocese of Elphin
Suffragan of Tuam, Ireland, a see founded by St. Patrick
Diocese of Ely
Ancient diocese in England
Diocese of Eperies
Greek Ruthenian Rite, famous for its sugar factories, its mineral waters, and a rock salt mine
Diocese of Erie
Established 1853; embraces the thirteen counties of North-Western Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Diocese of Erzerum
Kings of Armenia established here their summer residence
Diocese of Evreux
In the Department of Eure, France; suffragan of the Archbishopric of Rouen
Diocese of Exeter
Ancient diocese in England, chosen by Leofric, Bishop of Crediton, as his cathedral city in 1050
Diocese of Fabriano and Matelica
In Italy
Diocese of Faenza
In the province of Ravenna (Central Italy), suffragan of Ravenna
Diocese of Fall River
A suffragan see of the province of Boston
Diocese of Fano
In Italy
Diocese of Fargo
Suffragan of St. Paul, U.S.A.
Diocese of Faro
Suffragan of Evora, Portugal, and extending over the province of Algarve
Diocese of Ferentino
In the province of Rome, immediately subject to the Holy See
Diocese of Ferns
In the province of Leinster (Ireland), suffragan of Dublin
Diocese of Fiesole
In the province of Tuscany, suffragan of Florence
Diocese of Foggia
In the province of the same name in Apulia (Southern Italy)
Diocese of Foligno
In the province of Perugia, Italy, immediately subject to the Holy See
Diocese of Forli
In the province and scholastic usage as the intrinsic determinant of of Romagna (Central Italy), suffragan of Ravenna
Diocese of Fort Wayne
In Indiana
Diocese of Fortaleza
Coextensive with the State of Ceara in the Republic of Brazil
Diocese of Fossano
A town in the province of Cuneo, in Piedmont, Northern Italy, a suffragan of Turin, situated in a fertile plain on the banks of the Stura
Diocese of Fossombrone
In the province of Pesaro, Italy, a suffragan of Urbino
Diocese of Frascati
One of the six suburbicarian (i.e. neighboring) dioceses from an immemorial date closely related to the Roman Church
Diocese of Frejus
Suffragan of Aix
Diocese of Fulda
Diocese of the German Empire
Diocese of Funchal
In the Madeira Islands
Diocese of Funfkirchen
In Hungary
Diocese of Galle
In Ceylon, created by Leo XIII Aug. 25, 1893
Diocese of Gallipoli
In the province of Lecce (Southern Italy)
Diocese of Galloway
Situated in the southwest of Scotland
Diocese of Galtelli-Nuoro
In the province of Sassari (Sardinia), on a hill of the same name, suffragan of Cagliari
Diocese of Galveston
Established in 1847 in Texas
Diocese of Galway and Kilmacduagh
In Ireland
Diocese of Gap
Suffragan of Aix, includes the department of the Hautes-Alpes
Diocese of Garzon
Suffragan of Popayan in the Republic of Colombia
Diocese of Gerace in Italy
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Geraldton in Australia
Dioceocese in Australia
Diocese of Gerona
In Catalonia, Spain, a suffragan of Tarragona
Diocese of Ghent
Diocese in East Flanders
Diocese of Goulburn
New South Wales, Australia
Diocese of Green Bay
U.S. Diocese established March 3, 1868 in Wisconsin
Diocese of Grosseto
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Grosswardein
Diocese in Hungary
Diocese of Guadeloupe
Diocese in the West Indes
Diocese of Guadix
In Spain
Diocese of Guarda
Diocese in Portugal
Diocese of Guastalla
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Guayaquil
Diocese in Ecuador
Diocese of Gubbio
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Gurk
A prince-bishopric of Carinthia, suffragan to Salzburg, erected by Archbishop Gebhard of Salzburg, with the authorization of Pope Alexander II (March 21, 1070) and Emperor Henry IV (Feb. 4, 1072)
Diocese of Gyor
A Hungarian see, suffragan to the Archdiocese of Gran
Diocese of Haarlem
One of the suffragan sees of the Archdiocese of Utrecht in the Netherlands
Diocese of Hakodate
Comprises the six northern provinces of the island of Nippon, the island of Yezo, and the Kurile Islands, as well as the administration of the southern part of the island of Saghalin, which still belongs to the Diocese of Mohilev
Diocese of Hamilton
In Ontario, Canada, a suffragan of Toronto
Diocese of Harbor Grace
In Newfoundland, erected in 1856
Diocese of Harrisburg
Established 1868 in Pennsylvania
Diocese of Hartford
Established by Gregory XVI, Sept. 18, 1843
Diocese of Havana
Comprises the two provinces of Havana and Matanzas
Diocese of Helena
Diocese in Montana
Diocese of Hereford
Diocese in England
Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle
Diocese in England
Diocese of Hildesheim
Diocese in Germany
Diocese of Huaraz
Diocese in Peru
Diocese of Huesca
Diocese in Spain
Diocese of Hyderabad-deccan
Diocese in India
Diocese of Ibague
Diocese in Colombia
Diocese of Ibarra
Diocese in Ecuador
Diocese of Iglesias
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Imola
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Indianapolis
Diocese in America
Diocese of Ischia
Suffragan to Naples
Diocese of Isernia and Venafro
City in the province of Campobasso in Molise (Southern Italy)
Diocese of Ivrea
Suffragan of Turin, Northern Italy
Diocese of Jaca
In the Spanish province of Huesca
Diocese of Jaen
Ecclesial territory in southern Spain
Diocese of Jaffna
Ecclesial territory in the northern Ceylon
Diocese of Jaro
Ecclesial territory in the Philippine Islands
Diocese of Jassy
Ecclesial territory in Romania
Diocese of Jesi
Ecclesial territory in the Province of Ancona, Italy
Diocese of Joliette
Ecclesial territory in Canada
Diocese of Kandy
Ecclesial territory in India
Diocese of Kansas City
Ecclesial territory in Missouri, U.S.A.
