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Baal (or Baalim)
Word which belongs to the oldest stock of the Semitic vocabulary and primarily means lord
Syrian town at the base of the western slope of the Anti-Lebanon
Word derived from the Babylonian Bab-ilu, meaning 'gate of God'
Babylas, Saint
Successor of Zebinus as Bishop of Antioch, martyred during Decian persecution (d. 250)
Curial title
History, character, and influence of this ancient empire
Parliament meeting presided over by Wihtred, King of Kent
Bishop of Corinth
Bachelor of Arts
Degree marking the completion of the traditional curriculum of the college
Early fifth-century writer
Baconian System of Philosophy
Development of Francis Bacon's system of philosophy
Founded on the Tigris, name means 'Garden of Dat'
Titular see of Lydia in Asia Minor
Situated in the district of Viterbo, Italy and subject to the Holy See
Bahama Islands
Most northerly group of the West Indies
Baithen, Saint
Irish monk, Abbot of Tiree Island monastery, successor of St. Columba (b.536)
Derivation of the name is uncertain, often connected with the god Ammo or Ammi
Titular see of Syria
Balbina, Saint
Location of memorials of a St. Balbina
Baldachinum of the Altar
Dome-like canopy over the high altar of larger churches
Baldassare Castiglione
Italian prose-writer, b. at Casatico, near Mantua, December 6, 1478; died at Toledo, Spain, February 7, 1529
Baldassare Peruzzi
Architect and painter, b. at Siena, March 7, 1481; d. at Rome, Jan. 6, 1537
Bishop of Doi, in France, chronicler (1050-1130)
Balderic (Baudry)
Monk of Liege, a writer and teacher of the twelfth century (d. 1157)
Baldred, Saint
Celtic Bishop of Strathclyde, founded numerous houses for monks and holy virgins (643-607)
Archbishop of Trier and Elector of the Holy Roman Empire (1285-1354)
Baldwin of Canterbury
Thirty-ninth Archbishop, a native of Exeter (d. 1190)
Balearic Isles
Group of islands in the western part of the Mediterranean
Oily, resinous, and odorous substance, which the Church mixes with olive oil for use as chrism
Greek and Latin name for Belshazzar
Baltasar de Echave
Painter, b. in Spain the latter part of the sixteenth century; d. in Mexico about the middle of the seventeenth
Baltasar Gracian
Spanish writer, b. at Belmonte, a suburb of Calatayud, Aragon, Jan. 8, 1601; d. at Tarragona, Dec. 6, 1658
Balthasar Barreira
Portuguese Jesuit missionary (1531-1612)
Balthasar Boncompagni
Italian mathematician (1821-1894)
Balthasar Cordier
Jesuit; exegete and editor of patristic works (1592-1650)
Balthazar Alvarez
Spanish mystic (1533-1580)
Name of several men mentioned in the Bible
Bangor Abbey
Name of two famous monastic establishments in Ireland and Wales
Banns of Marriage
Ecclesiastical announcement of the names of persons contemplating marriage
One of the Seven Sacraments of the Christian Church
Baptismal Font
Basin or vase, serving as a receptacle for baptismal water
Baptismal Vows
Name popularly given to the renunciations required of an adult candidate for baptism just before the sacrament is conferred
Baptista Mantuanus (or Spagnoli), Blessed
Carmelite and Renaissance poet (1447-1516)
Baptista Varani, Blessed
An ascetical writer, b. at Camerino, in the March of Ancona, Apr. 9, 1458; d. there, May 31, 1527
Baptiste-Honora-Raymond Capefigue
Historian, b. at Marseilles, 1802; d. at Paris, December 22, 1872
Separate building in which the Sacrament of Baptism was once solemnly administered
Hermits, missionaries, and Sisterhood of St. John the Baptist
Name of Protestant denomination that owes its name to its doctrine and practice regarding baptism
Bar Hebraeus
Jacobite Syrian bishop, philosopher, poet, grammarian, physician, Biblical commentator, historian, and theologian (1226-1286)
Deliverer of the Israelites from the power of the Chanaanites
Titular see of Mesopotamia
Barbara, Saint
Virgin and Martyr
Suffragan of the Spanish province of Huesca
Barber Family
Daniel Barber soldier of the Revolution, Episcopalian minister and convert (1756-1834)
Titular see of Cyrenaica in Northern Africa
Bardesanes and Bardesanites
Syrian poet, astrologist, and philosopher (164?-222)
Barent Van Orley
Painter, b. at Brussels, about 1491; d. there January 6, 1542
False prophet found in Acts 13:6-12
Barlaam and Josaphat
Principal characters of a legend of Christian antiquity
Barnaba Oriani
Italian Barnabite and astronomer, b. at Carignano, near Milan, July 17, 1752; d. at Milan, November 12, 1832
Barnabas of Terni
Friar Minor and missionary (d. 1474 or 1477)
Barnabas, Saint
Styled an Apostle in Holy Scripture, ranked by the Church with the Twelve
Popular name of a religious order founded by three Italian noblemen
Barocco Style
Debased application to architecture of Renaissance features
Baron Athanase Charles-Marie Charette de La Contrie
B. at Nantes, Sept. 3, 1832; d. at Basse-Motte (Ille-et-Vilaine), Oct. 9, 1911. His father was a nephew of the famous General Charette who was shot at Nantes, March 29, 1795
Baron d'Avaugour Pierre du Bois
Sixth Governor General of Canada
Baron Eligius Franz Joseph Von Munch-Bellinghausen
Austrian dramatist, b. at Cracow, April 2, 1806; d. at Vienna, May 22, 1871
Baron Emly William Monsell
Member of Parliament, b. Sept. 21, 1812; d. at Tervoe, Co. Limerick, Ireland, April 20, 1894.
