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Updated:  Aug 12, 2013

Saints Index

Hagiographies of over 1,000 saints

Hagiography is the branch of learning that has for its object the history of the saints and their veneration. For more information, see Curricula: Hagiography.

This page is compiled from articles in the Original Catholic Encyclopedia. It is not an article from the print version, but is provided here for the benefit of our Internet visitors.

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Saints (alphabetical) Commemoration Patronage
Abban - of Magheranoidhe
Abban - of New Ross
Abban - the Hermit May 13
Abbot Anselm Nonantula, Italy
Abbon November 13
Abdon and Sennen
Acacius of Melitene
Acca October 20 learning
Adalbert, Apostle of the Slavs
Adalbert, Bishop of Prague April 23
Adamnan September 23 Raphoe monastery, Ireland
Adauctus and Felix August 30
Adelaide, Abbess February 5
Adelaide, Empress
Adeodatus, Pope
Ado of Vienne December 16
Adrian III, Pope September 7
Adrian of Canterbury January 9
Aedan of Ferns January 31 Cathedral of Enniscorthy
Aedh of Kildare January 4
Aengus the Culdee March 11
Afra August 7 Church of Sts. Ulrich and Afra, Augsburg
Agapetus, Bishop March 24
Agapetus, Pope September 20 (West); April 22 (East)
Agatha February 5 invoked for diseases of the breast; Catania, Sicily; protection from volcanos, fire, lightning
Agatho, Pope
Agilulfus July 9
Agnes of Assisi November 16
Agnes of Montepulciano April 20
Agnes of Rome January 21
Aidan of Lindisfarne August 31
Ailbe September 12
Aileran December 29
Alban June 22
Albert November 21
Aldegundis January 30
Aldhelm May 25
Alexander, martyr March 18 (West); December 22 (East)
Alexander I, Pope
Alexander the Charcoal Burner August 11
Alexander, Patriarch of Alexandria April 17
Alexis Falconieri Order of Servites
Alexius July 17 (West); March 17 (East)
Aloysius Gonzaga boys
Alphonsus Liguori Redemptorists
Alphonsus Rodriguez Majorca
Alto February 9
Alypius August 15
Amandus February 6
Ambrose, Bishop of Milan
Ambrose of Camaldoli November 20
Ammon October 4
Anacletus, Pope
Anastasia December 25 weavers
Anastasius, martyr
Anastasius I, Pope
Anastasius, Bishop of Antioch
Anastasius Sinaita
Anatolia July 9
Anatolius, Bishop of Laodices July 3
Anatolius, patriarch July 3
Andrew, Apostle November 30 fishermen; Russia; Scotland
Andrew, martyr May 15
Andrew Avellino Naples; Sicily; protection from sudden death.
Andrew Corsini February 4
Andrew of Crete July 4 (East)
Andrew the Scot August 22
Angela Merici May 31 Ursulines
Anne July 25 (East); St. Joachim and St. Anne, September 9 (East); July 26 (West); feast of translation, September 16; miraculous picture at Notre Dame d'Auray, March 7 Brittany; Quebec; women in labor; miners; houseworkers; cabinet-makers
Anschar, Apostle of the North
Ansegisus July 20
Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury April 21
Anselm, Abbott, Duke of Forum Julii
Anselm of Lucca Mantua, Italy
Anthony, Father of the Desert
Anthony of Padua recovery of things lost
Antonio Maria Zaccaria Barnabites
Aphian, martyr April 2
Apollinaris, martyr
Apollinaris, Bishop of Valence
Apollinaris Claudius January 8
Apollonia, virgin February 9 relief from toothaches
Apostles of Erin (12)
Arbogast (Gaelic Arascach) July 21
Arnulf of Metz
Asaph May 1
Assicus April 27
Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria May 2
Attala March 10
Attracta August 11 Achonry, Ireland
Augustine of Canterbury May 28
Augustine of Hippo
Aunarius September 25
Austrebertha Montreuil, France
Auxentius of Mopsuestia
Auxibius of Soli February 19
Babylas January 24 (West); September 4 (East)
Baithen mac Findech (Baoithin) May 22 Ennisboyne
Baithen Mor October 6
Baithen of Tibohin February 19 Tibohin
Balbina March 31
Baldred, (Bishop of Strathclyde) March 6
Baldred, the Hermit March 6
Barbara December 4 protection from thunderstorms and fire; artillery-men; miners