Diocese of Kearney
In Nebraska
Diocese of Kerkuk
Chaldean Catholic diocese
Diocese of Kerry and Aghadoe
Ecclesial territory in Ireland
Diocese of Kielce
Ecclesial territory in Poland
Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin
Ecclesial territory in Ireland
Diocese of Killala
One of five suffragan sees of the ecclesiastical Province of Tuam
Diocese of Killaloe
Suffragan of Cashel
Diocese of Kilmore
Diocese in Ireland
Diocese of Koniggratz
Ecclesial territory in Bohemia
Diocese of Krishnagar
Ecclesial territory in India
Diocese of Kumbakonam
Ecclesial territory
Diocese of La Crosse
Ecclesial diocese in Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Diocese of La Paz
Diocese in Bolivia, most populous city of the Republic of Bolivia, and since 1899 its capital
Diocese of La Plata
Situated on the right bank of the Rio de la Plata, south-east of the city of Buenos Aires
Diocese of La Rochelle
Suffragan of Bordeaux, comprises the entire Department of Charente-Inferieure
Diocese of La Serena
Embracing Atacama and Coquimbo provinces (Chile), suffragan of Santiago
Diocese of Lacedonia
Ecclesial territory in Italy
Diocese of Lahore
Northern India, part of the ecclesiastical Province of Agra
Diocese of Laibach
Austrian bishopric and suffragan of Gorz
Diocese of Lamego
Situated in the district of Vizeu, province of Beira, Portugal
Diocese of Langres
Comprises the Department of the Haute-Marne
Diocese of Lausanne and Geneva
Diocese in Switzerland, immediately subject to the Holy See
Diocese of Laval
Includes the Department of La Mayenne
Diocese of Le Mans
Comprises the entire Department of Sarthe, France
Diocese of Le Puy
Comprises the whole Department of Haute Loire, and is a suffragan of Bourges, France
Diocese of Lead
Comprises all that part of the State of South Dakota (U.S.A.) west of the Missouri River
Diocese of Leavenworth
Suffragan to St. Louis
Diocese of Lecce
Suffragan of Otranto
Diocese of Leeds
Embraces the West Riding of Yorkshire, and that part of the city of York to the south of the River Ouse
Diocese of Leghorn
Leghorn in Tuscany, is the capital of the smallest of the provinces of Italy
Diocese of Leitmeritz
Embraces the northern part of the Kingdom of Bohemia in Austria
Diocese of Leon
Suffragan of Michoacan in Mexico
Diocese of Lerida
Suffragan of Tarragona
Diocese of Lesina
In Dalmatia, probably founded about 1145 by Lucius II
Diocese of Lichfield
Took its rise in the conversion of Mercia by St. Cedd and his three companions in 652 and subsequent years
Diocese of Liege
First capital of this diocese was Tongres, northeast of Liege; its territory originally belonged to the Diocese of Trier
Diocese of Limburg
Kingdom of Prussia, suffragan of Freiburg, diocese dates from the end of the eighteenth century
Diocese of Limerick
Includes the greater part of the County of Limerick and a small portion of Clare
Diocese of Limoges
Comprises the Departments of Haute Vienne and Creuse in France
Diocese of Lincoln
Founded by St. Theodore, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 678
Diocese of Lincoln (Nebraska)
Suffragan of Dubuque, erected August 2, 1887
Diocese of Linz
Suffragan of the Archdiocese of Vienna
Diocese of Lismore
Extends over a territory of 21,000 square miles in the northeast of New South Wales Australia
Diocese of Little Rock
State of Arkansas and the Indian Territory, parts of the Louisiana Purchase, were formed, 1843, into the Diocese of Little Rock
Diocese of Liverpool
One of the thirteen dioceses into which Pius IX divided Catholic England, September 29, 1850, when he reestablished the Catholic hierarchy
Diocese of Llandaff
Origins of this see are to be found in the sixth-century monastic movement initiated by St. Dubricius, who presided over the monastery of Mochros
Diocese of Lodi
Suffragan of Milan. Lodi, the capital of a district in the Province of Milan
Diocese of Loja
Suffragan of Quito, Ecuador, includes the greater part of the Provinces of Loja and El Oro
Diocese of London
Canadian, established, February 21, 1855
Diocese of Louisville
Comprises parts of Kentucky
Diocese of Lublin
Diocese in Poland
Diocese of Lucera
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Lucon
Diocese in France
Diocese of Lugo
Diocese in Spain
Diocese of Lugos
Deiocese in Hungary
Diocese of Luni-Sarzana-Brugnato
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Macao
Diocese in Asia
Diocese of Madrid-Alcala
Diocese in Spain
Diocese of Maitland
Diocese in Australia
Diocese of Majorca and Iviza
Diocese on the Island of Majorca
Diocese of Malacca
Diocese in Southeast Asia
Diocese of Malaga
Diocese in Spain
Diocese of Manchester
Diocese in America
Diocese of Mangalore
Diocese in India
Diocese of Mantua
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Marquette
Diocese in Michigan
Diocese of Marseilles
Diocese in France
Diocese of Marsi
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Marsico Nuovo and Potenza
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Martinique
Island in the French Lesser Antilles
Diocese of Massa Carrara
See in Central Italy (Lunigiana and Garfagnana)
Diocese of Massa Marittima
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Mazzara del Vallo
Diocese in Sicily
Diocese of Meath
Diocese in Ireland
Diocese of Meaux
Diocese in France
Diocese of Melfi and Rapolla
Province of Potenza, in Basilicata, southern Italy
Diocese of Melo
Located in Uruguay
Diocese of Mende
Includes the department of Lozere, in France
Diocese of Menevia
Part of the province of Wales, made a diocese in 1808 by Leo XIII
Diocese of Merida
Suffragan see of Santiago of Venezuela or Caracas
Diocese of Middlesbrough
Earliest positive reference to Middlesbrough in ecclesiastical history is in the beginning of the twelfth century in England
Diocese of Mileto
Located in Calabria, in the province of Reggio, southern Italy
Diocese of Minden
Former see of Westphalia
Diocese of Minorca
Suffragan of Valencia, comprises the Island of Minorca, the second in size of the Balearic Islands, which are possessions of Spain
Diocese of Minsk
Suffragan of Mohileff, in Western Russia
Diocese of Mobile
Suffragan of New Orleans, comprises the State of Alabama and western Florida