Baron Ernst Von Feuchtersleben
Austrian poet, philosopher, and physician; b. at Vienna, April 29, 1806; d. September 3, 1849
Baron Joseph Maria Christoph von Lassberg
Distinguished German antiquary, b. at Donaueschingen, April 10, 1770; d. March 15, 1855
Barthold Nihus
Convert and controversialist, b. at Holtorf in Hanover, February 7, 1590 (according to other sources in 1584 or 1589, at Wolpe in Brunswick); d. at Erfurt, March 10, 1657
Bartholomaeus Anglicus
Franciscan encyclopedist
Bartholomaeus Arnoldi
Augustinian friar, teacher of Luther (1463-1532)
Bartholomeu Lourenco de Gusmao
Naturalist, and the first aeronaut; b. in 1685 at Santos in the province of Sao Paulo, Brazil; d. November 18, 1724, in Toledo, Spain
Bartholomeus Welser
German merchant prince, b. at Augsburg, 1488; d. at Amberg, near Turkheim, Swabia, 1561
Led a group of Dominican missionaries to Armenia, known as the Apostle of Armenia
Bartholomew Holzhauser
Parish priest, ecclesiastical writer, and founder of a religious community; b. Aug. 24, 1613, at Laugna in the Diocese of Augsburg, Bavaria; d. May 20, 1658
Bartholomew MacCarthy
Irish scholar and chronologist, b. at Conna, Ballynoe, Co. Cork, Dec. 12, 1843; d. at Inniscarra, Co. Cork, Mar. 6, 1904
Bartholomew Mastrius
Franciscan, philosopher and theologian, b. in 1602; d. Jan. 3, 1673
Bartholomew Medina
Dominican theologian, b. at Medina, 1527; d. at Salamanca, 1581
Bartholomew of Braga, Venerable
Scholar and participant at the Council of Trent (1514-1590)
Bartholomew of Braganca
Dominican priest, author (1200-1271)
Bartholomew of Brescia
Italian canonist (d.1258)
Bartholomew of Edessa
Syrian apologist and polemical writer
Bartholomew of Lucca
Historian (1227-1327)
Bartholomew of Pisa
Friar Minor and chronicler (d. 1401)
Bartholomew of San Concordio (also of Pisa)
Canonist, and man of letters (1260-1347)
Bartholomew Roe
English Benedictine martyr, b. in Suffolk, 1583; executed at Tyburn, Jan. 21, 1641
Bartholomew, Apostle, Saint
One of the Twelve Apostles
Name given to Armenian monks who sought refuge in Italy after the invasion of their country by the Sultan of Egypt in 1296
Bartoleme de Torres Naharro
Spanish poet and dramatist, b. towards the end of the fifteenth century
Bartolome Carranza
Archbishop of Toledo; b. at Miranda de Arga, Spain, 1503; d. at Rome, May 2, 1576
Bartolome de las Casas
B. at Seville, probably in 1474; d. at Madrid, 1566
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo
Spanish painter; b. at Seville, December 31, 1617; d. there April 5, 1682
Bartolomeo Eustachius
Distinguished anatomist of the Renaissance period b. early part of the sixteenth century; d. at Rome, August, 1574
Bartolomeo Montagna
Italian painter, chief representative of the Vicenza School, b. at Orzinuovi about 1450; d. at Vicenza, October 11, 1523
Bartolomeo Platina
Originally named Sacchi, b. at Piadena, near Mantua, in 1421; d. at Rome, 1481
Bartolomeu Dias
A famous Portuguese navigator of the fifteenth century, discoverer of the Cape of Good Hope; d. at sea, May 29, 1500
Bartolommeo and Vincenzo Carducci
Florentine painters in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Bartolommeo Fumo
Theologian, b. at Villon near Piacenza; d. 1545
Bartolommeo Gavantus
Liturgist, a member of the Barnabite Order; b. at Monza, 1569; d. at Milan, August 14, 1638
Bartolommeo Pacca
Cardinal, scholar, and statesman, b. at Benevento, Dec. 27, 1756; d. at Rome, Feb. 19, 1844
Bartolommeo Spina
Scholastic theologian, b. at Pisa about 1475; d. at Rome, 1546
Disciple of Jeremias, and the traditional author of the deutero-canonical book, which bears his name
Sculpture executed upon and attached to a flat surface
Basil of Amasea
Bishop and Martyr
Basil of Seleucia
Bishop and ecclesiastical writer (d.between 458-460)
Basil the Great, Saint
Bishop of Caesarea and distinguished Doctor of the Church (329-379)
Priests of the community of St. Basil
A title assigned by formal concession or immemorial custom to certain more important churches, in virtue of which they enjoy privileges of an honorific character which are not always very clearly defined. Basilicas in this sense are divided into two class
