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A promise made to God.   From Volume XV of the Original Catholic Encyclopedia.

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Vows: A promise made to God; From the Original Catholic Encyclopedia
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Max von Gagern - B. at Weilburg (in Nassau), Germany, March 25, 1810; d. at Vienna, October 17, 1889
Votive Mass - A Mass offered for a votum, a special intention
Votive Offerings - The general name given to those things vowed or dedicated to God, or a saint, and in consequence looked upon as set apart by this act of consecration
Votive Offices - A votive office is one not entered in the general calendar, but adopted with a view to satisfying a special devotion.
Vows - A promise made to God
Philibert Vrau - Organizer of numerous Catholic activities; b. at Lille, Nov. 19, 1829; d. there, May 16, 1905
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