Diocese of Modigliana
Located in the Province of Florence, in Tuscany
Diocese of Molfetta Terlizzi and Giovinazzo
City of the province of Bari, in Apulia, southern Italy, on the Adriatic Sea
Diocese of Mondonedo
Comprises the civil Provinces of Lugo and Corunna
Diocese of Mondovi
Located in Piedmont, province of Cuneo, northern Italy
Diocese of Monopoli
Located in the Province of Bari, in Apulia, southern Italy
Diocese of Montalcino
Small town about twenty miles from Siena
Diocese of Montalto
Located in Ascoli Piceno
Diocese of Montauban
Suffragan of Toulouse, comprises the entire department of Tarn and Garonne
Diocese of Montefeltro
Located in the province of Urbino, in the Marches, Central Italy
Diocese of Montefiascone
Located in the province of Rome
Diocese of Montepulciano
Located in the province of Siena, in Tuscany
Diocese of Monterey and Los Angeles
Embraces eighteen of the twenty-one Indian missions which made California famous
Diocese of Montpellier
Comprises the department of Herault, and is a suffragan of Avignon
Diocese of Moulins
Suffragan of Sens, comprises the entire department of Allier
Diocese of Munkacs
Located in Hungary, of Greek Catholic Rite, suffragan of Gran
Diocese of Muro-Lucano
Located in the province of Potenza, in Basilicata, southern Italy
Diocese of Mysore
Located in India, suffragan to Pondicherry
Diocese of Nagasaki
Capital of the prefecture of the same name
Diocese of Nagpur
Located in India, suffragan to Madras
Diocese of Namur
Suffragan of the new metropolitan See of Cambrai
Diocese of Nancy
Comprises the Departments of Meurthe and Moselle, France, suffragan of Besancon
Diocese of Nantes
Comprises the entire department of Loire Inferieure, suffragan of Tours
Diocese of Nardo
Located in southern Italy
Diocese of Nashville
Comprises the entire territory of the State of Tennessee
Diocese of Natchez
Established July 28, 1837, comprises the State of Mississippi
Diocese of Natchitoches
Comprises all the northern part of Louisiana
Diocese of Neusohl
Founded in 1776 by Maria Theresa
Diocese of Neutra
In Western Hungary, a suffragan of Gran
Diocese of Nevers
Includes the Department of Nievre, in France
Diocese of Newark
Created in 1853, suffragan of New York
Diocese of Newport
In England
Diocese of Nice
Comprises the Department of Alpes-Maritimes
Diocese of Nicolet
In the Province of Quebec, Canada, suffragan of Quebec
Diocese of Nicopolis
In Bulgaria
Diocese of Nicotera and Tropea
Suffragan of Reggio di Calabria
Diocese of Nimes
Suffragan of Avignon
Diocese of Nocera
In Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Diocese of Nocera Dei Pagani
In Salerno, Italy
Diocese of Nola
Suffragan of Naples
Diocese of Norcia
A city in Perugia, Italy, often mentioned in Roman history
Diocese of Northampton
In England
Diocese of Noto
The ancient Netum and after the Saracen conquest the capital of one of the three divisions of Sicily, was among the last cities to surrender to the Normans
Diocese of Nottingham
One of the original twelve English Dioceses created at the time of the restoration of the hierarchy by Pius IX in 1850
Diocese of Novara
The capital of the province of Novara, Piedmont, Italy, noted for the manufacture of wool, cotton, and silk textiles, and machinery
Diocese of Nueva Caceres
Created in 1595 by Clement VIII; it is one of the four suffragan sees of the Archdiocese of Manila, Philippine Islands
Diocese of Nueva Pamplona
In Colombia, South America, founded in 1549 and a see erected by Gregory XVI on September 25, 1835
Diocese of Nueva Segovia
In the Philippines, so called from Segovia, a town in Spain
Diocese of Nusco
In the province of Avellino, Italy, suffragan of Salerno, dates from the eleventh century
Diocese of Ogdensburg
Comprises the northern towns of Herkimer and Hamilton counties, with the counties of Lewis, Jefferson, St. Lawrence, Franklin, Clinton, and Essex in New York
Diocese of Ogliastra
In the Province of Cagliari, Sardinia
Diocese of Olinda
In the northeast of Brazil, suffragan of San Salvador de Bahia
Diocese of Omaha
In Nebraska
Diocese of Oporto
In Portugal
Diocese of Oppido Mamertina
Suffragan of Reggio Calabria, Italy
Diocese of Oran
In Algiers
Diocese of Orense
Suffragan of Compostela
Diocese of Oria
In the Province of Lecce, Apulia, Italy
Diocese of Orihuela
Comprises all the civil Province of Alicante except the two townships (pueblos) of Caudete (Albacete) and Ayora (Valencia)
Diocese of Oristano
In Sardinia
Diocese of Orleans
Comprises the Department of Loiret, suffragan of Paris since 1622, previously of Sens
Diocese of Orvieto
In Central Italy
Diocese of Osaka
One of the three municipal prefectures (ken) of Japan
Diocese of Osimo
In the Province of Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Diocese of Osma
In Spain
Diocese of Osnabruck
Directly subject to the Holy See
Diocese of Ossory
In the Province of Leinster, Ireland
Diocese of Oviedo
Comprises the civil province of the same name
Diocese of Paderborn
Suffragan of Cologne
Diocese of Palencia
Comprises the civil provinces of Palencia, Santander, Valladolid, Burgos, and Leon
Diocese of Palestrina
In the town of Palestrina, in the province of Rome
Diocese of Pamiers
Comprising the Department of Ariege, and suffragan of Toulouse
Diocese of Pamplona
Comprises almost all of Navarre and part of Guipuzcoa
Diocese of Parahyba
In the State of Parahyba, Brazil, suffragan of Bahia
Diocese of Parana
Suffragan of Buenos Aires
Diocese of Parenzo-Pola
Parenzo is picturesquely situated on a promontory extending into a creek of the Adriatic
Diocese of Parma
In Central Italy
Diocese of Passau
In Bavaria, suffragan of Munich-Freising
Diocese of Pasto
A Colombian see
Diocese of Patti
In the Province of Messina (Sicily)
Diocese of Pelotas
In Brazil, suffragan to Porto Alegre
Diocese of Pembroke
Suffragan of Ottawa, in Canada
Diocese of Penne and Atri
In Italy
Diocese of Peoria
In Illinois
Diocese of Perigueux
Comprises the Department of Dordogne and is suffragan to the Archbishopric of Bordeaux
Diocese of Perpignan
Comprises the Department of Pyrenees Orientales
Diocese of Perth
In Western Australia
Diocese of Pesaro