Basilica (stoa basilike)
Signifies a kingly, and secondarily a beautiful, hall
Basilica of Saint Peter
History and architectural analysis of the tomb of St. Peter
Basilides (Alexandrian Gnostic)
Earliest of the Alexandrian Gnostics
Basilides (martyrs)
Alexandrian martyr who suffered persecution under Septimius Severus
Titular see of Asia Minor
Various female martyrs bearing the common name of Basilissa
Town near Bombay in British India; birthplace of St. Gonsalo Garcia, the only Indian saint
Bishop of Ephesus
Mountainous district of South Africa
Vicariate Apostolic of Batavia of the island of Java
Bath Abbey
First religious house in Bath was a monastery of nuns founded by King Osric, A.D. 676
Bath and Wells
Large diocese coextensive with the County of Somerset, England
Bathilde, Saint (or Batilde)
Wife of Clovis II, King of France (d.680)
Battista Guarini
Italian poet, b. 1538; d. Oct. 7, 1612
Battle Abbey
English abbey founded by William the Conqueror
History and symbolism of the beard
Beatific Vision
Immediate knowledge of God which the angelic spirits and the souls of the just enjoy in Heaven
Beatification and Canonization
Processes by which a person moves towards sainthood
Solemn blessings which mark the opening of the Sermon on the Mount
Name borne by a certain number of holy persons
Beaulieu Abbey
Cistercian house in Hampshire, one of the three monasteries founded by King John
Beda Franciscus Dudik
Moravian historian, abbot and titular bishop, b. January 29, 1815; d. January 18, 1890
Beda Mayr
A Bavarian Benedictine philosopher, apologist, and poet, b. January 15, 1742; d. April 28, 1794
Beda Weber
Benedictine professor, author, and member of the National German Parliament, b. at Lienz in the Tyrol, October 26, 1798; d. at Frankforton-the-Main, February 28, 1858
Old English word bede means a prayer
Bede, Venerable
Historian and Doctor of the Church, b. 672 or 673; d. 735
London hospital
Moabite divinity who ruled over Phogor
Philistine god of Accaron, alternative name for Satan
Beguines and Beghards
Consecrated religious women
Architectural detail of church
European country
Commonly used as a synonym of Satan
State of mind that assents to propositions by reason of authority
Musical instrument
Benedetto Castelli
Mathematician and physicist; b. at Perugia, Italy, 1577; d. at Rome, 1644
Benedetto da Majano
A well-known Florentine sculptor and architect of the Renaissance, b. 1442; d. May 24, 1498
Benedetto da Rovezzano
Sculptor and architect, b. in 1490, d. at Florence, 1530
Benedetto Justiniani
Theological and biblical writer (ca. 1550-1622)
Benedetto Marcello
B. in Venice in 1696; d. at Brescia in July, 1739
Benedetto Menzini
Priest and poet, b. at Florence, 1646; d. at Rome, Sept. 7, 1704
Benedict Biscop, Saint
English monastic founder (ca. 628-690)
Benedict Joseph Flaget
First Bishop of Bardstown (subsequently of Louisville), Kentucky, U.S.A., b. at Contournat, near Billom, Auvergne, France, November 7, 1763; d. February 11, 1850, at Louisville, Kentucky
Benedict Joseph Labre, Saint
French pilgrim to Rome (1748-1783)
Benedict Levita
Author of a forged collection of capitularies (ninth century)
Benedict of Aniane, Saint
Benedictine monk (ca. 745-821)
Benedict of Nursia, Saint
Founder of Western monasticism (ca. 480-543)
Benedict of Peterborough
Abbot and writer (d. 1193)
Benedict of San Philadelphio, Saint
Hermit, Franciscan (1526-1589)
Benedict Pereira
Philosopher, theologian, and exegete, b. about 1535, at Ruzafa, near Valencia, in Spain; d. March 6, 1610, at Rome
Benedict Sestini
Astronomer, mathematician, b. at Florence, Italy, March 20, 1816; d. at Frederick, Maryland, Jan. 17, 1890
Benedict Spinoza
Philosopher, b. at Amsterdam, Nov. 24, 1632; d. at The Hague, Feb. 21, 1677
Benedict Stattler
Jesuit theologian, b. at Kotzting, Bavaria, Jan. 30, 1728; d. at Munich, Aug. 21, 1797
Benedict Van Haeften
