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Page scan 435 from Volume XV of the Original Catholic Encyclopedia

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Page scan 435 from Volume XV of the Original Catholic Encyclopedia
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Music of Vespers - The texts (e.g. antiphons, psalms, hymn) sung in Vespers vary according to the feast or the season of the church year; and in churches where it is obligatory to recite publicly the Canonical Hours of the Divine Office the Vespers must follow the direction
Sicilian Vespers - The traditional name given to the insurrection which broke out at Palermo on Easter Tuesday, March 31, 1282, against the domination of Charles of Anjou
Amerigo Vespucci - A famous Italian navigator, b. at Florence, March 9, 1451; d. at Seville, Feb. 22, 1512
Vestibule - A hall projecting in front of the facade of a church, found from the fifth century both in the East and the West
Vestments - By liturgical vestments are meant the vestments that, according to the rules of the Church or from ecclesiastical usage, are to be worn by the clergy in performing the ceremonies of the services of the Church, consequently, above all, at the celebration o
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