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Updated:  Aug 12, 2013
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Armand-Benjamin Caillau

Priest and writer, b. at Paris, 22 Oct., 1794, d. there, 1850

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* Published by Encyclopedia Press, 1913.

Caillau, ARMAND-BENJAMIN, priest and writer, b. at Paris, October 22, 1794, d. there, 1850. Ordained in 1818, successively a member of the Missions de France, rector of Sainte-Genevieve, and chaplain of the Infirmerie Marie-Therese, he joined, in 1834, the Fathers of Mercy, newly reorganized by Father Rauzan. His love of missionary life made him decline episcopal honors and a chair at the Sorbonne, but was no obstacle to his literary pursuits. Besides many contributions to the "Bibliographie Catholique", Caillau wrote "Instructions sur l'oraison mentale" (Paris, 1833), a French translation of Tertullian's "De Spectaculis" (Paris, 1835), several monographs on Our Lady's Sanctuaries: "Roc-Amadour" (1834), "Loretto' (1843), "N. D. de Puy" (1846), "Litanies du St. Nom de Jesus" (Paris, 1845), "Les nouveaux illumines" (Michel Vintras) (Orleans, 1849), etc. He is best known, however, by the following works: "Thesaurus Patrum" (Paris, 1823-5), a patristic digest modeled on Merz's "Thesaurus biblicus", with an introduction to patrology; "Collectio selecta Patrum" (Paris, 1829-1842), 133 octavo volumes, undertaken in collaboration with Msgr. Guillon and suspended at the announcement of Migne's "Patrology". The insertion of new sermons under the name of St. Augustine (P.L., XLVII) brought about a controversy between the two editors. "Histoire de la Vie des Saints" (Paris, 1835-1840), four octavo volumes; and also (Paris, 1863) five octavo volumes, written in collaboration with Abbe Juste; "S. Gregorii Nazianzeni opera" (Paris, 1842), two folio volumes (also P.G., XXVII and XXVIII), a splendid edition, partly from the manuscript notes of D. Clemencet, reviewed by Ville-main in the "Journal des Savants" (1845 and 1847); "Rhetorica Patrum" (Paris, 1838), three volumes, never completed. A similar project of a "Bibliotheca Mariana" resulted only in the publication of a few opuscula of St. Ephrem, St. Bonaventure, Idiota (Jordan), and the Marial monographs noticed above. Caillau also reedited Merz's "Thesaurus biblicus" (1822); "L'Annee Sainte" (1826); vols. III and IV of D. Ceillier's "Histoire des auteurs sacres" (1838-9); and "Lettres de Scheffmacher" (1839).


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