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Updated:  Aug 12, 2013

Curricula: Patrology

Patrology is the science of the lives and writings of the Fathers of the Church and of their contemporaries whose writings bear witness to the Faith of the Church

NOTE: This is not an article from the Catholic Encyclopedia. It is provided here for the benefit of those interested in pursuing additional studies in this area.


I. General survey

II. Primitive Writings

III. Second Century

A. Heresies
B. New Testament Apocrypha
C. Apologetic Writings

IV. Third Century

A. Heresies
B. Syro-Palestinian Writers
C. Writers of Asia Minor
D. Western writers
E. Roman Writers

V. Fourth and first half of Fifth Century

A. Heresies
B. Greek writers
C. Representatives of Egyptian Monasticism
D. Anti-Manichean Writers
E. Syriac Writers
F. Latin Writers

VI. Second half of the Fifth Century to end of Patristic Age

A. Heresies
B. Greek Writers
C. Armenian Writers
D. Latin Writers


  • Feuardent, Francois - Franciscan, theologian, preacher, and patristics scholar
  • Fronton Du Duc - French Jesuit, theologian, Greek patristics scholar
  • Gretser, Jacob - Jesuit; works include editions and translations of Greek ecclesiastical writers
  • Rader, Matthew - historian, classics scholar, known for his work on Greek Fathers
  • Sirmond, Jacques - professor of classical languages; renowned for his editions of Greek and Latin Christian writings
  • Petau, Denis - distinguished theologian; prolific works on history, philosophy, polemics, patristics, and dogma
  • Chantelou, Claude - Benedictine; patristics scholar and writer
  • Allatius, Leo - Greek scholar, Scriptor in the Vatican library, translator of Greek Church writings
  • Bollandists - association of ecclesiastical scholars engaged in editing the Acts Sanctorum
  • Combefis, Francois - Dominican; patrologist
  • Garnier, Jean - church historian, patristic scholar, and moral theologian
  • D'Achery, Lucas - French Benedictine; medieval and patristics bibliographical authority
  • Baluze, Etienne - French scholar and historian; noted collector and cataloger of ancient manuscripts
  • Coustant, Pierre - Benedictine; literary historian; editor of St. Hilary, St. Augustine, and ancient papal writings
  • Le Nourry, Denis-Nicolas - Ecclesiastical writer; specialist in the Lyons collection of the Fathers
  • Montfaucon, Bernard de - Father of Greek palaeography; cataloged Greek manuscripts in the chief libraries of Europe

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Art Gallery
Art Gallery

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