Barnabas, Apostle June 11
Bartholomew, Apostle August 24
Basil of Amasea April 26
Basil the Great January 1 (East): January 30 (West)
Basilides (martyrs) June 30
Bathilde January 26 (Latin): January 30 (France)
Beatrix, martyr July 29
Beatrice d'Este January 19
Benedict II, Pope
Benedict Biscop February 12
Benedict Joseph Labre April 16
Benedict of Aniane
Benedict of Nursia
Benedict of San Philadelphio April 3
Benignus, son of Sesenen November 9
Benignus of Dijon November 1 Dijon, France
Benno June 16 Munich
Berach February 15
Berard of Carbio January 16
Bercharius October 16
Bernard, Archbishop of Vienne agricultural laborers
Bernard of Clairvaux Cistercians
Bernard of Menthon June 15 travellers
Bernard Tolomeo August 21. Congregation of the Blessed Virgin of Monte Oliveto
Bernardine of Siena May 20
Bernward, Bishop of Hildesheim November 20
Bertha, Abbess of Blangy July 4 Blangy convent
Bertha, Abbess of Val D'Or May 1 Val d'Or convent
Bertin September 5 Abbey of St. Bertin
Bertulf August 19
Beuno April 21
Bibiana (Vibiana)
Birinus December 3 Dorchester
Blaise February 3 (West), February 11 (East) Protection from illness, especially deseases of the throat
Blandina June 2 girls
Blane August 10 Cathedral of Dunblane
Boisil September 9
Bonaventure July 14 Lyons, France
Boniface, Apostle of Germany June 5 Brewers, tailors, file-cutters
Boniface I, Pope October 25
Botulph June 17 (England); June 25 (Scotland)
Braulio March 18 (Spain)
Brenach April 7
Brendan May 16
Bridget of Sweden July 23 Brigittines; Sweden
Brieuc May 1; or second Sunday after Easter
Brigid February 1 students; Ireland
Bruno, Archbishop of Cologne October 11 (Cologne); June 18 (Tournay)
Bruno, Bishop of Segni July 18
Bruno, founder of Carthusians October 6 Carthusians
Bruno of Querfurt
Burchard of Wurzburg October 14
Caesarius of Arles
Caesarius of Nazianzus
Caius and Soter April 22
Cajetan August 7 Theatines
Camillus de Lellis patron of the sick and their attendants
Canice October 11
Canute January 19
Carthage (Machuda) May 14
Casimir March 4 Poland; Lithuania
Catherine de Ricci February 13
Catherine of Alexandria November 25 wheelwrights; mechanics; young maidens; female students.
Catherine of Bologna March 9
Catherine of Genoa
Catherine of Siena April 30
Catherine of Sweden March 22
Ceadda (Chad) March 2 Birmingham Cathedral
Cecilia November 22 (East and West) patron of musicians, church music; Roman Academy of Music
Cedd January 7
Celestine I, Pope April 6 (West); April 8 (East)
Celestine V, Pope May 19
Ceslaus July 16
Charles Borromeo November 4
Christopher protection from lightning, storms, epilepsy, pestilence; patron of bookbinders, gardeners, mariners, porters; Baden, Brunswick, Mecklenburg
Chromatius December 2
Chrysanthus and Daria October 25 (West); March 19 (East)
Chrysogonus November 24 (West); April 16 (East)
Clare of Assisi August 12 Order of Poor Clares
Clare of Montefalco
Clement I, Pope November 23
Clement of Ireland
Cletus, Pope
Clotilda November 23
Coemgen Glendalough monastery
Colette March 6 Colettine Poor Clares
Colman, martyr October 13
Colman, Bishop of Kilmacduagh October 29 Kilmacduagh, Ireland
Colman of Mayo August 8 Abbey and Diocese of Mayo
Colman Elo September 26 Abbey of Muckamore
Colman MacCathbad October 16
Colman Mac Lenine November 24 See of Cloyne
Colman of Dromore June 7 See of Dromore
Colman of Templeshambo October 27
Columba, Abbot of Iona June 9 Argyle and the Isles and Dunkeld, Scotland; patron of Ireland; Apostle of Scotland
Columba, Spanish martyr
Columba of Sens
Columba of Terryglass Tirdaglas monastery
Columbanus November 24
Comgall May 10 Bangor monastery
Conal March 18
Conan (Bishop) January 13
Conan of Assaroe March 8
Conan of Ballinamore April 26
Conrad of Piacenza February 19 (Franciscan Order) Noto, Italy; cure of hernia
Corbinian September 8
Cosmas and Damian physicians and surgeons
Crispin and Crispinian October 25 shoemakers, saddlers, and tanners
