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Page scan 90 from Volume VI of the Original Catholic Encyclopedia

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Page scan 90 from Volume VI of the Original Catholic Encyclopedia
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Julius Von Ficker - Historian, b. at Paderborn, Germany, April 30, 1826; d. at Innsbruck, June 10, 1902
Fideism - Philosophical term meaning a system of philosophy or an attitude of mind, which, denying the power of unaided human reason to reach certitude, affirms that the fundamental act of human knowledge consists in an act of faith, and the supreme criterion of ce
Fidelis of Sigmaringen, Saint - B. in 1577, at Sigmaringen, Prussia of which town his father Johannes Rey was burgomaster; d. at Sevis, April 24, 1622
Diocese of Fiesole - In the province of Tuscany, suffragan of Florence
Francisco de Figueroa - Celebrated Spanish poet, surnamed 'the Divine', b. at Alcala de Henares, c. 1540; d. there, 1620
Francisco Garcia de La Rosa Figueroa - Franciscan; b. in the latter part of the eighteenth century at Toluca, in the Archdiocese of Mexico; date of death unknown

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