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Updated:  Aug 12, 2013
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Rufinus, Saint

Listing of eleven saints named Rufinus

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* Published by Encyclopedia Press, 1913.

Rufinus, Saint.—The present Roman Martyrology records eleven saints named Rufinus: (I) On February 28, a Roman martyr Rufinus, with several companions in martyrdom; nothing is known concerning them. (2) On April 7, an African martyr Rufinus with two companions; their names are mentioned under April 6 in a list of martyrs in the "Martyrologium Hieronymianum" (ed. De Rossi-Duchesne, 40). (3) On June 14, the two martyrs Valerius and Rufinus who suffered at Soissons, France, during the Diocletian persecution; their names are given under this date in the "Martyrologium Hieronymianum" (ed. cit., 78; cf. 66 under May 26; also Acta SS., June, II, 796 sqq.). (4) On June 21, Rufinus who suffered martyrdom with Martia at Syracuse; nothing is known concerning him. (5) On July 30, Rufinus of Assisi, who was according to legend the bishop of this city and a martyr. He is probably identical with the "episcopus Marsorum" noted under August 11. The Acts of the martyrdom of this Rufinus are purely legendary [cf. "Bibliotheca hagiographica latina", II, 1068; Elisei, "Studio sulla chiesa cattedrale di S. Rufino" (Assisi, 1893); D. de Vincentiis, "Notizie di S. Rufino" (Avezzano, 1885)]. (6) On August 19, Rufinus, confessor at Mantua. (7) On August 26, a confessor Rufinus venerated at Capua (cf. Acta SS., August, V, 819-820). His name is given in the "Martyrologium Hieronymianum" under 26 and August 27. (8) On September 4, a martyr Rufinus with his companions in martyrdom who suffered at Ancyra in Galatia: he is also mentioned in company with several others in the "Martyrol. Hieronym." (ed. cit., 113) under August 31, and again under September 4 (ed. cit., 116). (9) On September 9, Rufinus and Rufinianus, with no further particulars. (10) On November 16, Rufinus, a martyr in Africa with several companions in martyrdom; nothing is known concerning this saint. (11) Besides the saints already given mention should also be made of a martyr Rufinus of Alexandria whose name is given under June 22 in the "Martyrol. Hieronym." (ed. cit., 81).


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