Crispina December 5
Cronan, Abbot of Clonmacnoise July 18
Cronan, Abbot of Moville September 7
Cronan, Abbot of Roscrea April 28
Cronan Mochua of Balla March 30 See of Balla
Cronan Mochua of Clashmore February 10
Cronan Mochua of Sliabh Eibhlem May 4
Cuthbert March 20 Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle; Durham
Cyprian, Bishop of Toulon October 3
Cyprian and Justina September 26
Cyprian of Carthage
Cyril and Methodius July 5
Cyril of Alexandria January 28 (West); June 9 (East)
Cyril of Constantinople
Cyril of Jerusalem March 18 (East); March 20 (West)
Cyrus and John January 31 (Latin, Greek, Copt)
Damasus I, Pope
Daniel and Companions (6) October 13
Darerca March 22 Valencia Island
David March 1 Wales
Deicolus January 18 Abbey of Lure
Denis October 9 France
Desiderius of Cahors November 15 St. Gery convent; St. Amantius monastery; St. Peter of Moissae monastery
Deusdedit, Pope November 8
Diarmaid (Archbishop) April 24
Diarmaid the Just January 10
Dichu April 29
Didacus November 12
Dinooth Flintshire abbey
Dionysius, Pope
Dionysius, Bishop of Corinth
Dionysius of Alexandria November 17
Disibod July 8 Disenberg monastery
Dominic August 8 Dominicans
Donnan, Abbot of Eigg
Donnan, son of Liath
Donnan the Deacon
Dorothea, martyr gardeners
Dorothea of Montau June 25 Prussia
Drostan December 15 Deir monastery
Dubric November 14
Dunstan May 19 goldsmiths
Dympna May 15 protection against insanity
Eata October 26
Edmund Rich Diocese of Portsmouth
Edmund the martyr November 20
Edward the Confessor October 13
Edward the martyr, King of England March 18
Eimhin December 22
Eithene March 20
Eithne January 11
Eleutherius, Pope May 26
Eleutherius, Bishop of Tournai July 20
Eligius December 1 goldsmiths, blacksmiths, metalworkers, cabmen
Elined August 1
Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist September 8 (East); November 5 (West)
Elizabeth of Hungary November 17 poor
Elizabeth of Portugal July 8 poor
Elizabeth of Schonau June 18
Elphege April 19
Elzear of Sabran September 27 (Friars Minor); October 20 (Capuchins)
Emerentiana January 23
Emiliana January 5
Emmeram September 22 Abbey of St. Emmeram; city of Ratisbon (Regensburg)
Engelbert of Cologne November 7
Eoghan, Bishop April 18
Eoghan of Ardstraw August 23 See of Derry
Eoghan of Cloncullen March 15
Eoghan of Cranfield May 31
Eoghan the Sage May 28
Ephraem February 1
Erconwald November 14 (England)
Erhard of Ratisbon January 8
Ernan, son of Eogan January 1 Killernan, Scotland
Ernan, Abbot of Hinba
Ernan of Cluvain Deoghra January 11
Ernan of Torach August 17
Ethelbert, King of East Angles May 20
Ethelbert, King of Kent February 24
Ethelbert, Archbishop of York November 8
Etheldreda June 23
Ethelwold (Abbot) February 12
Ethelwold (Bishop of Winchester) August 1
Ethelwold (Monk) March 23
Eucharius, Bishop of Trier December 8
Eucherius, Bishop of Lyons
Eugendus January 4
Eugene I, Pope June 2
Eugenius of Carthage July 13
Eulalia of Barcelona February 12 Barcelona cathedral; Barcelona city ; sailors
Eulalia of Meridia December 10
Eulogius of Alexandria
Eulogius of Cordova March 11
Euphrasia July 25 (East); March 13 (West)
Euphrosyne September 25 (East); January 16 (West); February 11 (Carmelites)
Eusebius, Bishop of Samosata June 21 (East); June 22 (West)
Eugenius, Bishop of Vercelli December 16
Eusebius, Pope September 26
Eusebius, Presbyter August 14
Eustace March 29
Eustachius and Companions (3) September 20 (West); November 2 (East) aid in difficult situations; Madrid, Spain; hunters
Eustathius July 16 (West); February 21 (East)
Eustochium September 28
Euthymius the Great January 20
Eutychianus, Pope December 8
Evaristus October 26
Ewald the Black October 3 Westphalia
Ewald the Fair October 3 Westphalia
Exuperius September 28
Fabian, Pope January 20
Faith, Hope and Charity, and their mother, Sophia September 30 (West)
Faith, Hope and Charity (and Sapientia) September 17 (East)
