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Updated:  Aug 12, 2013
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Archange de Lyon

Preacher of the Capuchin order (1736-1822)

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* Published by Encyclopedia Press, 1913.

Archange de Lyon, a preacher of the Capuchin order whose name was Michael Desgranges, b. at Lyons, March 2, 1736; d. at Lyons, October 13, 1822. He joined the Capuchins March 4, 1751, and held the post of lector in theology about the end of the eighteenth century. In 1789, having preached against the States General he was obliged to leave France. He returned in disguise to Lyons about 1796 and became cure of the parish of the Carthusians and on the reestablishment of his order at Chambery he resumed his monastic habit there in 1818. He devoted himself to preaching missions and stations in Savoy and France until, in 1821, he was able to reopen the former convent of his order at Crest in Valence. He died at Lyons October 13, 1822. He is regarded as the restorer of the Capuchin order in France. His works comprise: "Discours adresse aux juifs et utile aux chretiens pour les confirmer dans leur foi" (Lyons, 1788); "Apercu nouveau d'un plan d'education catholique" (Lyons 1814); "Reflexions interessantes sur le `Genie du christianisme'" (Turin, 1815); "Precis abrege des verites, qui distinguent le culte catholique de toutes les sectes chretiennes et avouses par l'eglise de France" (Lyons, 1817); "Explication de la lettre encyclique du pape Benoit XIV sur les usures" (Lyons, 1822); "Dissertations philosophiques, historiques et theologiques sur la religion catholique" (Lyons, 1836). De Manne, "Nouveau dictionnaire des ouvrages anonymes," attributes to him an "Essai sur le jeu considers sous le rapport de la morale et du droit naturel" (Paris, 1835).

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