In central Italy
Diocese of Pescia
In Tuscany, Italy
Diocese of Peterborough
In the Province of Ontario, Canada
Diocese of Petropolis
In the Province of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Diocese of Piauhy
Suffragan of the Archdiocese of Belem do Para, in the State of Piauhy, north-eastern Brazil
Diocese of Piazza Armerina
In the province of Caltanissetta, Sicily
Diocese of Pinar Del Rio
In Cuba
Diocese of Pinerolo
In the province of Turin, in Piedmont, Northern Italy, suffragan of Turin
Diocese of Pistoia and Prato
In the Province of Florence
Diocese of Pittsburg
Suffragan of Philadelphia, in the United States of America
Diocese of Plasencia
Comprises the civil provinces of Caceres, Salamanca, and Badajoz
Diocese of Plock
In Russian Poland
Diocese of Plymouth
Consists of the County of Dorset, which formed a portion of the old Catholic Diocese of Salisbury, whose last ruler, Cardinal Peto, died in March, 1558
Diocese of Poggio Mirteto
In the province of Perugia, central Italy
Diocese of Poitiers
Includes the Departments of Vienne and Deux-Sevres, and is suffragan of Bordeaux
Diocese of Policastro
In the province of Salerno, Southern Italy
Diocese of Pontremoli
In Tuscany, central Italy
Diocese of Poona
In India
Diocese of Port Augusta
Suffragan of Adelaide, South Australia, created in 1887
Diocese of Port Louis
Comprises the islands of Mauritius, Rodriguez, Chagos, and Diego Garcia
Diocese of Port Victoria
Comprises the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean
Diocese of Portalegre
Suffragan of Lisbon, Portugal, established by Pope Julius III in 1550
Diocese of Portland
In the State of Maine, suffragan of Boston, established by Pius IX, Dec. 8, 1854
Diocese of Porto Alegre
Comprises the southern part of the State of Minas Geraes, and part of the State of Sao Paulo, Republic of Brazil
Diocese of Porto and Santa-Rufina
Formed from the union of two suburbicarian sees
Diocese of Portoviejo
A suffragan see of the Archdiocese of Quito, Republic of Ecuador
Diocese of Portsmouth
Created by a Brief of Leo XIII, dated May 19, 1882
Diocese of Pozzuoli
The city of Pozzuoli in the province of Naples, southern Italy,
Diocese of Prince Albert
A suffragan see of St. Boniface, Manitoba, in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada
Diocese of Providence
Co-extensive with the State of Rhode Island
Diocese of Przemysl
Latin see in Galicia, suffragan of Lemberg
Diocese of Przemysl, Sambor, and Sanok
A Gaeco-Ruthenian Uniat diocese of Western Galicia, Austria
Diocese of Pulati
The ancient Pulati in Albania no longer exists; its name is borne by a district of European Turkey
Diocese of Puno
Suffragan of the Archdiocese of Lima in Peru
Diocese of Queretaro
In Mexico, suffragan of Michoacan
Diocese of Quilon
In India on the Malabar coast, suffragan of Verapoly
Diocese of Quimper
Includes the Department of Finistere; as reestablished by the Concordat of 1802
Diocese of Ragusa
A bishopric in Dalmatia, suffragan of Zara
Diocese of Raphoe
Comprises the greater part of the Co. Donegal (Gael. Tirconail), in the ecclesiastical Province of Armagh
Diocese of Ratisbon
Suffragan of Munich-Freising
Diocese of Recanati and Loreto
Province of Ancona, Central Italy
Diocese of Reggio Dell' Emilia
Suffragan of Modena in central Italy
Diocese of Regina
Comprising the southern part of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan
Diocese of Ribeirao Preto
Suffragan see of the Archdiocese of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Diocese of Richmond
Brief history of this suffragan of Baltimore, established July 11, 1820
Diocese of Rieti
Located in central Italy
Diocese of Rimini
Suffragan of Ravenna
Diocese of Rimouski
Suffragan of Quebec
Diocese of Riobamba
Suffragan of Quito, Ecuador, erected by Pius IX, Jan. 5, 1863
Diocese of Ripatransone
Located in Ascoli Piceno, Central Italy
Diocese of Rochester
Comprised counties in New York
Diocese of Rockford
Comprises northwestern part of the State of Illinois
Diocese of Rockhampton
Located in Queensland, Australia
Diocese of Rodez
United to the Diocese of Cahors by the Concordat of 1802
Diocese of Roermond
Located in Holland, suffragan of Utrecht
Diocese of Roseau
Suffragan of Port of Spain, Trinidad
Diocese of Rosenau
Located in Hungary, suffragan of Eger
Diocese of Ross
Located in Ireland, founded by St. Fachtna
Diocese of Rottenburg
Suffragan of the ecclesiastical Province of the Upper Rhine
Diocese of Ruvo and Bitonto
Located in the Province of Bari, Aquileia, Southern Italy
Diocese of Sacramento
Formed out of the Vicariate of Marysville
Diocese of Saint Albert
Canadian diocese
Diocese of Saint Cloud
Suffragan of the Archdiocese of St. Paul, Minnesota
Diocese of Saint Gall
Swiss bishopric directly subject to the Holy See
Diocese of Saint George's
Located in Newfoundland
Diocese of Saint Hyacinthe
Located Province of Quebec, suffragan of Montreal
Diocese of Saint John
Located in Province of New Brunswick, Canada
Diocese of Saint Joseph
Located in Missouri
Diocese of Saint Thomas
Comprising the Islands of Sao Thome and Principe, in the Gulf of Guinea
Diocese of Saint Thomas of Guiana
Suffragan of Caracas, Venezuela, erected by Pius VI on Dec. 19, 1791
Diocese of Saint Thomas of Mylapur
Suffragan to the primatial See of Goa in the East Indies
Diocese of Saint-Brieuc
Comprises the Department of the Cotes du Nord
Diocese of Saint-Claude
Comprised in the eighteenth century only twenty-six parishes, subject previously to the Abbey of Saint-Claude
Diocese of Saint-Denis
Erected in 1850 as suffragan of Bordeaux
Diocese of Saint-Die
Comprises the Department of the Vosges
Diocese of Saint-Flour
Comprises the Department of Cantal, and is suffragan of the Archbishopric of Bourges
Diocese of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne
Includes the arrondissement of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne in the Department of Haute Savoie
Diocese of Sale
Located in Victoria, Australia
Diocese of Salerno
Located in Campania, Southern Italy
Diocese of Salford
Comprises the Hundreds of Salford and Blackburn, in Lancashire, England, and was erected Sept. 29, 1850
Diocese of Salt Lake