Benedictine writer, provost of the Monastery of Afflighem, Belgium; b. at Utrecht, 1588; d. July 31, 1648, at Spa, Belgium, whither he had gone to recover his health
Benedict Welte
Exegete, b. at Ratzenried in Wurtemberg, November 25, 1825; d. May 27, 1885
Benedictine Abbey of Jumieges
French abbey
Benedictine Abbey of Kilwinning
Abbey in Scotland
Benedictine Abbey of Lindores
Near Newburgh, Fifeshire, Scotland, founded by David, Earl of Huntingdon, younger brother of King William the Lion, about 1191
Benedictine Abbey of Lobbes
Founded in Belgium about 650 by St. Landelin
Benedictine Order
Monastic order established by Saint Benedict
Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
Description of the basics of this popular devotion
Book of Church blessings
Canticle of Zachary (Luke 1:68-79)
Benedictus Polonus
Franciscan missionary (ca. 1245)
Ecclesial benefit
Benefit of clergy
Ecclesial exemption from secular jurisdiction
Bengtsson, Jöns Oxenstjerna (Joannes Benedicti)
Archbishop of Upsala, Sweden (1417-1467)
Benignus of Dijon, Saint
Martyr (third century)
Benignus, Saint
Disciple of Saint Patrick (d. 467)
Benito Jeronimo Feyjoo y Montenegro
Celebrated Spanish writer, b. at Casdemiro, in the parish of Santa Maria de Melias, Galicia, Spain, October 8, 1676; d. at Oviedo, September 26, 1764
Younger son of Jacob and Rachel
Benjamin Elbel
A first-class authority in moral theology, b. at Friedberg, Bavaria, in 1690; d. at Soflingen in 1756
Benjamin F. Sands
Convert, rear-admiral United States Navy, b. at Baltimore, Md., Feb. 11, 1812; d. at Washington, D. C., June 30, 1883
Benjamin Joseph Webb
Editor, historian (1814-1897)
Benno II
Bishop of Osnabruck (d. 1088)
Benno, Saint
Bishop of Meissen (ca. 1010 - ca. 1106)
Benoit-Marie Langenieux
Cardinal, Archbishop of Reims, b. at Villefranche-sur-Saone, Department of Rhone, 1824; d. at Reims, Jan. 1, 1905
Benozzo di Lese di Sandro Gozzoli
Italian painter; b. 1420; d. 1497
English jurist and reformer (1748-1832)
Bentivoglio Family
Italian noble family
Benvenuto Cellini
Benvenuto Cellini
Benvenuto Tisio da Garofalo
An Italian painter of the Ferrarese school; b. in 1481; d. 6 (or 16) September, 1559
Bequests for Masses
Remarks by the Court of Appeals of the State of New York in Holland v. Alcock
Bequests for Masses (Canada)
Treatment of Canadian law regarding Mass bequests
Bequests for Masses (England)
Treatment of English law regarding Mass bequests
Berach, Saint
Irish saint (d. 595), abbot and disciple of Saint Kevin
Berard of Carbio, Saint
Franciscan martyr (d. 1220)
Bercharius, Saint
Abbot (636-696)
Berchtold, Blessed
Abbot (d. 1197)
Berengarius of Tours
Medieval heretic (999-1088)
Berenger Fredoli
Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati; b. at Verune, France, c. 1250; d. at Avignon, June 11, 1323
City in Germany
Bernabe Cobo
Jesuit (1582-1657)
Bernal Diaz Del Castillo
Spanish historian, one of the chief chroniclers of the conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards, b. at Medina del Campo, Spain, c. 1498; d. after 1568
Bernard Andre (Andreas)
Friar, poet laureate of England, chronographer
Bernard de Montfaucon
French scholar, b. in 1655, at the chateau de Soulatge, Department of Aude, arrondissement of Carcassone; d. in Paris, at the Abbey of St-Germain-des-Pres, in 1741
Bernard Dornin
First publisher in the United States of distinctively Catholic books, b. in Ireland, 1761; d. in Ohio, 1836
Bernard Guidonis
Inquisitor of Toulouse (1261-1331)
Bernard John McQuaid
First Bishop of Rochester, U.S.A.; b. in New York City, December 15, 1823; d. at Rochester, January 18, 1909
Bernard Jungmann
Dogmatic theologian, ecclesiastical historian (1833-1895)
Bernard Lamy
Oratorian, b. at Le Mans, France, in June, 1640; d. at Rouen, Jan. 29, 1715
Bernard O'Reilly
Historian, b. Sept. 29, 1820, in County Mayo, Ireland; d. in New York, U.S.A., April 26, 1907
Bernard of Besse
Franciscan chronicler (thirteenth century)
Bernard of Bologna
Franciscan theologian (1701-1768)
Bernard of Botone
Canonist (d. ca. 1263)
Bernard of Clairvaux, Saint