Faustinus February 15 Brescia, Italy
Felicitas (3rd cent.) March 7
Felicitas and 7 sons (4th cent.) November 23
Felix and Adauctus August 30
Felix I, Pope May 30
Felix III, Pope
Felix of Cantalice May 18
Felix of Nola January 14
Felix of Valois November 20
Ferdinand III May 30
Fergus Cruithneach September 8
Fergus of Downpatrick March 30
Fergus of Duleek
Fiacc October 12
Fiacre August 30 gardeners
Fidelis of Sigmaringen April 24
Finan February 9
Finbarr Cork, Ireland
Finnian of Moville September 10
Fintan of Clonenagh February 17 Irish Monks
Fintan of Taghmon October 21 Taghmon abbey
Firmus July 31 bishop of Thagaste
Flavian February 18 (East and West)
Florentina June 20 diocese of Plasencia
Foillan October 31 Fosses monastery
Frances of Rome March 9
Francis Borgia October 10
Francis Caracciolo June 4 Naples; Minor Clerks Regular
Francis de Geronimo May 11
Francis de Sales January 24 Institute of the Visitation; Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, of Annecy; the Salesians, Oblates of St. Francis de Sales
Francis of Assisi October 4; September 17 (stigmata)
Francis of Paula April 2 Order of Minims
Francis Solanus July 24
Francis Xavier December 3 patron of the Propagation of the Faith; Borneo
Frideswide October 19 Oxford
Fridolin March 6 Monastery of Sackingen on the Rhine
Fructuosus of Braga April 16 Complutum monastery
Fructuosus of Tarragona
Frumentius October 27 (West); November 30 (East); December 18 (Copts)
Fulcran February 13 Diocese of Lodeve
Fulgentius, Bishop of Ecija January 14
Fulgentius, Bishop of Ruspe
Fursey monastery of of Lagny
Gal (6th cent.) July 3
Gal (7th cent.) November 1
Gall October 16 Abbey of St. Gall
Galla October 5
Gallicanus (3) June 25
Garcia February 5
Gelasius I November 21
Genevieve January 3 Paris
Gennadius I November 17 (East); November 16 (West)
George April 23 England; Portugal
Gerald, Bishop of Mayo March 13
Gerard, Abbot of Brogne
Gerald, Bishop of Toul
Gerard Majella
Germain, Bishop of Auxerre Auxerre; St. Germain's Abbey
Germain, Bishop of Paris May 28
Germaine Cousin June 15 Diocese of Toulouse
Germanus I May 12 (East and West)
Gertrude of Nivelles March 17 Geertruidenberg, Breda, and Bergen-op-Zoom in North Brabant; travelers; invoked against fever, rats, and mice
Gertrude the Great November 15 West Indies
Gervasius and Protasius June 19 (West; translation); October 14 (East)
Gery August 11 Cambrai, subsidiary patron of Brussels, protector of Braine-le-Comte (Hainaut, Belgium)
Ghislain October 9 St-Ghislain monastery; invoked against convulsions in children
Gilbert of Sempringham February 11 Gilbertines;
Gildas the Wise January 29 patron of several churches and monasteries in Brittany
Giles September 1
Goar St-Goar on the Rhine
Godard Godard monastery
Godeberta fifth Sunday after Easter protection from plagues and catastrophes
Godelina Ghistelles monastery; invoked against blindness
Gondulphus of Berry June 17 St-Gondon, near Gien
Gondulphus of Metz September 6
Gondulphus of Tongres July 16
Gordianus and Epimachus May 10
Gorgonius September 9
Gottschalk June 7
Gregory the Great March 12
Gregory II, Pope
Gregory III, Pope November 28
Gregory VII, Pope
Gregory of Nazianzus
Gregory of Neocaesarea
Gregory of Nyssa
Gregory of Tours November 17
Gregory of Utrecht
Gregory the Illuminator September 30 (Armenia); October 1 (West) national saint and patron of Armenia
Gudula January 8; January 19
Guthlac April 11
Hedwig October 17 Silesia; Sisters of St. Hedwig
Hegesippus April 7
Helena August 18
Helen of Skofde July 31
Henry II
Herbert of Derwentwater
Hereswitha September 3 (Stanton), September 20 (English Martyrology, 2nd Ed.), September 23 (Ferrari), December 1 (Bucelinus)
Heribert March 16
Hermas August 18 (Roman Martyrology)
Hermengild April 13 (Spain)
Hilarion October 21
Hilarus November 17
Hilary of Arles
Hilary of Poitiers January 14 (West)
Hilda November 17
Hildegard September 17, September 18 (Brew. Monast. Tornac.)