Includes the State of Utah, and slightly more than half of the State of Nevada
Diocese of Salta
Comprises the civil Provinces of Salta and Jujuy in the northern part of the Republic of Argentina
Diocese of Saltillo
Located in the Republic of Mexico, suffragan of Linares, or Monterey
Diocese of Salto
Located in Uruguay, suffragan to Montevideo
Diocese of Saluzzo
Located in the Province of Cuneo, Piedmont, Upper Italy
Diocese of Samogitia
Russian diocese, also called Telshi, including the part of Lithuania lying on the Baltic
Diocese of San Antonio
Comprises a large portion of the State of Texas
Diocese of San Carlos de Ancud
Most southern of the Chilian dioceses
Diocese of San Jose de Costa Rica
Republic of Costa Rica, Central America, constitutes this diocese as a suffragan see of the Archdiocese of Guatemala
Diocese of San Juan
Argentine Republic at the foot of the Cordillera of the Andes
Diocese of San Luis Potosi
Located in Mexico
Diocese of San Marco and Bisignano
Located in the Province of Cosenza in Calabria, Italy
Diocese of San Salvador
Smallest and most thickly populated state of Central America
Diocese of San Severino
Small town and seat of a bishopric in the Province of Macerata in the Marches, Central Italy
Diocese of San Severo
Located in the Province of Foggia, Southern Italy
Diocese of Sandhurst
Located in Victoria, Australia, suffragan of Melbourne
Diocese of Sandomir
Located in Poland
Diocese of Sankt Polten
Located in lower Austria
Diocese of Sant' Angelo de Lombardi
Located in the Province of Avellino, Southern Italy
Diocese of Sant' Angelo in Vado and Urbana
Located in a city in the Marches, suffragan of Urbino
Diocese of Santa Agata Del Goti
Located in the Province of Benevento, Southern Italy
Diocese of Santa Catharina
Suffragan see of the Archdiocese of Porto Alegre in Brazil, South America
Diocese of Santa Cruz de La Sierra
Located in Bolivia, erected on July 6, 1605, as suffragan of Lima
Diocese of Santa Fe
Located in the Argentine Republic, suffragan of Buenos Aires
Diocese of Santa Maria
Brazilian see, suffragan of Porto Alegre
Diocese of Santa Marta
Located in n Colombia, erected in 1535
Diocese of Santander
Located in Spain, takes its name from St. Hemeterius
Diocese of Santiago Del Estero
Located in the Argentine Republic, suffragan of Buenos Aires
Diocese of Sao Carlos Do Pinhal
Suffragan of the Archdiocese of Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America
Diocese of Sao Luis de Maranhao
Suffragan of Belem de Para, comprises the State of Maranhao in Northern Brazil
Diocese of Sao Thiago de Cabo Verde
Seat of its bishopric on the Island of S. Nicolau
Diocese of Sappa
Located in Albania, established in 1062, by Alexander II
Diocese of Sarsina
In AEmilia, Province of Forli, Italy
Diocese of Sault Sainte Marie
Embraces the southern parts of the districts of Thunder Bay, Algoma, and Nipissing
Diocese of Savannah
Comprises the State of Georgia and was created as such by Pius IX, 1850
Diocese of Savona and Noli
Province of Genoa, on the Gulf of Genoa
Diocese of Scranton
Suffragan see of Philadelphia, U.S.A., established on March 3, 1868
Diocese of Seattle
Comprises the entire State of Washington, U.S.A.
Diocese of Sebenico
Suffragan of Zara
Diocese of Seckau
Located in Styria, Austria, suffragan of Salzburg
Diocese of Seez
Embraces the Department of Orne, France
Diocese of Segorbe
Located in Spain
Diocese of Segovia
Located in in Spain
Diocese of Sehna
Chaldean see, governed by a patriarchal administrator with episcopal rank
Diocese of Sejny
Located in the northwestern part of Russian Poland near the border of East Prussia, German Poland
Diocese of Sessa-Aurunca
Located in Campania, Province of Caserta in Southern Italy
Diocese of Sherbrooke
Located in the Province of Quebec, suffragan of the Archdiocese of Montreal, erected by Pius IX, Aug. 28, 1874
Diocese of Shrewsbury
One of the thirteen English dioceses created by Apostolic Letter of Pius IX on Sept. 27, 1850
Diocese of Sinaloa
Located in the Republic of Mexico, suffragan of the Archdiocese of Durango
Diocese of Sinigaglia
Located in the Province of Ancona in the Marches (Central Italy)
Diocese of Sion
Swiss bishopric depending directly on the Holy See.
Diocese of Sioux City
Located in the State of Iowa, erected Jan. 15, 1902, by Leo XIII
Diocese of Sioux Falls
Suffragan of St. Paul, comprises all that part of the State of South Dakota
Diocese of Sirmium
Situated near the modern town of Mitrovitz in Slavonia
Diocese of Socorro
Established in 1895 as a suffragan see of the Archdiocese of Bogota, in the Republic of Colombia, South America
Diocese of Soissons
Includes the entire Department of Aisne, France
Diocese of Solsona
Located in Lerida, Spain, suffragan of Tarragona, erected by Clement VIII, July 19, 1593, from the Dioceses of Urgel and Vich, suppressed in 1851
Diocese of Sonora
Located in the Republic of Mexico, suffragan of the Archdiocese of Durango
Diocese of Southwark
Suffragan of Westminster, England
Diocese of Sovana and Pitigliano
Situated in the Province of Grosseto, Central Italy
Diocese of Spalato-Macarsca
Suffragan of Zara, Austria
Diocese of Speyer
Located in Bavaria
Diocese of Spirito Santo
Suffragan of Sao Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro, established in 1896
Diocese of Springfield
Located in Massachusetts, erected in June, 1870
Diocese of Squillace
Suffragan of Reggio, in Calabria, Southern Italy
Diocese of Stanislawow
Greek-Ruthenian Rite, in Galicia, Austria, suffragan of Lemberg
Diocese of Steinamanger
Located in Hungary, suffragan of Gran, founded in 1777 under Queen Maria Theresa
Diocese of Strasburg
Diocese in Germany
Diocese of Stuhlweissenburg
Diocese in Hungary
Diocese of Superior
Diocese in Wisconsin
Diocese of Susa
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Syra
Diocese of an island in the Aegean Sea
Diocese of Syracuse
Diocese in New York
Diocese of Szatmar
Diocese in Hungary
Diocese of Tabasco
Diocese in Mexico
Diocese of Tamaulipas
Diocese in Mexico
Diocese of Taranto
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Tarazona
Diocese in Spain
Diocese of Tarbes
Diocese in France
Diocese of Tarentaise
