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Updated:  Aug 12, 2013

Curricula: Homiletics

Homiletics is the science that studies the composition and delivery of a sermon or other religious discourse

NOTE: This is not an article from the Catholic Encyclopedia. It is provided here for the benefit of those interested in pursuing additional studies in this area.

General Survey

  • Homiletics
  • Origin and historical development of preaching
  • Evangelist
  • Scriptural precedent for preaching missionaries; Preacher of the Gospel
  • Homiliarium
  • A collection of homilies, or familiar explanations of the Gospels
  • Clementines
  • Twenty books of homilies, composed by Pope St. Clement I, which form a curious religious romance
  • Homily
  • Treatment of the history of homilies in liturgy

    Noted Homilists, Preachers, and Orators

  • Origen
  • Prolific homilist and writer of the 3rd century
  • St. Gregory of Nazianzus
  • Noted homilist of the 4th century known for eloquent orations
  • St. Gregory of Nyssa
  • Noted homilist of the 4th century
  • St. Ambrose
  • Doctor of the Church noted for his spoken commentaries
  • St. John Chrysostom
  • From the Greek: 'Chrusostomos' "golden-mouthed", so called on account of his eloquence
  • St. Augustine of Hippo
  • Doctor of the Church; prolific writer and homilist
  • Eusebius of Alexandria
  • 5th century cclesiastical writer and author of a number of homilies
  • St. John Damascene
  • Surnamed Chrysorrhoas (golden stream) by his friends on account of his oratorical gifts
  • St. Bernard of Clairvaux
  • Doctor of the Church noted for his sermons and writings
  • Theophanes
  • Celebrated homiletic writer known for his exegetical and oratorical skills
  • Odo of Cheriton
  • Known for a collection of moralized fables and anecdotes evidently written for preachers
  • Berthold of Ratisbon
  • Franciscan; powerful preacher of repentance in the thirteenth century,
  • Conecte, Thomas
  • Carmelite reformer distinguished by indiscreet zeal; burned as a heretic
  • Tauler, John
  • One of the greatest mystics and preachers of the Middle Ages
  • Barletta, Gabriel
  • Dominican; held in high esteem as an orator by his contemporaries
  • Geiler von Kaysersberg, Johann
  • Celebrated late 15th century German pulpit orator and reformer
  • Maillard, Olivier
  • Franciscan; specially celebrated as a forceful, popular preacher
  • Auger, Edmond
  • French Jesuit; regarded as one of the most eloquent men of the 16th century
  • Birkowski, Fabian
  • Dominican; considered one of the greatest orators of Poland
  • Coronel, Gregorio Nunez
  • A distinguished theologian, writer, and preacher
  • Guijon, Andre
  • French bishop and orator
  • Riccardi, Nicholas
  • Dominican; his reputation as a preacher is second only to his fame as a theologian
  • de Boulanger, Andre
  • French monk and preacher known for his eloquence and biting humor
  • Cheminais de Montaigu, Timoleon
  • French pulpit orator; his sermons were widely published and translated
  • Hazart, Cornelius
  • Dutch Jesuit; orator and controversialist; prolific writer of apologetic and polemical works
  • Lejeune, Jean
  • His zeal earned him the nickname "The Missionary of the Oratory"
  • Letourneux, Nicolas
  • well-known French preacher and ascetical writer of Jansenistic tendencies
  • Segneri, Paolo
  • Italian Jesuit; preacher considered one of Italy's greatest orators
  • Vieira, Antonio
  • Portuguese Jesuit; considered one of the world's great orators
  • Abraham a Sancta Clara
  • Discalced Augustinian friar; as a preacher, equally comfortable in court or village
  • Agnelli, Giuseppe
  • Wrote explanations of Sunday Mass readings for use by priests
  • Bossuet, Jacques
  • Celebrated 17th cent. French bishop and pulpit orator
  • Bourdaloue, Louis
  • 17th cent. Jesuit; known as the "king of preachers and the preacher of kings"
  • Fenelon, Francois de Salignac de La Mothe
  • Celebrated French bishop, author, and preacher
  • Flechier, Esprit
  • One of the greatest sacred orators of the 17th century
  • St. Francis de Geronimo
  • Gifted and eloquent preacher of Italy
  • Gisbert, Blaise
  • French rhetorician; wrote a manual on pulpit eloquence well-received by priests
  • Houdry, Vincent
  • French Jesuit; celebrated pulpit orator; author of homiletic titles
  • Hunolt, Franz
  • Most popular German preacher of the early part of the eighteenth century
  • La Rue, Charles de
  • One of the great French Jesuit orators in the seventeenth century
  • Massillon, Jean-Baptiste
  • Celebrated French preacher and bishop
  • Terrasson, Andre
  • Notable French preacher; member of the Congregation of the Oratory
  • Terrasson, Gaspard
  • Considered a more skilled preacher than his brother Andre; marred by Jansenist leanings
  • Bridaine, Jacques
  • French preacher known for stirring performances; papal permission to preach anywhere
  • Tornielli, Girolamo Francesco
  • Italian Jesuit; preacher known for his pathos and easy, popular style
  • Tschupick, John Nepomuk
  • Celebrated preacher at the cathedral of Vienna and the Imperial Court
  • Hatton, Edward Anthony
  • English Dominican; sermons focused on Christian Doctrines, Christian Practice, and Gospel Truths
  • Beauregard, Jean-Nicolas
  • French Jesuit; celebrated pulpit orator
  • Gahan, William
  • Wrote the well-known "Sermons and Moral Discourses"
  • Archange de Lyon
  • Preacher of the Capuchin order
  • de Bouvens, Charles
  • French pulpit orator
  • MacCarthy, Nicholas Tuite
  • Famous French preacher
  • de Frayssinous, Denis
  • Notable orator during the restoration of the Faith in post-Revolution France
  • de Ravignan, Gustave Xavier Lacroix
  • Notable 19th century French Jesuit, pulpit orator
  • Werner, Friedrich Ludwig Zacharias
  • Convert, poet, and pulpit orator
  • Lacordaire, Jean-Baptiste-Henri-Dominique
  • Considered the greatest pulpit orator of the 19th century
  • Johann Faber
  • Noted opponent of Protestantism; his works are homiletical and polemical in character
  • Johann Faber (of Heilbronn)
  • Preacher noted for refuting the errors of Protestant leaders
  • Roh, Peter
  • Jesuit professor of theology; noted for powerful extemporaneous sermons
  • Veith, Johann Emanuel
  • Notable, well-published preacher of Bohemia
  • Hasslacher, Peter
  • Developed the conference model of preaching
  • Burke, Thomas Nicholas
  • Celebrated Dominican orator who spoke to crowds as large as 50,000
  • Rawes, Henry Augustus
  • Oblate of St. Charles; preacher whose sermons are strongly marked by a strain of mysticism
  • Newman, John Henry
  • Noted convert from Anglicanism; sermons marked by deep knowledge of the ancient faith, a Shakespearean style, and a fervor worthy of the saints
  • Felix, Celestin-Joseph
  • Jesuit preacher skilled in dialectic and surer in doctrine
  • Freppel, Charles-Emile
  • Notable French Bishop and pulpit orator
  • Didon, Henri
  • Celebrated late 19th century preacher in France
  • Monsabre, Jacques-Marie-Louis
  • Celebrated Dominican pulpit orator

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