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Page scan 178 from Volume VII of the Original Catholic Encyclopedia

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Page scan 178 from Volume VII of the Original Catholic Encyclopedia
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Vincenz Hasak - Historian, b. at Neustadt, near Friedland, Bohemia, July 18, 1812; d. September 1, 1889, as dean of Weisskirchlitz, near Teplitz
Lorenz Leopold Haschka - The poet-author of the Austrian national anthem; b. at Vienna, Sept. 1, 1749; d. there, Aug. 3, 1827; was in his youth a member of the Society of Jesus
Johann Simon Haspinger - Tyrolese priest and patriot; b. at Gries, Tyrol, October 28, 1776; d. in the imperial palace of Mirabell, Salzburg, January 12, 1858
John Rose Greene Hassard - Editor, historian; b. in New York, U.S.A., September 4, 1836; d. in that city, April 18, 1888
Peter Hasslacher - Preacher; b. at Coblenz, August 14, 1810; d. at Paris, July 5, 1876
Hatred - A vehement aversion entertained by one person for another, or for something more or less identified with that other

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