Diocese in France
Diocese of Tarnow
Diocese in Austria
Diocese of Taubate
Diocese in Brazil
Diocese of Tehuantepec
Diocese in Mexico
Diocese of Telese
Telese, a small town in the Province of Benevento, Southern Italy
Diocese of Teneriffe
Diocese in Spain
Diocese of Tepic
Diocese in Mexico
Diocese of Termoli
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Terracina, Sezze, and Piperno
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Teruel
Diocese in Spain
Diocese of Thera
Diocese in the Aegean Sea
Diocese of Three Rivers
Diocese in Canada
Diocese of Tinos and Mykonos
A Latin diocese of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea
Diocese of Tiraspol
Diocese in Southern Russia
Diocese of Tivoli
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Todi
Diocese in Italy
Diocese of Toledo
Diocese in America
Diocese of Tortona
In Piedmont, Italy
Diocese of Tortosa
Spain, suffragan of Tarragona
Diocese of Tournai
In Belgium
Diocese of Trani and Barletta
In Italy
Diocese of Transylvania
In Hungary, suffragan of Kalocsa Buts
Diocese of Trapani
In Sicily, suffragan of Palermo
Diocese of Trebizond
An Armenian Catholic diocese
Diocese of Trent
Suffragan of Salzburg. Trent became universally known through the famous general council held there from 1545 to 1563
Diocese of Trenton
Created July 15, 1881, suffragan of New York
Diocese of Treviso
In Venetia (Northern Italy)
Diocese of Tricarico
In the Province of Potenza in the Basilicata (Southern Italy), near the River Perrola
Diocese of Trichinopoly
In India, suffragan of Bombay
Diocese of Trier
Suffragan of Cologne
Diocese of Triest-Capo d'Istria
Suffragan of Gorz-Gradiska
Diocese of Trincomalee
In Ceylon, suffragan of Colombo, was created in 1893 by a division of the diocese of Jaffna
Diocese of Trivento
In southern Italy
Diocese of Troyes
Comprises the Department of Aube
Diocese of Trujillo
In Peru
Diocese of Tucson
Suffragan of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe
Diocese of Tucuman
Suffragan to Buenos Aires
Diocese of Tudela
In Spain
Diocese of Tuguegarao
In the Philippines
Diocese of Tulancingo
In the Mexican Republic, suffragan of Mexico
Diocese of Tulle
Comprises the Department of Correze
Diocese of Tunja
Established in 1880 as a suffragan of Bogota, in the Republic of Colombia, South America
Diocese of Tuy
Suffragan of the Archdiocese of Santiago
Diocese of Uberaba
Suffragan of Marianna, in Brazil
Diocese of Ugento
In the Province of Lecce, in Apulia, on the Gulf of Tarenturn
Diocese of Urgel
In Spain, suffragan of Tarragona
Diocese of Uruguayana
Suffragan of Porto Alegre, Brazil
Diocese of Valleyfield
Valleyfield is situated at the outlet of Lake St. Francis, on the south shore of the St. Lawrence
Diocese of Vannes
Comprises the Department of Morbihan, and was reestablished by the Concordat of 1802
Diocese of Veglia
In Austria, suffragan of Gorz-Gradisca
Diocese of Venosa
In Southern Italy
Diocese of Ventimiglia
In the Province of Porto Maurizio, northern Italy
Diocese of Vera Cruz
A Diocese of the Mexican Republic, suffragan of the Archbishopric of Mexico
Diocese of Verdun
Comprises the Department of the Meuse
Diocese of Veroli
In the Province of Rome
Diocese of Verona
In Venetia (Northern Italy)
Diocese of Versailles
Includes the Department of Seine-et-Oise, France
Diocese of Veszprem
In Hungary, suffragan of Gran, one of the sees founded about1009 by King St. Stephen, or perhaps by Queen Gisela, his wife
Diocese of Vicenza
The City is the capital of a province in Venetia (Northern Italy).
Diocese of Vich
Suffragan of Tarragona
Diocese of Victoria
In southwestern British Columbia, of which province it is the capital, was known until recently, first, as the Diocese, and later, as the Archdiocese of Vancouver
Diocese of Vigevano
Lombardy, Province of Pavia
Diocese of Vilna
Vilna, the capital of Lithuania, is situated at the junction of the Rivers Vileika and Vilja
Diocese of Viterbo and Toscanella
The city of Viterbo in the Province of Rome stands at the foot of Monte Cimino, in Central Italy, in an agricultural region
Diocese of Vitoria
Suffragan of Burgos, in Spain
Diocese of Viviers
Includes the Department of Ardeche, France
Diocese of Vizagapatam
In the east of India, suffragan to Madras
Diocese of Vizeu
In north central Portugal
Diocese of Volterra
In Tuscany
Diocese of Waitzen
In Hungary, suffragan of Gran, probably founded by King St. Stephen
Diocese of Waterford and Lismore
Suffragan of Cashel
Diocese of Wheeling
In West Virginia
Diocese of Wichita
Erected in 1887, from the Diocese of Leavenworth
Diocese of Wiener-Neustadt
A suppressed see in Lower Austria
Diocese of Wilcannia
In New South Wales, one of the six suffragan sees of Sydney
Diocese of Wilmington
Erected March 3, 1868
Diocese of Winona
Established in 1889, suffragan of St. Paul
Diocese of Wladislaw
The historical origin of this diocese is not known precisely
Diocese of Zacatecas
In the Republic of Mexico, suffragan of Guadalajara
Diocese of Zamboanga
In the Philippine Islands
Diocese of Zamora (Mexico)
Founded in 1540 in the state of Michoacan
Diocese of Zamora (Spain)
Suffragan of Valladolid
Diocese of Zante-Cephalonia
In Greece
Diocese of Zengg-Modrus
In Hungary, suffragan of Agram
Diocese of Zhitomir Lutzk and Kamenetz
Diocese in Russia
Diocese of Zips
In Hungary, suffragan of Agria (Eger), founded by Maria Theresa in 1776
Diocese of Zulia
Comprises the State of Zulia in the Republic of Venezuela
Diocese Teramo
Diocese in Italy
Dioceses (new dioceses 1913)
Many dioceses have come into being
Dioceses of Amadia and Akra
Two Catholic dioceses of the Chaldean Rite in Kurdistan, Turkey in Asia
Dioceses of Mostar and Markana-Trebinje
Capital of Herzegovina and lies east of southern Dalmatia
Dioceses of Valva and Sulmona
In Italy
A titular see of Phrygia in Asia Minor
Roman Emperor and persecutor of the Church, b. of parents who had been slaves, at Dioclea, near Salona, in Dalmatia, A.D. 245; d. at Salona, A.D. 313
A titular see of Palaestina Prima
Diodorus of Tarsus
Date of birth uncertain; d. about A.D. 392. He was of noble family, probably of Antioch
Dionigi da Piacenza Carli