Cistercian, Doctor of the Church (1090-1153)
Bernard of Cluny
Benedictine (twelfth century)
Bernard of Compostella
Canonist (thirteenth century)
Bernard of Luxemburg
Dominican theologian, controversialist, and Inquisitor (d. 1535)
Bernard of Menthon, Saint
Archdeacon of Aosta (d. 1008)
Bernard of Pavia
Canonist and bishop (d. 1213)
Bernard Sylvester
A twelfth-century philosopher of Neo-Platonic tendencies
Bernard Tolomeo, Saint
Italian hermit, monastic founder (d. 1348)
Bernard, Saint (Archbishop of Vienne)
Archbishop of Vienne (778-842)
Bernardine a Piconio
B. at Picquigny, Picardy, 1633; d. in Paris, December 8, 1709
Bernardine of Feltre, Blessed
Franciscan missionary (1439-1494)
Bernardine of Fossa, Blessed
Franciscan historian and ascetical writer (1420-1503)
Bernardine of Siena, Saint
Franciscan missionary and reformer (1380-1444)
Religious sisters of the order of Meaux
Bernardino Baldi
Italian poet and savant (1553-1617)
Bernardino Campi
An Italian painter of the Lombard School, b. at Cremona, 1522; d. at Reggio, about 1590
Bernardino de Sahagun
Missionary and Aztec archaeologist, b. at Sahagun, Kingdom of Leon, Spain, in or before the year 1500; d. at Mexico, Oct. 23, 1590
Bernardino Lopez de Carvajal
Cardinal, b. 1455, at Plasencia in Estremadura, Spain; d. at Rome 16 Dec., 1523
Bernardino Luini
Milanese painter, b. between 1470 and 1480; d. after 1530
Bernardino Maffei
Poet, orator, and antiquarian, b. at Bergamo, Jan. 27, 1514; d. at Rome, Aug. 1, 1549
Bernardino Telesio
Italian humanist and philosopher, b. 1508; d. 1588
Bernardo Buil
Name of two religious living in Spain in the 1400s
Bernardo de Balbuena
Spanish poet (1568-1627)
Bernardo Rosselino
Architect, sculptor (1409-1464)
Bernardo Tanucci
Marchese, Italian statesman, b. in 1698; d. April 29, 1793
Bernardus Papiensis
Italian canonist of the thirteenth century; d. Sept. 18, 1213
Swiss city
Bernhard Bolzano
Austrian mathematician and philosopher (1781-1848)
Bernhard Galura
Prince-Bishop of Brixen; b. August 21, 1764 at Herbolzheim, Breisgau; d. May 17, 1856
Bernhard Havestadt
A German Jesuit; b. at Cologne, February 27, 1714; died at Munster after 1778
Bernhard Heinrich Overberg
German ecclesiastic and educator, b. May 1, 1754; d. November 9, 1826
Bernhard Pez
Historian, b. February 22, 1683, at Ybbs near Melk; d. March 27, 1735
Abbot of Reichenau (d. 1048)
Berno (Apostle)
Apostle of the Slavs (twelfth century)
Bernold of Constance
Historian and theologian (ca. 1054-1100)
Bernward (Bishop of Hildesheim), Saint
Soldier, monk, abbot, archbishop (ca. 950-1022)
Titular see of Macedonia
Native historian of Babylonia, priest of Bel-Marduk
City in Canaan
Palestinian town
Various holy women of this name
Bishop, Apostle of the Livonians, (d. 1198)
Berthold of Chiemsee
German bishop and theologian (1465-1543)
Berthold of Henneberg
Archbishop and Elector of Mainz (1441-1504)
Berthold of Ratisbon
Franciscan preacher (ca. 1210-1272)
Berthold of Reichenau
Benedictine monk and chronicler (d. ca. 1088)
Berthold Schwarz
German friar, reputed the inventor of gunpowder and firearms
Bertholet Flemael
Painter, b. at Liege, Flanders, in 1614; d. there in 1675
Bertin, Saint
Abbot of St. Omer (ca. 615 - ca. 709)
Bertonio Ludovico
Italian Jesuit missionary (1552-1625)
Bertulf, Saint
Abbot of Bobbio (d. ca. 640)
Son of Uri, grandson of Hur, tribe of Judah
Medieval books on animals
Village in ancient Palestine
Bethany Beyond the Jordan
Scriptural site of Christ's baptism
City of the Amorrhites
Two cities in Palestine
Ancient Canaanite town
Bethlehem (architecture)
Architectural term for oven used to bake bread for Communion
Bethlehem (ecclesial)
Titular see of Palestine
Bethlehem (scriptural)
The city of Christ's birth in scripture
Medieval military order
Ancient city or cities on shore of Lake Genesareth
Ancient city with Issachar
City delivered by biblical heroine, Judith
Promise of future Christian marriage
To stake goods on a future event or affirmation
Beuno, Saint
Abbot of Clynnog (d. ca. 660)
Beverley Minster
Collegiate church in Yorkshire
