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Page scan 801 from Volume XV of the Original Catholic Encyclopedia

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Page scan 801 from Volume XV of the Original Catholic Encyclopedia
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Anne de Xainctonge, Venerable - Foundress of the Society of the Sisters of St. Ursula of the Blessed Virgin, b. at Dijon, November 21, 1567; d. at Dole, June 8, 1621
Xaverian Brothers - An institute of lay-men, founded under episcopal approbation by Theodore James Ryken, in Belgium, in the year 1839
Didacus Ximenes - A Spanish Dominican of the sixteenth century, noted as a theologian, philosopher, and astronomer; d. 1560
Francisco Ximénez de Cisneros - Franciscan, cardinal, and Primate of Spain, b. at Torrelaguna in New Castile, 1436; d. at Roa, near Valladolid, 1517
Yakima Indians - A Shahaptian tribe formerly dwelling on the banks of the Columbia, the Wenatchee, and northern branches of the Yakima (Ya-ki-ma, runaway) Rivers, in the east of Washington
Yamasee Indians - A tribe of Muskhogean stock, mentioned frequently in the history of South Carolina, residing formerly near the Savannah River and in Florida

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York Minster, West Front - York Minster, West Front
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