Franciscan friar of the Capuchin Reform, sent out to the Congo in 1666
A titular see in Arabia
Dionysius Calvaert
Flemish painter, b. about the year 1540, d. 1619
Dionysius Exiguus
Of great importance were the contributions of Dionysius to the science of canon law; flourished in the earlier part of the sixth century, dying before the year 544
Dionysius of Alexandria
Bishop from 247-8 to 264-5, called 'the Great' by Eusebius, St. Basil, and others, was undoubtedly, after St. Cyprian, the most eminent bishop of the third century
Dionysius the Pseudo-Areopagite
Usually understood the judge of the Areopagus who, as related in Acts, xvii, 34, was converted to Christianity by the preaching of St. Paul, and according to Dionysius of Corinth (Eusebius, Hist. Eccl., III, iv) was Bishop of Athens
Dionysius, Saint
Bishop of Corinth about 170
Dioscurus of Alexandria
Bishop of Alexandria; date of birth unknown; d. at Gangra, in Asia Minor, 11 Sept., 454
A sort of notebook, formed by the union of two tablets, placed one upon the other and united by rings or by a hinge
A term applied to those religious congregations of men and women, the members of which go entirely unshod or wear sandals, with or without other covering for the feet
Discernment of Spirits
The term given to the judgment whereby to determine from what spirit the impulses of the soul emanate
This term is commonly applied to one who is learning any art or science from one distinguished by his accomplishments
Disciples of Christ
A sect founded in the United States of America by Alexander Campbell
Discipline of the Secret
A theological term used to express the custom which prevailed in the earliest ages of the Church, by which the knowledge of the more intimate mysteries of the Christian religion was carefully kept from the heathen and even from those who were undergoing i
Disibod, Saint
Irish bishop and patron of Disenberg (Disibodenberg), born c. 619; d. July 8, 700
Disparity of Worship
A diriment impediment introduced by the Church to safeguard the sanctity of the Sacrament of Marriage
An act whereby in a particular case a lawful superior grants relaxation from an existing law
Dispersion of the Apostles
A feast in commemoration of the missionary work of the Twelve Apostles
To draw away, hence to distract, is here considered in so far as it is wont to happen in time of prayer and in administering the sacraments
Canonically termed distrubtiones quotidiance, are certain portions of the revenue of a church, distributed to the canons present at Divine service
Bishop of Merseburg and medieval chronicler, b. July 25, 975; d. 1 Dec., 1018
Latin for rich
The seeking after knowledge of future or hidden things by inadequate means
Divine Attributes
Systematic idea of God, to unfold the implications of the truth
Divine Judgment
God's judgment
Divine Law
Enacted by God and made known to man through revelation
Divine Office
The recitation of certain prayers in the Breviary
Divine Promise
In Scripture
Divine Providence
God Himself considered in that act by which in His wisdom He so orders all events within the universe that the end for which it was created may be realized
This subject will be treated here under two distinct heads: I. In Moral Theology; II. In Civil Jurisprudence
A heretical sect dating back to Apostolic times
A titular see of Phrygia in Asia Minor
The title of an authorized teacher
Doctors of the Church
Certain ecclesiastical writers have received this title on account of the great advantage the whole Church has derived from their doctrine
Doctrine of Addai
A Syriac document which relates the legend of the conversion of Edessa
Doctrine of the Atonement
Satisfaction of Christ, whereby God and the world are reconciled or made to be at one
Classically, an opinion or apparent truth; sometimes, the doctrines or tenets of a particular school of philosophers; and sometimes, a public decree or ordinance
Dogmatic Facts
Any fact connected with a dogma and on which the application of the dogma to a particular case depends
A titular see of Commagene
Dolores Mission
In point of time the sixth in the chain of twenty-one California Indian Missions; formally opened 9 Oct., 1776
Use of the dolphin as a Christian symbol is connected with the general ideas underlying the more general use of the fish
Dom Francois Armand Gervaise
Discalced Carmelite, b. at Paris, 1660; d. at Reclus, France, 1761.
Dom Jacques Alexandre
Benedictine monk of the Congregation of St. Maur, b. at Orleans, France, 24 January, 1653; d. at Bonne-Nouvelle, 23 June, 1734
An architectural term often used synonymously with cupola
Properly Domenico Zampieri, an Italian painter, b. in Bologna, 21 Oct., 1581; d. in Naples, April 16, 1641
Domenico Bernini
Prelate and canon (eighteenth century)
Domenico Campagnola
Painter of the Venetian school, b. at Padua in 1482; date of death unascertained
Domenico Capranica
Cardinal, theologian, canonist, and statesman, b. at Capranica near Palestrina, Italy, in .1400; d. at Rome, July 14, 1458
Domenico Feti
Italian painter; b. at Rome, 1589; d. at Venice, 1624
Domenico Fontana
Roman architect of the Late Renaissance, b. at Merli on the Lake of Lugano, 1543; d. at Naples, 1607
Domenico Palmieri
Theologian, b. at Piacenza, Italy, July 4, 1829; d. in Rome, May 29, 1909
Domenico Passignano
Venetian painter, b. at Passignano, near Florence, in 1558; d. at Florence, 1638
Domenico Passionei
Cardinal, theologian, b. at Fossombrone, Dec. 2, 1682; d. July 5, 1761
Domenico Theotocopuli
(El Greco), one of the most remarkable Spanish artists, b. between 1545 and 1550; d. April 7, 1614
Domenico Viva
Writer, b. at Lecce, Oct. 19, 1648; d. July 5, 1726. He entered the Society of Jesus May 12, 1663
Domesday Book
The name given to the record of the great survey of England made by order of William the Conqueror in 1085-86
Right of habitation, residence
Domingo Banez
Spanish Dominican theologian (1528-1604)
Domingo Betanzos
Dominican missionary (d. 1549)
Domingo Chimalpain
Mexican Indian (16th-17th century), educated in the colleges for Indians of Mexico City under the direction of the clergy
Domingo de Salazar
Dominican missionary, b. in1512; d. in Madrid, December 4, 1594.
