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Updated:  Aug 12, 2013
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Louis-Victor-Emile Bougaud

Bishop of Laval, France (1823-1888)

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* Published by Encyclopedia Press, 1913.

Bougaud, LOUIS-VICTOR-EMILE, Bishop of Laval in France, b. at Dijon, February 28, 1823; d. at Laval, November 7, 1888. He received his classical education at Autun, where his professor of rhetoric was the Abbe, afterwards Cardinal, Pitra. He studied theology at Dijon and Paris, was ordained priest by Monseigneur Affre in 1846, was professor of church history at the Seminary of Dijon (1846-51), and then chaplain of the Convent of the Visitation in the same city (1851-61). In 1861 he accepted the position of Vicar-General to Bishop Dupanloup at Orleans. In 1886 he was appointed Bishop of Laval.

Besides the sermons which he delivered in Paris and other cities, Bishop Bougaud wrote numerous works. While chaplain of the Visitation Convent, he wrote "Histoire de Saint Benigne, premier eveque de Dijon" and "Histoire de Sainte Chantal". While Vicar-General of Orleans, he wrote "Histoire de Sainte Monique", "Histoire de la bienheureuse Marguerite-Marie", "Le Christianisme et les temps presents" (his great apologetical work, in 5 vols.); "Le grand peril de l'Eglise de France au XIXe siecle", and "Histoire de Saint Vincent de Paul" (2 vols.). A volume of his discourses was published by his brother.

He was a preacher and writer of great influence, in consequence of his appreciation of all noble thoughts and deeds, his deep compassion for human suffering, his great power of reflection, and his refined artistic taste. In his apologetics he evinces thorough sympathy with his own time and an unwavering hope for the triumph of the Church. His purpose was to adapt the explanations of the dogmas, precepts, and organization of the Church to the moral and intellectual aspirations of his contemporaries without any sacrifice of Catholic doctrine.


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