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Articles directly related to the following major topic areas have been compiled, organized and linked to form Curricula, so called because they are appropriate for more detailed studies in these areas.

Subject Note
Apologetics a theological science which has for its purpose the explanation and defense of the Christian religion
Art range of human activities, creations, and expressions that are appealing or attractive to the senses or have some significance to the mind of an individual.
Catechetics the science of oral instruction in the elements of the Christian religion, especially by question and answer. Covers basic concepts, notable personages, etc.
Christology an outline of all major developments regarding the Church's understanding of Our Lord Jesus, including both his divinity and humanity.
Church Hierarchy the totality of powers established in the Church for the guiding of man to his eternal salvation
Church History to 1517 A.D.
Education a survey of pre-Christian systems, and the educational activity of the Church, including Institutions, Writings, the Teaching Work of the various religious Orders, and Catholic School Systems
Hagiography the branch of learning that has for its object the history of the saints and their veneration
Homiletics the science that studies the composition and delivery of a sermon or other religious discourse. Covers historical development of preaching; Scriptural precedents; plus noted homilists, preachers, and orators
Mariology an outline of the major aspects of the Church's understanding of The Blessed Virgin Mary.
Patrology the science of the lives and writings of the Fathers of the Church and of their contemporaries whose writings bear witness to the Faith of the Church
Philosophy The science "which is concerned with first causes and principles"; "the profound knowledge of the universal order, of the duties which that order imposes upon man, and of the knowledge which man acquires of reality"; covering the philosophical disciplines: Cosmology, Psychology, Logic, Metaphysics, Theodicy, Ethics, Aesthetics
Religious Orders An outline of the development of religious life, and the development of communities dedicated to self-perfection while seeking union with God
Sacred Scripture an outline of all major aspects of Holy Writ.
Science a survey of Science and the Church, including major scientific endeavors, key contributors by field

NOTE: This is not an article from the Catholic Encyclopedia. It is provided here for the benefit of those interested in pursuing additional studies in particular areas.

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Art Gallery

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