Domingo Fernandez Navarrete
Dominican missionary and archbishop, B. C. 1610 at PeƱafiel in Old Castile; d. 1689 at Santo Domingo
Domingos Caldas-Barbosa
B. of a white father and a negro mother at Rio Janeiro in 1740; d. in Lisbon, 9 Nov., 1800
Dominic Gravina
Italian Dominican theologian; b. 1573; d. 1643
Dominic of Prussia
Carthusian monk and ascetical writer, b. in Poland, 1382; d. at the monastery of St. Alban near Trier, 1461
Dominic of the Mother of God
Member of the Passionist Congregation and theologian, b. June 22, 1792; d. August 27, 1849
Dominic Schram
Benedictine theologian and canonist, b. at Bamberg, October 24, 1722; d. in the monastery of Banz near Bamberg, September 21, 1797
Dominic Soto
Dominican, renowned theologian, b. at Segovia, 1494; d. at Salamanca, Nov. 15, 1560
Dominic Vallarsi
An Italian priest, b. at Verona, Nov. 13, 1702; d. there, Aug. 14, 1771
Dominic, Saint
Founder of the Order of Preachers, commonly known as the Dominican Order; b. at Calaroga, in Old Castile, c. 1170; d. August 6, 1221
Dominical Letter
A device adopted from the Romans by the old chronologers to aid them in finding the day of the week corresponding to any given date, and indirectly to facilitate the adjustment of the 'Proprium de Tempore' to the 'Proprium Sanetorum' when constructing the
Dominican Republic, The
The eastern, and much the larger, political division of the island now comprehensively known as Haiti, which is the second in size of the Greater Antilles
Dominique Bouhours
French Jesuit author (1632-1702)
Dominique Parrenin
Jesuit b. at Russey, near Besancon, Sept. 1, 1665; d. at Pekin, Sept. 29, 1741
Dominique-Jean Larrey
Baron, French military surgeon, b. at Baudean, Hautes-Pyrenees, July, 1766; d. at Lyons, July 25, 1842
Dominus Vobiscum
Ancient form of devout salutation, incorporated in the liturgy of the Church
Roman emperor and persecutor of the Church and successor of the Emperor Titus; b. Oct. 24, A.D. 51
Titular see of Isauria in Asia Minor
Domnus Apostolicus
Title applied to the pope used between the sixth and the eleventh centuries
Don Isaac Abrabanel
Jewish statesman, apologist and exegete, b. in Lisbon, 1437; d. in Venice, 1508
Great Tuscan sculptor of the Renaissance, b. at Florence, c. 1386; d. there Dec. 13, 1466
Donation (in canon law)
Gratuitous transfer to another of some right or thing
Donation (in civil jurisprudence)
Civil Jurisprudence: Gratuitous transfer, or gift of ownership of property
Donation of Constantine
Forged document of Emperor Constantine the Great
Donatist schism in Africa began in 311
Donato Bramante
Italian architect and painter (ca. 1444-1514)
Donatus of Fiesole
Irish teacher and poet, Bishop of Fiesole about 829-876
Second Earl of Limerick, b. 1634 d. 1715
Donnan, Saint
Three or four saints of this name flourished about the seventh century
Donogh Mor O'Daly
A celebrated Irish poet, d. 1244
Ttitular see of Palaestina Prima
Dorothea, Saint
Virgin and martyr, suffered during the persecution of Diocletian, Feb. 6, 311, at Caesarea in Cappadocia
Titular see of Phrygia Salutaris, in Asia Minor
Followers of Dositheus, a Samaritan
Town and University of Douai, in the department of Nord, France
Douay Bible
Original Douay Version of Bible
Double Monasteries
Religious houses comprising communities of both men and women, dwelling in contiguous establishments, united under the rule of one superior, and using one church in common for their liturgical offices
State in which the mind is suspended between two contradictory propositions and unable to assent to either of them
Dove appears as a symbol and as a Eucharistic vessel
Provision for support during life accorded by law to a wife surviving her husband
Down and Connor
Diocese in Ireland
Downside Abbey
Founded in 1605 by the Venerable John Roberts at Douai, Flanders
Short verse praising God and beginning, as a rule, with the Greek word Doxa
Greek silver coin
Dracontius, Blossius Aemilius
Christian poet of the fifth century
Capital of the Kingdom of Saxony and the residence of the royal family
Drevet Family
Leading portrait engravers of France for over a hundred years
Droit de Regale
Originally denoted those rights that belonged exclusively to the king
Drostan, Saint
Scottish abbot who flourished about A.D. 600
Priests of the god or gods identified with the oak
Daughter of Herod Agrippa I
Titular see in Thracia Prima
Small Mohammedan sect in Syria, notorious for their opposition to the Lebanese Maronites
Dryburgh Abbey
Dryburgh Abbey
Philosophical terms, employed in different meanings by different schools
Dubric, Saint
Bishop and confessor, one of the greatest of Welsh saints; d. 612
Duccio di Buoninsegna
Painter, and founder of the Sienese School, b. about 1255 or 1260, place not known; d. August 3, 1319
Duchess of Aiguillon
Niece of Cardinal Richelieu, b. 1604; d. at Paris, 1675
Duckett, Venerable
Two English martyrs for the faith during 17th century, Venerable James and Venerable John
Contest with deadly weapons by agreement between two persons on account of some private quarrel
Duke of Bavaria Wilhelm V
Son of Duke Albrecht V, b. at Munich, September 29, 1548; d. at Schleissheim, February 7, 1626
Duke of La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt
Devoted to scientific agriculture, founded the first model technical school in France b. at La Roche-Guyon, January 11, 1747; d. at Paris, March 27, 1827
Theological term signifying the honour paid to the saints
Dunchadh, Saint
Confessor, Abbot of Iona; date of b. unknown, d. in 717
Irish monk, teacher, astronomer, and poet
Dunstan, Saint
Archbishop and confessor, one of the greatest saints of the Anglo-Saxon Church
Durand Ursin
Benedictine of the Maurist Congregation, b. May 20, 1682, d. Aug. 31, 1771
Durandus of Saint-Pourcain
Philosopher and theologian, b. at Saint-Pourcain, Auvergne, France; d. September 13, 1332
Durandus of Troarn
French Benedictine and ecclesiastical writer, b. about 1012, d. 1089
Durham Rite
Earliest document giving an account of liturgical services in the Diocese of Durham
Duties of Relatives
The general precept of charity obliging us to love our neighbor as ourselves is of course applicable to our relatives.
Something that is due; obligatory service
Dympna, Saint
Virgin and martyr, invoked as patroness against insanity
General name for a group of philosophical views concerning the nature of matter
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