Hippolytus (several) August 13, December 2, August 22
Honorius September 30 (England)
Hubert November 3 invoked for dog bites; patron of huntsmen; healer of hydrophobia
Hugh of Lincoln (12th cent.) November 17
Hugh of Lincoln (13th cent.) July 27
Hugh the Great April 29
Hyacinth August 16
Hyacintha Mariscotti January 30, February 6 (Rome)
Hyginus, Pope January 11
Ibar April 23
Ignatius Loyola
Ignatius of Antioch February 1
Ignatius of Constantinople October 23
Illtyd February 7
Innocentius - Bishop of Tortona April 17; September 24
Innocentius - Bishop of Justiniana May 7
Innocentius - Bishop of Le Mans June 19
Irenaeus July 28 (Latin); August 23 (Greek)
Isidore of Pelusium
Isidore of Seville
Isidore the Labourer May 15 peasants and day-laborers; Madrid, Leon, Saragossa, and Seville
Ita January 15
Ives May 19 lawyers
Ivo of Chartres May 20
James of Compostela Spain
James of the Marches November 28 Naples
James the Greater Spain
James the Less
Jane Frances de Chantal August 21
Januarius September 19
Jarlath June 6
Jeanne de Valois
Jerome Emiliani July 20
Joachim Sunday after Assumption (Latin); September 9 (Greek)
John and Paul June 26
John Baptist de la Salle May 15
John Baptist de Rossi May 23
John Berchmans
John Cantius October 20
John Capistran
John Chrysostom
John Climacus
John Damascene March 27
John Francis Regis June 16
John Gualbert July 12 Vallumbrosan Order
John Joseph of the Cross
John Nepomucene May 16
John of Beverley
John of God Hospitals and the dying
John of Sahagun June 12
John of the Cross
John the Almsgiver July 12 Vallumbrosan Order
John the Baptist June 24 (birth); August 29 (death)
John the Evangelist December 27 (West); September 26 (East and Naples)
John the Silent May 13
John Twenge October 9 women in cases of difficult confinement
Josaphat Kuncevyc Sunday after November 12 (Julian Calendar)
Joseph March 19; January 23 (Espousals of Mary and Joseph) Universal Catholic Church; reformed Order of Carmelites; carpenters; Belgium
Joseph Calasanctius August 27 Piarists
Joseph of Arimathea July 31 (Greek ); March 17 (Latin)
Joseph of Cupertino September 18
Joseph of Leonessa February 4
Joseph Oriol March 23
Jovita February 15 Brescia
Julian January 9 (Latin); January 8(Greek); and others?
