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Curricula: Mariology

This Curricula: Mariology provides an outline of the major aspects of the Church's understanding of The Blessed Virgin Mary. Mariology, or the doctrine of the Mother of God, cannot be separated either from the person or from the work of the Redeemer and therefore has the deepest connection with both Christology and Soteriology. Here we examine not only her special role in the Incarnation, but also subsequent developments in the Church's understanding.

NOTE: This is not an article from the Catholic Encyclopedia. It is provided here for the benefit of those interested in pursuing additional studies in this area.


I. Mary, The Blessed Virgin

A. Mary's Unique Role
B. Veneration
  • Honor
  • Adoration - an act of religion offered to God in acknowledgment of His supreme perfection and dominion
  • Christian Worship - Homage paid to God, to Jesus Christ, to His saints, to the beings or even to the objects which have a special relation to God

II. Immaculate Conception

"There is an incongruity in the supposition that the flesh, from which the Flesh of the Son of God was to be formed, should ever have belonged to one who was the slave of that arch-enemy, whose power He came on earth to destroy."
-- Frederick G. Holweck, from his article on the "Immaculate Conception"
A. Doctrine
B. Feast Day
C. Art
1. Artists
  • Bartolommeo Carducci - painter in Florence and Spain; known for his "Immaculate Conception" among others
  • Juan Carreno de Miranda - painter of the "Immaculate Conception" in the Diocese of Vitoria
  • Falco - Spanish painter; "Immaculate Conception" for the Franciscans of San Salvador in Valencia
  • Holbein - German painter; especially known for Marian works
  • Montanes - Spanish sculptor; life-size "Immaculate Conception" at the cathedral of Seville
  • Karl Muller - German painter; beautiful devotional paintings of Mary
  • Murillo - Spanish painter; extensive treatment of the "Immaculate Conception"
  • Reni - Italian painter
  • Ribera - Spanish painter; "Immaculate Conception" for the Ursulines of Salamanca
2. Collections

III. Virgin Birth

  • Heretical Views
    • Socinianism - Christ was miraculously begotten, but as a perfect man. He was not God, only deified man.
    • Unitarianism - denies the miraculous birth of Christ and refuses Him adoration

IV. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

A. Doctrine
B. Feast of the Assumption
C. Assumption in Art


1. Artists
2. Illustrations
C. Events


V. Apparitions

VI. Devotions

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Art Gallery

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