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Updated:  Aug 12, 2013
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Saint Joseph's Society for Colored Missions

American mission society

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* Published by Encyclopedia Press, 1913.

Joseph'S , Saint, SOCIETY FOR COLOURED MISSIONS, began its labors in 1871, when four young priests from Mill Hill were put in charge of St. Francis Xavier's church, with a large congregation of colored Catholics, in Baltimore. Other negro missions were soon begun at Louisville, Charleston, Washington, Richmond, Norfolk, and other places in the South. The society in the United States increased so rapidly and its missions were so successful that in 1892 it was made independent of Mill Hill and established its headquarters at Baltimore. At present it has 49 priests who have charge of 35 missions in the Archdioceses of Baltimore and New Orleans and in the Dioceses of Covington, Dallas, Galveston, Little Rock, Mobile, Nashville, Natchez, Richmond, Wilmington, and San Antonio. The society moreover conducts four educational institutions, viz., St. Joseph's Semi-nary in Baltimore, where missionaries for the colored missions are trained; Epiphany Apostolic College, Walbrook, Baltimore, which is a preparatory school for St. Joseph's Seminary; St. Joseph's Catechetical College near Montgomery, Alabama, where young colored men are trained to become catechists and teachers among their people; and St. Joseph's Indus-trial School at Clayton Delaware, which is an agricultural and trade school for colored boys.


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