Juliana February 16 (Latin); December 21 (Greek)
Juliana Falconieri June 19
Juliana of Liege April 6
Julius I April 12
Justin Martyr April 14
Justus November 10
Kentigern January 13
Kieran - of Clonmacnoise
Kieran - of Seir-Kieran March 5 England, Brittany, Wales, Scotland
Kieran the Devout - of Disert-Kieran June 14
Kieran - of Clonsost April 30
Kieran - son of Colga May 19
Kilian July 8 Wurzburg
Lambert September 17
Lawrence, martyr August 10
Lawrence, Archbishop of Canterbury February 3
Lawrence Justinian September 5
Lawrence O'Toole
Lazarus of Bethany
Leander of Seville
Lebwin November 12
Leo I, Pope April 11 (Latin); February 18 (Greek)
Leo II, Pope June 28
Leo IX, Pope
Leocadia December 9 Diocese Toledo (Spain)
Leonard of Limousin November 6
Leonard of Port Maurice November 27; November 26
Leonidas (Martyr from Thebaid) January 28
Leonidas (with St. Diomedes) September 2
Leonidas (together with St. Eleutherius) August 8
Leonidas, Bishop of Athens April 15
Leonidas, with Callistus and Charysius April 16
Leonidas of Alexandria April 22
Lorenzo da Brindisi July 6
Louis Bertrand October 10
Louis IX
Louis of Toulouse August 19 Valencia
Lucius I March 4
Lucy December 13 invoked for illnesses of the eyes
Ludger March 26
Ludmilla September 16 Bohemia
Luke, the Evangelist painters
Macrina the Elder January 14
Macrina the Younger July 19
Maelruan July 7
Maelrubha April 21 (in Ireland); August 27 (in Scotland)
Magnus September 6
Malachy November 3
Mamertus May 11
Manahen May 24
Marcellina July 17
Marcellinus, Pope April 26
Marcellus, Pope January 16
Margaret July 13 (Greek); July 20 (Latin) Pregnant women
Margaret of Cortona
Margaret of Scotland June 10
Maris and Companions (3) February 19
Marius Aventicus February 9 or 12
Mark April 25 (Latin and Greek); September 27 (Greek) notaries
Mark and Marcellian June 18
Mark, Pope October 7
Martial of Limoges June 30
Martin I, Pope November 12 (Latin); April 13, September 15 (Greek); April 14 (Muscovites)
Martin of Braga March 20
Martin of Leon
Martin of Tours November 11
Martina January 30
Martyrs of Scillium
Maruthas December 4
Mary de Cervellione September 25 Against shipwreck
Mary Frances of the Five Wounds October 6
Mary Magdalen
Mary Magdalen de Pazzi May 27
Mary of Egypt April 1 (Greek); April 9 (Latin)
Matilda March 14
Matthew September 21 (Latin); November 16 (Greek)
Matthias February 24 (Latin); August 9 (Greek)
Maurice September 22 Dyers, clothmakers, soldiers, swordsmiths; against gout, cramps; Piedmont
Maurus January 15 Charcoal-burners, coppersmiths; shoemakers (Belgium); against gout, hoarseness
Maximilian of Antioch
Maximilian of Celeia October 12, October 29
Maximilian of Thebeste
Maximinus of Trier May 29 Trier
Maximus of Constantinople August 13 (Latin); January 21, 12, and August 13 (Greek)
Maximus of Turin June 25
Mechtilde February 26, 27
Medardus June 8
Melania the Younger
Melito of Sardis
Mellitus April 24
Menas November 11
Methodius of Olympus
Michael de Sanctis July 5
Michael of Synnada May 23 (East and West)
Midabaria February 22 Bumlin (Strokestown), Ireland
Miltiades, Pope December 10
Monica May 4
Mura March 12
Nabor and Felix July 12
Nazarius November 18
Nazarius and Celsus July 28
Nazarius and 3 Companions June 10, 12
Nereus and Archilleus, Domitilla and Pancratius May 12; October 16
Nicephorus March 13
Nicetius October 1 (in Trier)
Nicholas of Myra December 6 Greece, Russia, the Kingdom of Naples, Sicily, Lorraine, the Diocese of Liege; many cities in Italy, Germany, Austria, and Belgium; Campen, Netherlands; Corfu, Greece; Freiburg, Switzerland; Moscow, Russia; mariners, merchants, bakers, travelers, children, young bachelors, students
Nicholas of Tolentino September 10
Nicholas Pieck
Nicomedes September 15
Nilus the Elder November 12
Nilus the Younger September 26
Norbert July 11
Notburga September 14 servants and peasants
Novatus June 20
Nympha November 10 (Latin); February 1 (Greek); August 19 (translation; Palermo) gardeners
Odilia December 13
Odilo January 19; February 6 (Switzerland)
Odo, Abbot of Cluny