Bibbiena (aka Bernardo Dovizl)
Italian cardinal, writer (1470-1520)
Bibiana, Saint
Roman martyr (ca. third century)
Collection of writings recognized as divinely inspired
Bible Societies
Protestant groups established to publish and propagate Bible globally
Biblia Pauperum
Collection of pictures of Christ's life corresponding to prophetic types
Biblical Accommodation
The adaptation of words or sentences from Sacred Scripture to signify ideas different from those expressed by the sacred author
Biblical Antiquities
Subset of archaeology
Biblical Chronology
Deals with the dates of the various events recorded in the Bible
Biblical Commission
Committee of cardinals charged with the proper interpretation and defense of Scripture
Biblical Criticism
The examination of the origins and historical values of the books composing the Bible, with the state in which these exist at the present day
Biblical Exegesis
Branch of theology which investigates and expresses the true sense of Sacred Scripture
Biblical Geography
With the exception of the didactic literature, there is no book in the Bible which, to a greater or less extent, does not contain mention of, or allusions to, the geography and topography of the Holy Land
Biblical introduction
Name given to the treatment of matters preliminary to the study of sacred Scripture
Bigamy (in Canon Law)
Having two simultaneous wives (also known as polygamy)
Bigamy (in civil jurisprudence)
As a matter of civil jurisprudence
The presence of a finite being in two places at once
Offering of Mass twice in one day by same celebrant
Biogenesis and Abiogenesis
Scientific theories on the origin of life
Science on life and living organisms
In Christian symbolism
Ecclesial headwear
Birinus, Saint
Confessor, Bishop of Dorchester (d. 650)
Birth, The Defect of
Canonical impediment
Ecclesial office
Bishop of Cremona Sicard
Twelfth-century famed Italian historian, canonist, and liturgiologist, d. 1215
Bishop of Remesiana Nicetas
Ecclesiastical write; b. about 335; d. about 414
Tomb for two bodies
Black Fast
Most rigorous of ecclesial fasts
Blackfoot Indians
Native American tribe of the Northern Plains
Blaise Gisbert
French rhetorician and critic; b. 1657; d. 1731
Blaise Pascal
B. at Clermont-Ferrand, June 19, 1623; d. in Paris, August 19, 1662
Blaise, Saint
Bishop and martyr (fourth century)
Two brothers, ecclesiastics, active in North America during the 19th century
Blandina, Saint
Virgin and martyr (d. 177)
Blane, Saint
Confessor, bishop (d. 590)
Gross irreverence towards any person or thing worthy of exalted esteem
Blathmac, Saint
Irish monk, martyr (ca. 750-835)
Blenkinsop Family
Irish Catholic family
Blessed John of Fermo
Franciscan (1259-1322)
Blessed Richard Whiting
Last Abbot of Glastonbury and martyr, parentage and date of birth unknown, executed Nov. 15, 1539
Blessed Sacrament, Reservation of the
The practice of preserving after the celebration of the Liturgy a portion of the consecrated elements for the Communion of the sick or for other pious purposes
Blessed Sacrament, Visits to the
By this devotional practice, which is of comparatively modern development, the presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Eucharist is regarded in the same light and honored with the same ceremonial observances as would be paid to a sovereign who favored any
Blessed Trinity, The
I. Dogma of the Trinity; II. Proof of the Doctrine from Scripture; III. Proof of the Doctrine from Tradition; IV. The Trinity as a Mystery; V. The Doctrine as Interpreted in Greek Theology; VI. The Doctrine as Interpreted in Latin Theology.
Blessed, The
Those who have been beatified by the Church
Blood Indians
Native Americans of the Blackfoot tribe
Italian painters (15th-16th centuries)
Boetius Egan
Archbishop of Tuam, Ireland, b. 1734; d. 1798
Medieval neo-Manichaean sect
Crown province of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy
Bohemian Brethren
Popular designation of the Unitas Fratum of Bohemia
Bohemians in the United States
Emigrants from Bohemia to the U.S.