Odo, Archbishop of Canterbury
Olaf Haraldson July 29 Norway
Olympias July 24 (Greek); December 17 (Latin)
Omer September 9
Osmund December 4
Oswald, King of Northumbria
Oswald, Archbishop of York February 28
Othmar November 16
Otto September 30; June 30; October 1 (Pomerania)
Pacificus of San Severino September 24
Palladius July 6 (Scotland)
Pammachius August 30
Pamphilus of Caesarea
Pantaleon July 27; July 28; February 18
Pascal Baylon May 17 patron of Eucharistic congresses and all Eucharistic societies
Paschasius Radbertus April 26
Patrick, Apostle of Ireland March 17 Ireland
Paul June 29, 30; January 25 (conversion)
Paul of the Cross April 28
Paul the Hermit
Paul the Simple
Paulinus, Archbishop of York October 10 (England)
Paulinus, Bishop of Nola June 22
Paulinus II February 9
Pausicacus May 13 (Greek)
Pelagia (4) October 8 (Greek and Latin); June 9 (Latin); May 4(Latin); July 11
Perpetua March 7
Peter June 29; August 1 (St. Peters Chains); December 28 (Greek)
Peter Baptist and 25 Companions
Peter Chrysologus
Peter Claver September 9 missions to Africa
Peter Damian February 23
Peter de Regalado 13
Peter Fourier
Peter Gonzalez (Saint Elmo)
Peter Nolasco January 31
Peter of Alcantara October 19
Peter of Alexandria
Peter of Arbues
Peter of Sebaste January 8, 9
Peter of Verona
Peter Urseolus January 14
Petronilla May 31 treaties concluded between the popes and the Frankish emperors
Petronius October 4
Philip May 1 (Latin); November 14 (Greek)
Philip Benizi
Philip of Jesus Mexico City
Philip Neri
Philomena September 9
Pionius February 1 (Latin); March 11 (Greek)
Pius I, Pope July 11
Pius V
Placidus October 5
Pontian November 19
Praxedes and Pudentiana July 21; May 19
Priesidius September 6
Primus and Felician June 9
Prisca January 18
Processus and Martinian July 2
Protus and Hyacinth September 11
Pulcheria September 10; August 7 (Oriental calendars)
Quinctianus (4) April 1; May 23; December 31; November 13, June 14 (Rodez)
Quiricus and Julitta June 16
Quirinus (5) March 25; March 30; June 4; October 11
Raymond Nonnatus August 31 Patron of midwives; invoked by women in labor and by persons falsely accused
Raymond of Penafort January 23 canonists
Remigius October 1
Respicius November 10 (Alongside Tryphon and Nympha, all martyrs), February 1 (Greek)
Richard de Wyche April 3
Rita of Cascia May 22 impossible situations
Robert April 24
Robert of Molesme April 29 (current), April 17 (original)
Robert of Newminster June 7
Roch August 16 Against plagues
Romanos October 1
Romanus (several) November 18, November 24, February 28, May 22/October 8, October 23, October 1 (Greek) – each date corresponds to a different Romanus
Romuald February 7 Founded monasteries and hermitages
Ronan - 12 Irish saints various
Rosalia September 4, June 15 (relic transition) Patroness of Sicily
Roseline June 11 (ACTA SS), October 16 (Carthusian)
Rose of Lima August 30 South America
Rose of Viterbo September 4
Ruadhan April 5 One of the twelve "Apostles of Erin"
Rufina and Secunda July 10
Rufina and Justa - Spain July 19
Rufina, Theodotus, and Ammia August 31
Rufina and Eutyche August 24/25
Rufinus (11)
Rufus (11)
Rupert September 24 (Salzburg)
Rusticus of Narbonne October 20
Saturninus November 29
Sebastian January 20 protection from the plague
Sechnall November 27
Senan March 8
Seraphin of Montegranaro October 12
Serapion March 21
Sergius and Bacchus October 7
Sergius I, Pope September 8
Sexburga July 6
Sigebert October 29
Silverius June 20
Silvia November 3 entreated by pregnant women for a safe delivery
Simeon Stylites the Elder
Simeon Stylites the Younger
Simon, Apostle October 28 (West); May 10 (Greek, Copt)
Simon Stock May 16 Carmelite scapular
Simplicius, Pope March 2/3
Simplicius, Faustinus and Beatrice July 29
Siricius, Pope November 26
Sixtus I, Pope
Sixtus II, Pope August 6
Sixtus III, Pope March 28
Stanislas Kostka August 15 heart palpitations, dangerous illness
Stanislaus of Cracow May 7 (west), May 8 (Cracow) patron of Poland, city and Diocese of Cracow; invoked in battle
Stephen I, Pope August 2
Stephen, deacon, martyr December 26 stone-masons
Stephen, King of Hungary September 2 (Rome); August 20 (Hungary) Hungary
Stephen Harding April 17 (Rome); July 15 (Cistercians) Cistercian Order
Stephen of Muret February 8 Order of Grandmont
Suitbert March 1
Sulpitius the Pious January 17 Society of St. Sulpice
Sulpitius the Severe January 29
Susanna August 11
Swithin July 15 Winchester Cathedral
Sylvester Gozzolini November 26 Sylvestrines
Sylvester I, Pope December 31
Symmachus, Pope July 19
Symphorian August 2 Autun
Symphorosa July 18 Diocese of Tivoli
Tarachus, Probus, and Andronicus October 12 (East); October 11 (West)
Tarasius February 25
Tarsicius August 15
Tassach April 14
Teilo November 25
Telesphorus, Pope February 22 (East); January 5 (West)
Teresa of Jesus (Avila) October 15
Ternan June 12
Tewdrig January 3
Thais October 8 (Greek)
Thecla, abbess October 15
Thecla (martyr) March 26
Thecla of Africa August 30
Thecla of Antioch June 1
Thecla of Aquileia September 3
Thecla of Gaza August 19
Thecla of Iconium September 24 (East); September 23 (West)
Theobald June 30 charcoal-burners
Theodard May 1
Theodore of Amasea February 17 (East); November 9 (West) storms
Theodore of Studium November 11 (East); November 12 (West)
Theodorus (Grapti) December 27
Theodotus of Ancyra June 7 innkeepers
Theophanes March 12
Theophanes (Grapti) October 11 (East); December 27 (West)
Thomas, Apostle East Indies
Thomas Aquinas patron of all universities, colleges, and schools
Thomas Becket
Thomas of Dover
Thomas of Hereford October 3 (England
Thomas of Villanova September 18
Tiburtius August 11
Timotheus August 2
Toribio Alfonso Mogrovejo April 27
Trasilla December 24
Trophimus September 19 (East and West)
Trudo November 23 Hasbein in Brabant
Trudpert April 26
Tryphon November 10 (West); February 1 (East) patron saint of gardeners
Ubaldus Umbria, especially Gubbio; against evil spirits
Ulrich July 4
Ulrich of Zell July 14
Ultan of Ardbraccan September 4
Ursus September 30 patron of church of Solothurn (Soleure), Switzerland
Valentine February 14
Vergilius of Salzburg
Veronica January 13
Veronica Giuliani July 9
Vicelinus December 12
Victor I, Pope
Victorinus November 2
Vigilius June 26 Trent, Tyrol
Vincent, abbot
Vincent, deacon, martyr January 22 (Latin); November 11 (Greek) Valencia, Saragossa, Portugal; winegrowers, brickmakers, and sailors
Vincent de Paul Sisters of Charity
Vincent Ferrer
Vincent of Lerins May 24
Virgilius of Arles
Vitalian, Pope
Vitalis and Agricola November 4
Vitalis, martyr April 28
Vitalis of Savigny
Vitus, Modestus and Crescentia June 15 against epilepsy; aid in times of trouble
Vladimir the Great July 15 (Greek)
Walburga May 1 patroness of Eichstadt, Oudenarde, Furnes, Antwerp, Gronigen, Weilburg, and Zutphen; protection from hydrophobia, storms; patroness of sailors
Wenceslaus September 28 patron of Bohemia
Wendelin of Trier October 22 (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) protection from pestilence; patron of herdsmen, country people
Werburgh, Abbess of Weedon February 3 Chester, cathedral of Chester
Wigand, bishop and martyr April 1
Wigand, martyr May 18 Camerino and Fabriano
Wigand, abbot October 13
Wigbert August 13
Wilgefortis July 20
Willehad observed on a vacant day after November 8 Dioceses of Munster, Osnabruck, and Paderborn
William, Archbishop of York June 8 (England)
William, Bishop of St-Brieuc July 29
William of Ebelholt June 18
William of Gellone May 28
William of Maleval February 10
William of Norwich
William of Paris April 6
William of Perth May 23
Willibrord November 7 (November 29, England) Holland
Winefride November 3
Winnebald July 7 (July 9, England)
Winnoc November 6
Winwallus March 3 Church of St. Walow;
Wolfgang October 31 patron of many churches and towns in Europe
Wulfram March 20
Zachary, Pope March 15
Zeno April 12 Basilica of Verona
Zenobius May 25 San Marco; Florence
Zephyrinus, Pope December 20
Zita April 27 patroness of domestic servants; Lucca (Tuscany)
Zosimus, Pope December 26

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