Boisil, Saint
Religious superior, teacher of St. Cuthbert (d. 664)
Boleslaus Balbinus
Jesuit historian of Bohemia (1621-1688)
South American country
Ecclesiastical scholars engaged in editing the Acts Sanctorum
Bona Mors Confraternity
The Confraternity of the Happy Death
Bonagratia of Bergamo
Franciscan theologian and canonist (d. 1343)
Bonald, Louis-Gabriel-Ambroise, Vicomte de
French statesman, writer, and philosopher (1754-1840)
Bonaventura Baron
Irish Franciscan theologian, philosopher, and writer (1610-1696)
Bonaventura Cavalieri
Italian mathematician, b. at Milan in 1598; d. at Bologna, December 3, 1647
Bonaventure Giffard
Bishop; b. 1642; d. 1734
Bonaventure, Saint
Franciscan theologian, Doctor of the Church (1221-1274)
Boni Homines
Name of several religious orders
Boniface Association
Catholic society in Germany
Boniface of Savoy
Archbishop of Canterbury (d. 1270)
Boniface Wimmer
Archabbot, b. at Thalmassing, Bavaria, January 14, 1809; d. at St. Vincent Archabbey, Beatty, Pennsylvania, Dec. 8, 1887
Boniface, Saint
Apostle of Germany (d. ca. 755)
Bonifazio Vitalini
Jurist, b. at Mantua, Italy, about 1320; d. at Avignon after 1388
Bonino Mombritius
Philologist, humanist, and editor of ancient writings, b. 1424; d. between 1482 and 1502
Bonizo of Sutri
Bishop of Sutri (ca. 1045-1090)
Bishop of Sardica, fourth-century heretic
Book of Advertisements
Series of sixteenth-century enactments concerning ecclesiastical matters
Book of Armagh, The
Celebrated Irish-Latin manuscript preserved in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin
Book of Common Prayer
Book of rubrics and prayers of the Anglican church
Book of Daniel
In the Septuagint, the Vulgate, and many other ancient and modern translations of Holy Writ, Daniel is comprised of both proto- and deutero-canonical parts
Book of Jubilees
Apocryphal writing
Book of Judith
Old Testament book, part of the deuterocanon
Book of Kells
Irish manuscript containing the Four Gospels
Book of Nehemias
Also called the second Book of Esdras
Book of Proverbs
One of the Sapiential writings of the Old Testament placed in the Hebrew Bible among the Hagiographa, and found in the Vulgate after the books of Psalms and Job
Book of Ruth
One of the proto-canonical writings of the Old Testament, which derives its name from the heroine of its exquisitely beautiful story
Book of Wisdom
One of the deutero-canonical writings of the Old Testament, placed in the Vulgate between the Canticle of Canticles and Ecclesiasticus
Books of Adam
Set of apocryphal writings
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Territories on the Balkan peninsula
Benedictine monk, Bishop of Merseburg (d. 970)
Boso (Breakspear)
English cardinal (d. ca. 1181)
Bosom of Abraham
An expression found in the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man
Titular see of Syria
Botulph, Saint
Abbot (d. ca. 680)
Bourdaloue, Louis
Jesuit preacher (1632-1704)
Catholic custom on feast of St. Nicholas (December 6)
The name of boycotting was first applied to a practice which had its origin in Ireland during the most stirring days of the land agitation
Complex religious and social system which grew out of the polytheistic nature-worship of the ancient Aryan conquerors of Northern India
Ancient and illustrious Neapolitan family
Branch Sunday
One of the medieval English names for Palm Sunday
Prussian diocese, former electoral principality
German humanist (ca. 1500-1539)
Braulio, Saint
Bishop of Saragossa (d. ca. 651)
Brehon Laws
Irish native law
Formerly the seat of an archdiocese situated in the north-western part of the present German Empire
Brenach, Saint
Irish missionary in Wales (fifth century)
Brendan, Saint
Known also as Brendan the Voyager (d. 577)
Brethren of the Common Life
Community founded by Geert de Groote, of rich burgher stock
Brethren of the Lord
A group of persons closely connected with the Savior; they appear repeatedly in the New Testament under the designation 'his brethren.'
Book of Christian prayers
Brian Walton
Biblical scholar, editor of Walton's Polyglot Bible, b. at Seymour, or Seamer, near York, in 1600; d. in London, Nov. 29, 1661
Payment or the promise of money or other lucrative consideration to induce another to act as the briber shall prescribe
Bridge-Building Brotherhood
Various religious associations founded for the purpose of building bridges
Bridget of Sweden, Saint
(ca. 1303-1373)
Bridgewater Treatises
Publications that derive their origin and their title from the Rev. Francis Henry Egerton
Brieuc, Saint
Celtic saint of Brittany (fifth century)
Brigid, Saint
Irish saint (ca. 451-525)
Religious order founded in 1346 by St. Bridget of Sweden
British Columbia
Westernmost province of Canada
Brogan, Saint
Irish saint of the sixth or seventh century
Brook of Cedron
The ravine on the east of Jerusalem, between the Holy City and the Mount of Olives
Brother Azarias
Educator, essayist, litterateur, and philosopher (1847-1893)
Brother Leo
Friar Minor, companion of St. Francis of Assisi, date of birth uncertain; d. at Assisi, 15 November, 1271.
Brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God
Religious order founded by St. John of God
Brothers of Christian Instruction
Congregation founded in 1817 at Saint-Brieuc, Cotes-du-Nord, France, by Jean-Marie-Robert de la Mennais
Brothers of Our Lady of Lourdes
Community devoted to the education of youth and the care of the sick and infirm
Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy
Founded at Mechlin in 1839 for the instruction and care of prisoners and of the sick
Brothers of Our Lady of the Fields
A Canadian congregation founded in 1902 at St-Damien de Buckland in the Diocese of Quebec by Rev. M. J. O. Brousseau
Brothers of Saint Gabriel
Originally founded by Blessed Louis Grignon de Montfort in 1705, but it did not spread much till it was amalgamated with one founded in 1835 by Monsignor Deshayes, Vicar-General of Rennes
Brothers of the Cross of Jesus
A congregation founded in 1820 at Lyons, France, by Father C. M. Bochard, Doctor of the Sorbonne, Vicar-General of the Diocese of Lyons
Brothers of the Holy Infancy
Group founded in Buffalo, New York
Brothers of the Sacred Heart
Congregation founded in 1821 by Pere Andre Coindre, of the Diocese of Lyons, France
Orestes Augustus, philosopher, essayist, reviewer, born Vermont 1803; died 1876 and his daughter Sarah
Chief town of the Province of West Flanders in the Kingdom of Belgium
Brunetto Latini
Florentine philosopher and statesman, b. at Florence, c. 1210; d. 1294.
Bruno of Querfurt, Saint
Second Apostle of the Prussians and martyr, b. about 970; d. February 14, 1009
Bruno the Saxon
German chronicler of the eleventh century
Bruno, Saint (Archbishop of Cologne)
Archbishop of Cologne, b. 925; d. at Reims, October 11, 965
Bruno, Saint (Bishop of Segni)
Bishop of Segni, in Italy, b. at Solero, Piedmont, about 1048; d. 1123
Bruno, Saint (Carthusian)
Confessor, ecclesiastical writer, and founder of the Carthusian Order. He was born at Cologne about the year 1030; d. October 6, 1101
Duchy situated in the mountainous central part of Northern Germany
Titular see of Bithynia in Asia Minor
Capital of the Kingdom of Belgium
Titular see of Lower Egypt
Buckfast Abbey
Monastery of Our Lady of Buckfast, two miles from Ashburton, England
Religious, monastic system, founded c. 500 B.C. on the basis of pantheistic Brahminism
Buenaventura Sitjar
Franciscan priest, missionary, b. at Porrera, Island of Majorca, Dec. 9, 1739; d. at San Antonio, Cal., Sept. 3, 1808
Buenos Aires
Federal capital of the Argentine Republic
European kingdom in the north-eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula
Bull of the Crusade
A Bull granting indulgences to those who took part in the wars against the infidels
Bulla Aurea
Fundamental law of the Holy Roman Empire
Term commonly applied to a collection of bulls and other analogous papal documents
Bulls and Briefs
Papal documents
Burchard of Basle
Belonged to the family of the counts of Neuenburg, or Neuchatel, was b. towards the middle of the eleventh century, and d. April 12, 1107
Burchard of Worms
Bishop of that Worms, b. of noble parents in Hesse, Germany, after the middle of the tenth century; d. August 20, 1025
Burchard of Wurzburg, Saint
First Bishop of Wurzburg, b. in England of Anglo-Saxon parents, date unknown; d. in Germany most probably in 754
Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions
An institution originated by J. Roosevelt Bayley, Archbishop of Baltimore, for the protection and promotion of Catholic Indian missions in the United States
Burghard Freiherr von Schorlemer-Alst
Social reformer, b. at Heringhausen, Westphalia, Oct. 21, 1825; d. at Alst, March 17, 1895
Province of France
Country consisting of the kingdoms of Ava and Peg
Receptacle in which, for reasons of convenience and reverence, the folded corporal is carried to and from the altar
Titular see taking its title from one of the many Egyptian cities of the same name
Ceremonial stockings of silk worn by the celebrant of a pontifical Mass
Architectural feature
Titular see of Phoenicia
An altar that is subordinate to the central or high altar
Titular see of Epirus Nova (Albania)
Byzantine Architecture
Treatment of this form of architecture
Byzantine Art
Art of the Eastern Roman Empire and of its capital Byzantium
Byzantine Empire
Byzantine Empire
Byzantine Literature
Byzantine literature is the expression of the intellectual life of the Greek race of the Eastern Roman Empire during the Christian Middle Ages
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